Broken episode 2

Broken episode 2
Nana was the only one who knew Shiela was a lesbian, but just recently, he discovered that Shiela’s lover was his younger sister. Nana never saw that coming, the very thing he covered up for Sheila had Emily his sister involved.
Speaking of Emily, who would have thought her to be a lesbian, a leader of the prayer warriors at her father’s church. Though it took quite long, Sheila broke the news of her relationsh!pwith Nana’s sister and just as was expected, he never thought this could be true until her sister also confirmed upon interrogation.
Now, Nana is at a point where he can’t st©p pretending to be in love with Sheila just to plea-se the people around them, now he has another secret to keep, that’s his sister being a lesbian. How and when it all happened, Nana couldn’t make any s-en-se out of it. The more he tried to un-derstand, the more he found things to be complicated. He couldn’t just accept the fact that his own sister would be involved in such act.
Growing up in Nana’s family was just a strict one. Their weekly and daily routine never changed and even for them to have the chance to pl@yas children, that opportunity never pres£nted itself. This made them very anti-social. They were just not allowed to pl@ywith other Children. They sle-pt in their separate rooms and did things individually. How Emily grew up to be a lesbian, he could not tell.
Out of shock and disappointment, Nana started avoiding Sheila, and that alone was enough to break her down. No calls, no checkups, absolutely nothing. Sheila, regardless of all her odds, didn’t know what to do without Nana. Though she was in love with another, Nana’ friendsh!pwas something she couldn’t dare to loose. She nee-ded him back in her life.
Several days c@m£ back without hearing from him, Sheila c@m£ to a point where she didn’t know what to do but only to fall on the help of Nana’s sister. During one of their visits, Sheila asked for the help of Emily.
“Your brother is being distant, Emily” Sheila said. She expected her to be worried about all this, but seems nothing of such bothered her in any way.
“Is that not good for us, won’t it give us more chance to be closer. Besides, I think, he is in our way.” Emily said. Sheila on the other hand couldn’t believe what Emily just said. If someone should be bothered about this, it should be Emily, because at any point in time, Nana can decide to tell their father what Emily is into.
“Emily, he is your brother, we can’t just let him be like that, he knows about us, Emily” worried Sheila said. All this, didn’t seem to be a bother to Emily at all.
“You were the one who told him, remember” Emily said, she tried shifting blame on Sheila.
“Are you really pla-ying the blame game now, you know why I had to tell him, why blame me now” Sheila said looking upset.
Emily didn’t want that to happen, she nee-ded something else from her, and she knew exactly what to do to get that. App Available on GooglePl@y“Tales Of Elton” Download for free
“Tell you what, sorry for all this, I will talk to him” Saying this, Emily placed her arms around her n£¢k as they were seated on her be-d. All this while, Nana was not at home when Sheila c@m£ over. She actually c@m£ to see Nana, yet ended up in the Emily’s room. Emily went further to k!ssher on thel-ip. After a while of intense k!ssing, Sheila pushed her away. She wasn’t in the mood for such. Desperate Emily wasn’t re-ady to st©p at any point. She then aggressively pushed her down and immediately c@m£ on t©p of her, forcing herself on her. Sheila tried to resist but Emily, seemed stronger than her. She fumbled her br£@st throu-gh the struggle and before Sheila knew it, she started giving in.
At this point, they were both k!ss!ngeach0ther intensely, Emily’s hand was all over Sheila, then she started opening her bu-tton just to get hold of Sheila’s heavy looking brea-st. Just as things were getting really h0t, Nana barge into Emily’s room and there he saw Emily and Sheila right in the act.
Yes, he has been told by Sheila that they were p@rtners, but for him to see them in the act was something that he never expected. They both st©pped and began to dress up. Nana stood there in shock. All he did was to walk out of the room with nothing to say. He was just disappointed.
Sheila pushed Emily off and ran after Nana. Emily just sat on the be-d not bothered about what just happened. She then walks towards her door and from where she stood; she heard Nana and Sheila talking.
“Even after all this; you still c@m£ to our house just to be with her? Nana said.
“I’m sorry Nana, I c@m£ to see you, but …” Sheila tried to explain herself but Nana interrupted.
“But what Sheila, but what…? I can’t keep up with this anymore, I know what to do to end this act of yours” Having said this, he walked out on her and went straight to his gallery where he kept all his painting. Sheila couldn’t go in there because; Nana had alre-ady locked the door.
Just then, Emily c@m£ out of the room, placed her hand on Sheila’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about him, Sheila, I can handle him.” She said. Sheila ignored her and then walked out of the house. Emily knew that if this should continue, their relationsh!pmay not last long as she expected. Now Nana was the only treat that stands in Emily’s way.
Later that night, during supper, Emily, Nana and their father all sat at the dining table taking their meal. There was an unusual silence and their father noticed it.
“What is going on with you two? You both havevbeen silent throu-ghout, what happened when I was away” He asked.
As if they didn’t hear the question, both of them kept mute.
“I’m talking to you two” Their father said, then almost immediately, Emily c@m£ in.
“Oh Dad, there is nothing wrong, we just had a long day” Emily said. Nana had had enough of all this. He then decided to come clean.
“A very long day indeed, In fact Dad, everything is wrong. There is something you nee-d to….” Just as he saying this, He suddenly began to cough, he quic-kly took in water, but it got serious, before they all knew it, Nana was coughing out blood.
Emily and her Father got worried and went to Nana’s rescue, just then, Nana fell of the chair he was sitting on, still coughing out blood, before they knew  it, he was lying down motionless.
To be continued.