Blood sister Episode 55 & 56

Episode 55-56
ANDY : why are you laughing
CHARITY : that is the way of my life, I laugh alot
ANDY : even, when it is not funny
CHARITY : you should know I laugh alot
ANDY : ok if you say so
CHARITY : oh, Rita is back
(I walk in, to my greatest surprise, I saw Andy, I hvgged him and I was really happy to see him)
RITA : Andy
ANDY : mama good afternoon
MAMA RITA : afternoon my son, so you know my children
ANDY : mama, very well oh
MAMA RITA : ayah
RITA : when did you come back from south Africa
MAMA RITA : I will be inside
RITA : ok, when did you return
ANDY : three days ago
RITA : you have change
ANDY : really
RITA : Yes, you look cute now, and money smell all over you
CHARITY : ok, did I not tell you Andy
RITA : tell him what
CHARITY : dont worry sist, Andy un-derstand my language
RITA : hmm, wait oo, charity when me and mama was leaving this house, you were not in good mood, whatsup with the smile between you and Andy
CHARITY : we are discussing something important na
RITA : something like what
CHARITY : we are discussing about your marriage
RITA : really
ANDY : Yes my dear
RITA : so charity you alre-ady started telling him about my marriage abi
CHARITY : Yes nah, what to do my sister
RITA : that’s good, I just hope Andy will attend it
ANDY : I dont un-derstand
RITA : charity just told you about my marriage that is coming up, are you not going to attend it
ANDY : are you getting married
RITA : what are you asking me again
ANDY : I am confused
RITA : confused about what, are you not the one that told me that charity is telling you about my marriage
ANDY : Yes, we are discussing about our marriage
RITA : our marriage, you and who
ANDY : me and you, who do you think we are talking about
RITA : I thought you are talking about my marriage coming up first week of next month
ANDY : jesus, you are getting married, charity why were you pla-ying with me na
CHARITY : I thought you were pla-ying when you said you want to marry my sister oh
ANDY : st©p it jor, you know I am serious, you know I am not joking
CHARITY : calm down, be a gentle man and talk to her, she might consider you for marriage, she can forgive you, did God forgive her when she offended God
RITA : I know you are always up to something
CHARITY : what have I done again
RITA : Andy let’s talk
ANDY : fine
RITA : charity plea-se excuse us
CHARITY : I should go inside, or you both want to go inside, I dont un-derstand the excuse me
RITA : charity, you know what I mean
CHARITY : I dont
RITA : plea-se go inside
CHARITY : plea-se I cannot go inside oh, inside is very h0t
RITA : plea-se
CHARITY : I have spoken
RITA : Andy can we talk inside your car
ANDY : sure
CHARITY : why na, this is a relationsh!pI started with both of you oh, I should be involved in what ever decision you plan to take now
RITA : let’s go andy (we both entered the car)
ANDY : Rita
RITA : yeah is me
ANDY : you have change, you have grown into a woman
RITA : you dont except to meet the little Rita, the same way you left her
ANDY : you are right
RITA : what happened, you just forgot me like that
ANDY : I am so sorry
RITA : that’s nothing, so how are you doing
ANDY : I am fine, but I will be more ok, if you tell me all those words you said are just joke
RITA : which words
ANDY : that you are getting married
RITA : what kind of talk is that, do I look like who is joking
ANDY : you are serious
RITA : of course I am serious, are you not happy for me
ANDY : but
RITA : but what, you should be happy for me, can’t you see my younger sister is married before me
ANDY : I know, I am sorry about it, I know I really waste your time, for you waiting for me
RITA : ehh, Andy you are funny oh, who is waiting for you
ANDY : you na
RITA : hahahaha, who told you I waited for you, did you tell me to wait for you, did you beg me
ANDY : no I did not
RITA : then why will I wait for you, when you never asked me to
ANDY : I thought you were waiting with hope
RITA : sorry dear I never waited for you, immediately you travelled after three months no call from you, I move on with my life
ANDY : so quic-k
RITA : did you ask me to wait for you, the answer is no
ANDY : so why did you not get married before your junior sister
RITA : that’s what we call destiny, God has destined it that way
ANDY : listen to me Rita, I am back for you, I want you back, your man is back for you, I have too much money now, I can take care of you, I will take you to south Africa
RITA : I am getting married dear
ANDY : end it plea-se
RITA : where did this one come out from, where did you come out from
ANDY : I am serious
RITA : no you are pla-ying
ANDY : I want you back plea-se
RITA : Andy I am done with you, get out of my house
ANDY : but
RITA : no but I am done with you, get out, before I start suspecting you (i c@m£ down from the car)
ANDY: Rita
RITA : one more thing, plea-se make sure you attend it oo (I walk away)
CHARITY : Rita dear, what did he say
RITA : oh, he said he is looking for a wife
CHARITY : so what did you tell him
RITA : oh, I told him not to search anymore
CHARITY : ayah
RITA : Yes, because you will soon become single and searching again
CHARITY : who is single
RITA : you of course, very soon you will become single again
CHARITY : back to s£nder
RITA : you cannot hide from your mother inlaw forever
CHARITY : I am not running away from my mother inlaw
RITA : then what are you doing in the village
CHARITY : I c@m£ to visit my mother
RITA : ok, but wesley told me that their mother will be spending two months with them, one month in wesley house, and one month in kinsley house, how long will you keep running, that the woman will not notice your errors and s£nd you back to mama Rita, that’s why I am anoucing your singleness now oo
CHARITY : one month you are joking, kinsley did not tell me
RITA : he want you to come back home now and meet the surprise package
CHARITY : one month, is too long
RITA : ayah
CHARITY : what kind of temptation is this na
RITA: you have not seen anything at all
CHARITY : do you think I am scared, I will go back home, when I want
RITA : I know (my mother c@m£ out )
MAMA RITA : your friend is gone
RITA : Yes mama
MAMA RITA : I dont know, you and Andy are friends oh
CHARITY : mama, they were lovers then
MAMA RITA : lovers
CHARITY : Yes, I was their mess£nger then
RITA : that was when I still had a lovely sister
CHARITY : whatever
MAMA RITA : ayah, so he c@m£ to greet you
CHARITY : not only greet mama, he c@m£ for a purpose
RITA : charity, can’t you you just keep your mouth shut
CHARITY : why, mama he said he nee-d a wife
MAMA RITA : wife, did he keep a wife in my compound
CHARITY : hahahaha
RITA : mama st©p saying like that, because I told him not to search anymore that there is a wife for him
MAMA RITA : how, do you want to marry him
RITA : of course not me, but charity
MAMA RITA : charity, keep quiet, st©p saying those abominable words
RITA : to you it might sound like that, to me I am saying the right thing
RITA : charity here is your beloved daughter, sit her down and ask her what are problem is, what is bothering her, why are you not showing corcern to her
MAMA RITA : I am, where you not here, when I ask her what are problem is
RITA : you dont have to question her, right before me, she will never speak, especially when I am there
CHARITY : Rita is okey for you, who told you I have a problem
RITA : charity, you dont like me that’s the fact, but I care about you, you marriage is about to coll@pse, you know it, why don’t you speak up, and let us help you
CHARITY : I dont nee-d your help
RITA : then talk to your mother
CHARITY : I dont have any problem in my marriage
MAMA RITA : what is happening charity
RITA : mama you are the cause of everything
MAMA RITA : what did I do
RITA : everything, the way you bought up charity, is that the right way to bring up a responsible woman
MAMA RITA : but that was the life she wanted
RITA : and you let her have it, you know it was not right, but
CHARITY : ehh, st©p discussing every issue corcerning me, I am not regretting, I am happy with my life
RITA : really
CHARITY : Yes, God has blessed me with everything I nee-d in this life
RITA : fine
CHARITY : thank you
(Wesley ap@rtment. Kinsley just walk in, he c@m£ to visit his mother)
KINS : wesley, why have you not been picking your call
WESLEY : my phone is upstairs
KINS : will you just take your mouth, out of mum b—-t
WESLEY : mum is not complaining, mummy are you complaining
MAMA KINS : no I am not complaining, plea-se leave my last born alone
KINS : mummy, is an old man
WESLEY : who is a old man, you are the one that is old here,to mum you are the one that is old
MAMA KINS : digger is a new born baby to me oh
KINS : mama look at the way he is su-cking the b—-t, I hope you are su-cking it like a new born baby, dont svçkit as if you are su-cking your girlfriend b—-t, dont go and start giving mummy plea-sure oh
WESLEY : hahahaha, kinsley leave me alone
KINS : re-move your mouth from that b—-t, before you start doing another thing there
MAMA KINS : leave your brother alone kinsley
KINS : I know what I am saying,mummy are feeling anything
MAMA KINS : anything like what
WESLEY : what kind of question is that, plea-se dont go and spoil mum oo
KINS : mummy
MAMA KINS : there is a difference between the mouth of a baby and an adult man
MAMA KINS : that’s true
KINS : you see, mum know what I am saying
WESLEY : kinsley will you just st©p confusing mum
MAMA KINS : I dont un-derstand the two of you oh
WESLEY : hahahaha, I still have a baby mouth, and that’s what I am using
KINS : but wait oh, are you not supposed to be at the office, what are you doing at home, is just past one
WESLEY : I have closed for the day
KINS : because your wife is not around abi, she would have chased you back to work
MAMA KINS : her wife chase her around
KINS : in a good way mum, you know wesley dont go to work
MAMA KINS : you are right, I was really surprise when I saw wesley carrying is briefcase saying he is going to work
KINS : Rita change him, wesley was proving stubborn at first, then Rita threatened to cut off every relationsh!pwith wesley and ab-ort the baby, then wesley here humbled
MAMA KINS : why did the girl do that
KINS : he want a ha-rd working man for a husband, not the one that sleep at home all day doing nothing
MAMA KINS : wow, that is nice, what about you kinsley have you also change
KINS : Yes mum
MAMA KINS : your wife did same to you
KINS : mummy, I have changed
WESLEY : Yes mum, he have changed
MAMA KINS : if you say so
WESLEY : mum cooked a delicious food oh, are you interested
KINS : what kind of question is that, go and bring me food jor
KINS : wesley did your wife tell you what is happening in the village
KINS : really
WESLEY : what happened
KINS : charity told me something, but never mind, all is well
WESLEY : about what
KINS : is just an haras-sment from one south Africa based guy disturbing Rita
WESLEY : disturbing Rita, is it that serious
KINS : Yes, charity said so
WESLEY : is the guy blind, did he not see that Rita is pregnant
KINS : dont worry, go and serve me food
WESLEY : I am worried oo
(One month later, everything is fine now, I got married to wesley, charity never c@m£ out from the house to celebr@te with me, she c@m£ up with the idea of being sick)
To be continued. …