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January 28, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 54

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Me and my mother got ready to go to our village market to go and buy things, charity was sitting down outside our house

RITA : charity my lovely sister

CHARITY : what

RITA : you seem quite this days oh, dont you think you can share with me, I am your sister and I believe I can help you out oo

CHARITY : who need your help

RITA : fine

MAMA RITA : come let us go to the market

CHARITY : mama I am not going, I have told you anything that corcern Rita wedding does not affect me

MAMA RITA : no oo, it does not corcern Rita wedding oo

CHARITY : then what are you going to the market to buy

RITA : are you not going to eat, do you want to eat your head

MAMA RITA : is just foodstuffs my dear, what we are going to eat

RITA : there is nothing you are always thinking about, other than my marriage issues

CHARITY : whatever

MAMA RITA : oya stand up let’s go

CHARITY : mama I dont want to go, just leave me alone

RITA : you dont want to go, won’t you at least go and drop us and return back

CHARITY : go and drop who

RITA : your mother, or dont you want to carry your mother in your car, even me

CHARITY : I am not a driver to you

RITA : your mother

CHARITY : please leave me alone

RITA : please

CHARITY : Rita what is it, why are pestering me, your car is much more expensive than my own, why did you not come with it

MAMA RITA : she came with it oh

CHARITY : really, where is it

MAMA RITA : she send her driver back home

CHARITY : oh you send your driver back home and you want me charity to become your village driver abi

RITA : so you believe mama abi

CHARITY : I know you have a car, mightier than mine, I heard your husband is planning to buy you a another car for your wedding gift

RITA : I dont have a car yet, is for wesley

CHARITY : but is your boyfriend

RITA : wow I like that, my boyfriend

CHARITY : mama just go to the village, if car is your problem, let me get you the car key

MAMA RITA : but you know I dont know how to drive na

RITA : I will ride it

CHARITY : no, dont enter my car

MAMA RITA : I cannot drive, why don’t you ride me

CHARITY : mama if I ride you to the market, sorry to say oh, me and you might have accident on our way to the market

MAMA RITA : accident

CHARITY : Yes accident, I cannot concentrate, my head is filled up

RITA : that’s why you have to speak it out, let’s help you out

CHARITY : who need your help, I can handle it

RITA : mama let’s go

MAMA RITA : I am going ehn

CHARITY : (silence )

(We went to the market, charity was all alone when a car drove into the compound, Andy my ex guy came out from the car)

CHARITY : good afternoon

ANDY: good day

CHARITY : who are you looking for

ANDY: can I sit

CHARITY : sure, please sit

ANDY: thank you

CHARITY : who are you looking for please

ANDY: charity dont you remember me

CHARITY : hmm, you even know my name, to say the truth ehn, your face look familiar, but I cannot figure where I know you from

ANDY: why don’t you try and remember

CHARITY : I can’t figure it, but your face look familiar

ANDY: my name is Andy

CHARITY : Andy, which Andy

ANDY: mama chi chi son

CHARITY : mama chi chi son, oh I remember you now, Andy, Rita village boyfriend then

ANDY: you can say that again

CHARITY : but you remember you are holding me mama nneka akara oh

ANDY: hahahaha, bad girl, you still remember abi

CHARITY : why won’t I remember, when you always ask me to go and call my sister out with style, because of my parents

ANDY: hahahaha

CHARITY : Yes and you will pay for it now

ANDY: but mama nneka is dead na

CHARITY : Yes, is daughter is still doing the akara business

ANDY: no problem I will pay


ANDY: where is Rita

CHARITY : she is not around, she has gone to the market, with my mother

ANDY: oh, I will wait for her

CHARITY : no problem

ANDY: charity you have really change oo, you are looking good

CHARITY : not anymore my dear, you need to see me four to six months ago, I was really beautiful, not now na, I dont even have time to take care of myself anymore

ANDY: why

CHARITY : because I have so many things bothering me

ANDY: like what

CHARITY : dont worry is all about my family issues

ANDY: oh no problem, everything will be fine ok

CHARITY : Yes, I believe

ANDY: I heard you are married

CHARITY : how did you know

ANDY: I ask questions, when I came back, I was told you are married, but Rita is not married

CHARITY : they are right, I am married

ANDY: so why have Rita not gotten married, do you think she is waiting for me

CHARITY : did you ask her to wait for you

ANDY: no, I did not even call her all through my days in South Africa

CHARITY : why, your own girlfriend

ANDY: that’s the mistake I made, I was hustling

CHARITY : so you want to tell me, all through your stay in South Africa, you never called your parents

ANDY: that’s the mistake I made, I am sorry

CHARITY : why are you telling me sorry, do I look like Rita to you

ANDY: do you think Rita will forgive me

CHARITY : why not

ANDY: do you think, she will marry me, if I ask her to

CHARITY: I dont know that one oh, she might accept you oh, let keep hoping till she return from the market

ANDY: ok, I know she will accept me back

CHARITY : why do you think so

ANDY: dont I look cute and handsome to you


ANDY: I have made money, can’t you see my car

CHARITY : car, hahahaha, do you want to compare your car with that other car parked beside your car

ANDY: no oo, there is big difference, did you not notice the way I was admiring the car when I came in

CHARITY : oh you noticed it

ANDY: Yes, who parked it there


ANDY: you

CHARITY : Yes, the car is mine

ANDY: wow

CHARITY : if you could admire my car, what will you do when you see the mightier one that belong to someone

ANDY: who

CHARITY : I dont know, don’t even think your car can deceive my sister, she has seen more than that

ANDY: how

CHARITY : hmmm, for the man she work for in the city, she has different cars

ANDY: okey

CHARITY : Yes, dont panic, she will accept you

ANDY: thanks for the hope

CHARITY : you are welcome, hahahaha

ANDY: why are you laughing



To be continued. …

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