Blood sister Episode 57 & 58

Episode 57-58
I was In the kitchen cooking, when my mother inlaw c@m£ in
MAMA KINS : ha! Rita what are you doing
RITA : mama I am cooking
MAMA KINS : cooking again, is this how you cook everyday
RITA : mama, dont tell me you are not hungry
MAMA KINS : not yet my dear, I will eat lunch later
RITA : if I dont dish now, what will you eat later
MAMA KINS : but you cooked rice yesterday
RITA : mama do you want to eat rice again
MAMA KINS : Yes na, what is wrong with rice
RITA : mama no, I dont want you to eat rice, that’s why I am dishing pasta for you, for lunch
MAMA KINS : ok if you say so, but I dont like the way you are stressing yourself
RITA : stressing, mama I am fine, I am not stressing myself
MAMA KINS : after cooking this food, you will go and give wesley lunch in is office
RITA : office
MAMA KINS : Yes, office
RITA : mama I cannot go to is office oh
MAMA KINS : why can’t you go
RITA : will he not get mad at me
MAMA KINS : no he will not, don’t allow him to be eating outside that much, always go and give him lunch
RITA : lunch
MAMA KINS : Yes, but not everyday, maybe three times in a month, so that he will know how much you really care about him
RITA : mama
MAMA KINS : what is mama, dont tell me you are scared
RITA : mama no oo, just that I don’t know how his reaction will be
MAMA KINS : fine, just go and try it
RITA : ok, I dont know is office
MAMA KINS : your driver knows it
RITA : oh that’s true
MAMA KINS : thank you so much Rita
RITA : mama what happened, why are you thanking me
MAMA KINS : for changing my son, my son has change, wesley was a womaniser, always flir-ting around with different women, I never had it in mind that wesley we get married this year, I was hoping five years coming
RITA : really
MAMA KINS : Yes my dear, I have called wesley so many times to advise him about the company he inherited from is father, wesley never cared about the company, because he was getting his money every month, he was not serious at all, just look at the way you change him within four months he c@m£ back from London
RITA : mama, is God
MAMA KINS : thank you so much, but how did you meet wesley
RITA : in kinsley house
MAMA RITA : I know it is kinsley house, how did it happened, how did the two of you fall in love with each other
RITA : mama, I think you should ask wesley that
MAMA KINS : I have, he did not answer me, he only smiled and laugh
RITA : no problem mum, the food is re-ady, let me serve you
MAMA RITA : no dont worry, serve wesley food first and take it to him
RITA : what about you
MAMA KINS : Rita I will be fine, dont worry
RITA : ok mum (I served the food, and went to wesley office)
(One of wesley staff that have been abs£nt for six months, resumed work today, and the secetary handed him is sack letter. Wesley was not around when he c@m£ to work, he decided to wait for wesley, to plead with him, he was on his knell pleading for mercy, when I walk in, wesley was really surprised to see me)
WESLEY : look who we have here, you did not tell me you are coming
RITA : I just want to surprise you
WESLEY : that’s great, let’s go inside
RITA : (i stared at the man kneeling down before wesley ) but baby
WESLEY : Yes, let’s go
RITA : I thought you have issues you are settling with him
WESLEY : this one, forget this man here
JERRY: sir I am sorry, plea-se have mercy
RITA : baby plea-se
WESLEY : baby, what are you doing, you are begging for him, do you know what he did, he was abs£nt from work for six months
RITA : plea-se forgive him, job is ha-rd to find
WESLEY : he should have known that, before risking his job
RITA : plea-se my love, let me kneel down with him
WESLEY : st©p it, is because of you oh, is because of our love oh
RITA : thank you
WESLEY : jerry
JERRY: sir
WESLEY : just thank my wife oh, is because there is nothing she will ask of me i will refuse, she is my everything
JERRY: thank you ma
RITA : no problem
WESLEY : let’s go inside my love (i followed him inside to his office) I am really surprised to see you
RITA : I decided to come and see my husband
WESLEY : without telling me
RITA : I am sorry
WESLEY : that’s nothing
RITA : ok, here is your food
WESLEY : you bought me food, I was even planning to go and eat with jacob my friend
RITA : no nee-d for that anymore
WESLEY : Yes, thanks so much
RITA : wellcome my love
WESLEY : baby you really save that boy oo
RITA : anything for me right
WESLEY : Yes, that was the reason I let him be
RITA : thank you, I will be going now
WESLEY : ok, let me see you off
(In the evening, we were in the sitting room, when kinsley c@m£ in)
KINS : mama good evening
MAMA KINS : how are you
KINS : I am fine mum, I hope you are fine too
MAMA KINS : Yes oh, I am doing well, Rita is trying
KINS : you are right mum
MAMA KINS: but kinsley my son, where is your wife
KINS : mama I alre-ady told you that charity is sick in the village
MAMA KINS : what kind of sickness is that, since three weeks
KINS : mama
MAMA KINS : kinsley you are not married oh, what kind of wife is that, she left her husband all alone for good two months
KINS : mama I am fine
MAMA KINS : I dont just like that girl at all
WESLEY : mama, she is your daughter inlaw o
MAMA KINS : what kind of daughter inlaw is that, a wife that have not called me once since I entered this country, even when I am in her father compound, she know I was around, she did not even bothered to come and say good morning, I hope she is not hiding from me oo
KINS : mama no
MAMA KINS : I dont like her at all, Rita is really different from her, Rita, why are you different from your sister
RITA : mama I dont want to talk about charity
MAMA KINS : do you have issues with her
RITA : mama forget charity, bro kinsley let me get you food
KINS : no problem dear
MAMA KINS : I dont like your wife oh
KINS : mama is okey, I have heard you, she will soon be back
MAMA KINS : I will wait for her
WESLEY : mama are you not going again next week
MAMA KINS : no, I want to wait for charity to come back first
Five days later, we were in the sitting room, when wesley phone rang, it was wesley sister in London, that is calling
WESLEY : hello big sist
SHARON : leave me alone, I am not happy with you
WESLEY : what have I done again
SHARON : everything, why are you still holding mama
WESLEY : is that why you are angry at me
SHARON : Yes, mama promise to come back two days ago, she is not back
WESLEY : and who told you I am the cause
SHARON : his mama not in your house
WESLEY : Yes, she is here
SHARON : then you are the one holding her from coming back
WESLEY : sharon plea-se let me give mama the phone ( he handed the phone to his mother) mummy take
MAMA KINS : hello my baby
SHARON : mummy what is happening nah
MAMA KINS : dont mind me dear, I postpone my journey
SHARON : mama why na, you have to come back, what are you still doing there, have you started wesley wife omogwu
MAMA KINS : no na, I will he back by next month
SHARON : next month, mama next month is very far, what are you even doing in nigeria
MAMA KINS : alot oh, I am waiting for kinsley wife to come back from the village
SHARON : why are you waiting for her
MAMA KINS : my mind tells me she is running from me
SHARON : mummy forget about kinsley wife, that girl lack respect, a girl that could not even come out to say hello to us, on her sister wedding, mama plea-se forget her
MAMA KINS : that’s why I am waiting for her
SHARON : mummy, how do you expect me to do all the house chores all alone in this house, and I will still go to work
MAMA KINS : sharon, you have to bear oh
SHARON : mama I cannot combine it, you know that, cherish and Carlos will be resuming school on Monday, they nee-d you at home, mummy plea-se
MAMA KINS : sharon you just spoilt my plan for me, I have heard you I will come back
SHARON : when
MAMA KINS : in three days
SHARON : thanks mum
MAMA KINS : take care of yourself and the kids
SHARON : I will mum, bye (she hang up)
MAMA KINS : wesley I will be going back in three days time
RITA : why, you said one month coming
MAMA KINS : sharon and his family nee-ds me
WESLEY : no problem mum, I will inform kinsley about it
RITA : mummy, so soon
MAMA KINS : dont worry, I will come back again very soon
RITA : ok mum
( I sat all alone in the be-droom, de-ep in thought, then wesley walk in)
WESLEY : baby, baby what is it
RITA : honey, I am fine
WESLEY : what is the matter
RITA : I am fine, I just remembered my life in the village with my mother and my sister charity
WESLEY : bad right
RITA : somehow bad, but the story turned around, when I finally met you
WESLEY : hmmm
RITA : I love my mother and charity so much, that I always do anything they wanted, just to make them happy
WESLEY : but your sister never appreciated it
RITA : Yes I know she dont appreciate it, I sacrificed everything that c@m£ my way because of her, but when God finally blessed her, she never remembered all that, when I ask her for an accommodation, she accepted to help me, If only I become a maid in is house
WESLEY : real wickedness
RITA : I never took it as anything, not until what she did on my marriage day
WESLEY : and what is that
RITA : no matter how sick a sister will be, she must try her best to celebr@te with her lovely sister, hmmm, charity never stepped out of the room on my wedding day, she was inside that room all day
WESLEY : even when kinsley tried talking to her, so that she can at least come out and dance with you, even if is just 5 minutes , charity refused and told kinsley to stay away from their family issues
RITA : and that’s why I love kinsley, immediately charity ask him to stay clear, he always obey it, how which you can do same, when the nee-ds of it arrives
WESLEY : and your mother is not saying anything about it
RITA : my mother is another story, she might see me laughing with her, but whenever I remember what she and charity did to me, I am not always happy about it
WESLEY : is okey my dear
RITA : I just pray charity should not nee-d my help, because she can never have it
(Two days later, charity returned from the village)
CHARITY : baby, I arrived in this house an hour ago
KINS : of course I know
CHARITY : you just feel as If i am not in this house
KINS : how
CHARITY : you did not even care to ask me, how was the journey, how are you now, hope you are strong
KINS : but you are fine now
CHARITY : you would have at least ask me
KINS : charity plea-se leave me alone, I am busy
CHARITY : busy doing what, you have been drawing since I arrived, when did you become an artist
KINS : charity plea-se, I am trying to figure out something
CHARITY : figure out what, this drawing look like location of street, where are you going with all this location
KINS : charity plea-se leave me alone, all you nee-d to do now, go to the kitchen and dish some food, my mother is alre-ady on is way
CHARITY : what kind of joke is that
KINS : who is joking with you
CHARITY : but you said your mother will be returning back to London, a week ago
KINS : oh, she changed her mind
CHARITY : you are really wicked oh, I am just arriving and you have alre-ady called your mother
KINS : Yes, because she have been waiting for you
CHARITY : baby, why did you not call me to inform me about it
KINS : why will I, dont you want to see your discipline mother inlaw
CHARITY : baby plea-se, you have to help me
KINS : why are you scared
CHARITY : plea-se kinsley what will I do now
KINS : I dont know, you spent one month in the village, what did you learn, which of the food can you prepare very very well now
CHARITY : you know I was sick
KINS : ok, my mother travelled back to London yesterday
CHARITY : wow, that’s nice
KINS : fine, what made you fall sick in the village
CHARITY : baby is because of you, all those words you have been telling me
KINS : oh, those word
KINS : I am so sorry my dear, but I really really meant those words, I have an important mission in two days time, when I am done with it, then we will talk about me and you
CHARITY : I dont un-derstand
KINS : you will un-derstand better when the time comes
. To be continued.