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January 23, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 27

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his been three days now since the incident happened, wesley has not gotten himself, all he do is to sit down in is room and think

WESLEY : oh my God, oh my God, what kind of a shameful act is this, I am known to be a chronic womaniser but not a rapist, oh Lord please save me, what if he goes around to start telling everybody that I raped her, jesus, achohol see what you have done to me, achohol you have put me into a very big mess, I swear if I come out of this shameful act, I will never taste achohol again, I will leave achohol for good, the worst is that Rita dont want to talk about it, he dont want to hear my own story, what do I do now, coming out of this room is now a big task for me, because I dont know how to face her ( then is brother walk in)

KINS : wesley I know all is not well with you, so I want you to start speaking now

WESLEY : speak what, I am fine bro

KINS : will you stop pretending that you are fine, you are not fine

WESLEY : I am fine, why are you saying I am not fine

KINS : my brother what is wrong with you, your mood has changed, you don’t come out of this room again, only when you want to eat, what is wrong, you don’t have visitors anymore, what is happening

WESLEY : visitors, nothing is happening, I just don’t want any visitors now

KINS : this is not you my brother, I know you very well, what is the problem, did we offend you


KINS : then, what are you thinking about

WESLEY : hmmm, I am thinking about you

KINS : me, what happened

WESLEY : is about this robbery you still go for, I am not comfortable, I dont want anything to happen to you, I love you so much, I dont want you to get hurt, you have to quit this job, you are the only brother I have

KINS : oh wesley is that why you are feeling like this, stop worrying about yourself I will be fine, I have been doing this for six years now

WESLEY : you have to stop it

KINS : ok fine, I will stop it, give me time


KINS : come on dress up let’s go and have a drink

WESLEY : drink, no oo, I dont want to drink for now

KINS : why

WESLEY : let us just stay at home and drink, I dont want to go out

KINS : ok, I will be in the sitting room waiting for you

WESLEY : sure, I will join you soon

KINS : ok (he walked away )

WESLEY : oh God

(Wesley got ready to go and meet his brother in the sitting room, on is way going he saw me coming, he quickly held my hand and pushed me into a room)

RITA : what is it again

WESLEY : Rita are you fine

RITA : what kind of question are you asking me, I am fine, dont I look ok to you

WESLEY : you dont, I know you are not happy, you are just trying to move on, I know you see me as a rapist, but trust me is not my fault, I am deeply sorry, is the cause of achohol

RITA : wesley you have to stop reminding me of this, let us just forget it please, stay far from me, so that I can quickly move on

WESLEY : I cannot stay far from you, because I know I have wronged you deeply, I am sorry

RITA : wesley is okay, let us forget it

WESLEY : please don’t tell anyone that I am a rapist please

RITA : hmmm

WESLEY : please Rita

RITA : fine (I walk away )

WESLEY : she dont want to talk about it, why did I not even tell her mind, I think I am falling for her, I know she will never agree to it, because she know me to be a chronic womaniser and a rapist, I have to kill the strong feelings I have for her

(I got to my room and started thinking)

RITA : what is wrong with me, why do I feel something strong each time I am with wesley, I feel like telling him, I am in love with him, no I cannot, wesley is a womaniser, he would just use me and dump me, he already have a serious girlfriend, but I am beginning to love him, Rita what is wrong with you, ohhhhh

(When wesley got to the sitting room, he couldn’t concentrate on what he is doing with is brother, the feeling he have for me runs through his mind)

KINS : wesley

WESLEY : Yes bro

KINS : you are still thinking, I will be fine, trust me

WESLEY : are you sure

KINS : Yes, so what do you want to drink

WESLEY : just give me juice

KINS : are you kidding me

WESLEY : juice will be fine

KINS : juice (then I walk pass them going to the kitchen, but wesley stared at me, his eyes followed me till he stopped seeing me, he ragained himself by is brother voice) Wesley, wesley

WESLEY : Yes bro

KINS : what is the meaning of that

WESLEY : meaning of what bro

KINS : why are you staring at Rita that way

WESLEY : nothing

KINS : nothing, see bro, no matter what you have in mind you better end that thought, I know you very well, I know you

WESLEY : I mean no harm

KINS : how

WESLEY : you will not understand



To be continued. ……

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