Blood sister Episode 28

Is one month now, since the incident happened, is now another story, I dont un-derstand myself anymore, I sleep alot this days
RITA : Rita what have you gotten yourself into, how could I have allowed myself to get pregnant, how am I even sure I am pregnant, but my monthly flow is three days late now, oh my God, what should I do now, I must look for a way to get rid of this pregnancy, if I keep it I would just end up to be wesley baby mama, he will not marry me, what should I do, I think I nee-d to go for test
(My sister and his husband are in the sitting room with wesley when I walk pas-sed them, but charity called me back )
CHARITY : Rita, where are you going to, is time for afternoon food
RITA : I know, I just nee-d some rest
CHARITY : you nee-d rest, I should stay hungry because you nee-d rest
WESLEY : charity, you should show are some respect when talking to her
CHARITY : wesley plea-se stay out it, honey talk to your brother, Rita where are you going to
RITA : charity will you just leave me alone(I walk away )
KINS : honey, you should show some care to your sister, dont you observe all is not well with her
CHARITY : of course I observed it, I dont know what are problem is, is not my business
WESLEY : that’s why you nee-d to know
CHARITY : I can’t oo, the last time I tried asking her, she nearly beat me up
KINS : honey that is one month ago, and now what I see in your sister is different
CHARITY : Yes dear is really different, her mood has changed, she spent all her time slee-ping, she sleep everywhere, she dont look fine to me, I was thinking maybe she is down with sickness, but how can someone who is sick be adding weight, honey dont you see she is adding weight
KINS : I observed it, you nee-d to ask her what is happening
CHARITY : honey I dont care at all, give me my phone let me call my mother (Kins pas-sed the phone to her, she dialed her mother number)
CHARITY : (ringing ) hello mama
MAMA RITA : hello my daughter, how are you
CHARITY : mama I am fine oo, how about you
MAMA RITA : I am fine, how about Rita, I have not heard from her for the past three days
CHARITY : she is the reason I called
MAMA RITA : what have she done
CHARITY : mama I dont know what is wrong with her, she look sick to me
MAMA RITA : sick
CHARITY : Yes mama, her mood have changed, she now spent all her time slee-ping, you talk to her now, she will just provoke, I thought maybe is fever or malaria, because she is now having morning sickness, but the other story that is getting me confused is that she is adding weight
MAMA RITA : are you sure
CHARITY : Yes mama
MAMA RITA : is she vomiting
CHARITY : vomiting, mama I dont know oo, I have not seen her vomiting oo
MAMA RITA : Rita is pregnant
CHARITY : pregnant, mama no oo, she dont go out oo
MAMA RITA : then what is now wrong with her, give her sometime
CHARITY : mama I think you should come to the city to find out what are problem is
MAMA RITA : ok if you say so, I will come ehn
CHARITY : ok mama
MAMA RITA : plea-se take care of her
CHARITY : I will, take care of yourself too
MAMA RITA : I will my daughter, bye bye
CHARITY : bye. (He dropped the phone)
KINS : what did mama say
CHARITY : mama is ma-king the matter complicated, mama said maybe Rita is pregnant
WESLEY : pregnant
CHARITY : Yes, but I am not sure
KINS : how could she have gotten pregnant, when she dont go out, I dont think is pregnancy
CHARITY : me too
(Wesley have gotten himself after the incident that happened, she have started going back to her normal life, he was about going out when he saw me sitting down outside de-ep in thought, he just stood there staring at me, I did not notice it, until he walked away. I was in the kitchen cooking in the evening, then charity walk in and saw me slee-ping, she shouted my name)
RITA : ( I woke up)
CHARITY : what is wrong with you, do you want to burn this food, you are slee-ping again, see I dont know what your problem is oo, but whatever it is you should not bring it to the kitchen, do you want to burn this food
RITA : but the food is not burning, you are here now, continue from where I st©pped
CHARITY : what is the meaning of that, you know very I dont know how to even do it, you should st©p slee-ping and concentrate on the cooking
RITA : will you just st©p disturbing me, leave me alone, let the food burn, let it burn
CHARITY : the food should burn, you are not serious
RITA : charity leave here
CHARITY : ok I will
RITA : oya na
(Charity walk away, I got up and checked the food, and decided to relax again but ended up slee-ping again. Wesley walk into the kitchen and found me slee-ping, he did not wake me up but he helped me to finish with the cooking, when he was done with the cooking, he bend down in front of me to wake me up, I woke up and saw him bending down in front of me)
To be continued. …