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January 20, 2021


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Blood sister Episode 26

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I was really ashamed that wesley succeded in raping me, I quickly stand up and put on my clothes

WESLEY : why are you putting on your clothes, let’s us have one more

RITA : you are a big fool, you raped me and you don’t feel sorry for it

WESLEY : why will I feel sorry for raping you, when I know you enjoyed it, hmmm (he slept off, I walk away to my room. I felt so bad and embarrass of myself, I cried in pain until I finally slept off. Charity voice woke me up in the morning)


RITA : hmm

CHARITY : good morning

RITA : you are back

CHARITY : I came back to this house around 5am, and the time is 1pm now, what kind of sleep are you sleeping, you have to come and prepare food ooo

RITA : food, charity you better look for something to cook, because I can’t cook today


RITA : I have told you my mind

CHARITY : Rita you have to come and cook oo, what is all this na, stand up, you better stand up

RITA : charity please leave me alone, you are disturbing me, I need to rest, I have so many things on my head

CHARITY : what are you telling me, you have to come and cook, you know I am not good in cooking, if is me and my husband I will try, but wesley is around na, you should know all this

RITA : story

CHARITY : who is saying story

RITA : charity leave my room( charity left my room to meet is husband in the sitting room )

KINS : his everything well with rita

CHARITY : she is fine, she is only sleeping

KINS : by this time

CHARITY : what about wesley

KINS : I dont know, you know she had a visitor yesterday, but let me check on him

(He went to wesley room and met wesley already awake)

WESLEY : bro good morning

KINS : you are awake


KINS : I thought you are still sleeping, what are you doing indoor, ; let go to the city room

WESLEY : I am only relaxing, I will join you later

KINS : you are weak right, i understand, after all the jolly last night

WESLEY : hmmm

KINS : I will be in the sitting room

WESLEY : ok bro (Kins walk away ) what have I done, how do I come out from this room and face Rita, oh God, I feel so ashamed of myself, oh Lord have mercy on me.

(I was in my room thinking about the incident that happened last night, I feel so ashame of myself, how do I look at wesley in is eyes, all this thought run through my mind, so I decided to go and prepare food for them to eat, as I was coming out from my room going to the kitchen, I saw wesley, I try to pass him, only telling him)

RITA : good morning

WESLEY : morning ( but he called me back) Rita

RITA : ( I ignored him, I did not answer him)

( When I got to the kitchen, I saw charity trying to cook something) charity, leave the kitchen let me prepare the food

CHARITY : hmm, I know you will come back to prepare the food, I know you still remember our deal

RITA : charity please leave this kitchen

CHARITY : sure I will

RITA : thank you ( charity left the kitchen, I was in the kitchen all alone, I started thinking about my foolishness, then wesley walk in without me noticing it)


RITA : (his voice regained me back, I tried to get busy with something, but wesley kneel down in front of me)

WESLEY : Rita I am sorry

RITA : I know sorry will be the outcome of it

WESLEY : I mean it, I am sorry, it wasn’t itentional

RITA : really

WESLEY : Yes I was drunk, it was the drink that caused it

RITA : wesley please let us just forget this incident, this shameful act, let us just pretend nothing happened, I dont want to talk about it

WESLEY : we need to talk about it, I am sorry, I know you not happy with me

RITA : wesley please leave me alone, stay clear from my part


RITA : leave me alone

WESLEY : bring your voice down

RITA : then leave me alone, leave me alone (he walked away )

( After preparing the food, I served it to them in the dinning room, when I was serving the food, I was so shy, I could not look at wesley at his face, I try to pretend as if wesley is not there, but I can feel that wesley eyes is all over me)




To be continued. ……

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