Billionaire crush Episode 34 & 35

♦️♦️CHAPTER 34♦️♦️
🎼🎼On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don’t know why I’m still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you’ll always be my hero
Even though you’ve lost your mind.🎼🎼
♦️♦️ARIANA P.O.V♦️♦️
I woke up feeling nauseous but I didn’t feel the urge to vomit at the moment. There was just the constant bland but bitter taste in my mouth and my stomach feels weird.
Mmh, maybe that’s what woke me up.
Then I heard it, whispering, and realize that must have been what had woken me up.
“Move Ry! I’m laying next to mommy!”
“No you move you stupid doo doo head! I l@ynext to mommy!”
“No you move you scaredy pee be-d baby!”
“I don’t pee my be-d!”
“Yes you pee be-d Ry! I saw you hide your blanky and brief un-der the be-d! Move or I’m telling daddy when he comes home!”
I st©p listening to them fight when I heard them mention Richa-rd .
Is it wrong to say I still miss him after all he did?
After all the lies he told?
I still love him.
Trust me I wish I didn’t.
But you just don’t snap your f!nger and fall out of love with someone.
Who am I kidding anyways, I’ve always loved him.
But loving someone or something doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for you.
It’s like candy.
It’s so sweet and lovable but it can gradually kill you. It tears you down slowly and you often don’t realize how serious it is until its too late. First it starts with weight gain, then nutrients deficiencies, tooth decay, diabetes, obesity and then by the time you realize its too late, you’re battling with osteoporosis or some heart disease.
Richa-rd is my candy, my kryptonite.
He slowly to-re me down like the sugar in candy and now its too late, I’m stuck here battling with a broken heart, a baby on the way, and the thought of losing it and Andrea all at once.
Worst p@rt is, he not only strung me along, but he strung our entire family along.
Gave the kids hope he shouldn’t have.
Because there will be no us.
I may still love him because my heart refuses to listen to my br@in, but my br@in un-derstands my self worth and not even my heart can deny it.
One may wonder why I’m still here, but I just couldn’t leave.
Well I was planning to leave then but I realized that Andrea is not legally mine.
Her mom is here and I can’t take her away.
How do I now leave and give up a child my heart has adopted as its own to love unconditionally?
I love that little girl to the moon and back.
I love her just as if I had given birth to her myself.
Also Elena wouldn’t let me leave since they were all staying until Richa-rd is better, Sabrina is busy and my parents went on a cruise for their anniversary. Turns out they were just legally separated and never divorced because dad had refused to give mom a divorce.
My father now refers to it as my mothers “midlife crisis.”
So in other words I would be home alone with the kids and Elena thought of it as too much stress with all that I’m going throu-gh. I would have objected, but it was the truth.
This pregnancy seems like it will be a ha-rd one, and that’s crazy because the triplets weren’t a walk in the park, but it wasn’t this nerve wrecking and its only one baby.
I have been getting really sick. Daniel had to have a doctor come over and take a look at me yesterday because I haven’t been able to keep anything down for the past two days.
I’m losing a little bit of weight and find myself feeling dizzy sometimes but hopefully it will all pas-s by the end of my first trimester.
I heard the door open and look up to see Elena standing there with her hands oh her h!ps.
I then realize she has a scolding look on her face.
Oh no! What did I do now to have mother bear coming back to fuss over me.
“You two! Didn’t I tell you not to bother your mother?” She said to the boys.
Better them than me.
“It was Ryan!” Ryder jumped up and ran out the room as fast as he could
Ryan smuggled closer to me, burying his face in my side.
“Ryan,come on hunny, let your mama rest!” She told him.
He shook his head.
“Rya…..” she started to say
“It’s fine Elena I’m up now, he can stay and l@ywith me.” I smiled reas-suringly at her.
“Ok. Fine. But don’t you dare lift him up and put any strain on yourself, I doubt you have much strength since you haven’t been eating. He can stay only if you promise no stress.”
“Ok, I promise!”
“Good! Come out and try to eat breakfast with us when you’re re-ady.”
With that she left.
What! It’s morning alre-ady?
I look over to the window and see the thick dr@p£s are closed leaving the room dark with nothing but an ounce of peeking throu-gh the far side.
Wow. I must have been really tired, I fell asleep late in the evening and sle-pt right throu-gh.
How could she still possibly want me to sleep more?
Ryan lifted his head up and giggled.
I look at his adorable face, ran my hand along his cheek and smiled back at him.
“Good morning sleepy head mommy!”
“Good morning my giggle bunny ryan!” I k!$$£d him.
I started to tickle him, while he squirmed and laughed.
“St©p mommy!” He yelled laughing louder.
After I st©pped, he calmed down and tried to climb on me to l@yon my che-st.
“No baby, you can’t l@yon mommy!” I said sadly st©pping him.
He gave me the sad eyes.
“Why? Are you still sick mommy?”
“Yes mommy is a little sick.”
He sat there looking at my stomach.
What he did next shocked the hell out of me.
He ru-bbe-d my stomach.
“Uncle Daniel told Anny that daddy will know you’re pregnant when the baby in your tummy grows!” He then looked at me.
“Is there a baby in your tummy mommy?”
I mumbled cursing Daniel.
I’m tired of telling them to be careful what they say around the kids and their all-hearing-ears.
Especially Rush, nothing gets past him.
“Yes, Ryan, there is a baby in there, that’s you can’t l@yon me right now.” I told him.
I wasn’t going to lie to my child. How will he ever trust me?
I wish Richa-rd would have thought like that.
He scrunched his face up.
“But I don’t un-derstand, how did the baby get in there?” He asked looking mad that he doesn’t un-derstand.
Ryan is going to be a know it all child, he curiosity runs de-ep, and he never settles for a simple explanation, no he wants to know everything even if he has no clue what you’re saying.
Well you think he doesn’t un-derstand until you hear him go and try to explain what you just told him to his siblings and realized he grasped a lot more that you thought.
“Ok Ryan. It’s time for breakfast! Let’s go.”
I got out of the be-d and took his hand in mine, helping him to the floor and then to the dining area of the penthouse.
I said I wouldn’t lie to them but who said I would answer all their questions?
We all sat down and ate breakfast and chatted for a while.
That was until Elena told me Richa-rd was being discharged today and would be staying here.
I was hoping he wouldn’t be discharged until after my parents were back, Sabrina took her time off and I was back home.
Now I’m packing.
Yup, I’m getting the hell out of here.
I know I can’t take Andrea because she’s not mine. Had the situation not been this ludicrous, I would stay just for her but that sh!phas sailed.
I pack the kids bags as well. I am not one of those parents to leave their kids behind.
They are my responsibility.
As I pack I think back to the last time I was at the hospital, five days ago.
I was alre-ady torn when the nurse mentioned his wife.
The next day after thinking, I thought maybe it was a mistake or something, that I overreacted and surely when he wakes up he would tell me I’m wrong.
But seems I was wrong.
I un-derstand that she is Andrea’s mother and that he should be concerned about her, especially for the child’s sake. But when he woke up, it solidified that I was wrong.
She was all he seemed to care about.
When he said her name, it was laced with so much emotion and desperation that his ton-gue, like a sharp knife, killed me without drawing blood.
Iknow he doesn’t know I’m pregnant, or what happened at the hospital.
I told them not to tell him, I plan on telling him myself, but just at the right time.
Now is not the time.
I refuse to have him jumping sh!pright now just because I am pregnant.
He can be a father to this child and the others, just not anything more with me.
And the bastard had the nerve to knock me up.
I was so stupid not to realize before.
I swore he used a c0nd0m.
But now that I think about it, the next day after we had S-x in the shower, I took the c0md0mwra-pper and c0md0mup off the shower floor.
It was we-t but if he c@m£ in it, should there have been sp-erm filled in the c0nd0m?
I was too blissfully happy remembering what had happened the night before to even realize.
If I had paid attention I could have taken a plan B.
How dare he?
Got me pregnant again for what?
To leave me for the mother of his other child?
At first I thought I wasn’t good enough.
Then I thought, he just prefers African American women.
But if that’s the case, and he was with her, why keep coming back to me and make all those promises?
Now I realize why!
Richa-rd always gets what he wants.
And what he wanted was to have his cake and eat it too.
Well too bad, this cake is finished!
Did I just call myself a cake?
Nice going Ariana.
Anyways, as soon as I’m finished packing I asked Daniel to come and help me bring the stuff to the car.
He told me he had to make a call first.
They decided that if I really plan on leaving that Erica would go with me.
I didn’t want her to because I knew she really wanted to be there for Daniel and be with him.
I have alre-ady robbe-d them of enough time they could have spent working on their relationsh!p.
“Alright, I’m re-ady!” Daniel appeared back in the sitting area.
“The driver is waiting downstairs. Dennis went to get richa-rd , so mom and I will take you all to the plane and see you off.” He told me, as he hand all the kids their backpacks and pu-ll-ed Erica and I suitcase.
“You OK? Well I know you’re not OK. That was a dumb question. What I meant was, how are you feeling? Any better?” She asked as she looped her arms throu-gh mine and we follow Daniel and the kids out to the elevator.
“The best way I can think to describe myself is like, driving a car with no destination. I’m just going throu-gh the motions.”
“You know we’re here for you right? You are not alone Anna! Never alone. You know unless I am married with a family of my own, you and the kids will always come first. As much as I love Daniel, I would sacrifice my relationsh!pand love all over again, just to make sure you and my babies”
she ru-bbe-d my belly
“this peanut included, are happy and protected.”
A tear of gratitude fell from my eye.
We had slowed our pace until we st©pped walking, giving us privacy from Daniel and the kids.
“You guys coming?” Daniel was holding the elevator door.
“Go ahead babe, we’ll be right there!” Erica told him.
He smiled at her and you could see the undeniable love in his eyes for him.
He would st©p more than elevator doors for her if he had to.
I used to think that Richa-rd would look me like that, especially when I would catch him just sitting there staring at me in the office.
Yeah he was probably, gloating thinking, “how much stupider can this woman be.”
A lot more apparently.
I escape from my thoughts and look at Erica.
“Erica you are more than a friend to me, you are my sister. Family isn’t about whose blood runs throu-gh your veins. It’s about who never left your side, who stood up for you and believed in you. I am honored to call you family. I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me and the kids and all that you still do, all the sacrifices you made, I very am grateful. But I want you to be happy. I make my choices and I try my best to live with them, you shouldn’t have to as well. plea-se live your life and be happy. If its one thing I’ve learn since I bec@m£ pregnant last time is that, no matter what, life goes on. plea-se be with daniel and be happy. I was fine before Richa-rd , fine after him, fine when he c@m£ back and I’ll be fine after him now.”
She hvgged me and I hvg her back.
I love this girl.
She has done so much for me, no amount of money could repay her or express my gratitude.
“Remember what we used to say about boys in high school?” She asked re-leasing me and smiling.
I nod.
“Boys are a commodity, not a necessity!” We both same at the same time.
She giggled and I smiled, remembering the days when life was so much simpler.
But I wouldn’t go back, I wouldn’t give up my kid for anything.
“Come on sister, let’s go home.”
I love the sound of that.
I think she just went from my sister to my saviour.
Ok a bit extreme.
We got on the Elevator and rode it down to the lobby.
When we got outside, the trucks were there, all the luggage loaded in, the kids stra-pped in as well as Daniel and Elena.
I did see when she went down.
I got into the truck with Elena and the kids, while Erica got into the first one with Daniel.
I buckled up and the driver pu-ll off.
“I didn’t see you come down Elena.” I commented as she was handing Andrea a jui-ce who kept reaching for me instead of the be-d.
I missed her.
I’ve ha-rd ly spent anytime with them in the past two days because I haven’t felt well enough.
Ap@rt from Andrea slee-ping with me when she gets cranky and the others don’t know how to calm her ap@rt from giving her what she demands, her mama, brushing Rose’s hair before be-d and re-ading them all a story, I haven’t done much with them.
“I c@m£ down before you all did. I sp©tted this cute little br@celet I’m the gift shop window on my way in yesterday, I c@m£ back and got it for that little princess back there since she was sad about missing her dad” she smiled sympathetically at me.
“That’s really nice of you.” I told her.
“Look mommy! A princess br@celet for a real princess!” Rose perked up behind me after hearing her grandmother mention her br@celet.
I wanted to laugh because if what she said.
“For a real princess”
so is she admitting she wasn’t a real princess until now?
I turned slightly, facing her. I took a hold of her wrist.
“Wowwww Rossy! It’s beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.”
She smiled brightens, eyes shining brightly at my compliment.
“Did thank your grandma?” I asked.
“Yes mommy! I thanked her lots! I love grandma!” she responded.
I engaged in conversations with them as we drive.
Soon I notice we’re st©pping.
I look out and saw hvge high walls and metal gates.
A security booth was in front of it.
The truck Daniel and Erica are in st©pped at the guard station as they were in front of us.
“What’s going on?” Elena asked our driver.
Since all the drivers spoke English we were able to communicate with them
” I don’t know ma’am! I just have strict instructions to follow that driver.”
“Do you know what’s going on Ariana? This is not the airport!” She asked
“I’m just as lost as you.”
I looked up ahead just in time to see the gates open and Daniel’s truck pas-s throu-gh.
Our truck followed thereafter.
Once we were in, there was another gate, but we turned and park in a parking lot in between Daniel’s and another just like it.
What the hell is going on?
As I was about to turn to Elena to see if she still clueless, my door opened.
“Yayy Dada!”
My heart leapt and my br@in caught on fire.
Richa-rd is standing before me.
I’m not re-ady.
I feared this moment.
I guess it’s time to k!ssfear goodbye.
😚😚Chapter 35😚
♦️ʏeah, is it too late now to say sorry? ‘
Cause I’m missin’ more than just your b©dy Oh,
is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know that I let you down Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?
I’m not just tryna get you back on me (oh, no-no) ‘Cause I’m missin’ more than just your b©dy (your b©dy)
Is it too late now to say sorry?
Yeah, I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now? ♦️
♦️Dennis P.O.V.♦️
I’m sick and tired of this mayhem.
I’m never coming back to Germany.
Nothing good has happened here.
This Camila chick is getting better, now I’m hoping she doesn’t cause any more drama.
Just her name alone can cause mom to go crazy.
Well let me take that back.
This is all Richa-rd ‘s fault, Camila wouldn’t have the power to hurt anna if Richa-rd didn’t let her.
But not only is anna hurting, so are the kids.
I feel like she’s not going to make it throu-gh this pregnancy and will res£nt Richa-rd for it all in the end.
I hope that doesn’t happen.
“We’re here sir!” The driver announces.
“Thanks, we’ll be out in a minute, don’t go far.” I told him.
He agreed to park by the waiting area until I get back with Richa-rd .
I entered the hospital and made my way to Richa-rd room, but only he wasn’t there.
I walked back out and noticed the guard at Camilla’s door.
“Is he in there?” I asked pointing to the door since it was closed.
“Yes!” He answered curtly.
I made my way around him but he st©pped me giving me a stern look, letting me know I couldn’t go in there.
I backed away accepting defeat.
“Let him know I am here will you?” I asked him annoyed.
Ever since our mother snuck into Camilla’s room un-der some food cart and decided she wanted to kill her with a syringe filled with god knows what and the nurse caught her, Richa-rd decided since he couldn’t keep track of mom, that a guard would be best.
Smart move, or I’m sure mom would have found some way to cremate her by now. If Richa-rd wasn’t in the hospital she probably would have burned it to the grown.
The woman is crazy once you get her started.
The guard stuck his head in the room and said something in German.
I didn’t hear Richa-rd reply but shortly after he exited her room, spoke back to the guard in German and then walked towards his room.
He was alre-ady dressed.
I followed him to his room. He gr@bb£d his bag from the be-d that mom had brou-ght with clothes.
He then turned to me, glared and walking around me going throu-gh the door.
“Let’s go!” He told me halfway throu-gh the door.
I followed him once more to the elevator.
“Well good afternoon to you too my lovely little brother.” I sm-irked at his attitude.
I looked at him to see his jaw clench as we entered the elevator and I push the bu-tton for the first floor.
Now irritated with him I can’t help but to get pissed off.
“What the hell is your problem now dude? What the fv¢k done got stuck up your a*s this morning? A broom? Your head? A nee-d?” I asked showing my irritation.
He walked over to me and got into my face.
“The fact that Ariana is sick and no one bothered to tell me, means you don’t get to say $h!t to me dennis. You’re my brother, I don’t care if she tells you not to tell me, which I’m sure she did, you should have told me. Where is your loyalty?” He asked seriously.
I noticed his f!ngersof his casted arm fisting and unfisting, a tell tale sign that he’s mad.
The nerve of this man.
I started to laugh.
I’m holding my stomach laughing.
He’s such a walking contradiction.
“Are you?…Richa-rd ?.. Trying to lecture me? Dennis?… About loyalty? Dude your with both your kids mom at the same time, lied to one and your entire family….what the hell do you know about loyalty….Richa-rd plea-se be quiet. For such a smart man, your are ma-king no s-en-se right now.” I said between laughs as I laughed ha-rder.
I could now see his veins standing in his head.
Ok considering he had br@in surgery a week ago, maybe I nee-d to st©p messing with him.
We don’t nee-d him back in the hospital, the bald I match in his hair is a reminder enough of that he had a scre-w drilled in his head.
I calm down as we exit the elevator and walk to the front desk.
He handed the nurse at the desk his card and a signed discharge paper.
He signed two more papers and we exited throu-gh the main doors.
The driver pu-ll-ed up right away.
We both got in and I told him to head to the h0tel.
I don’t know what is going to happen between Richa-rd and Ariana but I hope they can figure it out for the kids sake.
I was about to ask Richa-rd why he was here with Ariana but my phone rang before I could.
📞”What’s up D?” I answered.
📞”Dude, Ariana is packed and re-ady to go. She’s leaving since mom told her Richa-rd was coming. Mom went shopping or something, but I just called her so she could st©p anna and she said we should let her go and let Erica go with her. What should I do?” He sounded in a panic.
📞”What do you mean she’s leaving?” I yelled.
That was the last thing I got out before the phone was yanked from my ears by my very crossed looking younger brother.
♦️♦️RICha-rd P.O.V♦️
📞”What’s up D?” Dennis answered after his phone rang a second time.
He bec@m£ quiet listening to what Ethan was saying.
📞”What do you mean she’s leaving?” He responded.
That was all I nee-ded to hear before I took his phone.
📞”Daniel what’s going on? Where is Ariana going?” I asked as calmly as I could.
I heard him curse un-der his breath.
📞 “She’s leaving Richa-rd she’s going home, she doesn’t want to be here with you.” He told me.
That fv¢king hurts.
I mas-saged my temple.
📞”Is she ok? The kids said she was sick!”
📞”Not really Richa-rd , you two nee-d to talk.” He stressed.
📞”Ok D, let her go. I’ll see you shortly.” With that I disconnected the call and gave Dennis back his phone.
“Nehmen Sie uns in das Männergefängnis” I told the driver where to take us in German so that Dennis couldn’t un-derstand.
I don’t have time for him to be questioning me right now, I have to save my family.
“Was ist die Nummer für das andere Haupttreiber?” I asked him for the number for the other main driver.
“Vier, neun, drei, drei, fünf, acht sechs, zwei, sieben, eins, eins, fünf” He responds right away listing off the number.
I enter it in my phone as his goes, mentally translating it to English in my mind, Four, nine, three,three, five, eight, six, two, seven, one, one, five.
“Danke!” I thank him as I hit the dial bu-tton.
As soon as he answers I give him precise directions in German for both him and the other driver.
Even though Daniel was the one who arranged the transportation when they arrived here, it was done un-der our company name and I called the transport company and covered all cost two days ago when I was going over the company’s financial reports. So they knew my directions were not to be disobeyed. But to prevent Daniel and dennis from interrupting my plan, I spoke in German and then advised him that no one is to know where he is taking them, let them think they are going to the airport.
Let’s just hope this works.
After fifteen minutes of driving Dennis started to become suspicious and was asking questions.
I ignored him and ordered the driver to do the same.
Ten minutes later we pu-ll-ed up to these hvge walls and big metal gate.
I rolled my window down and spoke with the guard whom I bec@m£ familiar with during my stay here in Germany.
I told him that I would be expecting two more of the same truck with my family and for them to be given access.
We pas-sed throu-gh the gate and parked in the waiting area.
We sat in the car waiting as Dennis scanned the place. His eyes then fell on the sign next to us that our truck was blocking. It was in German so I’m sure he had no idea what he said.
“What the hell Richa-rd ? What are we doing here?” He asked agitated.
“Not right now dennis. Just give me a minute plea-se.”
They want the truth, the truth I worked so damn ha-rd to keep hidden?
the truth I tried my ha-rd est to bury to keep them all safe?
the truth that made me turn into a monster into their eyes?
the truth that wrecked Camilla’s life?
the truth that still kills me everyday while they carry on living normal lives?
the truth that is going to change their lives forever?
Well fine.
I will give them the truth.
But first let’s wait until everyone gets here.
After ten more minutes I see the other two black trucks pu-ll up.
“Why are they here?” If Dennis asks another question right now I will punch him.
“You all believe I’m a lying son of a bit-ch. Right? That the truth sets you free?” I laugh.
“That couldn’t be further from the truth but since you all want it, this is where it is, this is what I’m hiding, this is what I have been hiding and if giving it up and looking at the hurt in everyone’s eyes is the only way to save my family and put this” I hold up the ring that always occu-pies my hand “on her f!nger and make her mine forever, then I’m done keeping this secret.”
I got out of the car and walked to the one next to mine since I saw Daniel get out of the second one over.
This clearly has to be the one carrying Ariana as I’m sure she’s ri-ding with the kids. I just had to guess since the windows are tinted.
I walk over to the door and pu-ll-ed it open.
I wanted to smile with relief, hvg her, k!ssher, hold her, make love to her, cherish her forever.
But some how she looked off.
She looked shocked but her eyes that used to dance with excitement are now dull and lifeless.
“Yayy Dada!”
All the kids yelled all at once.
I looked away from her and looked in between her and my mother at Ryder who looked more than happy to see me.
I then look at the back seat to see Ryan and Rose on each side smiling with Andrea in the middle cl@pping and bouncing in her seat.
I love my kids.
“Hey guys! Daddy missed you!” I smile and tell them.
They all smile back telling me how much they miss me and other things.
I hate to cut them off but I really nee-d to speak to anna.
“Ok ok! Everyone will get a turn a tell me everything but let me talk to mommy first and then we will go home and you can tell me everything.” I pleaded with them.
They settled for that.
I turn back to Anna.
“Ariana can I plea-se talk to you outside for a minute?” I begged, the strain in my voice pres£nt, I can’t take much more of this.
I’ve hurt her and I’m hurting as well.
She looks at me wearily then at my mother and the kids before stepping outside the car.
I closed the door behind her and motioned for Daniel who was walking towards me like a man on a mission to give us a minute.
I really wanted to hvg her but I didn’t want to push my luck at the same time.
As soon as we were out of hearing distance, I st©pped walking and she followed suit.
I turned to face.
I don’t even know where to start, she was alre-ady standing in defense mode with her arms across her che-st.
I guess I’ll start with the thing that’s bothering me the most.
“I heard you were sick, what happened? Are you ok?” I asked really wanting to know.
“Like you care!” She rolled her eyes.
“Ariana I care more than you will ever un-derstand. I promise I’m going to tell everyone everything right now, but I just want to make sure your ok first.”
“I’m fine Richa-rd so can you just get on with it, I nee-d to be getting home back to my life before you. No nee-d to worry about me, I have me un-der control, worry about your wife in the hospital.”
She told me before turning away and walking back to the car.
I st©pped her.
“Ariana plea-se let me explain before you make any decisions. Every man nee-ds a woman when his life is a mess, just like the game of chess, the Queen protects the king. I nee-d you anna. I nee-d you in my life, I’m always protecting everyone, who protects me? I’m always there to lend a hand, always there to catch everyone when they fall. Who catches me? But it doesn’t matter, I will fall over and over and over again as long as you are by my side, with you, I can make it throu-gh it all. I’m just asking that you don’t leave me, before you life was just tolerable, with you and our kids it’s amazing, I want amazing, I want you and our kids, I nee-d you. I love you Ariana, you and only you.” I wiped the tears that spilled from my eyes. I didn’t mean to cry, I’m just so tired, my head is hurting and my heart feels numb.
I look down feeling ashamed for crying.
I feel her f!nger wipe my tear away.
I looked up at her.
She looked serious.
“You can explain, I will give you that. But I can’t promise I will stay, I deserve more than this. I been knew you were hiding stuff, I just thought you would open up and tell me in time. I gave you many opportunities to tell me but you never did.”
I nod my head and bite my bo-ttoml!paccepting what she just said.
She did give me many chances to tell her.
I did trust her, it was never about trust, it was just about the hurt that it can cause.
She turned once more and walked back to the car.
Daniel then approached me.
“Richa-rd , why are we here and what is this place?” He asked looking around.
“You’re about to find out. All the secrets I carry are because of what’s behind those walls. Let’s go get the others.” We walk back to the car.
“Can you have Erica watch the kids until we are finished? maybe take them to McDonalds down the street?” I asked.
“Yeah I’m sure she won’t mind, let me go and tell her so she can just get in that car.” He walked back over to his truck to get Erica.
I first get dennis, then my mother and Ariana.
Daniel joins us back as we approach the second set of hvge walls and fencing.
“This way!” I direct them to entrance. I push the swinging metal gate open and hold it open waiting on them to all enter.
However my mother stood there frozen.
“Richa-rd ?” she whispered questionly and cautiously.
I guess the multi-ple guards with heavy machine guns stationed all around the property wasn’t what she was expecting.
Daniel pu-lls her out the way and enters with anna and dennis behind him.
“Ok Richa-rd I don’t think we nee-d to know anymore. You can keep your secrets.” Dennis said looking uncomfortable.
It’s too late to turn back now.
Most of the people here I have learn don’t speak English, so as we walk into the building I show my ID and speak to the guard so they can get entrance into the facility.
We go throu-gh the metal detectors and then we’re led by another guard to a large empty room with several tables and chairs.
We sit, and once the guard leaves, questions are being throw at me left and right but I’m only paying attention to Anna.
She’s beautiful but she looks pale, a little smaller. I’m taking her to the doctor myself. She doesn’t look fine.
The guard returned and behind him was a man in a black and white str!ped uniform.
He sat down in the seat facing us.
“Edward?!” My mother g@sps in disbelief.
“Dad?” Daniel and dennis both say at the same time.
Ariana says nothing but watches everyone’s reactions.
“Hello Elena! Fancy seeing you here my dear wife. Seems we’re having a family reunion, who is this pretty little thing?”
At that moment I wanted to smash his face in.
I leaned forward so that I was face to face with him.
“You do not speak to her!” I advised him throu-gh clenched teeth.
“Well if it isn’t the prodigal son. He returns, at last. I was wondering if you and your mistress left and gave up the fight to keep me in prison for the rest of my life. I see I was wrong.” He leaned back in his seat just staring at mom.
She had tears running down her face and a look of disbelief.
If she’s alre-ady crying and she doesn’t even know the story, I don’t know what she’s going to do then.
This is only a tiny fraction.
He is the beginning of it all and I’ve been Germany for the past three weeks working my a*s off trying to keep him behind bars and my companies running all at the same time, that I ha-rd ly had time for my family.
But I believed it would be worth it, because just like he’s the beginning, Camila and I promised he would be the end.
The death s£ntence is too good of a punishment for what he did.
He deserves life in prison.
He deserves to suffer for what he did!
To sit there for the rest of his life and think about what he did and let the guilt consume and eat him alive.
He ruined my life!
My mother’s!
And almost Dennis and Daniel’s and all the companies that our families have worked for generations to build.
If I hadn’t kept the secrets I did, everyone’s world would have c@m£ tumbling down, mines included.
I don’t care what anyone says.
But to me, love isn’t about honesty.
It’s about protecting the people you love from the things that will hurt them.
If I had to go back, I wouldn’t change how I protected them, I would maybe try ha-rder, but I wouldn’t st©p.
My family means everything to me and so does their happiness, even if that means I don’t get to be happy with them.