Billionaire crush Episode 30 & 31

♦️♦️♦️CHAPTER 30♦️♦️♦️
🎼🎼🎼Do you ever think of me when you lie
Lie down in your be-d, your be-d of lies?
And I knew better than to look in your eyes
They only pretend you would be mine
And oh how you made me believe
You had me caught in every web that you weaved
But do you ever think of me when you lie
Lie down in your be-d, your be-d of lies🎼🎼🎼
-sҡʏʟɛʀ ɢɛʀʏ-
🖌️🖌️🖌️DANIEL P.O.V
Let’s just say this is all becoming a little bit too much for even me to handle right now.
Anna is bleeding and Richa-rd ‘s heart rate is going throu-gh the roof.
The nurse looked so confuse on which to attend to first, she had to page for backup.
As much as Richa-rd ‘s heart rate is going throu-gh the roof, I’m focused on Ariana. I nee-d to make sure the baby is safe! I don’t think this family nee-ds anymore tragedy.
Four nurses and a doctor rush into the room with my mother and dennis behind them.
“Oh my God!” My mother g@sps looking at the blood at Anna’s feet.
She rushed over, while one of the nurse tried to talk to Ariana before the same nurse from earlier tried to talk to anna.
“You are pregnant?” She asked while another nurse helped to lift her on the gurney.
Anna didn’t respond as she was staring at the wall in some what of a trance.
The look of shock and hurt on her face.
“She’s pregnant.” I told the nurse as she wheeled the gurney out of the room and to the elevators hurriedly.
My mother was still behind me and kept asking,
“What happened?”
While dennis stayed behind with Richa-rd and Erica with the kids.
We arrived on the sixth floor and they rushed her into a room. I was asked to wait outside while my mother went inside with her.
God! plea-se don’t let the baby die!
♣️♣️RICha-rd P.O.V♣️♣️
Darkness surrounded me.
Where am I?
I can’t see anything.
Am I blind?
I try to talk, I’m speaking but nothing is coming out.
Am I mute too?
I’ve been hearing voices for hours but they come and go as sometimes the darkness is so heavy, I let it take me un-der.
I swear I heard my mother, dennis and Erica. I tried to talk to them.
To ask them to help me get out from this shade of darkness that surrounded me.
They sounded so far away. I saw a bright light twice before. I tried to go towards it, it felt so warm and peaceful. Each time I tried to go towards it, I felt like metal shackles j£rked me backwards. Its seems I am stuck in this lonely, cold dark world. Even though I keep hearing voices,
I can’t un-derstand what they were saying.
Its all muffled.
That is until now!
“Oh myyy!” I hear Ariana voice.
She’s so close. That means she’s in the darkness as well. I’m running throu-gh the darkness trying to find her but she is no where.
“What the hell!”
Daniel? Daniel is here also? Oh God! I have to find them.
I run fas-ter.
Then a beeping noise start to echo throu-gh the darkness and a bright light appear. The light that i have seen twice before in what felt like ages. I want to go towards it, but I have to find anna and danny. I can’t leave them here, but I want to escape this world so bad. I run fas-ter looking for them, hoping to find them before the light disappears again. I could be running In circles for all I know. After all, it’s a pitch black, ap@rt from the ray of light shining.
“Patient 426…”
“Heart racing..”
“Seizure…page doctor.”
Am I dreaming?
I’m still trying to run as fast as I can, but I can feel my b©dy slowing down involuntarily.
The light is disappearing.
plea-se not again.
I don’t want to be stuck here but I can’t run anymore. I can’t move. I st©p and I feel myself fall. I’m just here free falling.
I close my eyes.
What is the point of trying to see in the dark anyways.
This hopeless.
“You must be family. What unfortunate couple. I just hope his wife makes it.”
Oh good! The voices are still there. This gave me hope. I nee-d to find Ariana and Daniel and get to the light. I try to get up so I can st©p falling.
It’s so ha-rd .
I feel like I’m being held down. I press against the f0rç£ holding me back.
“His wife?”
Daniel? He’s back! He’s close. But why is he yelling? And why is he talking about a wife? Something is not right. I have to find them now! I nee-d to save them from this darkness.
I finally got up.
“Yeah, Mrs Richa-rd Anderson, she is in room next door.”
Mrs? F** I’m not married! There is a mix up somewhere.
So there are rooms in this darkness of hell?
“Anna? Anna? Ariana!”
I walk fas-ter. I know something is really wrong. Daniel is yelling for Ariana.
Not my baby, she has to be okay.
What the f***k! I took of running! I ran like I never ran before, the light is appearing.
Its getting brighter the fas-ter I run, its coming towards me.
I won’t live them here!
I run the other way, away from the light. I run to my family.
If they have to stay in the darkness then so will I.
♣️Ariana P.O.V ♣️
“Oh Ari, what’s happened honey?” Elena asked me.
I just let the tears fall. All the tears that I have been holding back since I got the news. All the tears I have been holding back since I have ba-rely spoken to Richa-rd last week and missed him so much. All the tears of finding out that I’m pregnant again and being scared I won’t be able to take care of all these kids. All the tears of what Richa-rd looks like laying in that be-d. All the tears of what I just found out. And all the tears of the possibility that I might have just lost my baby.
I cry.
I cry lakes, streams and rivers.
I know snot is running down my face, but what is snot to the pain that my heart feels right now?
Elena is hvgging me as I soak her blouse.
The doctor c@m£ and elena st©pped hvgging me. He checked me.
I wasn’t concentrating.
My baby, I lost my baby.
Before I could start crying, the doctor stood up and wrote something down on a chart before pu-lling a machine next to the be-d.
“I just checked to see if your cervix is opening or in medical term, dilating and whether or not there is a tissue or blood in the cervical opening, which normally happens in miscarriages. Your cervix is opening but no tissue is pres£nt. Which means your placenta should be intact, only blood pas-s throu-gh. I’m going to do a 3D ultrasound to check the fetus and the structure of your wo-mb. Okay?”
I nod in response.
My baby might still be alive?
Elena squee-zed my shoulder and smiled.
I could see the hope in her eyes.
The doctor ru-bbe-d the warm gel on my stomach, then took the probe and ran it along my stomach.
My entire b©dy tensed.
I don’t know what I am going to do if I don’t hear….
My entire b©dy relaxed as I heard the fast rhythm of pitter patter.
My baby’s heart beat!
I smiled.
“There is your baby.”
I looked to where the doctor pointed to see my little angel on the screen.
“The baby is fine. Heart beat is strong. Everything is intact but I’m afraid we have a problem.”
My heart fell.
I’ve noticed that my happiness is always short lived.
I signed.
“What is it?” I ask ba-rely above a whisper.
“You are in your first trimester, you might have a miscarriage if you don’t take care of yourself. I will advice you to be very careful. Your blood pressure is high. Stay off your feet as much as possible. No heavy lifting, no stress at all. You will have to come to the hospital for checkups regularly. I will prescribe some drugs for you to take. ”
“Oh,Thanks heavens.” Elena breathed.
“Thank you doctor! Can we go home now?”.
“Yes, she can leave. But don’t forget she nee-ds to come to the hospital weekly for check ups. Meanwhile I will s£nd a nurse to bring you the drugs.”
I just continued to ru-b my stomach as they talked.
My baby is alive.
I’m going to do my best to make sure it remains that way.
I smiled.
But once again that was short lived when Elena mentioned Richa-rd ‘s name.
I want him to get better for our kids not me.
I hate him.
But I still love him.
Maybe I ought to make a list of reasons why I should stay and why I should leave and see which is greater.
Really Anna? I thought to myself.
The reason alone that he’s married and lied to you should be enough.
♦️♦️♦️CHAPTER 31♦️♦️♦️
♦️♦️ELENA P.O.V♦️♦️
When I heard the doctor said my grand baby is still alive, I was so happy.
Oh I was so worried when I saw the blood then the nurses putting Ariana on to the gurney.
As much as she almost lost the baby and is still at risk of losing the baby, I am so happy.
Never before had I thought my youngest would be the first to a father a child and so many at that.
I always heard him talk how many children he wanted when the conversation of babies were brou-ght up. I thought he was joking and being silly, but now I see he was actually serious.
Oh my! Poor Ariana va**na! That will probably nee-d restricting after the 12 children he wants, he seems to be halfway there at 26 years old. I’m positive that by the age of 32 he will accomplish his goal.
Richa-rd is a man that knows how to get what he wants.
I squee-zed Ariana’s shoulder as the doctor kept talking.
If only she knew, I was squee-zing in thought of her bearing 12 children.
The doctor finished and gave Ariana a print out of the fetus and her prescriptions.
As soon as Ariana was dressed in the loose clothing I had Daniel go and get from the gift shop, since her clothes had blood on them from when they la-id her on the gurney.
“Okay, re-ady?” I asked as I help her stand.
“Yeah, I think so. I don’t want to be here anymore. I’ll come back tomorrow. I nee-d to take my babies to the h0tel anyways, they nee-d to have their bath and eat.” She sighed.
There was something really wrong. She didn’t want to be here anymore? She’s in a rush to leave Richa-rd side? I thought we would have to f0rç£ her to leave and get rest.
As soon as we exited the room, Daniel approaches us from where he was sitting.
“Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”
“Yes, she is fine and the baby but she nee-ds to rest. I am going to take the kids with me along with Erica’s help. You guys can go ahead to the h0tel, I will take the other car. Go and check on your brother and Erica, I nee-d to speak with Ariana for a minute.” I told him.
“You sure mom? I can just wait by the elevator for you two!” He asked ensure of what to do.
“Yeah son, it will be fine!” I smiled at him.
“Okay.” He turned and went to the elevator to go back to the ICU floor.
I pu-ll-ed Ariana with me to the area that daniel just vacated and we sat next to each other.
“What happened?” I asked, knowing that something happened.
She looks more devastated than she did when we first got here.
She swallowed the lump in her throat and looked down.
“Ariana?” I asked trying to get her to tell me.
“You can always tell me anything Ari. I’m here for you.”
“Richa-rd doesn’t love me.” She didn’t look up but I heard the words as she whispered them.
“Why would you say that? He loves you and his children very much.”
“No! He doesn’t loves me. He just used me, but why? Am I not good enough for him?”
I saw a tear fall on her dress as she was still bent.
“Where is this all coming from Ariana? What made you think this way? I don’t un-derstand.” I said now feeling more stress weighing down on me.
Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hor-mones.
She lifted her head slowly and looked me in the eye.
“He’s married.” She said with a straight face.
Is she trying to be funny?
I laugh.
“Oh come down honey, Richa-rd isn’t married. I would know if he is married.”
She shook her head not accepting what I said.
“No, he’s really married. He was in the accident with his wife. She’s in the room next to him. The nurse told daniel and I when we went to see him. ” she told me as tears kept rolling down her face.
I could see the hurt and agony in her eyes.
“Whaaaaatttt?” I skrie-ked.
He told me he would be never be like his father.
He promised me he would be better.
He saw the pain I endured and promised he would never cause someone that kind of pain.
I’m so mad at him right now, even though he is in coma!
“Let’s go!, I nee-d to speak to this wife of his!” I pu-ll-ed Ariana with me, ignoring her protest.
I’m not taking her to the room, just to the kids so they can leave.
I never heard of a wife!
He must have married some who-re, why he has never bothered to introduced her to his family.
I was so proud of him until this moment.
Whoever she is, I am going to get rid of her.
The only woman for him is ariana and I am going to see to that.
First I have to get rid of this b**ch!
~~~~~~~~Dennis P.O.V~~~~~~~
As soon as Richa-rd heart was stable, the doctor took the nurse to the side speaking to her in their native language.
He then approached me.
“Doctor can you explain to me what happened in here, plea-se? I was just in here a little while ago and everything was fine.”
“I just spoke to the nurse and she said his heart rate increa-sed after the lady that was bleeding entered! She was then telling them about his wife in the room next door when the lady seemed shocked and started to bleed. His heart rate started going throu-gh the roof. I as-sume he can hear. Maybe, maybe not. The br@in is an amazing thing. I wouldn’t be surprised If he is aware of what is going on, its just that he hasn’t recovered enough to wake up yet.”
“Did you say, the nurse told the bleeding lady that his wife is in the room next door?”
“Yes, that is what I said.”
fuc-k me!
I told the administrator not to tell anyone about Richa-rd ‘s wife. I just as-sumed that the others didn’t speak English, so there would be no way for the others to find out! I should have told her to brief her staff!
Damn it!
I’m going to regret this if something happens to the baby.
“What’s the wife name?” I asked the doctor.
“Camila Taylor Anderson.” He told me after fli-pping throu-gh the file in his hand and looking at me like I’m crazy because I don’t know my brother’s wife name!
“Thank you doctor, but plea-se excuse me.”
I left the door and walked outside to the adjacent door.
I opened the door, went in and locked it behind me.
I walked over to the be-d.
“Oh shhhhiiiiitttt !!! What thefu-ck kind of game is Richa-rd pla-ying?” I said more to myself, since I’m sure she couldn’t hear me hooked up to all those machines and tubes going throu-gh her mouth to her throat and a mask over her nose.
She looks just like Andrea.
I thought he said her mother wasn’t around and would never come back and he has no communication with her?
That lying bastard!
Why would he keep her away from her child?
Why didn’t she search for child?
This is ridiculous.
I can’t believe this $h!t!
I look at her closely.
She looks so fragile but you can see that she’s truly beautiful.
Even with the bruises on her face I could stare at it all day.
I snap out if it.
I don’t know what the hell is happening but I hope wakes up really soon because this situation just went from bad to ab-ort mission.
Mom is going to freak out when she finds out.
She’s alre-ady mad at Andrea’s mother for giving her away with no cares.
Maybe I should hire Camila a security guard because I’m sure my mother is going to go to prison when she discovers who Richa-rd is married to.
I took a seat in a chair next to the be-d.
I won’t jump into conclusion. I’ll keep an eye on her until Richa-rd wakes up.
He found it in him to travel all the way across the world to be with her,then she must be important to her.
She has no one here, I’ll stay with her until I can have someone locate her family.
I sat there for I don’t know how long just thinking about all that’s really happening and trying to make s-en-se of it.
Well that was until the door busted wi-de open and my angry raging mother c@m£ storming in.
I got scooted further back in my chair.
She is scaring me.
She st©pped in the doorway huffing and puffing.
“Where is that who-re?” She yelled
I quic-kly took out my phone and text daniel to get in here immediately.