♥️♥️♥️♥️CHAPTER 28♥️♥️♥️♥️

⭕⭕⭕DANIEL P.O.V⭕⭕⭕

I know Dennis said that we need to head to the airport but I can’t even move right now.

I sat on the edge of the bed letting the tears fall on the carpet as I hang my head.

Ariana has been asking me all week long every time we see each other if I spoke to richard and if he is okay.

I promised her that he was fine and just busy.

How am I going to wake her up at 3:47 a.m in the morning to tell her I lied?

How will I tell my nieces and my nephews that their dad is not okay?

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He was in a fatal car accident!

He might not make it?

Daddy might not be coming home?

You might never see your daddy again?

Even though we’re three years older than richard you would never be able to tell.

He was always the more matured one, the sound mind, our voice of reasoning, our therapists, our counselor, our confident, our referee when we fight, our back bone, our keeper and our big little brother.

Sometimes he even acts like our father.

“Danny, babe? What’s wrong?”

I forgot that erica was here.

I felt her move up to the edge of the bed and wrap her arms around me from behind, resting her head in the crook of my neck.

“Daniel please talk to me. Why are you crying?” She asked in a sleepy concerned voice.

I pulled her in my lap and buried my face in her chest as I let the sobs out that I have be trying to contain desperately.

I know I need to pull it together before I go and talk to Anna. This is not something I can tell her on the phone. She is home alone with four kids with no one to console her.

Dennis sound so broken , he told me he would go and get mom and I agreed to go and get Ariana to save time and also because I don’t think dennis would be able to.

I would like to say being twins, dennis and I are as close as they come but that’s not the case.

Our best friend is richard. If we have a problem or need anything, the first person either one of us call is Richard, not each other.

Richard has never chosen sides with us, he has always treated us equally.

I sent a silent prayer to God.

Not yet I beg. Please not yet. He’s even about to be a father again!

I was not only hurting for my brother.

I was also hurting for his family!

I also love his kids a lot. I might have known them for a short time, but I can kill to protect them!

I cried for them because they have been through a lot. Richard just came into their life, is this how death will yank him away from his kids?

“Baby you are scaring me. Please tell me what’s wrong!”

I just realized that erica was still talking to me as she held me and rubbed my back trying to me.

Shit! I don’t ever cry. I hope she doesn’t think of me as a weak man. But the thought of my little brother not surviving this can unman me!

“Ric…Richard…” I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.

“Richard was in a fatal car accident. I don’t know if he’s going to make it.” I finally told her.

I heard her gasp.

She look like she couldn’t believe what I just said.

I can’t believe myself either.

This has to be a dream.

Yes, a very bad dream.

But it’s reality.

“Oh danny. baby I’m so sorry!” She cried.

“OH MY GOD! Ariana and my babies! He has to be okay. He must be okay. What hospital is he in? We have to go there, now!” She jumped out of my lap, turned the light on and started throwing clothes on.

“In Frankfurt, Germany! Dennis already got the plane ready. ”

She stopped all movements and turned to look at me questioningly.

“I thought ariana said he was in Russia, when did he go to Germany?”

I don’t even know. What was in doing in Germany? Why did he tell ariana he was going to Russia if he was actually going to Germany?

“I don’t know. We have to hurry.”

I called my driver so that he could bring the limo since it would be us plus Ariana and the kids. I know she would never leave them behind. It was even hard for her to leave the kids during weekends.

After I arranged the car, I got dressed and we started to pack our luggage.

As soon as the driver came, we were in the car and on the way to Anna’s house.

I pulled myself together as much as I could before we pulled up in front of her house.

” Are you sure you are okay enough to do this? I can talk to her if you need me to, I’m here for you babe” Erica hugged me.

“I’m as good as I’ll be until I see my brother and know he’s okay.”

“Okay, I understand. We need to be strong for her and keep her calm as possible, remember she is pregnant.”

I nod.

He has to be okay. All he ever talks about now is how he wants to have a football team with anna. He jokes about it but I can tell he’s really serious.

He would be happy to know that he’s going to be a father again.

“I know!” I assured her as much as I could before we went to the door and got key from under the gnome by the side.

We agreed that Erica would pack the kids bags and get them ready since she knows where everything is stored while I talk to Anna.

I push her bedroom door open only for her to run out from the corner behind the door with a shoe in her hand with the heel pointed afterwards.

“Hey! Hey its me! Daniel!” I throw my hands up before she could cause any damage with that thing.

“What the hell D!”she whisper yelled before looking over her shoulder at the two kids asleep in her bed.

I guess to make sure she didn’t wake them up.

She huffed and dropped the shoe!

“What are you doing creeping through my damn house at 4 in the morning! Don’t tell me you’re on that molly?” She asked.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Bath salt!” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“Are you about to start eating my face? Should I call 911 in advance?”

She laughed.

“I’m just kidding! But seriously, why are you here?”

I sighed.

Is there an appropriate time or place to deliver a bad news?

I sat on her bed and she sat next to me after sensing what I had to say must be very serious.

“Richardwasinafatalaccident!” I said all at once.

F**k! This is harder than I thought.

I expected her to cry, scream, throw a tantrum, pass out or do something crazy.

I sat there waiting, but it never came.

I looked at her and she was just sitting there looking at nothing in particular.

“Is he de…” She cleared her throat.

“He is not dead. But they don’t know if he’s going to make it. We need to go to Germany as soon as possible Anna.”

“Richard is in Russia.” She corrected lowly.

“No, dennis said it was a hospital in Frankfurt, Germany that called,I forgot the name.”

She simply nod.

She got up and went to her closet, I still sat there waiting for a major breakdown but she only took down her luggage and start packing.

I sighed.

I got up and hugged her. I don’t know what she’s thinking right now but I know this kind of reaction is not healthy.

She didn’t hug me back. When I let her go, she went right back to packing, its like she turned on autopilot on herself.

“I’ll be right back. Let me go and check on how Erica is getting the kids.”

She didn’t respond.

With the help of the driver, I carried the kids bags into the car, carried sleeping Ryan and Rose and went back inside to get Ryder and Andrea.

I walked into the bedroom and Erica had ariana in her embrace. I heard sobs but as erica pulled away, i saw that the tears were hers and ariana still seemed out of it.

I took her bags as she dressed the kids along with erica. I kept seeing erica throwing worried glances at her which means she must be thinking what I’m thinking.

Her reaction isn’t healthy at all. Is she going to completely lose it at any moment?

A little while after Anna prepared a bottle for andrea since she woke up crying.

Everyone got into the car and I locked the house up and texted dennis that we were on our way.

As soon as we got to the plane, dennis came out and we shared a brief brotherly hug before he hugged erica then took Ariana into his arms. She still didn’t hug him back and was just looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.

He realized she didn’t hug him back, that something was not right. He looked at both erica and I but I just shook my head, because I had no idea.

All we can do is be strong and be there for her.

I took princess Rose in my arms as she continued to sleep. Erica had Ryan and dennis had Ryder.

Anna had andrea in her arms. As we all made our way up the stairs as the driver loaded the luggage.

As we made it on to the plane, I heard the cries of my mother. As much as this was hurting me, I couldn’t imagine how she will be feeling over her child.

Her baby boy.

I place Rose in the seat next to her gently and reclined it so she could lay back to keep her head from falling all over and then pulled her blanket that she was wrapped in.

I took my mother into my arms and consoled her as much as I could while everyone else got situated.

She let go of me and hug anna. She then realize she wasn’t responding to her. She sat next to her and pat her leg.

“It will be okay honey.” She sniffed.

“My son is a fighter. I know he won’t leave you and the kids. He loves you all too much!” She told her.

After we took off, I took anna and the kids to the bed in the back so they could sleep comfortably.

She still didn’t acknowledge me. She just pulled each child to her side and placed Andrea to her chest before closing her eyes.

“Just press the red call button next to your head if you need us or the hostess.” I told her before leaving and fall into the seat next to my mother.

Dennis and erica were both sleeping.

“I am really worried about her mom.” I told my mother who was sitting up staring out the window.

She didn’t respond.

Oh God! Not her too!

I exhaled when I felt her hand on mine.

“She will be fine. I think that’s how she copes. Everyone have different ways to ease their pains. I think for her is just to shut down. She won’t be able to shut down for too long. Once she goes through that phase, we’ve to make sure to catch her when she falls. Trust me she will fall. Your brother will be fine. Let’s just have faith. Think negative, negative things will only happen. So let’s just stay positive.” She kissed my cheek and resumed watching the clouds go by as the sun was rising.

I laid back in my seat and closed my eyes after looking at the time. I won’t be able to sleep.

6 more hours to go.

This is going to kill me!

♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ RICHARD POV♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

It hurts.

My entire body hurts.

My head especially.

What the hell happened?

What is all that clinking metal sounds and people talking?


Where the hell am I?

I remember waking up this morning. We were going to see my lawyer.

We were in the car. Camila looked so happy today and it made me happy.

I finally got the courage to pull out the engagement ring.

I remember her screaming, I looked up to see a truck as it slammed into us. Before it could hit us, I tried to jump over her and shield her.

She’s already been through enough. I would suffer through all this pain just to keep her happy.

But it was too late. I have no idea what happened next.


Oh God!

I started to panic.

Please let her be okay!

I felt my body shaking really hard. It hurt so bad.

Please tell me I’m not dying.

Please tell me someone rescued us from the wreck.

What if I don’t make it? I will never see my kids and Ariana again.

My family!

I now feel like I’m losing my mind.

What the hell is going on.

I feel wetness running all over my mouth as my body jerks harder.

Please God make it stop.

“He is having a seizure!”

“Bp is dropping!”

“Put the oxygen back on him!”

“Okay, he’s stable! Put his IV back now in that fell out. ”

“Okay, he’s ready again doctor. You can continue to drill the hole in his skull !”

What the f**k!

I tried really hard to open my eyes because this has got to be a dream!

The lights were so bright that I closed them back instantly.

I tried again and it was blurry!

Then I saw masks and blue scrubs standing over me. One standing directly over my line of sight was an older man with glasses and a long screw metal looking thing in his hand. He had blood on him.

Our eyes met.

My head was pounding.

I grimaced.

“Up his anesthesia dosage, he is waking up and up his morphine . we need to hurry and relieve the pressure in his brain right now that the swelling is causing!” He yells across the room.

No! This really can’t be happening.

I felt my eyes close as my body starts to jerk again.

God, please make it stop!

I cried.

“He’s having another seizure!”

“Code blue! Code blue!”


“He’s crashing! Pull the crash cart over here fast!”



God please take care of my family.






♥️♥️♥️♥️CHAPTER 29♥️♥️♥️♥️







♦️- ɮɛʏօռċɛ♦️



🩸🩸🩸DENNIS P.O.V🩸🩸🩸

As soon as the plane landed, there were three SUV’s waiting for all of us.

My mother and Ariana got into the first one with andrea and Ryan.

Erica and Daniel got into the second one with Ryder and Rose.


I got into the last one after making sure we had everything and everyone was set to go. Then we were off to the hospital.

We could have all gotten one huge car but I had stuffs to take care of first.

I made sure the other two cars would take a slight detour giving me an extra 10 minutes before their arrival to figure this shit out.

As soon as I stepped out of the car at the double sliding door to the hospital entrance, I felt sick.

My brother’s life is on the line.

He could be dead by now since we left to come here.

I took a deep breath and sent up a silent prayer up to the sky before I stepped through the door.

I followed the sign to the receptionist desk.

“Hi, I am here for Richard Anderson. I’m his brother. ” I said leaning on the desk looking where I just came from to keep watch of when the others will get here.


She put her finger up in a ‘hold a minute’ gesture. She got on the phone and started speaking German. A minute later another lady emerged from the closed door. Her badged read ‘Angelika, Administrator.’

“Hello, how may I assist you, our receptionist is not fluent with English?” She greeted in her thick accent.

“Hi, my name is Dennis Anderson. I received a call about my brother, Richard Anderson.”

I left it vague, I was too scared to ask if he’s dead.

“Oh yes! I was the one who called. May I see your ID for verification? I will also need to make a copy to put on the file.”

I took out my wallet and gave her my driver’s license.

She made a copy and returned with two files. She handed me back my license, looked through the files and wrote something down.


“Okay, since your identification has been verified and you are emergency contact listed as well as the fact that you are family, I will disclose all information. A petroleum truck driver ran a red light and collided with their vehicle. The driver died on impact. Mr.Anderson suffered from severe trauma to the head and they had to perform surgery to release the pressure in his head caused by the swelling of his brain. His right arm is also broken. Mr. Anderson flatlined twice during surgery, but the doctor was able to resuscitate and stabilize him. However, he kept having seizures and as a result his body shut down and he fell into coma, but he is stable. As for Mrs. Anderson, her lung was punctured and she has several broken ribs. She had internal bleeding but we were able to stop it. However, couple of hours ago, her lungs collapsed. She suffered from respiratory failure, which caused cerebral Hypoxia because the brain was derived of oxygen. She’s on life support.”

What the f**k?

I don’t know who this Mrs. Anderson is. I came here to confirm if this is really true. I didn’t even tell Daniel. My family is going through a lot right now, I can’t add this to their plate. I don’t know what richard has been doing but this could hurt some people. I hope he survives this so he can be able to explain this, but for now….


I’ll have to handle this.

“Are you okay, Mr.Dennison?”

“Yes” I snapped out of my thoughts.

“But there is something i need you to do for me. Since I am listed as the emergency contact, I need the information you just released about Mrs. Anderson to remain confidential and her information only disclosed to me.”

She nod and wrote something on a paper in a file.

“No one is to see her but me for now.”


“Dennis? How did you get here before us?”

I turned around to see my mother and everyone else coming towards me. I didn’t have time to ask about this mysterious Mrs. Anderson. I’ll have to come back to get her full info once everyone is occupied.

“Hey mom, no. I just got here. I just use the other door.” I lied.

“Oh! That makes sense.” She thought out loud.

“How is my baby? Please tell me he is alive! Oh gosh! My baby boy can’t be dead!” She starts to sob losing her composure.

I pulled her in my arms.

“He is not mom. He is alive, but he’s in a coma!” I told her but loud enough for everyone else to hear since we were all gathered close behind her.

“Oh, thank God!” She yells, reaching her hands upwards.

“Can we see him?” She then asked.

I turned to look at Angelika.


“Yes, he’s is ICU. room 426. But only two at a time and no children in the room please. It is too risky because they may pull the cords loose which can cause serious problems for him.

“We understand.” Daniel finally spoke.

He had his arms around Anna while she held Andrea, who was clinging to her. Erica was holding Ryder and Rose and Ryan was standing in front of them.


“Okay, follow this hallway, then make the first left and the elevator is right there.” She directed us.

We all said our thank you, except Anna who was silent dead.

When the kids spoke to her, she would either force a smile, nod, kiss them or hug them.

You could see the battle in her eyes.

As soon as we got off the elevator on the fourth floor. We found the waiting room and got the kids settled with some of their toys.

“Who wants to go first?” I asked.

“I will” my mom spoke up.

She tried to put on a brave face.

“I’ll go with her.” Erica gave her a hug and they both walked three doors down and stopped at the door.


Mom opened it and they both went in.

Daniel was sitting next to Anna, helping her as she took snacks and juice out of the backpack for the kids.

Andrea was playing with the triplets.

I sat down next to Ariana, on the opposite side and laid my head on my Lap.

Richard is alive but he’s in a coma. Anything can happen. I don’t like the thought of that.

And I have to figure out who this woman is. If she was with him in his car then she must be important to him.


I felt someone rubbing my head. I looked up to see Ryan.

It was so hard to differentiate between him and his brother at first, but as I begin to spend time with them it became very obvious.

It was so obvious because Ryder was playing with his toy car right now. Ryan doesn’t fancy toy cars.

“Hey Ryan.”

He smiled up at me sadly.

I pulled him in between my legs.

“What’s wrong?”

He glanced at ariana before looking back at me.

“Is my daddy going to be okay?”

I’m not surprised he asked. We have been talking about the accident.we tried not to make our conversations not obvious but Ryan picks up on everything.

It very hard to hide things from him.

I heard a silent sob and saw a tear roll down Anna’s face. She quickly look away.


I guess not wanting ryan to see her.

You could probably say she is trying to be strong for the kids. It makes sense, she has not one, two, three but four kids depending on her in every way.

Sorry, did I say four?

My bad.

Five kids!

“Your daddy is going to be fine, I promise!”

He looked down and started playing with his fingers. I saw him looking at Ariana. I guess he heard the one silent sob I heard also. He doesn’t seem convinced.


I pulled him into my lap, hugged him and kissed his head.

Reassuring him that everything will be okay.

He sat in my lap eating the animal crackers his mom gave him.

I heard the door open in the next fifteen minutes later and my mom and erica came out.

My mom eyes was bloodshot red. She was sniffling but smiled when Ryder hugged her leg and told her not to cry and offered her his crackers.

She picked him up and kissed his cheek.

Erica had tear stains on her face, which showed she was crying as well.

That’s not a good sign.


She looked at me.


“Will you like to go now?”

She looked like I just told her she got a death sentence.

I sighed and got up, telling daniel to wait and go with Ariana, to support her.

I put ryan in my place in the chair after ruffling his hair.

I didn’t hesitate at the door. I opened it and stepped right in.

I needed to see my brother, its been long enough.

After I closed the door, I paused.

There were machines and wires everywhere.

I slowly walked to his bed .


Tears automatically poured from my eyes for my little brother.

There were like a million small colorful wires connected to the area of his body that weren’t wrapped. His face was swollen, black and purplish. They were cut and scrapes all over his face. And his right arm was in a cast.


I wouldn’t wish this for my worst annoying stalker one night stand.

There was a chair pulled up close to the bed, I sat in it and started to talk to him.

I was happy we didn’t have to come here to identify his body!



🩸🩸🩸ARIANA P.O.V🩸🩸🩸


That’s exactly how I feel and have felt since Daniel first told me that o could lose richard.

I have thought of losing him, but never permanently.

Never to death.

I felt so ashamed right now. I spent five years keeping him out of our lives, Now that he is here I could lose him?

Losing him five years ago was nothing compared to how I feel now.

I just feel like I can’t function but I have to.

For my kids.

Everything I do affects them.

I’m really trying.

The only way I can feel I can hold myself is to remain silent.


Each time they ask who wants to see Richard, I want to say ME!

But the words won’t come out. I’m so scared at what I may see. He is in a coma!

We don’t know when he will wake up or if he will survive this!

The doubts and uncertainties only makes matter worst.

“Is my daddy going to okay?”

I know the kids will ask questions but I wasn’t ready.

Ready to tell them that they might never see their father again.


I released a sob at Ryan question.

A lone tear escaped my eye. I looked away and came face and face with daniel staring at me. He took my hands and squeezed it in comfort.

I appreciate his gesture, but it didn’t comfort me. It just reminded me that something was wrong.

Minutes went by that felt like hours, I know I have to go next.

I’m trying to prepare myself but this is something you can never prepare for.

Dennis came out and its obvious he cried.

Daniel sighed next to me.


He got up and held his hand next to me.

I hesitated but then took it. I started to follow him until I heard little footsteps running towards me. Before she could even reach me, dennis scooped her up, tickling her, trying to get her to stop crying for me.


I love that girl.

I turned back around and followed dennis.

He spined the knob of the door but looked at me.


“Its going to be okay, just have faith.” He squeezed my hand again before pushing the door open and making his way over to his bed.

“Oh myyyy!” I exclaimed as I stopped in front of his face.

No, no! God no!

The machine starts to beep really fast.

“What the hell!” Daniel exclaimed.

I’m confused, what is happening!

The door opened and a nurse came in.

She checked the machine and then pressed a button on the side of the bed paging someone else.


“Patient 426 heart is racing, he is having another seizure. Bring a dose of propranolol, 1 milligram, so that I can slow down his racing heart and page the doctor.”

Another nurse came racing in shortly with a huge needle hooked up to a syringe that contained little yellow fluid.

She unscrewed the IV bag and injected the fluid into the IV lodged in his vein.

His heart rate started to slow back down.

This is all too much for me. I can’t take this. I feel like I’m slowly dying inside.

The first nurse smiled at us.

“You must be family. What unfortunate couple. It would be sad if his wife didn’t make it. ”

Her English wasn’t perfect but it was understandable.


“His wife?” Daniel asked just as confused as i am.


She must be confused. I think I need an Injection, I feel like my heart is about to burst out of my chest. She has to be confused.


She was still smiling not understanding the severity of her words.

“Mrs.Richard is in the next room.” She said reconnecting his IV fluids as the other nurse left.

“Anna? Anna? Ariana? ” Daniel was calling my name but I was still stuck on the stupid word.


“Oh shit! NURSE!!!” He yelled, even though the nurse was with us in the room.

“She’s bleeding!”

I did feel something wet running down my legs but my world stopped at the word Wife.

Nothing is registering in my brain anymore.




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