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🌹Chapter 12🌹




🖤🖤🖤Ariana P.O.V🖤🖤🖤

“Ughhh!” I groaned as I push myself up off the cold tiles.

Apparently I cried myself to sleep in the bathroom by the looks of it.

I’m just glad that I had enough common sense to turn the water off before I fell asleep.

I undressed, taking off the dress I wore to the club and put some toothpaste on my toothbrush before I hopped in the shower.

When the hot water hit my back,all my muscles relaxed.

I sighed trying to enjoy the moment because the rest of my day could only be going to hell if Daniel shows back up.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t.

What is shocking me is how interested he is about my life.

No its not shocking, it down scary.

I have to find a way to keep him outside of my house.

I’m sure he’s not dumb and by the looks of my babies in the picture frames all around the house and the calculation of their age, it would only take a dumb mule more than seconds to figure that equation out, especially when realizing they are triplets.

I know Daniel,like everyone else when I informed them that I have three children automatically thinks I have three individual children, and that I am neither married or have multiple baby daddies.

“Pssssshhhh! I only had sex once for crying out loud!” I exclaimed to no one but myself under the steaming of water as I brush my teeth.

I finished showering as I thought of the best way to keep Daniel out and away.

He’s only coming back because of Erica.

That’s it! I need to kick Erica out!

If she’s not here then there is no reason for him to come inside or come back.

I quickly got out of the shower and wrapped myself with a towel.

I ran into my bedroom, Sabrina is still sleeping.

“Get up, Rina!” I smack her with my pillow as I run into the closet and put a T-shirt and sweatpants.

I walk back out of my small closet to the sight of her sitting up in a bed.

“You need to get Erica and go. Daniel plans to come back today and I assume is because he wants to talk to her. You know I cannot allow him come inside my house again. Luckily most of the lights were switch off last night and was too caught up in Erica to pay attention until he was leaving. I can’t have him back at my house again. “I yelled at her as I walk to the living room to wake erica up.


No movement.

“Erica!” I shake her.

Still nothing.

I went to the sink and got a glass of cold water.

My couch is going to be wet but this is so worth it.

I poured it all on her face.

“Aaaaahhhh! I’m drowning!”

She seriously is acting like she is drowning sputtering and flailing her legs and arms everywhere..

I laugh.

Always the drama Queen and I see where rose got it from. Too much time spent with aunt erica.

“Anna! What the hell???” She yells at me after finally realizing that she’s in my couch and not a pool.

She huffs and sits up massaging her head.

“I love you Erica but you need to leave! Like now! I can’t have Daniel back here !” I said standing with my hands on my hips.

“Daniel? Why will Daniel come here?” She looks at me stupidly.

“You don’t remember anything from last night? ”

She shakes her head.

“That’s so wonderful of you Erica! Unbelievable! Now I will have to take my time to explain everything that happened last night to my drunk best friend! Now listen….”

I quickly narrated all that happened last night.

“Dan….Daniel? He was here? Daniel….?”

OK so she clearly didn’t hear anything apart from the fact that daniel was here last night.

Erica came walking out the room with their stuff just as there was a knock at the door.

I looked at the clock 🕗. 8:14 A.M.

It’s Sunday,so no one I know would be at my door.

Except Daniel!

I looked at Sabrina and saw that she was also looking at me.

We nodded to each other knowing exactly what we needed to do.

I grabbed Erica’s arm and yanked her up off the couch and dragged her to the door while Sabrina got her car keys and followed me.

I took a deep breath and opened the door to the sight of Daniel.

He actually looked like shit. Not that Erica and Sabrina looked any better.

All three of them were still in their clothes from last night.

Daniel however had bags under his eyes and his hair looked as if he had been yanking on it.

I was surprised to see a smirking dennis behind him.

I didn’t even know about the fact that he would have brought someone with him when he said he was coming back.

Well it better it’s dennis than Richard.

“Good morning ladies. ” daniel addressed us all.

Sabrina and I responded but not Erica.

I looked at her and she was looking everywhere but at him.

“Mind if we come in? I need to speak with Erica and I hope your husband won’t be offended, will he ?” He asked looking at my right finger already knowing the answer because I had a ring in my finger.

“She is not married. ” sabrina said and laughed.

I mentally slap myself.

“Well I’m sure her baby daddy won’t mind then, will he?” Dennis piped with an even bigger smile.

Sabrina was about to open her big mouth again but I beat her to it.

I don’t know what kind of games they were playing but I decided to play along.

“Yup.” I said popping the P.

“Actually he would mind. Erica and sabrina were just leaving. No need to come in. See you. !” I said with a smile while pushing them outside.

OK. I more like shoved them out.

But hey! It had to be done.

I shut the door once they were over the threshold and looked out the peephole to see if they were leaving.

I saw Erica run to Sabrina’s car and got in, hiding behind the tint. I saw daniel chased after her but she locked herself in the car and exchanged a few words with sabrina.

Dennis was standing there looking amused and entertained.

Smug bastard I thought.

Sabrina pulled out the driveway and I saw daniel and dennis get into a car that looks like it would have to take me ten lifetimes to buy and drove off following her.

Well, that went well! I shrugged now that is all over.

I went outside to check the mail since I forgot yesterday.

It was my babies school result. They may have not gotten my hair and eyes color but they got my brain.

I ignored the rest of the mails and grabbed my keys. I need to go pick my babies up. Mom told me not to come until noon because she wanted her time with them but I miss them too much to wait.

I got to my parents home and I still have my keys so I open the door and walked in.

“Mom, dad” I whispered in case the kids are asleep.

“We are in the kitchen Ari!” I heard my dad answer.

“Good morning mom. Good morning dad. Something smells good!” I walked in between both of them at the Stove and kissed each cheek.

“I told you not to come until after noon, now they won’t want to stay with their nana even though they did wear us yesterday at chuck-e cheese, the movies and the park. ” mom said as she tried to glare at me but failed.

“Ryder and Ryan got banned from chuck-e-cheese. They both started a kiddie riot saying chuck-e- is a fake rat. He’s just a man. By the time we noticed what was going on, we saw chuck-e was halfway out his costume and all the kids were shouting, ‘kill that rat’ with both boys in the front ! Poor guy. I think the games there doesn’t interest them anymore so they cause trouble.” My dad sigh.

“Ariana hunny, you need to find a harsher punishment for them. They cannot continue like this. They make terrible mischief when bored. It’s scary what they might do. ” my mom exclaimed.

“Mom I will not put my hands on them, I do not believe in hitting children will stop them from doing bad.so forget about that. Did Rose misbehave as well because they will all be punished when we get home. ”

I already know what was coming next. This is where my mom and I don’t agree.

“Rose was good. But Ariana you are too soft. Your father Is around but they need their father. I’m not saying you can’t raise them on your own, don’t misquote me. But I think their father being around them will make them change also it will ease you of some burdens. You need to put your pride aside and think about your kids. You have a father, why deny them of theirs? Because he wasn’t good enough for you doesn’t mean he won’t be good for his kids. I am not telling you to be with him. No at all. But you need to give them the chance to know each other. The poor guy isn’t aware he has a child with you. Three kids. Triplets my dear! Okay put yourself in the kids shoes, how will you feel if you find out I kept you away from your father!”

Okay she is now angry. Bipolar much? She was calm a minute ago.


He hates Richard. He is always on my side. I know he will defend me.

But instead I get silence.

I plop down on the stool at the counter and rest my head in my hand.

After seeing Richard last night and now this! I know what she said was right but I am not ready yet. I need the right time to tell Richard about the triplets.

“She is too stubborn. I hope she won’t regret whatever she is doing.” I heard my mom whisper to my dad.

“She will come around. Just give her time. ” my dad whispers back.

After the whisper my mom yelled at my dad.

“It’s been five years Harry!”

Ok,I think I need to leave the kitchen before I get my dad kicked out of the bedroom.

I walk upstairs to the kids bedroom and notice Ryder and rose asleep in their bunks but Ryan was missing.

I check the bathroom and my parents room and there is no sign of him.I check the playroom, my old room my parents converted and noticed him under a blanket on the futon watching some dinosaur show.

“Woahhhhhh!” He eyes became huge as something happened that interest him.

“Hi buddy.” I greeted walking over to him.

“Mommy!” He exclaims and jumped into my arms.

I kissed his forehead and sat with him in my lap.

“What are watching bud?” I asked, forgetting about his punishment.

Maybe I was too soft. Yes! I love them too much to be harder!

“WALKING WITH DINOSAURS….” He yelled excitedly but I cut him off because I was going deaf.

“Stop shouting Ryan. Mummy like her ears very much, thank you. ” I scold.

“Sorry mummy. ” he apologized and leaned into my chest.

“It ok. Now tell me what you were about to say before I cut you off?” I rubbed his back.

“Nana bought me this disk yesterday at the store place. It has dinosaurs. It called walking with Dino’s. Did you just see the dinosaur jump out of the water and ate the other other Dino?” He looked at me with his eyes sparkling.

I shake my head.

“Well mommy some dinosaurs eat each other because they are carnivorous!”

“Do you know some dinosaurs eat only leaves?”

“Do you know humans eat plants and animals because they are omnivores?”

He threw different questions to me, sharing what he learned with me.

He then turned his attention to the TV but not before telling me to stay and watch it with him.

I wish I could say no without letting him down. I had zero interest in dinosaurs and fear reptiles, but for him I will do anything.

So I suck it up.

Now here I am, laying on my back with Ryan laying on my chest and blanket over us learning about dinosaurs.

I really need to get him interested in something like the solar system or something else because I don’t know how much longer I will be able to deal with this obsession of these huge ugly lizards.




“Hey hunny! Off to work already? It’s still a bit early for you to lock up in your office don’t you think?” My mother asked.

I walked by her and head straight to the brewing coffee pot.

“Morning mom. And I have some things to deal with that need my attention before 8:00 A.M. meeting. ” I notify her as I make my coffee to go in my travel mug.

“Where is Andrea? I suppose she’s still sleeping after attempting to wait for you all night again?” She gives me her accusing stare.

“Yes she is. I wish she could just stop that and rest. But anyways mom, I have to go. Can you just keep her company if you’re around today? I really want her to be comfortable and well adjust to being here. ” I kissed her cheek.

“Thanks mom. ” I yell as I run out the door to my awaiting car.

“Good morning willy. ” I greet as I entered my awaiting Bentley.

“Good morning Mr. Anderson. Where will your destination be this morning sir?” My driver greets in routine.

“The man office please. ” I said and relax into my seat as I watch the car pull off and buildings fly by.

Soon I am snapped from the cogs turning in my head when willy speaks, alerting me that we are outside of my building and parked in front of the entrance on W 7th street and Wilshire blvd.

I exit the car and looked up to the skyscraper, still finding it surreal to think it was sinking like the Titanic just two years ago and I was able to set it assail again at my age.

I walked into the building and nodded in acknowledgment to the security guards as I made my way to my personal elevator on right of the guards desk and punch in my code. The doors open immediately and I am whisked to the 53rd floor. I walked past my vacant secretary desk and continue down the hall to pass my vacant assistants desk and before walking into my office and taking a deep breath.

Today is going to be a stressful day.

I walk through my office to my chair. I rest my briefcase down, sit down in my huge office chair, open my jacket button and wait on Daniel and Dennis to arrive,while I sip my coffee and relax.

I spin my chair around to face downtown LA and all the other skyscrapers around me.

Seeing Ariana again has left me unsettled.

It still felt like a dream because I thought I would never see her again.

I never forgot about her. She was always a nagging thought in my mind that I tried to ignore.

But now that I’ve seem her, i feel like I can’t ignore it anymore.

Only problem is now there is Andrea, which means I should try to forget about her.

But it doesn’t seem possible anymore.

“F*ck! This feels like six years ago! Both brother’s are whipped again. This is why I avoid relationships. ”

I turned my chair around to Dennis’s smug face laughing and Daniel looking like he would rather be elsewhere.

I guess I was too busy with my problems to even hear them enter my office.

Dennis was still laughing and pulled Daniel down in the next chair in front of my desk facing me.

“Okay D, what’s up? You said we needed to talk?”

I saw his jaw clenched, showing his agitation about something.

“Den either you shut up or leave!”

“Sorry D. I’ll be quiet. ” Dennis said still smirking.

I shake my head and turn my attention to Daniel, who is giving his twin death glare. I know right now that if I don’t step in, Dennis will be a bloody mess then our mother will be involved.

I’m really too irritated for this shit today.

“Grow the f*ck up Dennis!” I slam my hand on my desk in all seriousness wiping the slickness off his face.

“There is a time and place for everything. Right now is not a time fie what you’re bringing to this discussion. ”

“Daniel, why do you ask me to be here this early? I need to start getting ready for my meeting. ” I asked focusing all my attention back on him.

“I know I am not scheduled to be in the new York office consecutively for the next three weeks monitoring the offices there. I’m suppose to be heading to Texas this week but I’m asking you to change my schedule to be in New York starting from today or to give me three weeks off to sort some things out. ” he explains.

I feel my anger growing. Daniel knows he’s scheduled to be in Texas this week because the office in Houston and Austin needs urgent attention.

I need to figure out a way to solve this problem because I can’t afford to go to Texas this week.

“What’s really going on D?” I ask trying to get to the root of his problem.

He sighs.

We don’t keep secrets so I find his behavior odd.


All he had to say was one word for me to lean back in my chair and pull my hand through my hair. I guess there is no changing of mind about going to Texas.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I spent the day with her yesterday Richard. She is a mess. We both are! We are both still very much in love with each other but she is fighting it for some reasons she still won’t explain to me. The only I know is that it had to do with you and Ariana. When we went out for a drink and she ended up getting drunk, she told me she wish we could be together but it won’t be possible because of Ariana!”

I listened to him tell me that Ariana and I have been the reason he had been passing through misery and why Erica won’t be with him.

was not expecting this. I have watched him be miserable and lost for far too long. I guess I need to be a planning a trip to New York myself then. But then what am I going to do with Andrea?

I notice Dennis is still quiet. I turn to face him slightly and notice the wheels spinning in his head.

He catches me staring at him and nods.

“What is it?” I ask him

“I will go to Texas. I have things to take care of here also, but it can wait. ” he volunteers,now that he has stopped joking around and assumed his role.

“Great, thanks Den. I really appreciate it.”

I see him squeeze Daniel’s shoulder and apologize.

No matter how they fight their bond is unbreakable.

“I will be heading to new York at the end of the week. At that time you two can be updating me on how you have been handling the other companies. Daniel be sure to set up a meeting for all the head of department in the main new York company.”

I dial the extension for the IT department from the office phone putting it on speaker.

📞 “Good morning sir. This is David in IT. How may I assist you this morning ?” My IT manager questions once he picks up

📞”research all the information you can find on Ariana Harrison. She lives in New York. Get back to me within 30 minutes ” I command.

📞 “Okay sir. I am on it. ” he answers

📞 “Thanks Dave.” I hung up.

“You guys are free to go. I need to prepare for my meeting. Daniel you can take off now. Take one of the company jets because I need my plane on standby. Dennis, I need you at this meeting then you can be able to leave for Texas. ” I finished.

“Thanks bro. ”

I embrace Daniel in a brotherly hug and he did the same with Dennis before they both walked out.

I sat back at my desk and started reading over some files on my desk.

My office phone rings and I hit the speaker button.

📞”yes?” I answered.

📞”Sir, it’s David calling back with the information you requested.” He responded.

📞”okay, go ahead. ”

📞”OK sir. Ariana Harrison. Age 23, graduated last year December,Top of her class with a degree of finance. No criminal history. Decent credit score. Assets are a 10 year old Ford explorer and a house located on 3689 Hillcrest Dr, New York. Single, never married. She has three children, Ryder, r….”

I cut him off.

📞”thank you Dave. That is all.”

I know that Daniel told me that after we left her house before I returned to LA that she has three kids.

I thought she was pulling his legs.

Three kids?


No husband?

What happened to the sweet little Ariana?

I have no idea but I sure as hell plan to find out as soon as I figure out what to do with Andrea.

The thought of even one man, much less three having their way with her make me feel possessed.


I shouldn’t be but I am. She was mine.

Damn it!

After hearing Dave confirm that she had three children, I just couldn’t listen to anymore.

I know I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in this meeting but I need to go anyways, not that I have a choice when I’m running a billion dollar corporations.

I go off to my meeting and attend to business in the same manner for the rest of the day and all week.

In a daze, still trying to figure out what to do with my jealousy, Daniel and Erica and Andrea.

Friday rolls around and I decided to take Andrea with me to New York since I plan to stay there until everything is figured out.

My mother decided she could do with a mini get away so she came along as well. I know she came because she hates being away from the three of us. She is such a mother hen.

As soon as we arrived in New York late afternoon, I had the car take Andrea and my mother to my pent house so that I could head to the main office and meet Daniel and Dennis and get this meeting over with.

I have been to New York main office twice since I became the owner.

The employees here are not familiar with me but the guards have been briefed upon employment.

They have seen Daniel around since he took up his position and comes frequently to handle business. But no one is aware that my grandfather handed this company to me a year ago apart from the board.

I felt it best to keep out the media to avoid dealing with the press.

But after today, it would be unavoidable.

I walk in and the receptionist was about to greet me but I put my hand up walking by her as the security guard greet me.

I took the elevator up to my office that I rarely use.

Daniel and Dennis are already there talking and laughing about something at the lounge in the corner of my office.

“You are late. What took you so long?” Dennis asked checking his watch.

“Sorry. I had something that came up at the last minute at the office that I had to handle before I had to go get Andrea and mom.”

I’m sure they understood me as they nod their heads.

“Well let’s go. It’s Friday and I’m sure the staff are all tired of waiting and ready to go start their weekends.” Daniel said hopping up and strolling out the door.

We followed him to the elevator going down to the floor that holds the huge conference room.

We walk down to the corridor and then a lot of loud of talking and laughter. Daniel opened the door and stride in and we followed. No one noticed us because they were all busy laughing as one guy was telling a story.

I walked by daniel heading for the head of the table but stopped mid stride when I heard a familiar laugh.


My shock was later replaced with rage when I saw the guy next to her looking at her lustfully and brushing against her.

“And you are?” The entire room became quiet at my booming voice.

He looked at me challengingly until someone whispered

“Omg! That’s Richard Anderson. ”

Then I notice his face falls as recognition set in.

He sat there looking stupid now.

“Mr. Anderson, It is great to have with us once again. ”

I turn my attention to see my assistant for the office.

“Linda, thank you.” I addressed the old heavy set woman.

I looked at Ariana who is still looking at me as if she saw a ghost.

I walk to the head of table and took my seat with Dennis and daniel sitting next to me.

“For those of you who are not aware, I am the owner of world market financial organization. Most of you might have seen my brother Daniel who comes here occasionally to get me reports from my assistant Ms. Linda. My main office is in LA but I will be here for two weeks or more. This meeting is adjourned till next week. Everyone can leave the room except Ariana. ” I spoke with authority.

They all got up and left but not before looking at Ariana skeptically. Especially Mr. I can’t keep my eyes and hands to myself.

I think I need to find out his position here and his importance because it might be time for him to resign.

As soon as we were alone I cut the chase needing answers before I drive myself crazy.

I got up and walked around the table and sat in the chair next to her. I spun her chair with her frozen body to face me.

“Ariana?” I said more to bring her back to here and now.

Now she looks panicked.

What the heck is up with her?

“So you have three children?” I ask no longer able to hold it in.

Her eyes look like they are about to fall her out of her head as she shakes her head.

“Oh no! I have to go. ” she jumped up and ran out of the conference room as if she was been chased or something.

If I wasn’t confused about what just happened,I could have chased after her.

But I needed to think right now before I become irrational.

I leave the office and enter my awaiting car and headed home.

The doorman greet me as I walk by and head to the elevator taking it to the pent house. I entered and walk into the living room to see my mom and Andrea bonding.

“Hi mom.” I said making her aware that I am home.

They both turned and looked at me and I saw the biggest smile on Andrea’s face.

“Dada!” She squeals and comes running towards me.

I picked her up and held her over my head blowing raspberries all over her tummy.

“Hey baby girl!.” I kissed her cheek and held her to me.

She eases off me chest and puts both her palms on my cheek,looking me in the face and searching for something.

She then smiles and says “Dada” again before laying her head on my chest.

This girl just know how to cripple me.

I sat next to my mom on the couch and made plans for the next day to enjoy the city



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