Billionaire crush Episode 14 & 15

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💘💘💘Love me without lies💘💘💘
🖤🖤🖤ARIANA’S P.O.V🖤🖤🖤
The week went by at a slow pace as the kids and I got settled back into our routine.
I have been avoiding Erica out of fear of daniel showing up with her.
When I spoke with her earlier this week she had told me that after daniel had followed her home, they had a heart to heart discussion and she realized how much they really loved each other.
She said she wouldn’t be the one to tell him about the triplets, but thinks the secret is becoming a little too much to hide anymore.
I couldn’t agree more.
It’s taking a toll on me,wondering everyday if I will open my door to the sight of Richa-rd or his brothers since they all know where I live now.
I trust Erica and I really can’t expect her to let this ruin her chance at love and true happiness.
I also can’t expect her to keep us a secret if she plans to be with Daniel because it wouldn’t be fair to keep her ap@rt from the kids to avoid a run in with daniel.
I know I have to tell Richa-rd about the kids but I just not know how to.
What if he decides to take them away or give me ultimatums?
What would I say?
Oh Richa-rd ! remember me ? The girl you had S-x with once when you were drun!k? Uhmmm…..well, we made three babies that night and yes they are 5 years old.
Yeah right!
I nee-d coffee to get me throu-gh the last day of the work week, the weekend can’t seem to get here fast enough.
All week I have dealing with Mr. Maxwell trying to take me to go on a d@t£ and hitting on me.
Every time I walk by him he finds the nee-d to ru-b his arms or shoulders against me.
Funny p@rt about this situation is that we work on different floors in different dep@rtments but for some reasons he’s always on my floor.
I walk into the break room which was empty and quiet. I see there is still fresh steaming coffee left, so I pour myself a cu-p.
Only one more hour to go until 5p.m then I can go and pick the kids up from after school care.
“Oh Ariana! I have been looking for you everywhere ! I have a family emergency to attend to but I also nee-d to be at a meeting in the conference room on the 28th floor right now! I nee-d you to go and seat in for me and take notes. I trust you the most to get this done for me. ” Mrs. Livingston, the head of my dep@rtment said all frantic before running out of the door.
She didn’t even give me a chance to ask her a question or reject her request.
I take the coffee back to my desk, gr-ab a notepad and a pen and head down to the 28th floor.
I hope this meeting helps the time to run fas-ter because I don’t want to be late picking the kids up because we had planned on having a d@t£ night.
Walking off the elevator, I follow the arrows that re-ad conference room.
It doesn’t take me long to locate it because it basically takes up the entire 28th floor.
I heard a lot of talking coming from inside and as-sumed I was late. I rushed inside and sat in the first vacant seat trying not to draw attention to myself.
I guess I was successful as everyone seemed to still be carrying on with their conversations.
“Why are you here? This is the head of all dep@rtment meeting. ” the person next to me said in an all too familiar voice.
I looked to my right and sure enough I just happened to have taken a seat next to Mr. Maxwell.
He put his hand on my knee and I sl@p it away.
“Mrs Livingston had a emergency and wasn’t able to attend so she s£nt me on her behalf. ” I quipped.
I have been wanting to report him for haras-sment because of all the uncomfortable advances that he had been ma-king.
But he holds such a powerful position here, I can only see myself getting fired for ma-king such an accusation.
I really nee-d this job but sometimes I wonder if its worth it.
I sat there doodling on my note pad willing the time to go by and this meeting to be over with while everyone else complained about how long they have been wanting and waiting to start their weekend and how inconsiderate the bastard boss was being by having us all wait too long.
Mr.Maxwell kept ru-bbing his arm and hands against me at every given opportunity and I kept batting it away.
The guy on the other side of the table start telling us about one of his funny experience.
I couldn’t help but laugh along with everyone else.
But my laughter was caught short when I heard my name.
It wasn’t hearing my name that made me swallow my giggles,it was hearing the voice that said it.
I looked up and I am sure my eyes would fall out of my sockets if not attached correctly.
It’s Richa-rd . What the hell is he doing here?
I felt like I was about to go hyperventilate until I saw the shock turn to a deadly scowl directed at the Prevert next to me.
But I couldn’t take my eyes off of Richa-rd in case they are pla-ying tricks on me.
Why is he here?
“And you are?” I heard him ask in a voice that made me flin-ch.
No I have too questions.
Why is he here? And why is he mad?
Did he find out about the kids and c@m£ here to confront me!
I nee-d to get out of here. I am not re-ady to tell him yet. But then again there will be nothing to tell if he finds out and takes them away .
It seems most people know him because they were whispering.
“Omg! It’s Richa-rd Anderson and his brothers.”
That when I realized that his brothers were here also because my eyes were still trained on him waiting on him to disappear and for me to have been hallucinating.
“Mr. Anderson, it is nice to see you again with us. ” I heard a woman say.
“Linda,thank you. ” he responded with a soft more sincere tone.
So its seems that he didn’t c@m£ here for me.
He looks back at me and I realize I am still staring at him.
He then breaks eye contact walk to the head of the table and sat in the hvge chair dominating the entire room.I saw Daniel and Dennis sat on either side of him.
I thought the owner of this company is an older man, Mr Trully? Mmhhh maybe Richa-rd Is here for something else.
He introduced himself as the owner of the company,postponed the meeting and instructed everyone to leave except me!
What the fv¢k!
They all got up and left but not before glancing at me skeptically.
Ever since Richa-rd spoke to Mr. Maxwell, he has been quiet and calm. I hope he stays that way forever.
Daniel and Dennis were the last to leave both nodding at me on the way out.
I sat looking in front of me to avoid looking at him so that he would not see the worry in my eyes.
He c@m£ and sat next to me in the chair Mr.Maxwell occu-pied just minutes ago.
I still don’t look at him but all too soon I am facing him as he spins my chair to face him.
“Ariana?” He said after I just kept staring at him.
But as soon as he mentioned my name, I bec@m£ to panick. I know I shouldn’t because I would look suspicious. My breathing bec@m£ more labored.
“So you have three children?” He blurted out as if its been sitting on the ti-p of his ton-gue.
Oh no. He knows!
He can’t know! He can’t know! I started to shake my head in disbelief.
What am I going to do now? I nee-d to escape.
“Oh gosh! Oh gosh! I have to go.” I fully freaked out up and ran out of the conference room as fast as I could not even checking if he’s chasing me.
I took the elevator to my floor,ran and gr@bb£d my purse and Keys and left the office.
As soon as I get into my old beat up SUV I relaxed my lungs. Catching every bit of oxygen possible.
Driving to the kids school, I kept looking in my rear view mirror to see if he was following me but gave up after I realized I had no idea what he would he be driving.
After 47 minutes of the hustle and bustle of new York city rush hour traffic, I pu-ll-ed up outside the school.
I walked to the other building to the side to get the kids from the after school program. A program that gives extra study, snacks and entertainment until the parents are able to pick the children up.
Upon walking inside, it was quiet and I notice the triplets were the only ones left.
They have never waited for this long. I am normally on time.
I collect them from the teacher on duty and shuffle them all in the car.
“No one is talking to mummy today?” I asked starting the ignition and heading towards home after failed attempts at trying to talk to them.
I see all three heads shake no!
I smile to myself.
I know they want to talk so bad but they are trying to be mad with me for being so late.
I try again.
“So….I guess we are not going to have mummy, Ryder, Ryan and rose outing? I guess we will just stay home tonight, eat veggies and go to be-d early!”
All three heads snap in my view in the mirror at the same time.
They looked shocked as if how could I dare mention something like that.
I laugh out loud.
“So we are talking to mummy now? I am sorry for coming late.” I poke myl-ips out giving my funny puppy face.
“Okay mummy, we are not mad anymore. ” Ryan speaks up and Rose nods chinning in
“Yes mummy.”
“What about you Ryder ?” I ask knowing I would have to bribe him.
“How about a cu-p of chocolate ice cream? Will you forgive me then?”
He loves chocolate ice cream.
“Yeah we love you mummy!” All three of yelled .
But I only offered that to Ryder.
I laugh again at them. They only love me when I buy them something.
They are so funny.
All thoughts of Richa-rd have been forgotten at the moment.
We get home and I change out of my suit while the kids change out of their uniforms.
Once we were all done, we shuffled back into the car and I head to the movie theater.
“What would you like to watch guys? How to train a dragon? ” I ask them.
“Spiderman!” Ryder pipes up.
“No! No! We have to watch how to train a dragon , we just have to mummy. I want to learn how to train a dragon!” Ryan argues.
Oh no! Why didn’t I just choose it myself instead of asking them?
“Okay, let’s see what your sister want to watch. ” I say looking at rose hoping she would break the tie.
She looks at ryan who looks at her hopefully and then at ryder who looks like he wants to poke her then looks back at me all sad and bows her head.
She is so sweet. At this age she thinks of her brothers feeling or she is just scared either one of them won’t pl@ywith her.
Wow, I never considered how this could be difficult for her.
OK I really want to laugh at them right now.
I think Rose will like how to train a dragon, spiderman is too boyish.
I picked the movie and bought their tickets.
Ryan cl@ps excitedly, rose smiles and ryder gro-an s.
He will be fine as soon as I get from popcorn and fruit drinks.
“Are they triplets?”
I nod in confirmation and smile at her.
“They are so adorable.” The lady at the ticket counter says as she hands me my change.
“The nice lady said you are all adorable, what do you say to her?” I ask them
“Thank you. ” they said with angelic smiles plastered on their face.
Yeah right.
One hour and forty minutes later I leave the movies with the two satisfied children and one who keeps reminding me that he will not be satisfied until he get his ice cream.
I got to a restaurant and ordered for three cu-ps of chocolate ice cream for the kids and sandwich for myself.
Now we can go home.
We got out of the truck and went inside the house.
“Go and wash your hands. Let me prepare your dinner. ” I instructed
♥️Love is a gamble🌹
♥️S-x is a game🌹
♥️Boys pl@yit🌹
♥️Girls take the blame🌹
♥️One night in plea-sure🌹
♥️Nine months as-signment🌹
♥️1 day in a hospital🌹
♥️And a junior nee-ds a name🌹
♥️Richa-rd P.O.V ♥️
“Richa-rd ! let’s go! We are tried of waiting on you, besides Andrea is getting restless. ” my mother yelled as she c@m£ walking into my study with a fussy Andrea on her h!p.
“Down! Down! Dada! Dadaaaa!” She cried upon seeing me stretching her little hands towards me for me to take her.
I sighed.
I really nee-d to finish this call but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.
“Yes Leo, have all files s£nt to the New York office and make sure you are here on monday also. I will see you then. ” I instruct my executive as-sistant in LA before ending the call and taking Andrea from my mother.
“You do know that you are spoiling this child right? She nee-ds a mother. I can’t be here everyday for her and I don’t think its right for a nanny to raise her up in your abs£nce. Why don’t you find a suitable girl and get married to her and start a family in a proper way?” My questioned but like always when she brings up this discussion, I ignore her.
“Okay, let’s go.” I say to my mother as I walk out of my office and to the hallway closet to get out jackets.
As we leave and get to the lobby two of my security guards started to trail behind us for precautionary reasons.
My mother being a carefree person decided that since my penthouse was right across the street from the central park, I should take Andrea there so she can actually get out and get some fresh air and take her to the pla-yground there before taking her shopping.
We walked along the busy sidewalk and across the street into central park.
I put Andrea down so that she could walk and she takes off running like a penguin into the gras-s.
The way she runs is just comical.
We walk around for a bit letting her explore with her curious mind as we walk behind her and often times tell her not to t©uçh some certain things.
“Richie, I am worried about you and your brothers. ”
I looked at my mom, like really looked at her and noticed the worry lines in her forehead and the despair in her eyes.
“Awwwhhhhh, mom. St©p it.” I pu-ll-ed her arm,bringing her to my che-st,hvgging her as I watched Andrea over her shoulder pick a leaf up and put it in her mouth.
“Baby girl! No Andrea! ”
She turns and look at me,dropping the leaf knowing that she has been caught and then smiled and continue on her baby run around my leg and giggling.
I turn my attention back to my mother.
“What is wrong?” I asked genuinely worried.
“You are only 25 years old, you have a child, no wife, you don’t d@t£ and you took all of the responsibilities of my father and your father. The same responsibilities that made them the ruthless tycoons that they are. When you were d@t!ng, I had hope then but ever since you inherited the companies, you started to d@t£ less and now after Andrea you don’t d@t£ at all. Is there something I nee-d to know about?” She looked up at me waiting for an answer.
I knew exactly what she was talking about but I’m not re-ady to explain that to anyone as yet.
“Mum I’m fine, I d@t£.I am just very busy and no nee-d to worry. I won’t end up being like dad. ”
I feared becoming like my father for so long but now I am un-derstanding that even though we shared the same blood, we’re nothing alike.
I wish I c@m£ to realize that in the past, it would have saved me a lot of troubles.
I held onto Andrea’s hand as we slowly walked to the indoor park following the signs.
“You know the girl who have been driving Daniel crazy?”
She nods, remember all too well how he lost his way.
“Well they found each other again and they are trying to work things out. ”
I didn’t tell her that my past action was the reason for their breakup.
“So the main son you nee-d to be worried about is Dennis!”
“God will help me, I don’t know what is wrong with Dennis. I have never seen him introduce a girl to me as his girlfriend. The girls he comes with during business d@t£, family gathering, I never see them again after that day. He is always with different girls all the time. I have hope that you and Daniel can get married some day but you see Dennis, I am hopeless in his case. If not for all the ph0togra-phs he took with different women I would have thought he is a g@y. If he has a problem in finding a suitable lady he should just tell me, I will search around and find him one. ” she says all dramatically.
I laugh.
Leave it to mom to count all the women we bring home.
I look down as I felt my f!ngerstug.
“Emmo dada! Emmo! I wanna emmo! ” Andrea pointed frantically at the Elmo slide and swing as we walked inside the pla-yland.
I advised my guard to wait at the door, not wanting to scare the children or draw attention from the parents.
“Oh baby girl. Let go and pl@ywith your best friend Elmo. Coming mom?”
I picked her up and ran like a crazy person to slide with my daughter giggling all the way.
The things I will do to put a smile on her face.
My mother c@m£ over walking over with and sat on the bench next to the slide.
I put Andrea down and watch as she runs back to the little steps leading up to the slide and climbing them before reaching the t©p and sliding down on her tummy.
She get to the bo-ttomand runs to the steps again to repeat the process. I just leaned on the wall watching her.
When she gets to the step there is alre-ady a little blonde headed girl climbing the steps.
Andrea clim-bs up behind her and before I could realize what she was doing, she pushed her out of the way.
The girl being in shock I guess, reached for the first thing she could hold on to st©p herself from falling backwards.
That thing happen to be Andrea and they both went tumbling to the ground.
The girl being a bit much older just sat there while Andrea cried.
My mother c@m£ rushing over while I picked Andrea up hushed her,k!ss!ngaway her boo boo’s.
“Daniella?” I heard my mother g@sp.
I turned around to see her staring at the little blonde girl in horror.
Who is daniella?
“Mom do you know her?” I asked out of confusion.
“Danny? Is that you? It can’t be!” She whispered but I heard her.
I look at the little girl. She look familiar but I don’t know her or why she seems familiar but it seems my mother knew her.
The little girl stands up and a little boy runs up behind her and holds her hand, glaring at us.
“You okay?” He ask the little girl.
Twins? But the little girl look smaller,maybe she is a year younger but they look just alike.
My mother’s mouth is in the shape of an ‘o’ and all the color has been drained from her face.
What the fv¢k is wrong with her?
“Mom said we can get pizza now!” Another little voice said.
My mother and I switch our head in the direction of the voice the same time.
$h!t! It three of the same faces!
“It can’t be” I heard my mother say.
What can’t be?
I was about to ask her but I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head before and she fell lifelessly to the floor, hitting her head on the bench.
I tried to catch her but it was difficult because I was carrying andrea in my arm.
“Someone, call an ambulance!” I yelled.
“I nee-d help!” I sat down next to the the floor with Andrea still in my arms and cradled her head into my l@p.
“Richa-rd ? What happened?”
I looked up to see Ariana standing in front of me, with her phone on her ear and two guards speaking into their headphones.
📞 “Yes, I nee-d an ambulance. It an emergency! Now! No, the lady fell and hit her head. ”
She look at me as if she seeking confirmation of the events. So I nod.
📞”She is still breathing , she is just unconscious. plea-se hurry. Okay. Thank you.” She disconnected the call and fell on her knees by my side.
She checks my mother’s pulse.
“Her pulse is fine. Do you know her ? What is her name?” She then asked.
“Yeah,ummm.. this is my mother. Elena tully. ”
Not the way I have ever imagined introducing a girl to my mother.
She puts her hand on my mother’s cheek and ru-b it gently.
“Mrs Tully? Mrs Tully can you hear me? I nee-d you to open your eyes plea-se if you can hear me. ”
Still nothing but the sound of sirens can be heard getting really close.
In a couple of minutes my mother was loaded into a stretcher. I find out which hospital they are taking her to but they told me that a child cannot ride in the back of the ambulance unless they are the one being transported.
I turn and look at Ariana hopefully nor trusting her with the guards.
She looks unsure but I can’t let my mother go alone. What if she dies of a br@in injury and I am not there. I wouldn’t forgive myself.
“plea-se.” I begged.
She sighed before taking andrea from my arms who was crying in all the chaos.
“They are taking her to city hospital, meet me there. The guards will take you there with my car. ” I said then chased after the paramedic pushing my mother on the stretcher to the ambulance and got in the back with her.
They asked me a series of question as to what happened and what caused it. They checked all her vitals and then we were being rushed throu-gh the emergency entrance of the hospital and into a room, where she’s place on a be-d.
She’s hooked to an ERG machine to monitor her heart rate while she waits for the doctor to come and check her.
Ten minutes pas-sed and the doctor isn’t still yet!
What is the point of having money if I can’t use it to help my mother?
I walk to the nurse station.
“Where is the goddamn doctor? I thought this was an emergency room? Meaning, I get emergency care! ” I yelled at them st©pping all movement.
If looks could kill they will all be dead by now. I wanted to strangle someone out of frustration. I had no idea how my mother was doing. I was just told the doctor will talk to me when he is done checking her.
“Sir plea-se calm down. The doctor is dealing with the most severe cases first and then he will get to you.” One nurse spoke up.
“This is nons-en-se! Get your administrator right now!”I demand
“Sir, he is busy at the moment. I will advice you to be patience and just wait until the doctor comes to check your mother. ” the nurse stood up now with her hands on her h!ps.
That’s it!
“Before I lose all s-en-se and rationality, and buy this hospital firing your as-s and all the idiots behind you , I would suggest you get me the administrator or a doctor this instant. Let your administrator know that Richa-rd Anderson does not like to wait!” With that I turned and walked to my mother’s room.
As soon as my as-s hits the chair a doctor comes walking into the room with another gentleman following behind him and I as-sume he’s the administrator I demanded.
He rushes over and stretched his hand towards me for a shake.
I don’t move. He gets the message.
“Mr.Anderson, I am Mr Timothy the administrator of city hospital. I’m sorry for the misun-derstanding. I do apologize for my insubordinate staff, they will be dealt with. Your mother will be moved into a pri-vate ward where one of our special doctor shall be in charge of her 24/7. is there anything I can do for you Mr Richa-rd ?” He asked
They are willingly to do their jobs now because they have seem a multi billionaire. After what I have witnessed here, this hospital will never get a donation out of me.
“The only thing I nee-d from you is that you make sure, what just happened never repeat itself! Now leave. ”
It disgust me to think how they treat less fortunate people.
After telling me that my mother was suffering from shock and that she has been given something to stabilize her vitals and my mother was moved to a suite that looked just like an h0tel room.
She was still out but stable.
I left to go and find Ariana, remembering that I had asked her to keep Andrea for me. My brothers should be here any moment from now.
As I was walking past my guards , acknowledging them at the door of the waiting room I st©pped dead in my tracks.
There was Ariana sitting in a chair with andrea la-id back in her arms drinking from her sippy cu-p it looked like the most natural thing ever, then I remember that she alre-ady has three children.
The most surprising p@rt about what I saw was that Andrea was just laying there drinking her jui-ce and staring at Ariana’s face like she does to me. Andrea never go well with strangers.
I started to walk towards her but st©pped again this time when something bu-mped into my leg.
“$h!t!” I cursed.
“Mom! He has a pouty mouth! He has a pouty mouth! He has a pouty mouth. ” the little boy I remembered from the pl@yland sang in a sing song voice before he ran over to Ariana.
That’s when I noticed the other two blonde headed boy and girl sitting three chair over from her fli-pping throu-gh a book.
I turned to Ariana but before I could say anything to her, I heard the elevator ding and I was instantly bombarded with questions as Daniel, Dennis and Erica c@m£ rushing into the room.
“Is mom okay?”
“What happened?”
“Where is she?”
“Where is andrea?”
“Mom is going to be okay! She just suffered a shock and fell and hit her head. But she’s resting right now in room 206” I answered Daniel and Dennis.
“Aunt Erica!” The little girl goes running into Erica’s arm.
Daniel and I both looked at Erica but Dennis seem to be oblivious or not to care as he continues asking questions.
“What caused her to have a shock?” He asked.
“Her” I point to the little girl.
“This little girl? That doesn’t make any s-en-se. St©pfu-cking with me Richie. ” Dennis says
“I am not ma-king it up bro. She saw her and kept calling her Daniela.” I explained.
The little girl turns and look at me and that when I realize how beautiful she truly is.
“Aunt Erica, my name is not Daniela. Why are they calling me Daniella? My name is Rose Athena Anderson.”
Erica tried to cover her mouth but it was too late.
We all heard it.
“Anderson?” I ask no one in p@rticular. Just confirming what I heard.
“Hey! All I know is that she isn’t mine!”
Dennis really didn’t nee-d to tell me because there was only one possibility unless the sle-pt with Ariana too.
“How about I ease everyone confusion. They are mine, right Erica? ” I look at her angrily.
“I…I….I…don’t know what you are talking about. ” she stutters.
“Don’t you dare lie to me!” I roar.
The little girl or should I say my daughter flin-ches.
“Richa-rd calm down, let me speak with erica Alone first for some minutes. ” daniel gr-ab erica arm and pu-lls her away but not before s£nding Rose to go sit with her brothers.
I turn to Ariana who have been quiet, very quiet and noticed she has her eyes trained on the ground.
“When were you going to tell me?” I asked.
She lifts her head up and there are tears running down her face.
“plea-se don’t take them away.” She begged.
Now why the hell will I ever take three children away from their mother? What kind of heartless mother will I be? Is that what she thinks of me?
I nee-d to fix this.
This enter situation and my life is a complete clvster fv¢k!