Billionaire crush Episode 10 & 11

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🌹🌹🌹CHAPTER 10🌹🌹🌹
The week went by as I switched to the morning shift at my job, so that I would be off to pick the kids up and put them in be-d.
They got into the routine of going to school and surprisingly Ryder was behaving.
When Friday afternoon c@m£ around, I received a call from the HR dep@rtment at world market offering me the job, which I quic-kly accepted.
I called Erica and sabrina to let them know, in which they decided that we had to go out on Saturday to celebr@te.
My mom was happy to watch the kids.
The kid’s didn’t want me to leave them for the weekend but after I told them that their nana was going to take them to chuck-e cheese,they went willingly.
Erica and sabrina both c@m£ over after I dropped them off.
Sabrina moved here after she graduated from the university and is getting her masters in psychology while interning at a counseling center.
After Erica graduated she had gotten a job with a fashion design company and moved out, so Sabrina and her got an ap@rtment together and bec@m£ roommates.
We were all laying on my be-d watching TV and talking about old times.
Sabrina was talking about a guy she met and how serious they were becoming.
I guess Erica still probably has feelings for Daniel because she never really talked much about guys or cared for them since Daniel. I always felt so bad about that, I keep telling her that she doesn’t have to choose me and the triplets over the guy she loves.
But she never listens.
“This feels like high school all over again.when we all sat around in each other’s room and hung out, minus the fact now that I have three kids. My floor is filled with toys and Disney Junior is pla-ying on my TV. ” we all erupted in fits of giggles.
As we were getting re-ady to go out, I started to miss my babies. So I called my mom to check in on them.
She told me rose and Ryan were in their bunks that she got for them slee-ping but Ryder was in up and in her be-d watching cartoons and kept asking her when I was coming to pick them up.
He then requested to talk to me. She gave him the phone and he told me he missed me and wanted me to come get to him so he could sleep with me. I told him the sooner he goes to be-d, the sooner I will be there.
I missed them so much alre-ady and they are just growing up so fast.
“Come on, mama bear. Snap out of that funk. I was able to get us a VIP table at Five star tonight. ” erica told me.
I went into my closet and pick up my dress. I let down my hair and put on some redl-ipstick. I haven’t been out in a long time, so I felt like looking S-xy.
“Well if I don’t start a br@wl tonight, they sure will. ” Erica said eyeing my attire.
We were all looking S-xy tonight. We were putting on black ti-ght-fitted dresses that showed our curves. As always, we look great.
“Let’s call a cab. We don’t have to worry about drinking and driving .” I suggested and called a cab.
When we got to five star club, the line was all the way down the block even though it was cold outside. I guess that was expected since it was one of the h0ttest club in New York.
We ran to the door, Erica said something to the bouncer and we were let right in, where another bouncer showed us to a VIP area that over looked the dance floor.
The waitress instantly c@m£ to take our order.
We decided to do sh0ts but I only agreed to do one because the last time I got drun!k, I ended up with triplets.
The sh0ts c@m£ and I did one.
Erica and sabrina took three and ordered more.
“Let’s go dance. ” sabrina said,dragging the both of us the dance floor.
We danced shaking our bu-tts and throwing pur hands in the air for a while.
I nee-ded some water, I was h0t and sweating. I told the girls I was going to the bar.
I sat on the only available stool, next to a guy who was k!ss!ngall over a girl in between his leg. When the girl moved, I saw the guy face!
[A/N: who could the guy be🤔is it who you are thinking about, I am thinking?]
‘OK pl@ycool’ I told myself.
‘Just get up and walk away.’
I got up and I was turning away when the girl stepped back without looking and bu-mped into me spilling all her drink over myself.
“I’m sorry. ” I said even though it wasn’t my fault and I was about to step away when someone gr@bb£d my arm.
[A/N: 😱Oh no! He is going to see her. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no😲😲😲]
I turned to see Dennis standing behind me.
[A/N: sighs😉]
“Don’t I know you?” He asked looking curiously.
I shook my head.
“No, I don’t think so.” I lied
“You sure? What’s your name?” He asked.
“Ummm Selene. ” I said using my middle nickname which was really Selena.
“Mmmmhh sorry then. It’s just that you really look like someone I know. ” he said and let my arm go.
I hurried and walk away to go find Erica and sabrina so we could leave just incase Daniel and Richa-rd were here too.
I got back to the dance floor and located them after a couple of minutes of maneuvering throu-gh the crowd .
“I just saw Dennis. I think he recognize me. We nee-d to leave or this could really turn out to be the worst day ever.” I yelled at them above the music.
I don’t think Erica heard or maybe she was too busy grinding on the guy behind her to care, but sabrina knew how ugly this could get and started to drag Erica away from the guy who started to complain about losing his dance p@rtner.
We went to the VIP section to get our stuff and hurried to the exit.well, sabrina and I hurried while Erica was being dragged as she tried to down the last sh0t that was on our table.
As we exited the club and hailed a cab and got in, I let out the breath I was holding and looked out the window to see both Richa-rd and Daniel watching us drive away.
fv¢k! That’s exactly what I have been trying avoid for the last five years.
“Omg Erica! I think Richa-rd and Daniel saw us. ” I half whisper because I still couldn’t believe it myself.
I think Erica was too drun!kto fully realize what was happening.
Thank goodness I decided not to drink too much or tonight would have been a total disaster.
I have spent everyway I could trying not to allow our paths to cross.I refuse to go back home to north California and visit out of fear of running into him or better yet,him running into his three mini clones.
I avoid upper clas-s social event or going to any of Erica’s wealthy friends p@rty after what happened the last time.
I don’t keep in contact with anyone back home who were friends with him as well.
I guess I would nee-d to try ha-rder. I have too much to lose.
“You guys are staying over tonight? ” I asked sabrina and a giggling Erica.
Yeah. She is definitely drun!k!
“Yeah,but Erica gets the couch this time and I’m slee-ping next to you. Last time I sle-pt in Rose’s be-d and woke up on the floor with a stiff n£¢k. That little thing is too small for my grown b©dy. Why don’t you buy them a regular twin size be-d?” She asked.
“Beccccauuuussseee it issss foooor kiddds youu idiot!” Erica drawled in her drun!ken stupor in between her giggles.
The cab pu-ll-ed up in front my house and I paid. We all got out all giggling now but it turned into fits of laughter when Erica refused to believe that she was drun!k.
She refuse to let us help her into the house and fell over face first into my little garden when she lost her balance.
“What’s so funny Ariana?” I g@sped as my b©dy shivered upon hearing that voice.
It had been so long but it still felt like yesterday.
“I wanted to turn around so bad and mesmerize his face turning around and seeing him would mean it real and my life that I had worked so ha-rd to build, could come unravelled.
I heard a car door slam then footsteps coming up the walkway. I still didn’t have the courage to see who it belonged to.
“Oh fv¢k! $h!t!”
That’s when I saw the person the voice belonged to rush by me and pu-ll-ed Erica into his arms.
I realized it was Daniel as he brushed the leaves and gras-s from Erica’s face,looking at her as if she hung the moon.
It seems she thought the garden was her be-d because she was snoring away.
Real attrac-tive Erica.
I looked for sabrina and saw her standing by my door footstep staring at the person behind me like a deer caught in headlights.
“Can you open the door, so I can put Erica in be-d! I as-sume she is not going anywhere else by the looks of it?” Daniel said looking at Sabrina.
She turned into a complete idiot I guess because she was still in shock. She started turning the door nob and when she realized it was locked, she started using her ap@rtment Keys.
I took that distraction to go and open the door, refusing to look behind me.
I stuck the key in the door and pushed it open for Daniel to carry Erica in. I gave Sabrina the knowing eye and just asked her to have him put her on the couch.
My phone ranged and I jumped because I was alre-ady on edge and it scared me.
I accidentally dropped it and it fell down the steps.
$h!t! $h!t!! $h!t!!! I turned around.
“Its your mom. ”
I gr@bb£d the phone from his hand and hit the accept bu-tton.
It was strange for my mom to call at this hour unless it was an emergency.
I heard a little whinny voice and it instantly put a smile on my face.
“Hello baby. Why aren’t you slee-ping?” I asked Ry.
My mom must had fallen asleep and he snatched her phone. Oh the ever so sli-ck Ryder.
“I miss you mommy. ” he sobbe-d breaking my heart a little because I wasn’t there for him.
“I miss you too baby. Don’t worry, you will be home tomorrow and cu-mddled up in be-d with me. Now go to be-d. I love you OK?” I told him in my all naturing motherly voice.
“OK but hurry mommy. Love you.” After he said that I hung up before I could say anything else.
This entire time I forgot that Richa-rd was standing in front of me.
I hope I didn’t say anything about the kids that he would notice.
“Is this how you talk to your mother? Who was that?” He growled at me.
Is he serious right now? No I think he must have lost his s-en-ses.
“It’s none of your business who I talk to! And why are you at my house? Are you stalking me?” I said as I started to feel angry.
Who does he think he is?
I stormed inside slamming the door in his face too upset to wait for a response.
I saw Daniel sitting on the couch c@r£ss!ngErica’s face while she sle-pt.
I felt so bad, they loved each other but were ap@rt because of my secret. I really nee-d to talk to Erica about this.
Sabrina was no where in sight, I guess I am on my own.
Now I nee-d to get Daniel out before he notice and figure out too much.
“Hi Daniel.” I said all too timidly.
“Ariana.” He said curtly, seemingly to be transfixed on Erica and upset at the same time.
“It was nice to see you again but I really nee-d to go to be-d. So it would be great if you leave now. Thanks for helping us get erica inside though. ” I told him waiting for his response.
Not to say the least but I was surprised when he k!$$£d her forehead,pu-ll-ed the blanket over her. Treating her as if they never broke up.
He walked pas-s me to the front door.
I stood waiting to hear the door open and close but it never did.
I turned to see what was st©pping him.
He was just standing there looking at something.
I followed his line of sight and saw that he was looking at his kids back packs.
Try not to freak out Anna. The backpacks won’t tell him they they belong to Richa-rd ‘s kids! Just keep calm. I tried to tell myself until he averted his eyes and looked dead into my eyes.
“Is this Erica house? Erica has a child? ” he asked his voice strained.
“No and no. ” I gulped as I swallowed trying to rid myself of the dry throat I know had .
“Is this your house?”
This time I answered “yes” not wanting to say anymore.
But apparently he wanted more answers.
“You have a child?” He looked to the living room at all the toys on the floor and back to the bench by the door and then back to me.
“You have more than one child? You have three children?”
I then realized he looked back at the bench to count the back packs.
I don’t know what compelled me to tell the truth but I nod.
I think it was the fact that I am proud of my kids. I didn’t think the fact that I had three at such a young age was something to be ashamed of, especially since they all had the same father and were triplets.
He ru-bbe-d his hand over his face frustratingly.
I don’t un-derstand how me having kids could frustrate him.
“I will be back tomorrow morning. ” he said and before I could protest he was gone, the door slamming shut behind him.
I went to my room and sabrina was curled up in my be-d slee-ping.
I walked into the bathroom,turned on the shower and then fell to the floor and started to sob.
I have no clue what to do at this point.
How would I escape him now?
I can’t just pack up and runaway from town this night. I just bought this house and I don’t have much money on me now.
Plus I would start my new job on Monday.
The only possible way out is to tell Richa-rd and beg him not to take my kids away from me.
Rose and Ryder were very eager about their father. They ask about their dad all the time now after starting school and seeing the other kids with their dads.
Ryan didn’t show much interest and I never asked him why because I really didn’t want to answer any questions about him.
I just told them that their father was a very busy man.
I didn’t lie.
From what I have seen on TV,magazines and newspapers, it was always about some new company he acquired and how he was one of the youngest Billionaire’s and most eligible bachelor along with his brothers.
None of that really mattered to me as long as we didn’t cross path.
But tonight they did.
And as of tomorrow life as I know it will never be the same.
🌹Chapter 11🌹
🖤🖤Richa-rd P.O.V.🖤🖤
After graduation from college, I took over running my family companies along with my twin brothers,Daniel and Dennis.
I bec@m£ an heir to the Anderson’s Inc. and many others.
There have been many questions as to why my older brothers weren’t the ones to inherit it all since I was younger.
Truth is, neither one of them wanted the responsibility of accountability and overseeing all operations and their pas-sion was not in finance and the stock market was mine.
Dennis was too busy being a pla-yboy and Daniel was too busy traveling around the world which was like running away from a broken heart.
I was the only one serious enough and my father was re-ady to retire after his scandelous affair which had stocks plummeting, so he pas-sed it all down to me since he had alre-ady groomed me to take over.
I held majority of the shares, sixty percent, while forty percent was split evenly between Daniel and dennis,in case they ever changed their minds.
That was two years ago.
I was only twenty-three at that time.
It felt like the world was on my shoulders but I felt powerful as well. I took the time built Anderson inc. back up from my father mess, since it was the only company bearing his name,it was the main one affected.
During my first year, Dennis changed his mind about wanting to be involved.
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I still didn’t want to be that responsible so I made him my shadow. He handled meetings and negotiations lesser urgency so I could focus on more important things he was also in charge of all the staff and security as well as gaining new accounts, since he’s a peoples person and love to socialize.
Daniel finally decided to join us as well this year.
Like Dennis, he did not want to be fully responsible for such large corporations and preferred to do a more la-id back p@rt of running the company.
I had a lot going on right now and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have him travel to all the offices throu-ghout the world and ensure everything is running smoothly when necessary since my life was too hectic to do such anymore.
He accepted gladly to such as well as being in charge of marketing.
Today we arrived in New York to check on the offices here, some stocks and financial statements as well as to acquire a couple company’s that were going un-der.
Normally I would have leave this for Daniel but I couldn’t afford for this deal to go wrong, so I choose to deal with it personally because I have great plans for the company I am trying to buyout.
Daniel still c@m£ because I have to be home in the morning and tomorrow I would nee-d him to stay back and sign off any additional paper work.
Dennis decided to come along, well because he wanted to pl@yaround I as-sume.
Dennis wanted to go out and I suggested that we go to one of our clubs and check in while we hang out. Daniel chose five star because he had it on his lists for next week financial statement reviews and figured he would just get it out the way, you know, kill two birds with one stone and all that cra-p.
We called the limo and the driver drop us off and we walked right in after greeting the bouncer.
The club was packed. It seemed business was good.
Dennis immediately went to the bar while Daniel went to go check with the staff.
I went up the stairs to the office to go see the manager and look over the books.
Dennis was all about pla-ying, p@rtying and girls once we were out of the office. So we didn’t bother him.
Daniel st©pped pla-ying when he fell in love with his ex Erica. The one who broke his heart and made him to travel.
Even after all this, he still loved her. I wouldn’t throw stones at his glas-s house because I wasn’t perfect myself. I have my fair share of skeletons in my closet.
I was sitting in the office upstair going throu-gh the books when Daniel walked in and sat in front of me.
“Everything good here?” I asked still engrossed in the numbers.
“Yes boss!. ” he said.
I was about to tell him to st©p calling me that but held that thought as my phone went off alerting me that I had a message.
I pu-ll-ed my phone out my pocket and saw that it was Dennis that texted me.
📩I could be going crazy but bro I swear I just saw Ariana at the bar.
I re-ad the text two more times before I jumped out of the chair and walked to the glas-s, looking out at the bar. I saw dennis, I then scan around the bar and saw someone that looked like her pushing her way throu-gh the crowd, to the dance floor.
She st©pped and spoke to two girls and pointed to the exit.
“Yo D! I think Anna and Erica are here!”
Before I could even say more,he jumped out of his chair running to my side.
“Where? Where?” He scanned the crowd impatiently.
I pointed to them rushing to the VIP section. I saw them gr-ab their stuff and turned in the direction of the exit.
I looked at the door to see Daniel threw it open hitting the wall and ran out of the office.
I decided to follow him.
We ran towards the exit.
When we got outside we saw them get in a cab, that was now pu-lling away and it was definitely Ariana back at me throu-gh the cab back seat window.
I have no idea when Daniel called our car but the driver pu-ll-ed up to the curb and we both jumped in and Daniel ordered him to follow the cab.
“D! You know we just left dennis right? Think he’s gonna be pissed?” I stated the obvious.
“Dennis is the least of my problems right now. Not like he’s going to realize anyways as soon as he finds a piece of hole for the night he’ll be fine. ” he said watching the cab in front of us as we entered the neighborhood. It was a decent one.
“pu-ll over right here and cut the lights. ” Dennis barked to our driver.
He really nee-ded to be calm.
We sat watching them get out of the cab giggling like a bunch of highschool girls.
Before I knew what I was doing, I got out of the car and walked up the drive way and stood behind Ariana who was now holding her stomach laughing.
“What’s so funny Anna ? ”
I was trying so ha-rd to contain the urge I had to t©uçh her. She had curves in high school but her b©dy was out of this world.
I’ll as-sume that it was because of the dress she was wearing. It looked liked a second skin on her.
She froze upon hearing my voice. Guess I still affected her, that’s good to know.
I sm-irked to myself.
“$h!t! fv¢k! fv¢k ! ”
I saw Daniel walk by me briskly and saw that Erica was actually slee-ping on her face in a be-d,a flower be-d that is.
He picked her up and ask Anna’s friend who’s name I forgot, to open the door.
I looked in her friends direction and realized that she was just staring at me all shocked.
That is kind of weird. Why will she be surprised to see me?
Anna walked away from me and opened the door stepping back to allow Daniel in.
I followed her up the walkway,waiting on her to talk to me or at least look at me.
Her phone rang and she skrie-ked and dropped it.
I picked it up seeing that it was her mom calling as she spun around.
She gr@bb£d it from my hand and answered it.
As soon as she did there was a hvge smile plastered on her face. Then I heard her tell the person who was suppose to be her mom that she missed them and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to be cu-mddled up next to them.
What the hell was she pla-ying at!
The only time you have to lie about names in your contact is when you are cheating!
Wow, I never thought she would be the type who will have multi-ple men.
The thought made me angry.
I don’t even know.
“Is that how you talk to your mother? Who was that?” I growled at her.
I don’t know what c@m£ over me !
Yes I fv¢king growled like a damn dog.
Her eyes look furious.
$h!t! I think I pissed her off.
I didn’t want to piss her off, never thought our meeting again would be this crazy.
But I will not apologize when she is pla-ying with multi-ple men.
OK! I don’t know for sure, but that conversation was very suspicious considering the contact said mom!
I should know, I have done that a lot in college.
And high school.
“It’s none of your business who I talk to! And why are you at my house ? Are you stalking me? ” she yelled at me.
I was about to respond when she slammed the door in my face.
Where did the little quiet Ariana go?
And who is this feisty thing?
I stood there in a daze repla-ying all that just happened in my head.
I figured I wouldn’t upset her anymore so I decided to get back to the car and wait for Daniel.
I pu-ll-ed the window down,la-id my head back on the head rest, closed my eyes and let the night air hit my face as I let my thoughts take over.
The door slammed and I looked up to see who was abusing the door this time and saw Daniel storming down the drive way looking frustrated.
He got in the car and told the driver to take me to my plane that was fueled and waiting to take me home. Daniel and Dennis would stay in one of our penthouses here.
After giving the driver instructions,I looked over at Daniel and saw that he was tense and kept sighing.
“D….what’s happened? Is Erica okay?” I asked now worried because it normally takes a lot to get us to bent out of shape.
I kept trying to get him open up but kept avoiding eye contact.
I figured I would let him tell me when he decided to.
As the car pu-ll-ed up to the airstr!p and I was about to get out, I felt Daniel’s hand on my shoulder, st©pping me.
“Bro, I have something to tell you.I don’t know he you will take it but you have to know. ” he said finally looking me straight in the eyes.
“Bro if this is about you and Erica just tell me tomorrow. I nee-d to be home before morning to avoid any problems. ”
He knew the drill.
“No, this has nothing to do with me and Erica. And I know that you nee-d to get home to Andrea. We all know she is the boss of you. ” he rolled his eyes.
“But its about Ariana. ” he said.
I sat up straight at the mention of her name.
“Not like your v!rg!nMary anyways. ” I heard him mumble un-der his breath.
After the mention of Ariana, what he had to say was my only focus. I was way too curious right now. My flights could wait a couple more minutes.
“OK! I’m all ears! ” I said showing him that he had my full attention