bad girl love episode 9 & 10

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.


He changed the lights from red to white, and their eyes met as their faces came to view.

Lovelyn went pale with shock like blood got drained from her face, and she’d have dashed out of the room immediately, but his next words stopped her…

“Wanted to see what the popular Kitten looks like under the white light. Now that I’ve satisfied my curiousness, get to work, b**ch” he said and switched the lights back to red before taking his seat.

He didn’t recognize her as Lovelyn!

Lovelyn secretly inhaled in relief, and she inwardly thanked the heavy makeup on her face before going down on her knees.

A slow song began playing automatically in the room, and she got her body accustomed to it.

He’s paying a lot for this, so he should at least get his money’s worth, she’s gonna forget the fact that he’s Bernie and make tonight memorable for him.

She began her legendary cat dance, whining and twisting on her knees before going on all fours, making some f**king seductive moves which got him moving on his seat.

He’s obviously getting affected, and she’s loving the effect.

Effects is a stripper’s energy, so she got boosted and crawled to him. She placed a leg on the space beside his chair, then her two hands on his shoulder as she leaned into his face with a s*xy smile.

She swiped her tongue on her lips, and she saw his eyes flicker with lust. Obviously, the almighty cold Bernie can’t survive her seduction either.

He has been folding his fingers since the start of the dance, trying not to touch her since it’s against the rules, but the moment she sat on his laps and began a crazy lap dance, he raised his hands to touch her butt, but she was quick to stand from his laps.

The red timer on the table beeped, indicating the end of the ten minutes show.

Without waiting another second, Lovelyn walked out of the room, and he rested back on the chair, closing his eyes.

“That was…fun” he muttered with a little handsome smile.



Lovelyn changed back to her trousers and blouse already, the thong is gone, and she’s impatiently waiting for Madam Cash.

She remembered how Bernie tried to touch her earlier during the dance, and she giggled.

A cold bastard like him should be immune to ladies, but who’d have thought he’d bend to her charms.

Well.. he can’t be completely blamed, she’s Kitten after all.

Madam Cash finally came in, and she handed two envelopes to her.

“The first one contains 200 thousand dollars, the pay for your general show. The second one contains same amount for the private show you did for that young master” she said, and Lovelyn’s eyes widened.

“But you told me 500 thousand, how come I’m getting just 200 out of it all?”

“Well…logic changed tonight and there’s nothing you can do about it” Madam Cash replied and started leaving, but Lovelyn ran after her and blocked her way.

“You can’t do this, the contract I signed says I get 50 percent pay from all my shows and the clubhouse gets 50, I’m entitled to 250 thousand dollars if you’re to be fair, don’t do this” she said desperately.

“Aren’t you becoming too greedy? I’m only asking to take it this night so see ya tomorrow, Kitten” Madam Cash patted her and made to leave again, but Lovelyn pulled her back by the hair this time.

“What the hell! Kitten are you…

“Give me my money! I can’t take cheating so give me my money!” Lovelyn shouted, pushing her forward angrily.

Madam Cash fell heavily on the ground.

“Give me my money!!!” Lovelyn shouted, and Madam Cash spranged up.

She made to slap her, but Lovelyn caught the hand before it could get to her face.

“I’m not that soft so there’s no way I’m allowing you to slap me” she shot.

“Lovelyn Jeong, a student of the great Horizon Highschool is the same person as Kitten, the popular stripper at Ginger clubhouse, how’d that sound in the news?” Madam Cash threatened, and Lovelyn swallowed nothing as she let go of her hand.

“You should know your limits so you won’t cross it, Kitten. See ya tomorrow” Madam Cash said and left the room, knowingly bumping her arm on Lovelyn’s

Lovelyn squatted on her spot, staring at the two envelopes painfully.

As usual, she’s helpless.



The boys arrived at once, and they all fell on the sofa at the living room.

They’re all gonna be spending the night here since it’s the surest place of peace

Vista’s parents are rarely at home just like now, so they’re free.

“The Kitten girl is good” Bernie said.

“I knew it, you enjoyed yourself” Vista laughed.

“Have you guys ever had a private show with her?” Bernie asked.

“No. We prefer watching her with the others, it’s more fun” Savage said, standing to go get a bottle of wine.

“Who owns that clubhouse anyways? Is it the Madam Cash?” Bernie asked curiously again.

“Like I heard, it’s owned by the popular cult society” Vista replied.

“Agora cult? Those motherf**kers terrorized Korea years ago, why is their clubhouse still in operation?” Bernie said.

“Obviously, they’ve got connections with the government. The leader of the cult is a powerful person, and Madam Cash is only working for that person. Heard they rake billions of dollars in the club every night, especially with that Kitten girl” Savage replied as he walked back to them with the wine.

“No wonder she’s expensive, had to pay two million for a private show with her” Bernie said.

“We do pay one million per person for her general show, she’s just too s*xy” Vista replied, and his phone dinged.

He got his phone and checked his WhatsApp, and he smiled when he saw what it is.

Another nude picture from Mabel where she’s fingering herself.

“This girl is crazy” he laughed.

“Who’s that?” Bernie asked.

“Mabel obviously, she has been sending nudes and s*x videos to Vista lately” Savage replied.

“Eew!” Bernie squeezed his face, and the other two laughed.

“Wait Bernie, when last did you f**k?” Vista asked.

“Can’t remember, that shit is boring” he replied, taking a cup of wine as his mind went to Lovelyn.

“That Lovelyn girl” he muttered.

“Planning to make her eat sand again?” Vista laughed.

“Not that, something is not right about her” he replied as he drank.



Mabel just finished putting on her clothes after snapping the picture she sent to Vista, and she smiled as she stared at her WhatsApp, waiting for his reply.

“He dare not go crazy after seeing that, I’ve got the best p*ssy” she said, pressing her own b**bs hornily.

“Gosh! His c**k would taste so good!” She fantasized, biting her finger slightly.

“Baby!” Lady Genevieve said from the door.

“Mum!” She rushed down from the bed and ran to open the door

“Thought you were already asleep” she said.

“I waited till I got this” Lady Genevieve replied, handing her some papers.

“The senior class first test is coming up in two days, make sure you memorize everything in these papers, they’re the answers to the questions that’d come out”

“Aww! You’re the best as usual! I love you so much mum!” Mabel jumped and hugged her tightly.

“I love you more baby” Lady Genevieve chuckled, hugging her back.



After her night shower, Lovelyn came back to her reading table and sat tiredly.

She got the shopping bag from Richie earlier and brought out the phone box.

She hasn’t opened it since then, so she gently opened it, unboxing the phone.

She smiled when she took it and put it on. It’s the latest Samsung.

“I got a new phone” she muttered, bringing the phone to her lips to kiss.

She suddenly noticed it’s not the only thing in the bag, so she dipped her hand and surprisingly found a note.

• I don’t know why you’ve been avoiding my eyes, are they scary? I’m really looking forward to the day you’d look me in the eye, Lovelyn.

She smiled after reading that, and she kept reading it over and over again for almost thirty times.

“Your eyes aren’t scary, their beauty just make my heart race too much” she mumbled, finally folding the note.

She opened the drawer on the table and gently placed it inside, then she opened her school purse and brought out the two purple plasters he used on her knees earlier.

She rolled them neatly beside the note and smiled again before closing the drawer.

“Uh! The moon is out!” She suddenly stood, walking to the window.

She opened it and smiled widely when she saw the moon is really out, and she clasped her palms together, closing her eyes to make a wish.



“The first test is tommorow? That’s trash. This is still the first week of resumption so why would they fix our first test this early?” Ruby complained as she checked the timetable out on the class group.

“Are you really Richie’s twin? You’re too dumb for that position” Mira replied beside her.

“I’ve been reading after every of our classes, so I’m not scared about the test, I’m sure I’ll get an A” Lovelyn said confidently.

“I read every night, so I’m covered too, baby!” Mira replied, and they stuck hands

“You girls are wicked, why do I have to be the only one who hates reading?” Ruby pouted.

“Make it your hobby, and it’d become an habit, it’s not rocket science” Mira said, and Lovelyn laughed as they entered the class together.

“Huh? Hwasa is not in school? Today won’t be fun” Ruby said immediately she noticed Hwasa’s empty seat.

“Wait Ruby, I don’t know why you also see fun in bullying, you’re not different from Mabel and Yuri at this rate” Mira said.

“Don’t compare me to Mabel” Ruby replied.

“Oh please” Mira rolled eyes and walked to her seat

“Not your fault” Ruby said and also left for her seat

Lovelyn looked at Hwasa’s seat again and became worried.

‘Is she ok?’ She thought as she walked to her seat.

” The Fabulous!!!!” A girl suddenly screamed, and they all turned to the door to see the three hotties walking in.

👥 Babies!!!

👥 S*xy munches!

👥 I badly wanna eat them!

👥 Aww! Vista looks cuter today, those lips!

👥 Savage is so unreal!

👥 See my Bernie!

“Are they attending classes today? Today won’t be good definitely” Mira shook her head, staring at Vista.

Lovelyn quickly placed her head on her desk, avoiding Bernie.

“Why did they have to come for classes today? Can’t they just stay at their lounge as usual? Jeez!” She muttered, shutting her eyes.

Immediately Vista sat, Mabel walked up to him and sat on his desk, taking the book he’s holding.

“Get lost” Vista said simply, taking the book from her.

She snatched it from him again, and before he knew it, she tore it and threw the pieces away.

“What the f**k is your problem?” Vista looked up.

“Good, now you’re looking at me. Why didn’t you reply to my picture last night?” She demanded, and Savage smiled from his seat, enjoying the drama.

On the other hand, Bernie is searching for Lovelyn with his eyes.

“Must I answer that question?” Vista said, and Mabel pulled him up by the collar.

“You’re not a VIP student remember? I can ruin your life with just a call to my mum, so you better dance to my tunes. Kiss me right now” she ordered, and he pushed her away from himself immediately.

“Normally I love to f**k, and I can’t resist p*ssy, but I’d rather go into extinction than f**k yours” he said, and she slapped him as expected.

Mira made to stand from her seat, but Lovelyn held her back.

“If you intervene, you’d be the one to get punished” she said, and Mira folded her fists.

“Are you insane? How dare you turn me down continuously” Mabel demanded, and Vista picked a book from Savage’s desk.

He slapped her with the book, and she fell on the ground.

“Mabel!” Yuri rushed to her as she began bleeding from the nose.

“Vista you’re in trouble” Savage said.

“I don’t care” he replied and walked out of the class.

Yuri took Mabel out of class too, and that was when Bernie sighted Lovelyn.

He smirked and walked to her desk, knocking it loudly.

She slowly raised her head, and he smirked again.

“The rooftop” he said and walked out of class.

She dived her hand into her hair crazily. “I’m dead”



Bernie and Lovelyn are currently standing face-to-face, looking straight at each other.

“You’re the one I saw in the green bus that night” he said.

“Not me. I drive a Ferrari and a Bugatti” she bluntly denied, and he almost laughed.

“Are you kidding me?”

“It’s really not me, your eyes are defective I guess. Can I go now? Bye!” She said and started leaving.

“Your shoes!” He said, and she stopped.

“They’re fake” he said again, and she swallowed hard before facing him slowly.

“I got them from Paris, I can bring you the box if you want so please…let me be Bernie” she said in a rush and ran down the stairs.

“Now I got more curious” Bernie muttered, and his phone beeped.

He checked to see a text from his mum.

• Heard your first test is tommorow, do you need answers to the questions?

He hissed before going downstairs.



Jackson drove Lovelyn in in a Bugatti, and she came down with her backpack.

They have a maths assignment to solve, and it was Ruby who suggested they meet here including Mira, so Richie will help them with it.

No Mira or Ruby’s car in sight, so she blinked.

“Are they not here yet?” She muttered and looked at the mansion.

Even without seeing Richie, she was already feeling her racing heartbeats.

She took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell, and a second passed before Richie opened the door himself.

Her face went down immediately as his perfume filled her nose.

Richie squinted cutely. “Lovelyn?” He said.

“I’ll just wait for my friends” she replied, and he opened the door wider.

She went in and sat gently on the sofa, still not looking up.

“Jessica isn’t around, so feel free while waiting” he said.

“Ok” she replied, and he looked at her knees to see if they’re healed before sitting across her.

There was silence, and it became awkward so Richie got his phone and began scrolling online.

He slightly looked up at a point and peered at her.

Her face is still down, and he smiled cutely before returning to his phone.

Lovelyn on the other hand began praying with her mind for Mira and Ruby’s quick arrival.

Her heart might just burst at this rate. Her crush is right in front of her, alone in this mansion.

She bit her lip as she slowly looked up, trying to steal a glance, but she saw him staring at her already, and her eyes widened.

She spranged up and started going for the door. “I’ll just wait outside!”

She got to the door but it refused to open no matter how much she tried, so she turned back, only to find Richie behind herself already.

“I…I… I’m…

“I’m sure you saw my note, so why still behaving like this around me?” He said, coming closer.

She shifted back again, and her back hit the door, but he didn’t stop coming closer till his body was pinning on hers.

She wasn’t breathing, literally.

“Look at me” he whispered, and she bit her lip.

“Look up, at my eyes” he whispered again, and she slowly started looking up, lifting her lashes till her eyes finally caught his own.

She made to look away immediately, but he held her chin delicately to stop that, and she held her breath as a result of excess nervousness.

What the f**k is he doing to her??? It was crazy.

“Breath” he whispered, and she released the breaths she has been holding.

“Call my name” he whispered again, making sure their eyes don’t leave each other.

“Richie” her small voice came in a whisper, and he smiled.

“That sounds hot” he said with his cute little squint, and she bit her lip slightly again, staring at his face.

He hasn’t released her when he brought out his phone…

“Can i get your number? Please”