bad girl love episode 11 & 12

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

He hasn’t released her when he brought out his phone…

“Can i get your number? Please”

Lovelyn took the phone slowly, and he began typing her number.

Richie watched intently as her fingers tapped on the phone screen. She’s got pink nail polish on her nails, and it’s so cute.

She finished typing and gave the phone back to him.

“Your nails are cute, did you fix them?” He asked, and she looked at the nails before replying.

“No. I have naturally long nails so I only painted them”

“Ruby told me your mum is an investor in the states” he said, and she smiled awkwardly as they walked back to the living room and sat beside each other.

“Oh…yes” she said, hoping he won’t press further on the topic.

“Can you talk freely to me like this from now on? Please?” he said, and she nodded once.

Can he just stop saying please? The way he says it in a low voice sounds too s*xy in her ears

He was about to talk again when the doorbell rang.

“They must be here” he stood and went to open the door.

“Is Love here already?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah” he replied, and she rushed in.

“Annyeong” Mira waved at him.

“Your knuckles tattoos are nice” he said.

“I got it done at Razor’s place when I travelled to the US last year” she replied.

“Razor Dolce? I got mine done with him too” he replied, and they did a fist bump.

“I’m Mira by the way, the third wheel of this friendship” she said.

“You’re cool” Richie replied.

“You too” she said, and they chuckled as they joined Lovelyn and Ruby in the living room.

“I’m just glad your sick psycho of a girlfriend is not around” Ruby said.

“Can we start solving the math already? I don’t have much time. I have to meet dad” he replied, and she pouted as they all brought their notes and textbooks out.

“Calculus? It’s the simplest math subject” he said when he saw the questions.

“What!” The three chorused, and he looked at them.

“Yeah” he replied firmly, and Lovelyn’s admiration for him grew wider immediately.

She’s a brilliant student, but calculus still gives her problems, and now there’s someone who finds it easy? Well a genius is a genius.

He began solving the questions while they all payed attention, watching as he did it step by step.

“Wait, I think we’d approximate here” Ruby suddenly said.

“Approximation? Are you kidding?” He replied, and she pouted.

“I think almighty formula comes in here” Lovelyn said, and he looked at her.

“Correct, now listen everyone, this is the most important part” he said and resumed the solving, but this time, Lovelyn shifted her gaze from the book to his face.

Is it really a good idea to receive tutor from this guy? He doesn’t even have to try, he’s endearing.

She began sucking the top of her pen into her mouth as she stared at him so hard, watching his lips move as he talked about the equations.

“So…that’s it, you guys should he able to solve the rest by yourself” he suddenly said, and that brought her back to her senses.

The tutoring is over already?

“Thanks smartie” Mira said, and Richie smiled lightly as they all began packing their notes into their backpacks.

“I love you Richie!” Ruby winked.

“Go learn calculus” He replied, tucking his hands into his pockets as they started walking out.

“You aren’t gonna see us out?” Ruby asked.

“I don’t want to” he replied, and she rolled eyes before going out.

Mira stepped out next, and when Lovelyn made to step out too…

“I guess I’d have to use mask the next time I’d tutor you guys, you were staring throughout” he said, and her eyes widened as she turned back.

He saw that?

“But I like it, when you stare” he said with a short smile, and she bit her lip in embarrassment before walking out.

Few minutes after the girls left, Richie dressed up and left the house too.



Bernie sat quietly on the fancy swivel chair in the middle of his room, eyes closed with his black headphones on as usual.

Though he’s listening to his favorite sad music to wave unwanted thoughts away from his head, but it’s not working.

Lovelyn’s case is so bothersome, and he’s sure he won’t sleep well tonight.

He opened his eyes and removed his headphones.

She denied that she’s not the one he saw, but he’s got sharp eyes, and his instincts don’t lie

He knows for real that she’s the one, and her fake shoes…

“What else should I check?” He muttered, and when he suddenly remembered something, he got his phone and dialled a number, the enrollment office.

It was picked by the enrollment officer himself.

“Mr Gong? I need you to check something” he said.

“Young master Bernie?” The man said, recognizing his voice immediately.

“Lovelyn Jeong, check her parents name in her enrollment form, and give me her address too” he said.


“You know better than to ask questions, I’m f**king waiting” he cut him off.

“Just a minute, please hold on” Mr. Gong replied, and he inhaled as he waited for three minutes before the officer talked again.

“Her mum is Janet Jeong, and she’s an investor in the US. Her dad is dead, and he was also an investor before his death. Her house address wasn’t included in the form, that’s all” he reported, and Bernie hung up immediately.

“Her house address wasn’t included? Another reason to be curious… Damn it! I hate getting curious but this girl…this girl is…shit!” He said, and the door opened, revealing Mrs. Han.

“Hey sweetheart, I texted you about the answers to tommorow’s text questions, but I guess you didn’t see it. I got the answers anyways, here” she said, handing him the papers.

Bernie looked at the papers disgustingly before snatching them from her.

He began tearing them apart, and her eyes widened.

“Bernie I payed hugely for that!”

“I don’t care! I’m not so brilliant but i can still manage to pass on my own! So get out of my room!” He shouted.

“Your dad is making life hard for me with his false accusations, and you’ve started with your rebellion too? Bernie please…

“False accusations? I saw you too! I saw you with that man at the hotel! I saw everything!” He shouted, and her eyes widened.

“Bernie… Bernie it’s not…

“It’s even hard to call you my mum, I hate you so much, and I hate dad more!” He shouted with already red eyes, and when she tried holding him, he pushed her out of the room and shut the door hard

“Bernie we need to talk, Bernie!” Mrs. Han shouted from outside, and he grabbed the swivel chair angrily, throwing it at the wall.

It made a loud crashing sound which scared Mrs. Han so much.




“Son” Mr. Kim smiled big, standing from the sofa when Richie came in.

“Dad!” He rushed into his arms, and they hugged tightly.

“What took you so long on the trip? You didn’t even get to attend my welcoming party”

“The party that got ruined by the idiot you brought from the US?” Mr. Kim replied as he broke the hug.


“Your mum told me everything already, so it’s of no use defending yourself. Cut your relationship with her immediately and find a decent Korean girl” he cut him off as he sat.

“Heard that?” Mrs. Kim said, coming downstairs.

“Whatever” he replied, sitting beside Mr. Kim.

“Prepare to take over the company next week anyways, it’s hightime I rest” Mr. Kim said.

“Sure, dad” he smiled.

“Dinner is ready, I told the maids to add truffle” Mrs. Kim pulled him up together with the father.

“I’mma eat a lot” he said.

“Stop saying that everytime. The moment you get to the dinning room, you’d leave after using three hours to eat six full chopsticks, your slow eating habit is still same” Ruby replied, coming downstairs too.

“I’m comfortable with it” he replied, and the parents laughed as they all moved to the dinning.



It’s a cheap studio apartment, and though it’s one small room, at least she gets space to sleep with her mum.

She’s got loads of part-time jobs and gigs just to feed herself and her mum. The gas station, the resturant, the coffee shop and the teaching gigs.

She returned from her last job tonight and removed her dirty shoes by the door, throwing them into a pail of water to soak before going in, but surprisingly, she met the door open.

Her mum never leaves the door open, so…

She rushed inside, and to her utmost shock, she met Mabel and Yuri with their boys, and her eyes widened.

“eomma!” She shouted, rushing to the old woman who’s suffering from dumbness. She can’t talk.

“eomma! gwaenchana? Uh?” She asked impatiently, and the woman replied with a sign language that she’s ok.

“I’m not that wicked, so there’s no way I’d do anything to your ugly mother who can’t even talk” Mabel replied from behind, and she faced them.

“What again? The ones you always do to me in school is not enough? Why are you in my house!” She shouted.

“House?” Mabel replied, blowing cigar smokes out of her nose as she laughed with her minions.

“This is basically a box dear,you live in a box cos my toilet at home is bigger!” Yuri said, and they laughed again.

Mabel walked to Hwasa, and she quickly covered her mum.

“We only came cos we missed you in school today. It wasn’t fun, so don’t miss school tommorow, ok darling?” She said, stroking Hwasa’s hair.

“Open your mouth” she ordered, and Hwasa shakily did it.

She shoved the cigar inside, and Hwasa started coughing.

“See ya tomorrow!” She winked and left with her gang.



It’s bedtime, but Jessica is still not back, and that got Richie pacing around.

He’s wearing a really baggy sweater and joggers cos of the cold, and he held his phone with his right hand while the left one stayed in his pocket as he dialled Jessica’s line repeatedly, but she’s not picking.

He can’t sleep on a bed without her, and sleeping on a couch is too uncomfortable. Sleeping in the tub will be hell cos of the cold right now.

He was about to dial her line again when her video call came in on WhatsApp.

He picked, and her face came to view in a noisy club where she’s surrounded by several guys.

“I want you to miss me tonight baby! You’d know my worth by the time I return tommorow morning, and the p*ssy you love f**king is gonna get f**ked by two guys tonight. I’m gonna be doing a freaking threesome!” She shouted, and Richie could clearly see the guys fondling with her b**bs already.

“Goodnight baby!” She shouted and hung up.

Without saying a word, he got the duvet from the bed and left the room, going downstairs.

He was about to lay on the couch when he saw an hairpin on the ground.

He slowly picked it when he remembered he saw it in Lovelyn’s hair earlier, and he eventually lay on the couch, staring at it.

He got his phone and went to his contacts to look at her number which he saved as LOVIE, and he was almost tempted to dial, but he stopped himself and dropped the phone.

He folded his palm on the hairpin and covered himself with the duvet as his long lashes hugged each other.

He drifted off to sleep after some hours.


The senior class students could be seen hanging around, trying to revise their notes for the upcoming test.

Mabel is currently in the restroom with the expo papers, she’s still trying to memorize the answers to the objective questions.

“1A, 2C, 3A, 4B, 5E…

“Is that the expo papers?” A voice said behind her, and she turned briskly to see Ruby.

“So.. what? You’re gonna report me?” She said, and Ruby smiled.

“Report? I’m not that daft, let’s memorize together” she said and came closer.

“You’re a VIP too, your parents didn’t get it for you?” Mabel rolled eyes.

“They hate things like this so let’s just share” Ruby replied, and they began memorizing together.

Lovelyn has been watching from the door, and the moment she saw that, she turned to leave, but she saw Bernie ahead.

“F*k!” Her eyes widened, and she took the other way.

“Nice escape” Bernie smirked and got a call immediately.

“You planted the tracker in her hair already? Good job” he said and hung up.

He smiled before walking away.



The test was finally over, and students began filing out of the senior class tiredly.

“I’m sure I’d get an A, I did everything correctly!” Ruby said.

“Is that a joke? You’ve never had an A, it’s always D” Mira replied.

“You’d be shocked this time, let the results come out tommorow first” she said, and Lovelyn bit her lip, remembering when she saw her memorizing the answers with Mabel earlier.

“Let’s go eat snacks at the cafeteria” Mira said, and they were about to move when students began screaming.

👥 Lady Genevieve!!!

👥 Now I know where Mabel got her perfect skin from!

👥 She’s so beautiful!

👥 I wish she’s my mum!

👥 She’s pretty!

Lady Genevieve walked into the hallway dressed in her usual regal appearance with students shouting behind her, and at the same time, Vista came out of the classroom with Bernie and Savage.

“Told you you’re in trouble” Savage said as Lady Genevieve walked straight to them.

She singled Vista out and slapped him hard, causing everyone to gasp.

“How dare you touch my daughter!” She demanded, and Vista rubbed his cheek.

Bernie and Savage were about to step in when Mabel came out of the class.

“Mum! I told you it was a mistake! He has a crush on me so there’s no reason for him to hit me intensionally” she ran to her, and Lady Genevieve scoffed.

“Whatever. Either intentionally or mistakenly, I hate seeing you get hurt, your skin is too precious” she said, and Mabel smiled.

“I’ll just go see the principal, let’s go” she said and pulled Mabel along as she left the hallway.

Vista caressed the walls of his mouth with his tongue and smiled.

“Fine. I’ll play with you a bit, Mabel. I can be insane too” he muttered.



Richie’s car drove into the lot, and Mira was the first person he met when he came out.

“Smartie, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Is Lovelyn gone already?” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s her car ahead” she replied, pointing at it.

He got back in his car and started following the car. He’s actually planning to return her hairpin.

The car was driving too fast on the road, so he couldn’t catch up till it arrived at an old street.

The car stopped in front of a semi-basement apartment, and Lovelyn came out.

Jackson drove the car away immediately, and she went in.

Richie came out of his car in shock, staring at the apartment.

“She lives here? Her mum is an investor so….”

He stopped talking and went in nevertheless.

Immediately he went in, Bernie’s car stopped in front of the house too.

He has been trailing her, thanks to the tracker he had someone plant on her.

“I knew it, she’s a broke @ss” he muttered.


Richie got to the door of Lovelyn’s room and met it open, and he saw her.

She changed from her school uniform to a bum short and singlet already, and she’s currently dancing to ‘GUM’ by Jessi.

She’s playing the song so loud on her phone, and she’s using the same phone as microphone to sing along, dancing so wild.

🎶 Gum gum gum gum…

🎶 Gum gum gum (gum)

Richie’s eyes widened as she began moving her waist, it was so s*xy that he almost forgot he was standing by her doorstep.

She’s living here? In a semi-basement apartment? Has she been lying?

Lovelyn is so much into the dance that she didn’t even notice someone is watching by the door.

Richie was still standing there when Bernie came into the apartment too, and his eyes widened when he saw him coming towards that direction.

He quickly entered the room and shut the door, and that brought Lovelyn back.

She stopped dancing and turned around only to see Richie in her house.

Her eyes widened, and she parted her lips…


Before she could land, Richie was already with her.

He drapped an arm drapped on her waist as he pulled her to himself, making her b**bs slam on his chest, and she grabbed his upper arms for support.

She made to call his name again, but he quickly placed his pointer finger on her lips…quick but gentle.

“Shh” he whispered, holding her tighter by the waist.

“Lovelyn!” Bernie shouted from outside.