bad girl love episode 7 & 8

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Don’t do it” a cool voice said from the end of the hallway, and everyone turned to that angle at once.

Students began making way, and the space left a thin line which led to the owner of the voice. Richie!

He’s standing there with his right hand tucked in his pocket, and his left hand holding a shopping bag.

👥 Oh my gawd!

👥 Who’s that!

👥 I’m wet I swear!

👥 I want him so bad already!

👥 He’s so s*xy!

👥 F**k me!

The girls began gasping, unable to close their mouths as he began walking to the center where Bernie and Lovelyn are.

Lovelyn looked back slowly, and the moment she saw him, her heart skipped beats.

What the F is Richie Kim doing here???

Bernie stood and faced him, richness dripping off of both of them as their eyes leveled.

“Who are you?” Bernie questioned pompously.

“I’m not here as a student, i graduated from here three years ago so you should show some respect to your senior” Richie replied, and students began gasping.

👥 He’s a graduate of this school?

👥 How come he looks same age as us?

👥 He’s too young for that!

👥 Does that mean he’s a college graduate now?

👥 I don’t believe it.

“And you expect me to believe that crap?” Bernie smirked.

“You’re the crap here, man” Richie went closer.

“Do you have a death wish?” Bernie glared, and Richie looked at Lovelyn before replying…

“Telling a fellow student to eat sand just because you’re a VIP is total shit. I was a VIP when i was here too, and I was a lot better than you, piece of trash”

Bernie hasn’t replied when he pulled Lovelyn up from the ground.

“Let’s go” he said, taking her away from the hallway.

👥 Does he know her?

👥 Is he her boyfriend?

👥 She’s so lucky!

👥 I wish I’m the one he’s holding that way, gosh!


Richie took her to the nearest staircase, and they climbed up to the rooftop together

He let go of her hand as they faced each other, but she couldn’t even look him in the eye.

His eyes does things to her, so she quickly turned her face to the ground.

“Wh..why are you here?” She asked awkwardly, and he shifted his eyes to her knees.

“My girlfriend hurt you last night, I hate feeling guilty so i came to make things right” he said.

“But I’m fine” she said.

“No you’re not. Your knees are bleeding” he replied, and she quickly looked at them.

Truly, it’s bleeding as a result of her fall earlier.

He took her hand again before she could talk, and he took her to the bench.

He made her sit, and he squatted in front of her, bringing out an ointment and buds.

He held her leg gently and carefully removed the already bloody plaster on the knees.

Lovelyn had to hold her breath at the contact. His palm was so soft on her skin that she couldn’t even think well.

How come he has so much effect on her already when she only just met him two days ago? She can’t even explain.

He wiped the blood on the knees and pressed the ointment on the bud, then he looked up at her, and she quickly looked away.

“It’s gonna sting a bit, ok?” He said, and she nodded once.

He began applying the ointment, and she bit her lip when it really began stinging, but immediately he noticed that, he began blowing air from his mouth to the wound as he applied, and that cooled it down.

He pasted a new plaster on the wound, cute purple one, then he sighed.

“All done”

He dropped her legs and stood.

“Forgive my girlfriend” he said apologetically, and she stood too.

“It’s ok, I’m fine now” she said, looking at the ground again.

“Why are you avoiding my eyes?” He asked immediately, and she started rushing downstairs without replying, but he went after her and caught up by the stairs, holding her back.

Her hair covered her face as he placed the shopping bag on her palms.

“Bye” he said and left without looking back.

She slowly swept her hair away from her face before bringing out what’s in the bag.

It’s a new phone! Probably because her phone screen cracked last night when Jessica pushed her.

She rushed downstairs, but he was already gone, so she sighed.

“My Love!” Ruby’s voice called from the now silent hallway, and she turned to face her.

“Bernie tried to bully you? Why did it have to happen when I wasn’t there? And who was the handsome guy who saved you?” She asked breathlessly.

“Richie, he bought me a new phone too” Lovelyn replied.

“Was actually expecting him to do this, is he gone now?”

“Yeah” Lovelyn replied.

“Bernie Han, I’m gonna teach that punk a lesson, don’t you worry” Ruby scoffed.



While Vista and Savage were busy playing joker on the wide table, Bernie is alone on the sofa, headphones on as he listened to a sad song.

He has been like that since he came back from the hallway.

“I won this round again” Vista grinned, dropping his last card.

“Yes bastard, what was my stake again?” Savage smiled.

“The girl with the orange-sized boobs I saw in your gallery, her number” Vista replied.

Savage was about to get his phone when he suddenly noticed Bernie.

“Why is he like that again?” He said.

“The dude who stood up to him turned out to be a graduate of this school who’s also a college graduate already, and yunno another funny thing? He’s Ruby’s twin” Vista giggled, leaning on the table.

“Ruby’s twin? Meaning he’s 18 too? How come he’s a graduate already?” Savage blinked.

“Heard he’s a freaking genius, weird” Vista nodded.

“Keep it low, I’m trying to think here” Bernie spoke, and they both turned to him.

“Think about what?” They chorused, and he removed his headphones.

He opened his eyes, remembering when he saw Lovelyn in a bus last night, and when he looked at her shoes earlier…

He has been a fashion icon since he was a kid, and he could tell immediately that those heels are fake designers.

“There’s a mix up somewhere” he muttered, and that instant, Ruby came in furiously.

“As expected” Savage smiled as she walked straight to Bernie.

“Hey Bernie Han, I don’t think I gave you permission to bully my best friend. I know you’re bored but don’t take out your boredom on her ever again” she said, and he stood gallantly.

“Ruby Kim, we’re both VIPs, and you know the rule that VIP students don’t get questioned about anything we do. She won’t get away from my wrath just because she’s your best friend” he said bitterly.

“I have nothing else to say Bernie, but the next time you try shit with Lovelyn…

“What’d you do?” He cut her off with a scoff.

“It won’t end well” she replied and walked out.

“Whoa! Bravo! Nice threat!” Vista clapped after her, and Bernie left the lounge too.

“Too bad, Bernie hates threats” Savage said, resting his arm on Vista’s shoulder.

“I’m eagerly waiting for his next action, told you this semester is gon be a delicious one” Vista replied.

“Heard your two girlfriends fought this morning. Mabel and Mira” Savage faced him.

“Cut it out” Vista rolled eyes, and Savage laughed out.



Mira and Mabel were already back in class when Ruby got back, and she walked straight to her seat.

“Don’t worry my love, Bernie won’t try shit again” she said.

“Seriously? Everyone in this school knows Bernie is a bored bastard who cares about no one except himself, and you think your threat is gon work on him? Oh please” Mira replied.

“So.. how did things go at the discipline room with Mabel?” Ruby asked.

“She’s a VIP, the daughter of the great Lady Giraffe, so she wasn’t punished as expected, but I was made to write an apology letter, such injustice” Mira rolled eyes.

“What! But why are they refusing to give you the VIP tag when you’re the chairman’s daughter too” Lovelyn said.

“Since he divorced my mum, he has this kind of hatred for I and my mum, and he doesn’t even allow me to come see him again, I’m so unlucky” Mira replied with a heave.

Hwasa suddenly stood from her seat, maybe with plans to go use the restroom, but as she began walking out, Yuri poured blood tonic on her skirt from behind, and immediately she felt the coldness, she turned back, and everyone started laughing.

“You’re stained! You don’t have money for pads? Huh?” Yuri mocked.

Yuri is Mabel’s bestie who resumed today. Not a VIP though, but she’s just as evil.

“Get me the pads, Yuri” Mabel stood.

“Of course Mabel!” Yuri brought out pads from her bag, and Hwasa was grabbed by some guys.

“Leave me alone! Let go of me!!” Hwasa cried as she was pinned down to a chair.

Her legs were widened, and Yuri handed the pads to Mabel.

“Lower her pants! Let’s wear her the pad” Mabel said, and everyone laughed as the guys started trying to dip their hands under her skirt.

Lovelyn folded her fists tightly, suppressing her anger with everything in her as she watched.

Ruby was laughing with the rest but Mira stood and left the class when she couldn’t watch anymore.

Hwasa kicked one of the guys on the jaw, and their grip lessened on her.

She broke free and ran out of the class in tears, but the guys went after her immediately.

“That was fun” Mabel laughed, getting her cigarette box.

“I know, right?” Yuri grinned, handing her the lighter as the teacher entered the class.

She was smoking as the class started, but no one would dare say a thing, she’s Mabel Lee after all.



Jessica was smoking in the living room when Richie arrived.

Mrs. Kim suggested he rests for a week or more before taking over the company, and that’s why he’s not going to work yet. He obviously needs the rest.

“And where are you coming from?” Jessica questioned.

“Went to fix the mess you created” he replied, and she spranged up.

“Don’t tell me you went to that girl!”

“I need some sleep, I’m tired” he replied and started going upstairs.

“You seem to have forgotten, you can’t sleep on a bed without me” she said, and he stopped.

“Wasn’t planning to sleep on a bed” he said and went upstairs.

“Richie!!!” Jessica’s scream penetrated into his ears as he entered the bedroom and stripped himself

He entered the bathroom and stepped into the bathtub, resting completely in the water with his eyes closed.

He really can’t sleep alone on a bed cos of his phobia for it.

Anytime he does, he gets scary dreams and nightmares which makes him scream back to reality, so if he wants to sleep alone like this, he uses the tub, or the couch.



Lovelyn was smiling as she came out of the building, and right in front of the bank, she flagged down a taxi which drove her to Seoul Prison.

She went in and marked her name with the warden with a request to see Jeong Mingi.

She had to wait patiently for thirty minutes before her request was granted, and she went into the visitation unit happily.

She sat impatiently, and he finally came out.

“appa!” She spranged up immediately, hugging him tightly.

“I told you to stop coming every visiting day, you came last week too. You could use the transport fare for another thing” the middle-aged man smiled, hugging her back.

“I just missed you, and I won’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t come. Mummy couldn’t come cos she’s still at work, but she’d come next week” she said as they broke the hug.

“Sa-rang” he smiled, holding her face. Sa-rang is her Korean name.

“appa” she replied as he kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry. I and mummy are really working very hard to get you out of here. I payed this week’s debt at the bank before coming here, I’m sure we’d be able to pay everything before the end of this year so you’d come back home” she said, and he nodded.

“I’m such a bad father. I’m so ashamed, leaving debts for you to take care of” he said, and she shook her head.

“No dad, you were framed for the crime, we all know but you were sent to prison cos we’re poor” she replied.

“Time up!” The warden came in.

“appa” she hugged him again, tighter than the first.

“Take care of yourself, and no need to come see me next week, ok?” He said.

“No. I’d come, so take care too” she replied, and he was taken away from her.

He kept looking back at her, and she kept waving till he was completely out of sight, then she fell on the chair in tears.

Jeong Mingi was one of the securities of Golden Bank two years ago, but thieves invaded the bank one day, and they succeeded in carting away a lot of cash.

The bank management had to blame it on all the securities on duty that period just to avoid blames from the government, so all the seven guards were arrested and jailed.

The stolen money was split to seven, and the seven of them have to pay their parts before they can be released

Though 40 percent of the money she’s getting from the clubhouse is for her fake like and feeding herself and Janet, but the remaining 60 percent is for paying off her dad’s debt weekly.

She cried more when she thought about everything. Her life sucks, and she’s so helpless.



Bernie stood in the middle of his horror themed room with his white headphones on, and his two hands in his pocket as he tried not to listen to what’s going on in the living room, but hard as he tried, he got affected.

His parents has started again, the usual fight.

“Who told you I was in an hotel? Did the person show you any evidence? I was in the office throughout and I even sent you pictures honey!” Mrs. Han shouted.

“The staffs told me you left the office as early at 12, and I was told you were seen entering the hotel with a man at 12:30! The equation is balanced! Tell me who you were with!” Mr. Han shouted back.

“So you’ve started putting tails on me? How is that making any sense!!!!” Mrs. Han screamed.

Bernie angrily removed his headphones and threw it at the wall before getting his phone and jacket.

He walked out of the room, and his parents weren’t even aware of when he walked past them in the living room.

They were still shouting at each other till he got to his car, he dialled Vista’s line.

“Yo bro! What’s up?” Vista said jovially.

“Any available spot? I don’t wanna come back to this house tonight” he said.

“Meet I and Savage at the intersection, let’s go clubbing” Vista replied, and he hung up.

He drove himself out of the house and truly met the two waiting at the intersection in their individual cars.

They drove to Ginger, the hottest clubhouse in Seoul, and despite the fact they they’re minors, they were allowed entry.

No rules here, so far you’ve got the money.

The place is hell with several ongoing sins in the dark corners and numerous strippers dancing nakedly on stage.

“F**k! I think we missed Kitten’s show” Vista said.

“Who’s Kitten?” Bernie asked.

“Wait Bernie…I think you need Kitten tonight to clear your head” Savage said.



Lovelyn’s strip show finished just now, and she was about to start taking off her thong when madam Cash rushed in.

“Kitten you have a special guest tonight! He’s offering half a million dollars!” She announced, and Lovelyn spranged up.


“Yes! You only have to do a strip show for him in private for ten minutes, he’s in the red room” madam Cash said excitedly.

“I’m all ready” Lovelyn said immediately, and she quickly retouched her makeup.

She followed Madam Cash out of the room, and when they got to the red room, Madam Cash left her on her own.

She gently pushed the door open, and she slid in.

“Took you long enough” a cold voice said from under the red lights, and her eyes widened as her blood froze.

She knows that voice anywhere…

Bernie Han!

Bernie stood and went to the switch.

He changed the lights from red to white, and their eyes met as their faces came to view.