bad girl love episode 5 & 6

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.

Jessica came in, and her eyes widened immediately.

Richie zipped up for Lovelyn nevertheless, and he stepped back from her.

“All done” he said.

“Thanks” she said without turning to look at him.

She made to go out of the room, but Jessica pushed her back, and she staggered.

She’d have fallen, but thanks to Richie’s arm which quickly wrapped on her waist.

He caught her, and a gasp escaped her lips as he held her steady.

“Richie are you insane? How dare you f**k another girl in this same house! And you have the guts to touch her in my presence too?” Jessica said angrily, and Richie slowly let go of Lovelyn.

“F**k another girl?”

“You were helping her with her zip when I came in! You obviously did that after f**king with her, right? Did you both do quickie in here? Doggy?” She said hotly.

“Stop saying crap” Richie said simply.

Lovelyn was looking so helpless as she stood, not knowing what to do.

“Oh…is she the new girl you got? You told me you’d get a new girl yesterday. Did you really do it? How wide is her p*ssy? Can she take the monster between your legs? Can she take it as good as me? Tell me bastard!!!” She yelled crazily, and Richie faced Lovelyn.

“You should go” he said.

“Ok” she replied and went for the door, but Jessica pushed her again, and this time, she fell on the ground, and her phone fell from her in the process.

The screen cracked, and she hurt her knees.

“Ah!” She whispered, and Richie was about to rush to her when Ruby came in.

“My Love! Why are you…

Her eyes widened when she saw her knees, and she rushed to her.

“Lovelyn what happened?” She said quickly.

Lovelyn quickly got her cracked phone, and despite her hurting knees, she stood and ran out of the room.

“Lovelyn!” Ruby ran after her.

“Serves her right, it’s even annoying that I didn’t get to slap her” Jessica rolled eyes and walked out of the room.

Richie fell on the chair frustratedly, burying his face in his palms.


Lovelyn didn’t wait despite Ruby’s beckoning, she ran till she got to the Ferrari. The plan was that Jackson should wait till the end of the party drive her back, so he’s still outside.

She got in the car quickly.

“Go” she told Jackson, and without waiting, he drove out before Ruby could get to the car.

Ruby was breathing heavily when she got out, and she rested her palms on her knees as she panted.

“Jessica” she muttered and ran back in, to her room. She met just Richie though.

“What the hell did your b**chy girlfriend do to Lovelyn!” She demanded angrily.

“What happened to Lovelyn?” Mrs. Kim said by the door and came in.

“She got hurt on her knees and her phone was a mess earlier, Jessica did everything! I dunno how it happened but my baby left already without waiting for the party again!” Ruby ranted.

“She misunderstood a situation, but don’t worry I’ll fix things, I promise” Richie said.

“You better fix it Richie cos I won’t mind finding Jessica to slap her again. Lovelyn is like a daughter to me too so beware!” Mrs. Kim said sternly.

“And prepare to come downstairs, I’m introducing you soon” she further said and left.

“I’ll just go to my room” Richie said and left the room too.

Ruby watched him till he was out, and she sighed before falling on her bed.

“She ruined tonight already, darn” she muttered.

“I’m here!!” Mira shouted, coming in.

“Oh my gawd! You came!” Ruby spranged up to hug her.

“Did you forget? I’m a party animal” Mira said, and they laughed.

“Where’s baby Love by the way? I expected to meet here here already” she asked.

“Something happened, so she left”

“Something? What happened? Is she hurt? Wait…is it period cramps?” Mira quickly asked.

“Don’t worry. She’d be fine, let’s manage to spend tonight without her, help me dress up” Ruby replied.



Lovelyn told Jackson to drive there straight from the mansion, and they’re just arriving.

“Do I have to wait for you again?, then you’d have to pay extra” He said.

“No. I’m going home straight from here so I’d take the bus. Thanks Jackson, I’ll send you today’s pay when I get home” she replied and got down.

“I trust you” he winked and drove away. Lovelyn went inside the clubhouse through the secret door which was opened for her by the usual old doorman.

She met madam Cash waiting in her dressing room already.

“You’re almost late Kitten! Dress up fast and…

She stopped talking when she saw her wounded knees.

“F**k! I told you to always be cautious about your body! How come you got hurt on the knees when you know it’s an important part of your show!” She shouted.

“It wasn’t intentional, Madam Cash, I…

“No need to explain, you know you can’t strip tonight with that wound. Get it treated before tommorow. The other strippers will take the stage tonight, let’s make the men miss you” Madam Cash cut her off and walked out.

“Darn it” Lovelyn muttered, standing still for a while before walking out of the room.

She left the club and walked dejectedly to the bus station where she boarded a bus.

Immediately she took her seat beside the window, she rested her head on the window, remembering what happened earlier at the mansion.

She bit her lip like she likes to do when she remembered the part where Richie grabbed her waist, but she sighed immediately she remembered Jessica.

She sighed and opened the window for some fresh air, but immediately she did, her eyes caught someone on the road, Bernie Han!

He’s in a sports car with his driver. The sunroof is open so she saw him clearly.

Their eyes met, and her eyes widened. She quickly ducked, hiding her face.

It won’t be nice if he should see her in a bus, she’d be dead in school!

“But wait…the cold Bernie wouldn’t possibly recognize me as a student of Horizon, right?” She muttered and raised her head, though Bernie’s car is gone now.

There are many students in the school, and judging by his cold personality, he definitely won’t know she’s a student.

She breathed in relief and began enjoying the cold night breeze blowing in through the bus window.



The guests gathered at the house already, there’s even a pool there so it’s the perfect spot.

Mrs. Kim is currently in the middle, looking stunning in her red evening gown as she held a cup of wine.

“My husband is not back from his trip yet, turned out to be taking longer than expected, so I’d be in charge tonight” she said proudly, and the guests clapped.

“Now, I’ll proudly welcome my young handsome son, the star of this family. Eighteen with the brain of an adult, the heir of Sleek cosmetics, Richie” she said, and the clapping continued as Richie came out, dressed up in a black expensive suit already, but the jacket is out of it, he’s only putting on the white shirt.

He only did few of the buttons, so the rest was left undone to show off his chest which has a RK pendent necklace dangling on it.

His right hand was tucked in his pocket as he walked to the middle, and the female guests began gasping in admiration.

“MG, he’s s*xy! I love his attitude” Mira said beside Ruby.

“I know, right? He’s the best” Ruby replied.

Richie hugged Mrs. Kim when he got to her, and the clapping died down.

“He became a graduate at 18, and I’m so proud of my baby” Mrs. Kim said again.

👥 Aww!!

“Mum is so dramatic” Ruby laughed.

“Swears” Mira giggled.

Mrs. Kim was about to carry on with her speech when Jessica walked in, smoking tobacco like there’s no tommorow.

She was blowing smokes around as she walked like she doesn’t give a damn, and everyone turned to stare at her.

“When did the god of smokes start living in your house Ruby?” Mira asked with a wide mouth.

Ruby folded her fists in anger as she watched the devil.

She got to the middle and stood beside Richie.


“And I’m the girlfriend of the star, my name is Jessica Jones, and trust me without my p*ssy, he wouldn’t have survived college, cheers!” She blew smokes from her mouth again, and Richie pulled her hand to take her out of there, but she pulled back strongly.

“What? You don’t like my introduction?” She rolled eyes.

👥 What’s happening?

👥 Why is she behaving sick?

👥 This is crazy

The guests began murmuring, and Mrs. Kim suddenly poured the wine in her cup on Jessica.

“Oh!… Oh my…f**king gawd!!!” Jessica screamed.

Mrs. Kim walked out without a word, and Richie pulled Jessica out too.

“Your mum ruined my dress! Your mother is…

He stopped beside the fountain in front of the mansion, and he faced her sharply.

“Are you sick? Tell me so I can take you to the right hospital!” He snapped angrily.

“Don’t get angry at me Richie! Is it a sin to introduce myself?” She glared, and he raised his hand to her face, grabbing her chin roughly.

“Let go of me!” She struggled, and he pushed her back, so she fell on the fountain edge.


“I’m really holding myself back, don’t tempt me anymore” he muttered seriously and walked back in.

Jessica stood and smirked.

“Nice try holding yourself back, at the sight of my nakedness, you’ll calm down”



Janet was already at home when Lovelyn got back, and she hugged her first before anything.

“You didn’t go to the club tonight?” Janet asked, stroking her hair.

“There was a situation, so till tomorrow” she replied, breaking the hug, and that was when she saw Janet’s face.

Her right cheek is swollen as f**k! And it’s red also.

“Did Lady Genevieve do this again? Your face is in ruins mum!” She shouted shockingly.

“It’s nothing, it doesn’t hurt” Janet replied, and Lovelyn grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go to the mansion, you’d terminate the contract tonight, I’ll quit school!” She shouted, but Janet pulled back.

“What are you saying? Quit school when you’re almost done with highschool?”

“Are we gonna continue living like this? All because I wanna keep going to the great Horizon Highschool? Mum!!!” She started crying.

“Lovelyn listen to me! We both know the moment you graduate from Horizon Highschool, then getting a job will be so easy in the future, then all these will be over. At least they’re not bullying you” Janet said.

“They’re not bullying me because they think I’m rich cos of my rented cars and fake designers!!! The moment they find out, I’m so dead mum, I’m so dead!!! The VIP students even bully the other rich students, they all hate poor commoners and everyone in the school is toxic! I can’t even sleep well at night for the fear of thinking my secret might get out the next day, I can’t even tell Ruby and Mira about my secrets cos they’re same with everyone in the school!!! They’re all brats mummy!!! Especially Mabel! I badly wanna punch that girl and make her bleed so much! I wanna teach her a lesson for always behaving like a god, but I can’t. I have to lay low and behave like I don’t exist, I have to keep enduring cos I don’t want my fake life to get out!!! Mum I don’t wanna do this again!!! I’m scared!!” She cried harder, and Janet pulled her into another hug.

She was already crying too as she hugged her tightly.

“You’re already in your final year remember? Just keep laying low and keep enduring, keep burying your hot temper and act like you don’t exist in the school, you’re almost done baby, you’re almost done. I’m sorry you have to go through everything, I’m so sorry Love”

“Mummy” she cried again, hugging her back.

“I love you baby, so much” Janet cried.



Mabel’s Cadallic Escalade halted, and she was rolling her evil eyes as she came out of it.

Her personal maid took her back into the building, and when she made to go in too, another Cadallic Escalade drove into the park, same colour pink!

Mira came out of it, and she smiled knowingly when she saw Mabel.

Mabel walked arrogantly to her. “And who said you have the right to drive that same car into this school?” She questioned.

Students started gathering immediately, making their videos since it’s sure a fight is brewing.

“Wait… Cadallic Escalade was made for just you? I don’t understand” Mira smirked.

Mira is actually the daughter of Rachel, chairman Lee’s first wife who got divorced before Lady Genevieve was married, so they’re stepsisters.

Obviously, they’re worse enemies, but it’s madder cos they’re both crushing on same guy. Vista!

“You aren’t even a VIP student, so I see no reason why you should act all mighty” Mabel smiled proudly.

“The only reason why I’m not a VIP is because the chairman divorced my mum just to marry your giraffe of a mum, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m Mira Lee from the Lee family!” Mira shot back.

“What did you just call my mum?” Mabel came closer.

“Lady Giraffe” Mira smirked, and Mabel slapped her hotly, but before it could get cold, Mira returned the slap, and Mabel’s hair scattered on her face as a result of the heaviness of the slap.

She staggered on her car, looking at Mira shockingly.

“Did you just slap me? Mira!!!” She yelled.

“Get your phone and call your mum as usual, she-goat” Mira rolled eyes and started leaving, but Mabel rushed after her and pulled her hair from behind.

“Come back here, b**ch!”

Mira turned back, grabbing her hair too, and as expected, an hot fight started.



Lovelyn came to school in the Ferrari again, and she met Ruby waiting at the park.

“My Love! I’m so sorry about last night! I’m so sorry!” Ruby started begging immediately, and lovelyn smiled.

“It’s not your fault, and I’m fine”

“I’m so glad! How about your knees?” Ruby pouted, and Lovelyn showed her, they’re plastered.

“They’ll be fine before tonight, by the way where’s Mira?” She asked.

“She had a fight with Mabel before I arrived, heard they’ve been taken to the discipline room” Ruby replied.

“They’ve started again this semester? Gosh!” Lovelyn said as they walked into the crowdy hallway.

It could pass for a college’s cos of the activities going on.

Some students are smoking, some are dancing, playing loud music from MP3S, some are kissing openly and some are showing off their expensive things, it’s the usual routine.

“F**k! Lovelyn I’ll meet you in class! I have to pee!” Ruby suddenly bolted off to the restroom.

Lovelyn’s eyes caught Hwasa immediately, the scholarship student.

She’s walking alone in the hallway, head down with her earpiece on.

She has bruises on her face from yesterday’s bullying, and that instant, Lovelyn felt like talking to her, but it’s a taboo here.

If you’re caught talking to the scholarship student, then you’d be bullied with her.

She was still staring pitifully when she suddenly bumped into someone, and she fell on her knees roughly.

“Arg!” A whimper left her throat as the knees peeled again, but the deafening silence in the hallway right now is bothersome.

By now, students should be laughing at her already, but it’s not happening.

“Are you blind?” The popular cold voice came, and her eyes widened as she looked up to see who she bumped into, Bernie!

The shock made her fall from her knees to her butt. He was looking extra cold, and she felt the chills immediately.

“I….I…I…I’m…I’m so…sorry” she stammered.

“Get me sand” Bernie ordered, and a lot of girls ran to get it on a plate.

Lovelyn kept sitting on the ground in fear. No doubt, she’s dead.

Bernie took one of the plate of sands and gave her. She took it shakily.

“I’ve been wanting to see how it looks like to eat sand, why don’t you try it out? And I’d forgive you” he said, and Lovelyn looked at the sand slowly, her throat already shaking as she imagined herself eating that.

Bernie squatted in front of her and looked at her black heels for a second, making her shift back.

She swallowed hard when he came closer and leaned to her ear.

“You were in a green bus last night” he whispered, and her eyes widened madly.

He recognized her!

He brought his poker face back to her, and she swallowed.

Different cameras has been set by the students, ready to make the video of her eating sand.

“Keep laying low and keep enduring, keep burying your hot temper and act like you don’t exist in the school, you’re almost done” Janet’s words last night resounded in her head…

“I’ll… I’ll…do it” she said, and Bernie smiled evilly.

She scooped some of the sand in her palm, and different camera lights shone on her as she started bringing it to her mouth…

“Don’t do it” a cool voice said from the end of the hallway, and everyone turned to that angle at once.


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