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Arizona episode 16 & 17

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


The shock in Arizona’s bones is second to none right now.

Vince is k!ss!ngher….hisl-ips is still on hers and he’s hvgging her face in his palms to keep her in place.

Her eyes won’t close and her hands balled into fists as she watched him k!ssher.

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Vince’s head got emptier and emptier as he k!$$£d her, he forgot about anything else like he wanted.

It’s not right to just treat any lady like this and he’s definitely not in his right s-en-ses but at the same time, he knows what he’s doing and it feels crazily right.

Arizona’s s-en-ses [email protected]£ back and she pushed him away from herself.

He staggered away from her and she started re-leasing heavy breaths.

“What did you just try out?” She demanded angrily.

Vince looked at her, looking so tired and powerless, his eyes are drowsy.

The thought of [email protected] him flew around Arizona’s head and just when she was about to make use of it, Vince fell unconscious on the ground.

She returned the hand she was about to raise and gulped emptiness.

She never bothered to pick the fallen phone before rushing out of the shop.

Getting into her her, she held her breath, thinking about what just happened.

“Miss, should I drive?” Her driver asked.

She went lost in thoughts, this has never happened since it happened coincidentally at the rooft©p of Unicorn elementary school with her sweet candy.

But this, this went dee-per and strangely it didn’t feel new.

“What’s this?, Why am I…. Feeling strange and….. Somehow it’s…… ” She st©pped talking about covered her face with her palms.

“eotteohge (what do I do?)

“Anaconda stole a k!ssfrom me what should I do!!!!! ” She shouted.

She stayed motionless for a while before removing her hands from her face.

“Drive… Home” she said and the driver brou-ght the engines to life.

He drove down the road and no matter what, she can’t help but get worried about him again.

*What’s wrong with him?,. Is he sick?*

She couldn’t help but feel the h0tness of his palms on her face during the k!ss.

He was definitely running a high temperature.

“Go back to the restaurant” she said and the driver didn’t hesitate before reversing.

He drove back to the restaurant and they went in together.

Vince is still lying helplessly on the ground, he’s sweating greatly.

In another minute, he was heaped unto the driver’s back and taken out of the restaurant.

s-en-sing the need for it, Arizona closed the restaurant with the padlock by the door.

Vince was taken to the nearest hospital though it was her driver who took him in.

She can’t be found following him in, the public will surely take it as another thing and it might result to scandal.

“He got admitted, they said he has fever, the doctor said he’ll be fine, I payed the bills” the driver said when he [email protected]£ back.

” Drive home” she replied.

” Yes miss” he said and drove out of the hospital.



Opening his eyes, Vince sat up Immediately when he noticed he’s in the hospital.

“You woke up early” the doctor beside him said.

All he remembered was [email protected] out in front of Arizona last night but how he got here, he has no idea.

“Who took me here?” He asked.

“A man in suit” the doctor replied.

“In suit?”

“Yes, he payed your bills too and I think this is for you” the doctor replied, pointing at the key beside him.

The restaurant’s.

He took it and made to stand.

“You need to rest for all today” the doctor interrupted.

“That’s lethal to my health, I can’t” he replied and left the ward.

He drove a taxi home and met Blaze standing in front of the house.

“Hyung, has scaring me become your hobby these days?, Where were you all night?, I was so scared and it’s even worse that there’s no way to contact you” he said.

“You didn’t tell Mom right? ” Vince asked.

” Why would i do that?, She’d be so worried if I did” Blaze replied.

“Aren’t you going to school?”

” I was waiting for you” Blaze replied.

“Then go dress up” Vince said and went in.

“He’s always like this, I dunno the last time I’ve seen him smile” Blaze complained as he went in too.

They both dressed for school and ate together before leaving the house.

“What exactly happened to your phone?” Blaze asked as they walked to the bus station.

“I don’t want to talk about it” he replied.

“Hyung!” Blaze snapped and Vince looked at him.

” What?”

” You’re always acting cold even to me, can’t you just loos£n up a bit?, A smile won’t make your face crack, we’re not the poorest people on Earth” Blaze said.

” Let’s go” Vince replied and entered the bus.

” He’ll never change” Blaze said to himself before entering the bus too.

Vince got down at the second st©p and made his way to the pork restaurant but it’s open alre-ady.

“I have spare keys” madame Park said.

“Oh .. ” he replied, giving her the keys.

” And oh … I saw something maybe for you” she said and got the nylon containing the phone.

” I found it on the ground when I [email protected]£ in” she said.

He can still remember seeing it with Arizona last night so he slowly took it.

“I’ll be on my way” he said and left the restaurant.

He decided to walk the remaining meters to school.

He [email protected] by Unicorn elementary school and stood in front of it, admiring it just the way he used to do fifteen years ago.

It was his dream school, he was in love with everything about it but never go the chance to attend it…cos he’s poor.

But even if he didn’t attend, the girl he met there is enough.

He rubbe-d his locket as he remembered her red face.

Even if her face is naturally red and full of rashes which majority [email protected] as ugly… she’s beautiful to him.

Her smile is adorable and her long hair is cute.

Vince inhaled [email protected] and took a final glance at the school before leaving.

Two steps away from the school, Arizona popped up in his head.

He stood still and the k!sslast night hit his head.

How he has been shouting at her and now he ended up on herl-ips last night.

“I made a mistake” he said, continuing his walk.

“I guess I’ll end up saying sorry again” he said.



After the first [email protected], everyone started leaving the [email protected]

“Hey sleepyhead” [email protected] showed up.

Vince gave him a questioning look.

“Oh he’s [email protected], the one who took you to my house the other time” Chrissy introduced.

“Thanks” Vince said dryly.

“But you’re too cold for my liking, you rarely talk and you’re boring” [email protected] said.

” He’s ok with it so leave him” Chrissy said.

“Today is another sports day, I haven’t seen you in the field before, you’re not active in any game?” [email protected] asked.

“I hate sports” Vince said and [email protected] [email protected]

” What kind of a guy hates sports!”

“But Vince, you can just try it out, it won’t hurt to try out new things you know” Chrissy persuaded, pu-lling his right arm.

[email protected] pu-ll-ed his left arm and they started taking him out of the [email protected]

“I’m not interested” he kept protesting till they got to the dressing rooms.

“Use my room in case you’re shy, I won’t come in” [email protected] said, pushing him in, he shut the door and held the knob ti-ghtly with Chrissy.

” Chrissy!” He shouted from inside.

Chrissy smiled, despite the fact that they’ve been friends for long, this is the first time he called her name for real and it sounds sweet.

“Dress up in the trunks, I’ll use another room” [email protected] said.

“I need to dress up too, we’ll be back before you’ll finish dressing up” Chrissy said and left with [email protected]

Vince relented when he saw it’s useless.

He opened the small wall closet and saw two new packs of swimming trunks.

He took one and tore it open, it’s colour black.

He’s a good swimmer so this is just the right way.

He changed into it, took the cap and [email protected] and left the room only to meet Summer in front of it.

“Vince” she smiled.

He ti-ght£ñed his jaws and took the other way but to his annoyance, she took that way too.

“I’m sorry about the [email protected], I should have st©pped mum before she’d do that, I know it’s all my fault” she said guiltily.

” So?” He said.

“plea-se don’t hate me, I love you a lot so hating me will not go well for me” she said.

” Out of my way” he said

” Vince plea-se….I know I did wrong by trying that with you and also lying to my mum that I didn’t but…I promise to turn a new leaf if you can just give me a chance to be with you” she begged and started crying.

Vince pushed her out of the way, not moved by the tears at all, he started walking away.

“Vince I love you!!!!” Summer cried loudly behind him, sitting on the ground.

He opened the general door and slammed it behind himself as he left the place, deciding to go cool off in an empty [email protected]

He lost interest in swimming.



Yang is currently ti-ptoeing into the company, he scanned his card in the entrance and ran into the elevator only to see red shoes.

His eyes wi-de-ned.

He started tracing it up and when he finally saw the owner, he stood upright.

“Ming?” He said and she faced him.

She actually faced the wall when the door opened, thinking it’s Arizona.

“You scared me” she held her che-st.

“I can’t believe myself, one of the staffs s£nt the videos to me, I said trash” Yang said.

” I said worse, if I lose this job I swear I’ll die of hunger, how could I bad-mouth my generous boss I’m a bit-ch” Ming said.

The elevator opened when they got to their floor.

They stepped out and their eyes almost popped when they saw Arizona standing in front of them, her hands were folded un-der her bre*sts, she’s looking at them like a devil re-ady to throw them into hell.

“Sajangnim (boss)” Yang said shockingly.

“Boss..” Ming said in same manner.

” Welcome back, how was your break yesterday?” Arizona asked with a smile.

“We’re done for, she’s smiling” Yang said.

” I just asked a question!” Arizona shouted.

“I had fun” Ming said.

“kre? ” (Really?)” Arizona smiled again.

“Boss plea-se.

” Follow me” she interrupted, going into her office.

” Have you eaten breakfast?” Yang asked Ming.

“No” Ming replied.

” Then I guess your heart will end up in the toilet with your puke” Yang smiled as they walked into her office together.

On her table is the keg of the evil jui-ce and bigger cups.

“It’s self service, five cups each” Arizona smiled.

“What!” They chorused.

” Now!…or I’ll prepare your sack letters, and no sour faces, you both must smile throu-ghout” she ordered.

They both moved to the kegs and poured the first cup.

They drank and smiled at each other.

They smiled and drank the second cup.

The drank the third cup and smiled again.

They both held their throats at a time and ran out of the office.

She smiled and followed them to the washroom where they’re both vomiting.

She stood between them and rubbe-d their backs.

“I’m a mentally unstable person?, You wish you can seal myl-ips?, I sell bu-tterflies and chicken?” She said as she rubbe-d their backs.

” We’re sorry boss” they chorused and rinsed their mouths with water after they’ve finished puking.

They stood and faced her.

She smiled and left her sp©t, revea-ling the keg of the jui-ce and the cups, she actually brou-ght it.

“Two more cups remaining” she said.

Yang looked at Ming and they both fainted at a time.



“Are we still ma-king another video?” Blaze asked after the tenth one.

” Of course, my fans missed you” Havana replied cheerfully.

He has decided to stay by her side, not minding Byung so far she promised to protect him.

They made the last video and she smiled as she re-ad different comments, the runaway fans [email protected]£ back.

“So…you have no plans to feature me in your videos?” Trevor asked.

” My fans want a cute face, not a cool one” she replied.

” So my face is cool, not cute” Trevor pouted.

“Sure” Havana smiled.

Byung [email protected]£ into the [email protected] with his minions and Havana covered Blaze.

“Haven’t I told you to stay away from her?, Do you want to die?” He demanded.

” I’m not yours, you’re not my b©yfri£ndso get lost!” Havana shouted at his face.

Byung [email protected]£d her [email protected]!st and made to k!ssher f0rç£fully but Blaze stepped in and threw him a punch.

It got his mouth and he bled.

“Blaze” Trevor whispered shockingly.

Blaze pu-ll-ed Havana behind himself.

“She told you to get lost, do that” he glared.

Byung wiped the blood on hisl-ips and smiled darkly.

” You’ve finally triggered the animal in me” he said, going backwards till he left the [email protected]

” Are you ok?” Blaze asked, holding Havana’s arm.

” Sure, but you shouldn’t have punched him” she replied.

“That wasn’t my first time” he replied.

“He’s the son of @ssemblyman Lee, do you know Arielle Lee?, Arizona’s enemy, He’s her brother” Trevor said.

” I really don’t care” Blaze said though he’s slightly scared.

He faced Havana and smiled.

“To the cafeteria!” She said and the three left the [email protected]

Byung was walking furiously down the stairs when he bu-mped into Avery.

He made to walk past her but she held him back.

“You want Havana, I want Blaze, what if we work together to tear them [email protected]” she said and looked at him

Byung looked her way and their eyes met.



“Go wash them again” Arizona ordered.

Yang and Ming has been washing and rewashing the company toilets since they woke up.

They ended up drinking the remaining two cups at last .

“But this is the seventh time we’ve been rewashing it” Yang said.

“You guys are still going to twenty” Arizona replied.

” What!”

” Should I write your sack letters instead?” She smiled.

They both quic-kly left the office and she concentrated on her movie again.

Her eyes met with a k!ssscene and her throat dried up immediately.

It was so intense and the guy was pinning the girl to the wall…. bringing her the [email protected] of last night.

Vince’s face appeared in her head again and she li-cked herl-ips.

She quic-kly put off the TV and stood.

“What was I thinking?, Ok I’ll not watch [email protected]ç£today, I’ll just rewatch squid game and chill” she said, getting her phone.

She contacted a restaurant and ordered lunch.

She finished ordering and when she saw the name of the restaurant, she [email protected]


“I hope he won’t be the one to bring it, I really hope” she thought, dropping her phone.

She sighted a box un-der the table.

The box of the pizza she ate yesterday.

“Why is this still here?, They didn’t clean this office this morning?” She wondered, going to it.

She bent beside the table and tried bringing it out but immediately she did that, her eyes wi-de-ned.

A c0ckroach is right on t©p of the box.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!” She screamed loudly, dropping the box.

She climbe-d her table in fear.

” What’s a c0ckroach doing in my office Yang!” She shouted as the c0ckroach started coming towards the table.

” Don’t come closer!, Don’t come closer!!!, Don’t!!” She shouted.

The innocent c0ckroach kept walking to the table and she jumped down.

“No! no! no!… No!!!!, Don’t come near me!” She shouted, running around the office, jumping over everything.

The office [email protected]£ messy.

She kept it up for some minutes and when she thought it’s gone, she [email protected]£ back to her table.

“Finally” she breathed but right in front of her, the c0ckroach [email protected]£ out from un-der a file and flew.

“andwae!!!!!” She screamed, thinking it has flown to her shi-t.

She pu-ll-ed off the shi-t and threw it down, leaving her in her singlet.

The crazy c0ckroach [email protected]£ out from un-der the shi-t again.

“No!!!!!!!!” She screamed again and went for the door.

She opened it and jumped on the first person she saw.


He actually [email protected]£ to deliver her orders.

They went down together with her on t©p of him.

Yang and Ming appeared and their eyes wi-de-ned at the sight.

Vince’s hands are on her @ss.

Her brea-sts is almost popping out of the [email protected] as she [email protected] him, it’s pressing right on his che-st.

Then theirl-ips are accidentally on each other.

“Boss!!!” Ming and Yang screamed.


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