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Arizona episode 18 & 19

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Boss!” Ming and Yang shouted.

Vince and Arizona’s eyes are wi-de as theirl-ips stayed glued on each other.

She can feel the weight of his palms on her @ss and her bre*sts that’s resting directly on him.

“Boss!!” Yang shouted again and her lost s-en-ses found their way back to her head.

She quic-kly stood from him but herl-ipstick stained hisl-ips.

She turned her back on them and pu-ll-ed up her singlet in the front, covering her expo-sed b00bs.

She closed her eyes and ran back into the office.

Vince stood slowly, looking at the package on the floor.

“I [email protected]£ to deliver this” he said.

Yang quic-kly took it.

Arizona was about to start pacing around the office when she saw the c0ckroach again on the couch.

She ran out again and hid behind Vince.

“plea-se eliminate it, I can’t stand c0ckroaches!” She said.

Yang stepped back.

“I hate c0ckroaches too” he said.

“Me too” Ming stepped back too.

“Do it, get rid of it” Arizona said behind Vince.

Vince stepped into the office and looked around for the bug.

He found it beside the couch and got the box from the floor.

He hit the box on the c0ckroach and limp it went.

He inhaled and left the office.

“It’s gone” he said.

“Really?” Arizona smiled.

“Yes” he replied and Arizona quic-kly hvgged him.

“Thank you thank you!”

“Looks strange, first was the accidental k!ssthen hiding behind him” Yang muttered.

“And now she’s hvgging him, what’s happening” Ming muttered too.

Arizona realized she’s still hvgging him and quic-kly stepped away.

“I’m… sorry” she said slowly.

“Thanks Vince!, You’re my hero!, Saranghea!” Yang said loudly as Vince started leaving.

“I’m your number one crush!” Ming shouted after him to.

He finally went out of sight and Arizona went into the office.

Yang signalled to Ming and they both entered the office too.

He dropped the package on the table but when he stood straight, he met Arizona’s glare.

“Who was supposed to clean this office this morning?”

“The cleaner that’s on shift for this office today is not around” Yang said.

“And you couldn’t @ssign another cleaner to do it?, Huh!”

“We started today by drinking the evil jui-ce then we started washing and rewashing toilets, how am I supposed to have time to @ssign another cleaner” Yang replied.

Arizona held her head.

“Gosh!, You two should…. leave now” she said.

Ming and Yang looked at each other.

“Naga! (Get out!)” Arizona yelled and they sauntered out of the office.

She started pacing around, di-pping her f!ngersinto her hair from time to time.

“We k!$$£d again…we did it again” she muttered and t©uçhed her bu-tt.

“He t©uçhed my backside!” She said in a babyish voice.

“My b00bs t©uçhed his che-st!, I hid behind him and hvgged him what the hell is wrong with me wae!” She shouted.

She laughed loudly like a demented person, holding her desk.

“I’m going crazy right now, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore and why was my heart beating so fast when it happened?” She asked herself and st©pped.

The scene [email protected]£ clear in her head again, the k!sslast night and the one that happened not long ago.

She finally fell on the couch heavily.

“Arizona what has he done to you!!” She shouted, throwing her legs in the air but she suddenly st©pped.

“He didn’t take money for the delivery!”


Vince got back to the restaurant and [email protected]£ down from the bike.

He stood still, remembering the scene earlier.

He closed his eyes and tried to shake it off but it seems impossible.

He rested on the bike.

“I feel strange, it doesn’t feel new last night too, what’s wrong with me?, Am I losing myself?, this is definitely not me” he thought.

“Vince you took a lot of time!” His boss said from the door.

He snapped out of it and was about to go in when he remembered he didn’t take the money for his delivery.

“What do I do?” He thought, walking in.

“She wired the money into the restaurant account instead” the boss said.


“Sure, your friend is waiting for you”

Vince walked in fully and saw Chrissy sitting.

“I’ve been waiting since ages” she smiled.

“Sorry something [email protected]£ up over there” he replied, sitting in front of her.

Chrissy’s expression changed when she saw hisl-ips, it has the stain of redl-ipstick.

“Did you usel-ipstick?” She quic-kly asked.

“I’ve never used it” he replied.

“I know that right?, Then why is there al-ipstick stain on yourl-ips?” She asked, giving him her phone.

He viewed his face in it and quic-kly wiped it with his palm.

“Vince you k!$$£d a girl?” She asked hurtfully.

“It was an accident, nothing serious” he replied and Chrissy stood.

“Leaving alre-ady?” He asked.

“Yes” she replied curtly and rushed out of the restaurant.

She got into her car and held the steering wheel ti-ghtly, thinking about who it might be.

“Vince k!$$£d a girl?, It sounds weird and strange and….wait, who’s it?” She asked herself.

“Gosh I’m so angry with whoever it is, should I tell him how I feel?” She thought.



Alena’s pains started slowly during her sleep.

She quic-kly got off be-d and rushed into the bathroom.

She held her throat and vomited blood into the zinc.

She rinsed her mouth with water after that and started walking out but she suddenly ran back.

She vomited more blood and [email protected]£ weak as usual.

She wiped herl-ips with tissue and her phone rang in her trou-sers pocket.

She smiled faintly when she saw it’s Vince.

“My dear” .

“Mum are you ok?, Your voice is somehow dull” he said.

“I’m just waking up from a nap” she replied.

“Oh, I’m relieved, the drugs will he re-ady tomorrow” he said.

“You’re trying so [email protected] for me” Alena said sadly.

“Are you really sure you’re fine over there?” He asked.

“Of course, the Banks family are the best and [email protected] is a cute respectful girl” she replied.

“I’ll call you later in the day” he replied.

“Alright dear” she said as he hung up.

“Nanny!” [email protected]’s voice rang from the room.

She entered the room and [email protected] hvgged her immediately.

“Nanny you’re running a high temperature” she noticed.

“That’s because I woke up not long ago”

“Is that the case?”

“Trust me cutie”

“So…can we go for shopping now?” she said, raising up a black card.

“Of course, let’s go” Alena replied, leaving the room with her.

They got downstairs and met Rita and Paulson with a guy.

“Who’s he?” [email protected] asked curiously

“I’m Chang-Bin” the guy introduced and [email protected] laughed out loud.

“Sounds like waste bin gosh!”

[email protected], caution” Alena said beside her and she st©pped laughing.

“Since Arizona is not re-ady to get married on her own, we’re planning a secret wedding for her and Chang-Bin” Rita said.

“Secret wedding?” Alena asked.

“Yes, we’ll plan it secretly and we just have to bring her to the wedding hall, I’m sure she won’t have a choice in the wedding hall, she’ll have to walk down the aisle with him” Paulson smiled and [email protected] laughed.

“100% failure” she said, leaving with Alena.

“I worked for hours in the labour room to bring those psychos alive, can’t believe it” Rita said.

“Adam is my only hope, at least he’s not like them, I can’t wait to see my handsome son again, he literally took after me in everything” Paulson smiled

“Everything but not the face, if he took after your face I’m sure hospitals will be inviting him for free plastic surgery” Rita retorted.

“You’re a psycho too” Paulson muttered.

“Yes I am” Rita glared.



Arielle just finished taking her night shower.

She [email protected]£ out of the bathroom, we-t from the shower water.

She st©pped in front of the mirror, staring at her face.

“I didn’t become pretty cos of plastic surgery like someone, I’m a natural beauty” she smiled, tou-ching her face.

“It’s not bad if I didn’t get Zanillia’s contract, it’s not the end of the road, LE SSERAFIM is still on the way and I’m sure I’m getting it, and more” she smiled arrogantly and was about to start applying facials when her phone rang.

The smile that spre-ad on her face immediately showed that it’s Prescott.

She quic-kly picked, it’s a video call.

The handsome face she could die for appeared on screen.

“Prescott” she shone her teeth.

“Hey Se-xy , you haven’t s£nt me the number I asked of” he said.

“Wait Prescott, is Arizona prettier?, Why are you suddenly wanting her when I’m always here for you” she jealously and he laughed.

“I smell jealousy”

“Of course I am, the night we spent together is still lingering around in my head and I still want more of that, but seems you’ve forgotten me” she said.

“How come you look more Se-xy tonight” he said, looking more closely.

She smiled craftily.

“Wanna see more of me?” She asked se-ductively, b!tt!g herl-ip.

He rested back on his chair as she pu-ll-ed the towel off her b©dy, showing him her Nak-edness.

“Wow” escaped hisl-ips.

She showed him every [email protected] of her b©dy till it got to her clean shaven V .

She made the [email protected]£ra st©p there and his eyes wi-de-ned.

“fv¢k, I feel like l!çk!ng this right now, I feel like… Damn!, I own you ok?” He said and she smiled.

“I’m not denying that, but talking about Arizona in front of me might make me start denying” she replied.

“I badly wanna fv¢k that Se-xy hole of yours till you beg for mercy” he said.

“Then come back to me, come to Korea soon I’ll be waiting” she win-ked

“I’ll be back soon” he smiled.

“I can’t wait, you don’t know how much I’ve gotten add!çted to your di-ck” she replied.

“I know, I’m irresistible” he replied and hung up.

Arielle jumped up.




Arizona is currently feeding Pepper with grains but her mind is surely far away.

Since Vince left, he has been seeing his face in everything she comes across.

The tables, couches, staircase, plates, spoons…. everything entirely looks like him.

“Seriously I’m going out of my mind…I’m not Arizona anymore, where am I?, Where did I go?” She muttered to herself.

She st©pped feeding Pepper and stood, she went upstairs.

She stood in front of the mirror and almost immediately, Vince appeared and [email protected]£d her @ss, they started k!ss!nghungrily.

She ran away from the mirror and sat on the be-d.

“Arrggg!!!!!” She screamed, holding her ears.

“Ok it’s over now, it’s over” she waltzed into her dressing room and [email protected]£ out twenty minutes later in a blue flannel go-wn on black heels, she swept her hair up in a neat ponytail.

“I’m eating out” she said to the maids as she walked out of the house.

“I met him at DINE & SMILE restaurant at 8pm the other night, the time is 2 mins to 8, I’ll surely meet him there” she thought.

“DINE AND SMILE” She told the driver who immediately drove out.



“Vince!” One of the other servers called as he stood still, staring into space.

He didn’t move.

“Vince!” He called again, tapping him.

“Huh?” He replied.

“What were you thinking?, You’ve been working abs£ntmindedly since you [email protected]£, are you ok?”

“I’m fine” he replied and resumed serving, unable to take the k!ssoff his head either.

Blaze [email protected]£ in.

“I’m done with my [email protected] time shifts, I’ll wait so we’ll go home together” he said, settling on a chair.

“Have you eaten?” Vince asked.

“No but I’m fine” he replied.

Vince went back to work and Arizona [email protected]£ in.

Merely seeing him, her heart raced uncontrollably.

She stood by the door, staring at him as he served.

👥 Miss Arizona!

Someone shouted and all eyes settled on her.

Vince looked up and their eyes met.

She smiled but he rather looks shocked.

“Wow!, First time I’ll be seeing her in person, she’s beautiful” Blaze muttered as she walked past his sit but she suddenly st©pped and looked at him

“Can I sit with you?” She asked.

“Me?, With…with me?”

She nodded.

“Yes!, Of course plea-se sit” he gestured and she sat in front of him.

Vince [email protected]£ with the menu and she took it.

“Find another sit” he said to Blaze.

“No hyung” he replied.

“Hyung?, You’re his junior brother?” Arizona asked.

“Yes!” Blaze quic-kly said.

“Whoa!, You’re just as handsome”

“Thanks” Blaze smiled and Vince glared at him.

“St©p glaring” he mouthed.

“Number 2 with a mix of french pasta then two bottles of red wine” Arizona said.

Vince took the menu and went for it.

“Seriously I’m a big fan” Blaze said.

Arizona smiled.


“Trust me I love your personality” Blaze replied.

“So… what’s your brother like?” She asked.

“Vince?, He’s the coldest guy on Earth” he replied and she giggled.

“I know”

“He never smiles except when he’s thinking of a girl”

“A girl?, Which girl?” She asked.

“The girl in his…

Vince [email protected]£ back with the orders and settled it down.

“One additional fork, as you can see I’m eating with him” she said.

Blaze [email protected]


“Of course”

Vince went to get the fork and Blaze quic-kly took it.

“Dig in” she said and he started eating with her.

“Dream come true, I’m really eating with miss Arizona Banks?” Blaze said, bringing out his phone.

“Can we snap together?” He asked.

“Sure” she smiled and he snapped their pictures together.

“Havana will be lucky to have this on her page” he thought.

“So which girl were you talking about?” Arizona asked curiously.

“The girl in his…

Blaze was interrupted again by a [email protected] sound from the other end of the restaurant.

A man just [email protected] a woman.

“You’re a beast!, That’s why I’m filing a divorce!, You always hit me at any slight chance!, I’m tired of you why can’t you just leave me alone!” The woman shouted and Arizona dropped her fork.

“You’re mine!, We got married legally so I own you!, I gave your parents a hvge lot of cash before they agreed to get you married to me!, I can do anything I want so get up now and let’s go home!” The man shouted and [email protected] the woman again.

She fell heavily.

“Get up!” The man shouted again.

Vince made to step in but Arizona was fas-ter, she stood and walked to the scene.

She threw a bail of cash to the man and he caught it.

“Why are you giving me money?” He asked.

“You said you gave her parents some money before they got her married to you therefore you can treat her like an animal, I’m interested in treating you like an animal too and that’s the reason for the money I gave you” she said and turned back swiftly before raising her leg to his chin.

She hit his chin and two of his teeth flew off.

“Whoa!, She’s so cool” Blaze said

Everyone held their breaths as he went down.

“My….my…my mouth” he cried, vomiting blood.

She helped the woman up and bent beside the man who shifted back in fear.

“Snake!, A python!, That’s what you are” she said to his face and Vince found himself smiling.

“You should be killed and roasted and milled then you’ll be fried and blended, you need to be sun-dried too then you’ll be milled again and be fed to a dog, that [email protected] dog should be killed too” she said and Vince smiled more wi-dely, di-pping his hands into his [email protected] pocket.

“Women are like eggs, say that now” she ordered.

“Women are…are… like..

“Like eggs!” Arizona fli-cked his nose.

“Arrggg!!” He screamed and Vince sighed.


“Handle them with care” she said, standing up.

She faced the woman and gave her a card.

“My number is in there, go back home and if he tries $h!t again, gimme a call , if you really want a divorce, tell me and I’ll get you a lawyer” she said.

“gamsahamnida” the woman bowed.

Arizona left the restaurant afterwards and Blaze followed immediately.

“I’ll be right back” Vince told his boss and followed too.

“You’re my heroine, I love what you did to that animal” Blaze said beside Arizona as they walked towards the road.

Her car is parked at the other side of it.

“I hate snakes like him” she said hatefully.

She got to the road with Blaze and was about to cross with him when a car sped in from nowhere.

Their eyes wi-de-ned and Arizona quic-kly pushed Blaze out of the road, he fell to the other side.

“Miss Arizona!!” He shouted as the car was about to hit her but Vince ran into the road suddenly and [email protected]£d her, pu-lling her out of the road.

Vince’s head hit on the road as she fell heavily on him.

The car sped off.

They both rolled down the road and Vince’s head started bleeding, he went unconscious immediately.

Arizona got up and knelt beside him, when she saw his bloody head, her eyes [email protected]£ wi-de.

His blood stained her hands as she held his face.

“Vincent!!!!” She screamed tearfully.


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