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Arizona episode 14 & 15

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Arielle snapped out of her imagination and inhaled softly, calming down bit by bit as she watched Arizona descend the stairs.

She held the rails ti-ghtly, pouring her anger on the poor thing.

“I might just make it come true someday, I might just…do it” she said to herself.

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Arizona was about to open the door to the main hall but someone opened it before she could.


“Are you ok?, You didn’t fight with Arielle right?, You both didn’t pu-ll each other’s hairs” he said, checking her out.

” She was lucky, if she had started it I’d have wounded her but she only said gibberish” she replied.

” I’m relieved, then let’s go” he replied and led her to the hall.

Arielle [email protected]£ in shortly with Bing and Zanillia [email protected]£ in that moment, everyone [email protected] as she made her way to the front with Kevin beside her.

The [email protected] continued till she got to the front and sat, her pres£nce smells rich too.

“Welcome everyone to this showcase” Kevin said.

” Nutcase” Arizona snickered.

” Arielle Lee, Arizona Banks, thanks for ma-king out time for my boss despite the fact that there’ll be only one winner” Kevin continued and Arielle smiled, remembering the night they had together.

She actually had a night stand with him two weeks ago and he told her Zanillia’s taste, she made the dress with that.

“It’ll be short cos madam is currently stressed out and will need to go back to her h0tel soon, so let’s start now, the dresses” Kevin said.

Bing and Yang pushed out the [email protected], housing the mannequins on which the dresses were worn.

The [email protected] has small tyres so it was easy to push to the middle.

👥 Wow!

👥 Arielle’s design!

👥 Arizona owns tonight

👥 Don’t even know which one to choose.

👥 Arielle’s design is a typical example of what Zanillia loves, she loves round n£¢ked go-wns

👥 That’s right, her spec is round n£¢k.

👥 Is Arizona gonna lose for the first time in history?

👥 Seems like that

The audience murmured possible choices between themselves .

Arielle smiled, hearing that majority chooses her dress.

She looked at Arizona and their eyes met.

“Loser” she mouthed and Arizona only smiled in return.

“Qiangu, Naza, your views?” Kevin asked Zanillia’s two daughters.

” Hmmn, mum loves round n£¢ked go-wns so I think I go with Arielle’s, it’s beautiful” Naza said.

” I can bet anything that I love Arizona’s go-wn though it’s true that mum loves round n£¢ks so I guess mum will go for Arielle’s go-wn but if I was asked to choose for myself, I’d choose Arizona’s design” Qiangu replied.

” Madam, your choice ma” Kevin said, facing Zanillia herself.

She stood and walked to the dresses.

The [email protected] were opened and she t©uçhed Arizona’s go-wn first, checking it out.

Yang held his breath and closed his eyes, clasping his hands together.

“plea-se God, Arizona must not lose to that [email protected], if Arielle wins I’ll commit suicide for sure” he whispered silently.

Zanillia spent close to ten minutes, examining Arizona’s go-wn before moving to Arielle’s.

Arizona saw a look of discomfort on her face immediately she t©uçhed it.

“Loosing is not my thing” she smiled.

Zanillia faced them after three minutes of checking it out.

“Arielle, the material you used is not comfortable with my skin, I felt uncomfortable Immediately I t©uçhed it” she said.

Arielle held her breath.

” Your design is cool and great, and yes I was a fan of round n£¢ked go-wns” she continued.

“Was?” Bing said.

” I got tired of it last month and that’s why I contacted you guys, I wanted to try something new” Zanillia smiled, walking to Arizona’s go-wn.

” Something new like this” she said, tou-ching the go-wn.

” Yes!” Yang said happily.

Arielle felt life sli-pping out of her b©dy.

” I’m completely in love with this go-wn and I’d love to have more of it and other fascinating designs from you in my closets…. Arizona” Zanillia said and Arizona smiled wi-dely.

” Not only the design, I love the texture, it matters too, the comfortability with the skin, it’s not harsh” Zanillia continued.

” I won’t disappoint you madam, I surely won’t” Arizona smiled.

Bing pushed Arielle’s design out of the stage and Arielle stormed out of the hall in anger.

Reporters rushed in immediately and Yang quic-kly [email protected] Arizona her black shades.

She put on the shades before facing the reporters who started snapping her pictures Immediately, throwing the usual suffocating questions.

Thanks to the shades, she wasn’t affected by the [email protected]£ra lights.

She stood beside her design and several pictures of her were cli-cked.

Then she snapped with Zanillia herself and her daughters.

“wo xi huan ni” Qiangu said in Chinese.

(Translation: I like you)

“Xie Xie (thanks)” Arizona replied in Chinese too.

” You un-derstand Chinese?” Qiangu asked surprisingly.

” Very well” Arizona smiled and got a hvg from her.

” I’m a big fan of yours seriously, you’re popular even in China” she said.

” I’m t©uçhed” Arizona held her che-st and they both laughed.

” The pictures will appear in my magazine tommorow” Zanillia interrupted them.

” You have a magazine in your name?” Arizona asked.

“Yes, Zanillia’s magazines is the most popular in China, it’s popular here in Korea too” Qiangu said.

” Maybe because I spend all my free time watching dramas, I wasn’t aware” Arizona said and Zanillia smiled.

” I love your personality, don’t change” she said.

“I won’t, someone told me to always be strong, that’s the only way to free myself from intrigues” Arizona replied.

” Someone?”

” Yes, a sweet candy” Arizona smiled.

“I’ll see you before flying back to China tommorow so we’ll sign the contract”

” I’ll be in my company” Arizona replied.

“I’ll follow her to come see you” Qiangu win-ked and waved as she left with her sis and mum.

” Yes!!!!!” Arizona screamed.

“We won” Yang said.

“We did it!!” Ming appeared.

Ella and many others from the institute then most of her staffs in the company shrouded around her, greeting her congratulations.

She’ll surely get more popular and richer.

“Some booze right?, We need it” Arizona said.

“Yes boss!” They all chorused happily.

” What’s the best pork restaurant around?” She asked.

” Madame Park’s” Ming said.

” Soju inclusive?” Arizona asked.

“Yes boss!’ Ming modded.

” Let’s go!” She said, leading the way out while the others followed happily.


Arielle waited impatiently in front of her car, her eyes shows how angry she is right now, she could just kill.

She’s tapping the ground with her heels repeatedly, looking around for when Kevin will show up.

“Calm down Arielle, it’s not the end of the world” Bing said behind her and she faced him swiftly.

“Say that again”

Bing shifted back in fear.

“I told you to say that again!, Talk!” She shouted furiously.

“I’m … sorry” he said slowly and a car appeared.

Kevin [email protected]£ out of it and immediately he got to Arielle, she [email protected]£d him by the collar.

“What just happened!’ she said.

“You saw it all by yourself, I never knew madam will change her taste trust me, it all happened so fast and she didn’t even tell anyone” Kevin replied.

” You should have just made more investigation!, Now I lost to that psycho after having a fv¢king night stand with a moron like you!” She snapped.

” Mo… moron?” Kevin said.

” I can’t stand that crazy Arizona and the fact that she won against me once again, you caused it!” She yelled.

” Get off me sick slut!” Kevin pushed her away and she staggered on Bing who prevented her from falling.

“You met me willingly and asked what you needed to to if you want the contract, I asked for a night stand and you gave in not like I f0rç£d you!, bit-ch!, Come near me and I’ll make you regret coming alive!” He threatened and got into his car.



Arizona arrived with her entourage and they entered, chatting and jubilating alre-ady.

Arizona is behind them with Yang, they’re over twenty.

“hwangyong-hamnida ( Welcome ! ) Madame Park greeted as they [email protected]£ in.

She [email protected] when she saw Arizona sho [email protected]£ in last.

“Arizona [email protected]!
(Miss Arizona!)” She said happily.

“annyeong hashimnikka ahjumma (good evening ma’am) she smiled.

“Miss Arizona is really in my shop?, Gosh I’m so honoured” madam Park smiled gratefully.

” I [email protected]£ with my staffs for pork, heard you have the best pork around”

” Sure, I’ll make sure you get a special service” madam Park said.

” Special?, I’m a human like others here, serve me same way you do serve your customers”

” But you’re a…

“Do what I said” she interrupted.

“Ok miss, this way” she directed her to sit in the midst of her staffs.

Her staffs occupied three tables alre-ady, she sat with them.

‘The h0ttie that [email protected]£ visiting last time” Ming smiled.

” h0ttie?” Yang asked.

” The one who [email protected]£ with another girl to apologise to boss” Ming replied.

” Vince?” Yang asked and Arizona faced him quic-kly.

” Yes, I think he works here, I can’t help but drool, here he is” Ming replied as Vince dropped the pork serving on their table.

Arizona looked up at him, not surprised that he’s here.

Right now she’s sure he has more than four [email protected] time jobs.

He still looks moody.

“Vince watssup” Yang said.

He bowed simply and his eyes met with Arizona’s.

She quic-kly changed the direction of her eyes to the table.

The female staffs can be seen drooling on him too, he has this charm that’s irresistible.

“Did you see that?, He’s always like this but I find him charming, I have a crush on him” Yang said.

” I don’t care about his personality, his face is crazily cute, I love hisl-ips [email protected]” Ming said.

Yang rolled eyes at her.

” Never knew you’re like this too” he said.

“Whatever” she smiled.

Madam Park [email protected]£ back with the bottles of soju.

” Enjoy” she said before leaving.

“I’ll grill the pork” Ming said, gently placing the pork bellies on the electric grill.

“gamsahamnida sajangnim! (Thanks boss!) The staffs from the second table chorused when their table was served.

Arizona drank slowly as the pork got grilled.

Strangely, Vince’s moody face got her worried.

It’s not her thing to worry about guys.

To her, guys are toxic but…ok it’s just strange.

“aish” she muttered and drank a cup again.

“Boss is everything ok?” Yang asked.

“I’m fine” she replied.

” Then smile for your staffs, you just got a win” he said.

She drank again.

They started eating pork while drinking soju.

“Not bad” Arizona said after tasting it.

“I told you boss” Ming said.

“More pork plea-se!” Yang said.

Vince brou-ght it in a jiffy and Arizona found herself staring again.

He left and she had to turn back to stare till he went outta sight.

“Drinking drinking drinking” Ming said.

“I’m an emperor when it comes to drinking, boss is my testifier” Yang said.

” We’ll see about that” Ming replied and started drinking heavily with Yang.


“So what were you saying?” Yang said drun!kenly.

He’s holding an empty bottle, swinging it around.

“Magic can’t make me marry you, you’re not my type” Ming replied drun!kenly too.

Arizona folded her arms un-der her b00bs, watching them.

“Women only need money, I’m so rich, the moment you see my heavy account balance, you’ll fall for me , ion need magic” Yang laughed, dropping the bottle.

It crashed on the ground.

“Money?, I’m rich too, my boss is very generous, she never delays my salary so tell me why I should fall for your money” Ming belched.

” You mean Arizona?, That crazy boss, she’s my boss too, isn’t it amazing that she makes so much from her chicken farm?” Yang grinned.

” She sells bu-tterflies, not chicken” Ming replied.

“It’s chicken, both local and international ones…but she’s the only problem I have, she behaves like a mentally unstable person” Yang said.

Arizona drank a cup.

” I know right?, I wish I could just seal herl-ips, she nags too much and…” Ming stood and staggered.

Yang stood too.

He took off his shi-t, throwing it away.

It landed on Arizona’s face.

One of the staffs quic-kly took it off her face.

He climbe-d the table, walking towards the electric grill.

Ming started swinging her hands in the air.

Yang stepped on the grill and screamed out.


He jumped down from the table, falling on Ming.

They both sle-pt off immediately.

“Boss, should I write their sack letters?” One of the staffs asked.

Arizona stood and left without answering.

She walked to the counter where Madame Park is standing.

“Miss” she smiled.

“Here” Arizona dropped a wad of cash on the table.

“This is much!, The whole thing isn’t even up to fifty thousand dollars” madam Park [email protected]

” Where’s your server?” She asked.

” Vince?, He left just now, his shift is over”

Arizona rushed out of the restaurant and luckily she met him outside, he’s walking towards the road.

She rushed to him and didn’t bother to call his name before gr-abbing his right hand.

He’s holding his phone with that same hand, it fell and shattered.

He looked back at her then at his shattered phone.

“Sorry” she said.

“Thanks for completely destroying it” he said and didn’t give her a chance to talk before starting to walk away.

She went after him.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked.

“It’s none of your business, I think I told you to get lost plea-se st©p showing up!” He shouted again like the other time.

He left her standing and she looked at the phone on the ground.

“I’m crazy” she said to herself.



“Are you sure it’ll be beautiful?” [email protected] asked as Alena [email protected] her hair.

” Trust me you’ll see what I’m [email protected] in just a bit” Alena replied and [email protected] smiled.

” Nanny”

” Yes?”

” My dream is to become a K-pop idol but I’m scared, I don’t think I’ll get picked at the audition” she said

Alena stood in front of her and held her face.

” Just believe in you, you can definitely do it, you have the voice, you dance really well cos of your flexibility, you’re so pretty too” she said.

” Thanks, I love you nanny! ” [email protected] pe-cked her.

” I love you more” she smiled.

” My brother is coming back to Korea soon, the Adam I always talk about, he’s very handsome” [email protected] said.

” I’ll find out when he finally comes” Alena smiled.



Zanillia left an hour ago, the contract has been signed and she successfully built friendsh!pwith Qiangu.

The magazine is out alre-ady and she has more than enough copies on her table.

Almost every TV station is airing the news and instead of being happy, she’s somehow sad.

“How come he’s so harsh?” That’s what she has been thinking about since last night.

It’s stranger that the thoughts of her sweet candy and Vince always bu-mp into each other in her head.

She remembered the phone she mistakenly destroyed and called for Yang but no answer.

One of her staffs [email protected]£ in.

“Ming and Mr Yang are not at work ma’am” he reported.

” They’re drinking five cups of the jui-ce once they step their foot in this company she said.

” Get me a phone, this type” she said, holding up her phone.

She gave him a debit card and he left the office.



The unbearable headache is ma-king Vince’s head behave strange.

It hurts a lot but he still doesn’t want to miss this shift, his salary might be cut.

He hid his pains and worked more than the usual time.

When it was time to close the shop, madam Park got an emergency call.

“Vince can you close the shop for me?, I have to go now” she quic-kly said.

“Sure madam” he replied and she rushed out of the shop.

He sat on a chat and held his head.

Thinking about what Mrs Hwang did and how he has been transferring aggression on Arizona since then, his pathetic life and his poor family.

Everything contributed to his splitting headache.

He stood slowly and started walking to the door, looking for what to cure the crazy headache with.

He has never had it this splitting all his life.

His b©dy is burning up alre-ady too.

He got to the door and squatted there, holding his head in his palms.

Arizona [email protected]£ in with a nylon containing the new phone but when she saw him that way, she quic-kly bent beside him.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

He looked up Immediately he heard the female voice, his eyes are so red.

” Anaconda what’s…

“WRONG WITH YOU” went back to her throat as he stood and pu-ll-ed her up sharply.

The phone fell from her as she slammed her back on the wall.

She hasn’t recovered from the shock when hisl-ips slammed r0ûghly on hers.


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