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Arizona episode 12 & 13

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Summer li-cked herl-ips as she unbolted Vince’s belt.

“I’m sure his c0ckwill be the biggest I’ve ever seen, Se-xy guys like him are always that way” she said in excitement.

She finished un-boltingand was about to pu-ll the belt out of the loop when the door suddenly opened.

“Who the hell is….

Summer was cut short when she saw Chrissy, looking at her angrily.

“What the hell are you doing here!” She demanded, getting down from the be-d.

” The moment I saw you and your stupid sister here, I knew you’re planning something and the fact that Vince [email protected]£ in afterwards, you’re planning to [email protected]£ him?”

” What about it?, I love him” Summer replied.

” You’re a shame to the other girls out there, shameless prostitute!” Chrissy shouted.

Summer [email protected]£ closer and made to [email protected] her but another guy [email protected]£ in, he held her hand firmly.

Summer recognized him as a guy from their [email protected]

“It’s better you run right now, else I’m calling the cops and I’ll definitely report you for attem-pted [email protected]£, hoe” he said icily and pushed her.

Summer staggered on the wall.

” Leave!, Whore!” Chrissy yelled.

Summer stood, glaring at the both of them.

” This isn’t over!” She threatened and left the room.

“Vince…oh poor him” Chrissy said, rushing to the be-d.

Seeing his shi-tless b©dy, she gulped nothing down her throat, he’s really beautiful.

“Vince!” She called, holding his face.


“He must have been [email protected]£d, we should get him outta here” the guy said.

[email protected] you need to help me” she replied and he went closer.

He carried Vince on his back and they both left the room.

He dropped him in Chrissy’s car when they got out.

“Will you take him home?” He asked.

“Sure, thanks” she replied and made to enter the car too.

He held her back and she faced him

“You haven’t really given me an answer” he said.

” It can’t work, sorry, I’ll see you in school on Monday” she smiled and stylishly made him re-lease her.

She got into the car and ordered the driver to drive.

The drive to Vince’s place started but halfway throu-gh it, she changed her mind

“Drive home” she ordered the driver.

“Yes miss” he replied.

They got to her place shortly and she took him out of the car with the help of the driver.

He was taken in and dropped on Chrissy’s be-d.

“Thanks” she told the driver who left immediately .

She was about to cover him when she sighted the locket in his n£¢klace.

“Who could she be?” She wondered, letting curiousness take over.

She took the locket and slowly started to open it.

“He hates when people intrude his privacy, but he’s asleep, I’ll just take my chances” she though.

She opened it finally and her eyes wi-de-ned when she saw the face of a young girl which she concluded as ugly immediately.

It’s red with rashes allover.

“She’s ugly” she muttered and remembered she saw him drawing something like this in his note earlier

“It’s her” she said, looking at the picture in the locket again.

“His childhood lover?, He has a childhood lover? No he can’t have a childhood lover who’s as ugly as this” she thought, feeling awkward.

” But if she’s not, why else did he have this locket?” She asked herself, covering the locket.

” Is he looking for her?”

She sighed and finally covered Vince with the duvet then sat beside him.

She t©uçhed his face gently, ru-bbing his cheek.

“Sleep ti-ght h0ttie” she smiled, bending over him.

She k!$$£d his hair before standing .

She left the room after giving him one last stare.



Arizona flexed her f!ngersafter drawing the young boy for the twentieth time.

She draws his face everyday, signifying how much she misses him.

She smiled, looking at the last one.

“If he grew up alre-ady, he’ll me more handsome, how much more? ” She chuckled, standing and walking around, staring at it.

Vince’s face sudden flashed in her memory and she st©pped, remembering what he did earlier.

The words he said.

**I DON’T CARE IF I GET RUSTICATED, IF YOU [email protected] HER, I’LL [email protected] YOU**

Before she knew it, she’s smiling.

[email protected] responsible anaconda” she said, smiling more wi-de.

” He looked cute” she said to herself and the smile dropped from her face.

“What did I just say?, Oh Arizona…all guys are snakes, get that” she said to herself and went to her room.

She sat in front of the mirror and started brushing her hair gently.

“But why did he not take my compensation?, Should I disturb him?” She said.



Vince’s eyes felt blurry when he woke up but it took just a few secs before he clearly saw his environment.

He spranged up and when he saw he’s shi-tless, his eyes wi-de-ned.

Chrissy [email protected]£ in immediately.

“You’re awake” she smiled.

“jega jigum-eodee-eenayo? (Where am i right now?)” He asked, looking at her like she’s from a dream.

“nae jib (My house)” she replied with a smile.

“eotteohge deon geoyeyo? (What exactly happened?)” he asked, remembering how he [email protected] out after inhaling something from the dark room.

[email protected] has a hvge crush on me so he invited me to the club, I never wanted to go but I later changed my mind, I decided to go give him a piece of my mind but on getting there, I saw Summer and her sister Avery, they [email protected]£ in together and left throu-gh a door, I was beyond shocked to see you enter the club cos I know you don’t have the time but when I saw the package with you, I un-derstood you [email protected]£ to deliver, I called your name but I guess the loud music didn’t let you hear, you went in and I was waiting for when you’d come out but you didn’t, Avery [email protected]£ out after some minutes, smiling crookedly and I got suspicious,I went in and met Summer trying to….

“Do what?” He asked impatiently.

[email protected]£ you, she took off your shi-t alre-ady and your belt was unbolted” she replied.

[email protected]£ me?”

” Yes, [email protected] helped me and we were able to save you” she said.

He took his shi-t from the be-d Immediately and left the room.

“Vince!” She shouted after him.

She met up by the stairs.

“Eat breakfast here before you go” she said

“I’m not in the mood to eat breakfast” he replied and left the house.

“Summer, that slutty girl” Chrissy folded her fist, hitting it on the rails.



“Why were you two home late yesterday?” Mrs Hwang asked during breakfast.

“re-ading with a friend” Avery replied.

“Out with my b©yfri£nd” Summer said.

Mrs Hwang gave them looks of disbelief before eating from her meal again.

Avery exchanged secret glances with Summer and the doorbell rang.

A maid opened the door and Vince barged in.

Not minding Mrs Hwang, he [email protected] Summer immediately he got to them.

“What!” Avery exclaimed.

“What did you just try!” Mrs Hwang stood.

“How dare you Vince!” Summer glared, holding her face.

” How dare me?, Or how dare you?, How dare you [email protected]£ me and try to [email protected]£ me are you that shameless?” He said.

[email protected]£….you?” Mrs Hwang said.

” Do you have an evidence?, What evidence do you have that I tried that?” Summer claimed.

“Chrissy can testify to this” he said.

“My two daughters were home with me last night so what are you trying to pu-ll?” Mrs Hwang said and Vince’s eyes wi-de-ned.

” What?”

She [email protected]£ closer and gave Vince a resounding [email protected] on the left cheek.

Avery smiled.

“Mum st©p!” Summer said, holding Mrs Hwang back.

“This is your second mistake this month, if you dare make the third, your scholarsh!pwill be terminated, get out!” Mrs Hwang yelled, pointing at the door.

Vince looked up at her and her two daughters before leaving the house.

“Thanks for standing up for us mum!” Avery smiled.

“But mum, you shouldn’t have [email protected] the face I treasure so much” Summer said.

Mrs Hwang only entered her study without saying a thing.


Vince got down from the bus at the bus station and decided to walk the remaining meters home.

He has been holding back his tears in the bus but he finally let it out as he walked, unable to contain it anymore.

Why is life so cruel to the poor?

Why is being poor so [email protected]?

Why is it that life only supports the rich?

He wiped his tears with his palms as they fell slowly.

Arizona was on her way to the institute when she saw him.

Her car actually [email protected] by him.

“St©p” she ordered the driver and he did

“What?” Yang asked.

She [email protected]£ out without answering.

“Anaconda!” She called after him

“Anaconda!” She called again, rushing after him.

She finally got to him and held his arm

He st©pped and faced her.

He has wiped his tears completely but his eyes are red.

“Wae-gu-rae?(What’s wrong)” She asked.

He freed himself and started walking again but she went to him again, obstructing him.

“Why are you crying?” She asked.

“jebbal kkeojyeo! (plea-se get lost!)” He yelled harshly.

Arizona stepped back immediately.

“Don’t talk to me anymore and don’t ever appear in front of me!, Everyone of you is just the same!, St©p pretending to be nice!” He yelled and she shifted back more farther, looking at his hurtful face.

Yang appeared.

“Vince are you ok?” He asked.

He never spared him a glance before leaving.

” I said it, he’s not the regular type, he’s so upti-ght and blunt” he said, facing Arizona who’s currently staring into space.

“We should go now” he said .

She remained motionless.

“Arizona?” He called.

“gaja (let’s go)” she said almost inaudibly, leading the way back to the car

Yang’s phone rang and after he picked, he [email protected]

“Mr Banks is currently in the hospital, it’s critical too” he said and she looked back swiftly.

” Which Mr Banks?”

” Who else but your dad” he replied quic-kly.

” appa?, appa?” She said, rushing into the car.

They changed direction to the hospital and she ran in with Yang to the VVIP ward which has Paulson Banks slated in front of it.

Paulson is on the be-d and he’s currently getting transfused with blood.

Rita is in with Alena and [email protected]

“appa!!” She shouted, rushing to his be-d.

“Daughter” Paulson said weakly.


“I’m dying” he replied.

“ch…. ch… chuko? (Death?)” She stammered.

The doctor [email protected]£ in immediately.

” Yes, he currently has just one year to live cos he has been living with cancer which he has been keeping to himself, it [email protected] the treatable stage alre-ady” he explained.

” andwae!!!, appa kajima (no, dad don’t go)”.

“yeobo (honey)” Rita cried behind her.

” appaaa!!!!” [email protected] started crying too but Arizona noticed something.

There’s no syringe in the mouth of the transfusion pipe so the blood is not entering Paulson’s system.

“So daughter, don’t you want me to see my grandchild before I die?, plea-se get married before two months, it’s my last wish, find a man before two months, get married and let me have a glance of my grandchild if not children” Paulson said, holding Arizona’s hand.

Arizona smiled secretly, getting it all immediately.


“Arizona say something, take pity on your dad” Rita said.

” appaaa!!!” She screamed and [email protected] out, falling on Paulson on the be-d.

“Arizona!!” Rita screamed, rushing to her.

Paulson quic-kly re-moved the pipes from his wrist.


[email protected] smiled. “She caught them, now it’s the other way round, I said it, it won’t work for that psycho” she muttered.

” You mean she’s pla-ying them right now?” Alena asked.

“I know her, so yes” [email protected] replied.

Alena smiled, watching the drama.

“I told you it’s dangerous” Rita said.

“We planned it together so st©p trying to blame me!* Paulson sh0t back.

“Doctor do something!, She’s not breathing!” Rita said, feeling Arizona’s che-st.

She actually held her breath.

“Drama went wrong, Arizona!!” Rita shouted.

“Why can’t they just smell the drama she’s performing” Yang said to himself

The doctor got the defibrillators and was about to start giving her shocks when Arizona’s eyes flew open.

She snatched the defibrillators from the doctor and they changed position.

She started giving the doctor shocks and the poor doctor almost fainted.

“Arizona plea-se!” Rita quic-kly said.

“So you made me rush here cos of a mere drama?, I’m the queen of drama myself so why didn’t you think twice before planning this” she said, breathing heavily.

” Get a man!” Paulson said.

“andwae! (no!)” She snapped and dropped the defibrillators on the doctor’s che-st before leaving the ward, bu-mping into Alena.

She was too restless to say sorry before leaving.

“Don’t mind her” [email protected] said.

“I’m ok, I like her” Alena smiled.

“Poor doctor” [email protected] giggled.



” Two boxes on table 4″ one of the servers said.

“Sure” Blaze replied, getting the boxes.

She took them to the table but surprisingly, Havana is sitting there.

His heart skipped beats.

“Havana?” He said surprisingly.

“I found you, I’m glad” she smiled.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

She stood and pu-ll-ed him out.

” Your face is ok alre-ady” she said when they got go the front of the shop.

” Yeah* he replied.

” I’m sorry about Byung” she said, ni-bbling slowly on her bottoml-ip.

He quic-kly looked away from her, she looks cuter while doing that.

“I’ve forgotten” he said.

“Will you still continue staying away from me?” She asked, looking straight at him.

” I have to, if I want to still be in the school”

” What if I promise to protect you from him?, Seriously I can’t bear your silence at school, you’re my only friend and staying away from me is hurtful, can we go back to being friends?, plea-se” she said, holding his hand.

She rubbe-d the back of his palm and that s£nt bu-tterflies down his stomach.

“Huh?, Huh?, plea-se Blaze” she begged.

“Ok” he replied and she smiled largely.

” Jinjja?( really?)”

” Yak-Sok (I promise)” he smiled and she hvgged him, ma-king more bu-tterflies flutter their wings in his stomach.

He was still contemplating on weather to hvg her back or not when she broke it.

“See you in school on Monday” she waved.

“See ya!” He smiled as she entered her car.



“I was so scared till Chrissy texted me, saying you were with her, don’t do that again” Vince said during dinner.

Vince ate a little, he has been moody all day.

He stood and started walking in.

“Are you ok?” Blaze asked.

“Yes” he replied and entered the room.

He sat in front of the mirror, remembering how he talked to Arizona earlier.

The look on her face when she was shifting back from him.

He decided to brush it off.

He took his locket and opened it.

The moment he saw the face in it, he smiled.

“I hope I meet you soon” he said before closing it back, he k!$$£d it.



It’s the showcase night, Zanillia will make her choice tonight.

Her two daughters are alre-ady in the hall plus some executives from her company.

People from Arielle and Arizona’s fashion institute are pres£nt alre-ady but Zanillia herself and the two enemies are not in sight.

“Where’s Arizona?” Bong secretly asked Yang.

“She went to the restroom, her Zi-pper was misbehaving” Yang replied.

” Arielle went to the restroom too” Bing replied and their eyes wi-de-ned.


Arizona was coming back from the restroom when she met Arielle by the stairs.

They both st©pped to glare at each other then Arielle laughed.

“You’re losing tonight, that’s just so obvious” she mocked.

” Everyone is entitled to act stupid once in a while but you’re perfectly abusing that privilege” Arizona replied with the usual slow smile.

” What!”

“What were you expecting?, You expect me to cry and wail like fifteen years ago?, I’m not that weakling anymore Arielle, the fas-ter you @ssimilate that fact, the better” Arizona sneered and made to start climbing down the stairs.

“Plastic face, don’t go near fire, plastic burns, it’s a free advise” Arielle mocked and she st©pped.

She looked back slowly.

” I’m glad I got a solution to my face, but isn’t it pathetic that you on the other hand will remain stupid till eternity?” She said and Arielle felt her blood boiling.

Arizona smiled and started climbing down.

Arielle rushed to her and pushed her before she could detect

Arizona fell and rolled down the stairs, hitting her head repeatedly on the rails till she got to the base where her blood w€t the ground.

Arielle’s b©dy shook as she climbe-d down the stairs slowly.

She looked around and when she saw there’s no [email protected]£ra around, she felt Arizona’s heartbeat.

She’s not breathing anymore and blood is still oozing [email protected] out of her cracked head.

“You deserve it, uglyface” Arielle muttered and ran out of the place.


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