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Aqila episode 41 to 45

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AQILA 💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞

CHAPTER 41🌹🌹💞💞

A week later, Madhi asked Asad to go with his team to the Army camp. He’s friend needs to be operated on. Asad packed his stuff and contacted his medical team. They left the next day. They arrived safely and settled down with their things. Asad and his team got ready for the surgery. It looked quite tough but they were successful. After the surgery they returned back to their base.

The next day some of the team members returned back to the hospital while Asad, Lila and Dharah stayed back. Asad was having his nap when he heard a knock at his door. He stood up and sluggishly went to check who it was. He opened the door and was surprised to see Aqila standing right in front of him. She hugged him and went in.

‘Why are you here?
‘Mum asked me to bring these for you’
‘Ah, really? Thanks. But you have to leave soon. No one knows we’re married. Remember the law, plus we’re at the Military ground’
‘Don’t worry. I’ll leave tomorrow.
‘Tomorrow? You crazy girl. No use arguing with you ‘

Aqila served him some food. She arranged his room and folded his clothes. After working she had some sleep. Lila had brought some food that evening for Asad. She was surprised to see some dishes. Aqila was having her bath. She heard voices and checked it out. She saw Lila and remembered her from the hospital. She was the female doctor that was hitting on Asad.

Aqila became furious. She quickly wore some clothes. She noticed Asad and Lila leaving and followed them up. Lila and Asad had gone to the general’s room to check up on him. One of the soldiers noticed Aqila sneaking around and grabbed her. Asad heard her voice and rushed out.

‘Aqila? What are you doing here? Geez
‘You know her?
‘Uhmm.. Kinda. I really apologize ‘
‘Sorry Asad’
‘I asked you to stay put..
‘She’s your mistress? Or spy? I’ll deal with you two’
‘Hold on, this is a misunderstanding’

The soldier dragged them to the locker room and locked them in. Asad was very angry with Aqila he refused to talk to her. Eventually, they fell asleep. The general woke up and asked of Asad. The soldier dude told him what had happened. The general asked them to be released.

Asad and Aqila thanked him and returned to Asad’s place. Asad had his bath and left. Aqila was angry with herself. She acted foolishly. Asad returned in the evening. At night, Lila visited Asad. She kept on making moves on Asad which Aqila saw. Aqila couldn’t hold it in. She stormed out of the room .

AQILA 🌹🌹💞💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹

CHAPTER 42💞💞💞🌹🌹

Aqila stormed out of the room in anger.

‘Hey! It’s night already. Go home
‘Excuse me? Asad who’s she?
‘Don’t ask him, ask me. I’m Aqila Ahmed. Now leave ‘
‘Aqila, go inside.
‘I won’t unless she leaves ‘
‘Why would I leave?
‘I heard pouring acid on snitches faces is trending ‘
‘Oh my gush. Asad you didn’t tell me you’re raising a terrorist. I’ll be in my room. See you tomorrow.
‘Don’t come at all. ”

Aqila went back to the room and Asad followed her.

‘What was that out there? I won’t let you insult my friends. You made friends and I didn’t complain a bit’
‘That’s your headache. I have the right to complain. I don’t like her, I don’t like Elizabeth. I hate it when women come close to you’
‘I never complained when Uddin and Mustafa were close to you, hugging and kissing you ‘
‘They never kissed me. We only hugged. I hate your closeness. They’re hitting on you. They try to seduce you. I hate it. You are married get that!

Asad was tired with the argument. He went closer to Aqila who stepped back still talking. He pulled her close and kissed her. Aqila withdrew and was surprised. Asad’s heart wants Aqila, his lips needs hers. Asad pulled her close and held her tight. He gave her a long kiss. Aqila stopped struggling, she felt pleased. Asad carried her to the bed. Aqila was pretty scared. She looked into his eyes.

Asad removed his shirt and kissed her. He touched her hair, down to her hand, to her leg. Aqila grabbed the blanket. Asad whispered to her ‘I’ll make it memorable for you ‘

Aqila released herself to Asad and they consummated their marriage. The next morning, Asad woke up before Aqila. Her head was on his chest. He touched her cheek and kissed her forehead.

‘Wow! I’ve been missing out all these while. So foolish of me. Thanks for last night’
Aqila opened her eyes and smiled at Asad
‘Good morning Asad’
‘My jelly pie, thank you for last night. Aqila… Honestly, I love you but, I couldn’t tell you.
‘Me too. I love you so much. You made my heart beat so fast. Thank goodness you love me too’
‘Haha, I’m glad I love you. I promise never to hurt you. Aqila, you are my strength and weakness. With you by my side, I can conquer the world and if anything happens to you, then I’m finished ‘
‘Same here. Promise to always hold me tight?
‘I promise I love you
‘I love you too
‘Rest up, I’ll make breakfast for us.

Asad kissed her and left for the kitchen. Aqila smiled.

AQILA 💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖

CHAPTER 43💖❤💞🌹

Asad made breakfast for Aqila and himself. Dhara was at the door. He rushed over and opened the door and was surprised with his presence.

‘Why are you here?
‘Sorry. I came to pick my shirt. I left it here two days ago. It’s in the room.
‘No. I’ll get it for you. You just wait right here.
‘Don’t disturb yourself. I’ll do it’

Asad tried to stop him, lucky him, Aqila had gone to the bathroom. Dhara picked his shirt and left. Asad went back to bring the breakfast. Aqila was amazed with the breakfast.

‘We should go on our honeymoon. Where do you wish to go to?
‘Me? I’m fine. As long as you are there with me, I’m ok’
‘So sweet of you. Let’s go to Mexico. I’ll book our flight tickets and arrange everything ‘
‘You don’t have to go through such stress ‘
‘It’s not stress at all, my love’

Two days later, Asad and Aqila left for Mexico without informing anyone. Their flight was successful, though Aqila was jet sick. They arrived at the hotel and went to their room. Aqila arranged their stuffs. Asad left take his bath. He called Aqila to bring his face washer. Aqila took the face washer but couldn’t go in. She knocked at the door and Asad opened it popping his head out.

‘Here it is’
‘Thanks. Wanna have a bath with me?
‘No thanks.. ‘

Aqila tried to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her in. He locked the door behind her. He leaned towards her, but Aqila was shy and blushing

‘Go away, i need to finish up ‘
‘Let’s finish up with things here first, don’t you think?

Asad leaned closer and put on the shower. Aqila was surprised and went closer to him for shelter. Asad held her tight and looked into her eyes. She grabbed the towel to leave and dry her body but Asad stopped her. He tried to kiss her but she removed her face. Asad took the towel from her and threw it back on the hanger. He held her tight and kissed her slightly. Her breathing increased.

‘Asad.. not now ‘she said faintly
‘No, I won’t stop’ he whispered to her.

Asad kissed her lips and her neck while Aqila held him tight. Asad enjoyed his shower romance, but he wants more. He carried Aqila to the bed and laid her down and caressed her. He sat up and smiled.

‘You are tired right? Go have your bath and join me here. I’ve placed orders for our dinner. We can cuddle all night. Ok baby girl?
‘Yes. I’ll take my bath now’

Aqila left for the bathroom while Asad changed to his sleep wear. He sat on the bed and smiling.

AQILA 💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤💖

CHAPTER 44💖❤💞🌹💘

The next day, the couple visited fun places and had a lot of fun. They met up with some couple who invited them over for their party. Asad took Aqila to a boutique where he bought her a short red gown. Aqila complained as usual and Asad did what he usually do.

They grabbed some ice creams. That evening, Asad got their room decorated and made a little candle light dinner. The party was at the beach. Asad and his queen arrived at the party. The other couple welcomed them with a warm hug. They offered Asad and Aqila some drinks.

Aqila and Asad grabbed their seats and enjoyed the view. Asad offered Aqila a dance with him. Aqila refused and said her outfit was too short. Asad pulled her up and told her to enjoy everything while it lasts. They danced together. They left the party by 10:30 pm and returned to the hotel.

Asad covered Aqila’s eyes as he wanted to surprise with the dinner. He took her into the room. He removed his hands. Aqila loved everything. She hugged him so tight.

‘A candle light dinner? Dream come true. I’ve always wanted one of these ‘
‘Really? Why didn’t you tell me?
‘Nothing really?
‘May I serve you my lady?
Asad served her some food and wine. They enjoyed the romantic moment. Aqila turned and saw the bed decorated.
‘You decorated the bed?
‘Yes. Let’s dance ‘
‘Yes baby’
Asad and Aqila danced to the romantic song playing. Asad held her closer and looked into her beautiful eyes
‘What now?
‘You’re so beautiful. I’m the luckiest person to have you as a wife. Allah really loves me ‘
‘Asad, you are crazy’
‘I’m crazy about you ‘

Asad kissed her forehead, her cheeks and then her lips. He tried to kiss her neck when she stopped him and broke off from his hand. Asad grabbed her hand and took her to the bed. He removed her bracelet, earrings and necklace. He unzipped her gown. Aqila closed her eyes and whispered to her.

‘This is the way it should have been. Don’t hold back. Let me have you tonight and treat you better’

The words were soothing to Aqila’s ears. Asad kissed her neck and her back and gently pulled down her gown. He removed his jacket, Aqila turned towards him and unbuttoned it. Asad touched her face and smiled. Aqila blushed. Aqila gently laid down while Asad pulled off his shirt and went on her, caressing her and she closed her eyes. Asad smiled and kissed her. Asad and Aqila made love again that night. Aqila feels she has met her dream man and everything she want.

AQILA 💞💞🌹💘💘❤❤💖💖💖

CHAPTER 45💞🌹💘❤💖

Asad and Aqila really had fun and enjoyed their honeymoon. They returned back to Dubai. They took a taxi home. Gamila welcomed them. Asad and Aqila left for their rooms. After dinner, madhi asked Asad where he had run off to with Aqila. Asad told him they had gone for his friend’s wedding. After the discussion, Asad bid him good night and left. He stopped by at Aqila’s room. Aqila was getting ready to sleep when he walked in. She was surprised.

‘You are here? What if mum comes? Get going’
‘No. I was missing you. I’m used to having you on my bed’
‘Asad. Someone might hear ‘
‘So? Give me a hug and a kiss, then I’ll leave’
‘No. Ok fine’

Aqila hugged him and gave him a peck. They heard a knock on the door and broke off. Aqila opened the door, Gamila was standing outside with a glass of warm milk.

‘Asad you’re here? Aqila I wanted to ask you to take this to him. Here have this Asad.
‘Yes mum. Thanks’
‘Aqila you must rest up. It must have been a long day ‘
‘Yes mum ‘
‘And you too Asad. Let’s go Asad ‘

Asad winked at Aqila and left with his mum. Gamila left for the kitchen while Asad left for his room. He rubbed his neck and Elizabeth tapped his back.

‘Hey, it’s you ‘
‘Hey? C’mon Asad, not fair. You left me here all alone and ran off with that poor girl. More like a personal maid
‘Good night ‘
‘Did I say something wrong?
‘Just go to bed. And… Aqila is part of my family and my life ‘

Asad left for his room. The next day, Heydar and Aisha visited the Ahmeds. Gamila was happy to see them. She served them some snacks and juice. Madhi joined them. Aisha told Camila she wants to see Aqila and Asad. She sent a maid to call Aqila. Aqila had taken some snacks to Asad.

‘Snacks. Later”
“Hey, don’t run off like that. Do you know what I had to endure last night. You weren’t beside me ‘
‘Not now Asad. ”

Asad left his bed and hugged her from behind. Aqila tries to break off. The maid returned and told Gamila that she didn’t find Aqila in her room. Gamila asked her to leave. Gamila decided to check Asad’s room. Aqila was still struggling with Asad. Asad overpowered her and carried her up. He carried her to the his bed.

‘This is where you belong to. Here, right beside me, forever and ever.
‘Asad … Your words are so sweet and enticing but I got to go. ”

Aqila sat up but Asad held her back. He put his arm round her beautiful waist and pulled her closer. He held her chin up and winked at her.


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