Aqila episode 46 to 60 final episode

CHAPTER 46💞💞❤❤
Aqila tries breaking off, but Asad held her ti-ght. He k!$$£d her chin andl-ips. He made her lie down.
‘Asad… What if someone walks in and…
‘Sshhh… St©p worrying. You worry too much, baby’
‘But Asad…
Asad shuts her up with a k!ss. His f!ngersran down to her th!gh and care-sses it. Asad ca-ressed his wife ro-mantically when Gamila walked in. Something was weird to her, as she saw Asad’s hand on Aqila’s th!gh.
Asad and Aqila quic-kly broke off. Aqila pu-ll-ed down her Sk-irt and blouse down. They felt weird. Gamila approached them, Aqila was scared and hid behind Asad
‘Mum, don’t scold her plea-se’
‘Aqila, your parents are here. They want to see you ‘
‘Uhmm… Yes.. Yes mum.
‘Aisha ma is here?
‘Aqila hurry don’t keep them waiting ‘
Aqila wore her fl!pflops and left the room. Gamila approached Asad with a strange look on her face. She gr@bb£d his ear and he screamed. He re-moved her hand from his ear.
‘That hurts mum’
‘What were you doing with Aqila?
‘Nothing mum ‘
‘Nothing? I see. And your hands were on her th!gh, where was yourl-ips, ah, n£¢k to her che-st…
‘Mum, that’s ok, plea-se ‘
‘Aqila is still an innocent vir-gin. Don’t corrupt her’
‘And she’s my wife. Mum, I guess everyone is waiting for us. ”
Asad rushed out of his room. Gamila smiled, she was happy that luck is on her side. Asad finally sees Aqila as a woman. Gamila joined them at the sitting room. The maids set lunch and everyone went to the dining room. Asad and Aqila sat together. Seems like Asad is crazy about Aqila as he kept tou-ching her l@ps ma-king her uncomfortable. He smiled and win-ked at her dozens of times. Elizabeth noticed the way Asad was looking at Aqila.
After lunch, Aqila and the maids cleared the table. At evening, Asad couldn’t endure having to sleep alone that night. He requested Aqila to move into his room that night. Aqila told him it was impossible. Asad pleaded with his mum to let Aqila move in since she’s of age. Gamila agreed and asked Aqila to move her stuffs to Asad’s room. Asad was happy. He helped Aqila move her things to his room.
At night, Asad put a ro-mantic movie and asked Aqila to join him. Aqila brou-ght some pop corn and joined him on the be-d. They enjoyed the movie. Aqila eventually sle-pt off. Asad switched off the TV and covered Aqila with the blanket. He gave the tray to a maid to drop. He went to his Aqila and k!$$£d her forehead. He lyed down and admired her before falling asleep.
AQILA 💞💞❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖🌹
CHAPTER 47🌹🌹💖💖
Madhi and Gamila’s wedding anniversary is drawing close and everyone is preparing for the big day. Aqila hasn’t been herself lately. One morning, everyone was having breakfast. Aqila felt nauseous and couldn’t eat. She rushed out and threw up. Asad was worried about her and asked her to rest up.
Aqila went back to the room to rest up. She sle-pt for hours, unlike her. Aqila woke up pretty late. She went down to the kitchen and gr@bb£d some snacks and jui-ce and returned back to the room. Asad noticed she feels weak often and advised her not to stress herself as he thinks she is stressed.
Aqila’s driver dropped her off at college. She went to the hall and had her seat. Uddin was friends with her even though his love was rejected. After lectures, uddin and Aqila left to have lunch. They had gone to a restaurant. Uddin noticed she was eating.
‘Hey! If you ain’t hungry, you should have said so. Hey, I’m talking to you.
‘Excuse me, I’ll be right back. ”
Aqila left for the restroom. She felt weak. She managed to join Uddin. She called up Asad to pick her up. Asad arrived at the restaurant. He thanked Uddin for being with her. He carried Aqila to the car, he got in and drove off.
It’s Madhi and Gamila’s wedding anniversary. Asad was busy with the ball room. At evening, the guests started to arrive. Uddin and his parents had come for the p@rty. Uddin and his parents had their seats. Not long the p@rty started. Madhi and Gamila walked in. Uddin was surprised to see Aqila. He concluded that she’s Gamila’s child but was proven wrong when Gamila gave a short speech and had mentioned Asad as her only child and Aqila as her daughter in law. After the speech, Madhi and Gamila cut the cake with Asad and Aqila. Aqila left to meet her patents. Asad joined them too.
‘Hi uncle and Aunt. I want to steal Aqila for a moment ‘
‘Sure go ahead ‘said Aisha
Asad took Aqila’s hand and they went to the dance floor. Aqila placed her hands on his shoulders and he placed his hand on her beautiful w@!st and they danced. Asad’s colleagues at the hospital were surprised to see Asad dance with Aqila especially Lila.
Asad slightly k!$$£d Aqila’sl-ips and smiled. Lila felt like dying. Uddin was heart broken. Tears ran throu-gh his cheeks. He quic-kly wiped them off and left the ball room. After the dance Asad introduced Aqila as his wife to his colleagues. They were surprised. Aqila excused herself and left the ball room. She saw Uddin alone, who was crying.
AQILA 💞💞💞❤❤🌹🌹🌹💖💖
CHAPTER 48❤💞❤🌹🌹
Aqila went to him and tapped his back. He quic-kly wiped his tears and smiled.
‘Aqila… What a p@rty. You sure do have a lot of secrets’
‘I’m so sorry ‘
‘Which of them are you sorry for? Stealing my heart, breaking my heart twice? Or the fact you are rich, or you are d@t!ngthat doctor bro? Which one?
‘Asad and I are not d@t!ng’
‘What? Then.. are you guys just friends, like you and I?
‘No. Asad and I are married. He’s my husband. I was miss Aqila Heydar six years ago.
‘How old are you? Hold on, 20 right.. Then you we’re 14 when you got married?
‘Uddin, the fact is that I’m married and I really love my husband. I sincerely apologize ‘
‘I’m sorry too. I must have put you in a ti-ght corner. Sorry ‘
‘Thank you. Hey, let’s go in plea-se.
‘No, go ahead ‘
‘Nice air right. Later”
Aqila took a few steps, she felt weak, she couldn’t see clearly. She tried to hold on the pillar but couldn’t. It felt like the world was spinning. Aqila couldn’t stand. Uddin noticed and went to her. Aqila fainted in his arms. Uddin screamed for help. He carried Aqila to the sitting room.
Asad rushed in and carried her to his room. Gamila, Madhi, Heydar, Aisha and Uddin followed up. Asad tried ru-bbing her hands. One of the lady doctors, who is friends with the Ahmeds walked in. Madhi gave her his stethoscope to check Aqila’s heart beat. The doctor asked them to wait outside. After a few minutes, she c@m£ out.
‘How is she? Is she sick? Does she nee-d immediate surgery. Tell me plea-se.’
‘No. Congratulations Asad. She’s pregnant. I felt her pulse and did some other stuffs. She’s pregnant, about 6 weeks. She nee-ds enough stress. Congratulations Asad, and to you two, Madhi and Gamila.
‘Thank You.
‘You may see her. She’s awake now’
Asad rushed in and went to his wife. He hvgged her and k!$$£d her fore head. Aqila was surprised with everyone’s attitude especially Asad’s. Aisha broke the news to her. Aqila was happy and hvgged Asad. Uddin congratulated them and left the room with a sad face, now his love is pregnant.
Asad stayed with Aqila. The p@rty ended well and all the guests left happily. Gamila was happy with Aqila’s pregnancy but 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks, it bothered her. She decided to find out the truth from them the next morning, she believes that Aqila can’t cheat on Asad. Asad cu-mddled his wife all night to make her comfortable. The next morning Asad served her breakfast in be-d and fed her too.
AQILA 💞💞💞❤❤🌹💖💖🌹🌹
CHAPTER 49💞💞🌹🌹
Gamila invited everyone over for dinner, including Aqila’s parents. She wants to know the truth Asad and Aqila were hiding. Everyone enjoyed the dinner. After the dinner they sat at the pool side, ma-king jokes, when Gamila stood up.
‘Uhmm… Everyone, a toast to Our future Heir. Asad’s unborn baby. More health. Cheers’
‘Thank You mummy. We appreciate it all, the dinner and this. Thank you ‘
‘But Asad, I can’t seem to figure out something ‘
‘What is it mum?
‘Aqila is supposed to be 4 weeks pregnant and not 6 weeks. This report shows she’s six weeks pregnant’
‘Yes. She’s sic weeks pregnant’
‘How? Cause, I planned your wedding night four weeks ago’
‘Oh. We did nothing that night. All we did is to pl@yvideo games. I won ‘
‘That’s because you cheated’
‘Mum, I know where you are driving at. Yes, yes, yes. She’s six weeks pregnant and it matches the day we consummated our marriage. Case closed’
‘When was that?
‘Seriously mum. Ok fine. At the military camp, Aqila had refused to. The truth is, I deflowered her at the military camp ground. It was mutual. Honey moon, we did it again. Happy?
‘Yes. At mexico ‘
‘You are so n@ûghty son’
‘Mum. It’s my marriage. Let me, I mean us enjoy it ok. Aqila and I will be upstairs.
‘Excuse me. I want to apologize to Aqila for being mean to her. Not all women can do what you did, accommod@t£ and tolerate a lady who is your husband’s friend. plea-se forgive me. plea-se’
‘It’s ok Elizabeth. I forgive you and sorry for pranking you ‘
‘C’mon, I deserve it. Well… I’ll be leaving for London this weekend ‘
‘Really? Always feel free to visit us’
‘Sure. I’ll visit once you deliver ‘
‘So sweet of you ladies. Let me give you guys a hvg. ”
The news of Aqila’s marriage and pregnancy spre-ad throu-ghout the faculty. Asad was really known, so Aqila bec@m£ famous. She apologized to Mustafa and Niesha for hiding the secret from them. Aqila withdrew her case against Lina and forgave her. Asad plans a baby shower ceremony for Aqila. Aqila wanted a simple baby shower ceremony. Everyone attended and she got lots of gifts. Uddin told her he will like to be her child’s god father, Niesha was the god mother.
Aqila was folding her clothes when she felt a sharp pain. She screamed and Asad rushed in. He helped her downstairs. Gamila got the car keys and helped Asad take Aqila to the car. They drove to the hospital. Aqila was taken in for delivery.
AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💞💞💖💖💖❤❤🌹
ENCORE 💞💞🌹🌹🌹
Aqila delivered of a baby boy. Asad was so happy. Aqila was discharged from the hospital and Asad brou-ght her room. Their room changed as Asad filled it up with lots of baby stuffs. They planned a hvge baby naming ceremony. Elizabeth booked her flight to Dubai to attend. They named their baby boy Aayan. Asad decided to renew his wedding vows with his wife. They renewed their wedding vows on their wedding anniversary. Asad hvgged his wife.
‘To my wonderful wife Aqila Ahmed… I Asad Ahmed, your lovely husband promise to love you till eternity. Not even death shall separate us. We’ll be together forever even in the after life, because I love you more than anything wonderful the world can offer me. You, my strength, my weakness, I promise to only behold your beauty, only you shall keep me and my be-d warm. I love you so much Aqila’
Aqila blu-shed. Asad expected her say something ro-mantic to him. Aqila pu-ll-ed Asad towards her…
‘My heart will only love you, my everything is yours and yours forever ‘
Aqila k!$$£d Asad’sl-ips. Asad carried her up and k!$$£d her, they left for their be-droom. Gamila took Aayan to feed him. Aisha was with her too, while the men were busy with some do¢v-ments as Asad and his father has bought a new house and two cars for Aisha and Heydar.
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Written by Victoria Gabriel