Aqila episode 36 to 40

AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞💞
Chapter 36 💞💞💞
It’s the day of the festival. Aqila is dressed up for the performance. Uddin loved her outfit. They took some pictures. Mustafa and Niesha joined too and they took some pictures. The festival started. Aqila kept on calling Asad’s number. Asad was busy at the hospital. She was sad. Not long, Gamila and Aisha arrived. They hvgged Aqila. Gamila and Aisha went to have a seat. Mustafa approached Aqila with a rose.
‘I hope we’ll rock today’s show. And you look beautiful. I love you so much and I’ll keep on hoping that someday, there’ll be an Us. I’ll head back to others. Come quic-k, ok?
‘Yes, i will.
Mustafa left Aqila. Aqila got a text from Lina. She left for where she was. Uddin was looking for Aqila. Aqila went to Lina.
‘You c@m£
‘You asked me to come’
‘I know. Quit your role and take mine and be with your Uddin boy’
‘No. I won’t do that. If that’s why you called me here, I’m leaving ‘
Lina rushed to her and pushed her. Aqila tr!pp£dand fell, she rolled down the stairs and was bleeding. Uddin rushed in and saw her unconscious. He saw Lina run out. He carried Aqila and Mustafa met them
‘What happened?
‘Your crazy girl did this to her’
‘Let’s take her to the hospital first. ‘
They got into Uddin’s car who drove to the hospital. Asad was preparing to leave for Aqila’s school when a nurse rushed in and told him of the emergency. He objected and told her to ask another doctor to conduct the surgery. The nurse pleaded with him. He finally gave in a left for the surgery room. He got in and wore his surgery coat. He approached the patient it was Aqila. The scapel fell from his hand.
‘Aqila! He screamed.
Asad rushed out of the surgery room. He saw Uddin and Mustafa standing outside the surgery room.
‘Doctor, have you finished with the surgery? Uddin asked
‘What happened to her?
‘She fell down the stairs
‘No. She was pushed down by his girlfriend who thinks Aqila is in love with him’
‘She’s not my girlfriend and Aqila is the only woman I’ve ever loved. I’ve known Aqila since high school and I’ve been in love with her for over 4 years. So…
‘Shut it you two. Another doctor will conduct the surgery ‘
Asad left for his office. Mustafa left for the police station. He got some police to arrest Lina. Niesha, Aisha and Gamila arrived at the hospital. The surgery was successful and Aqila was taken to her ward. The drama coaches were confused. Mustafa got Lina arrested for attem-pted murder.
AQILA 💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖
CHAPTER 37🌹🌹🌹💞
Asad went to check up on Aqila. He was really worried about her. He went to the mosque and prayed for her that evening. The next day, Aqila woke up. Asad was beside her. He had spent the night in her ward. Aqila smiled and t©uçhed his hair which woke him up.
‘Are you ok? Wait, I’ll run some tests on you. No, let me me do a quic-k check up on you… Uhmm… Let me check…
‘Asad… I’m fine. I’m happy to see you beside me’
‘Really? Then, I’ll be in my office. Mum will soon be here’
‘Don’t leave me here, plea-se’
‘I know but I’m a doctor here. I’ll check on other patients. I’ll be back soon ‘
‘Promise ‘
‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. I promise. Later ok. ‘
Gamila and Aisha arrived with a lot of things. Aqila was plea-sed to see them. She isn’t happy. She feels her relationsh!pwith Asad is getting bad. Like they are drifting away from each other. Aisha fed Aqila some porridge. Gamila and Aisha left for Asad’s office. Mustafa arrived with flowers. He hvgged Aqila and k!$$£d her fore head. He held her hand and admired her for a while.
‘I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to you ‘
‘I’m OK now. And Lina?
‘I got her arrested for hurting you. Don’t tell me to withdraw the compliant. I won’t ‘
‘I know. I’m done being good ‘
Uddin walked in with flowers and a basket full of goodies. He dropped the basket and gave her the flowers.
‘I’m happy you are safe. I can’t afford to lose you ‘
‘C’mon Uddin ‘
‘You rest up. Mustafa come with me, we nee-d to talk ‘
‘Right now? Ok. Be right back Aqila’
‘Ok. plea-se, you two… Don’t fight. This is a hospital ‘
‘We know. Let’s go dude ‘
Mustafa and Uddin left the ward to talk. They talked about what to do with Lina. Asad walked into Aqila’s ward. He did some check up on her and turned to leave. Aqila called him back.
‘If you don’t talk to me I’ll hurt myself ‘
‘So childish. You scared us all. So you wanna die and abandon me, i mean us. Whatever’
‘You are funny. So cute. You look so cute when you worry about me. I’m glad you worry about me. Thanks’
‘Hey! Do you think it’s a good thing to get worried? Look, I was restless. Do you know the shock I got when I saw you lying there? Don’t do such things again. Got it?
‘Yes, only if you’ll hvg me’
‘You ask for too much. Fine
Asad hvgged Aqila. He t©uçhed her hair and both smiled. Uddin walked in to see them ro-mantically looking at each other with a smile. He was confused.
CHAPTER 38🌹🌹💞💞
Uddin made a cough sound. Asad patted Aqila’s shoulder and left. Uddin saw how Aqila looked at Asad, with a smile.
‘Hey. Is this girl alre-ady crushing on the doctor? C’mon, no way for you two. It’s impossible ‘
‘Who said it is impossible? I can make him fall for me’
‘You think everyone is Mustafa. He sure has a bad taste in women’
‘Huh? Are you mocking me?
‘I guarantee you, that doctor won’t fall for yet. Never ‘
‘Don’t say such things!!
‘You scared. Why are you angry?
‘I want to sleep now’
‘Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care’
Uddin left the hospital disappointed at himself for not being able to confess his feelings. How many guys is he going to battle to get Aqila.
Three days later, Aqila’s health is improving. Aqila was feeling bored. She left her ward to take a walk. She c@m£ to Asad’s office. She did her hair well, trying to look nice. She tried to knock but she wants to surprise him. She opened the door. She saw a female doctor who was ma-king advances at him. She turned and left. She vented out her anger on him when he c@m£ to check up on her.
After 3 days, she was discharged from the hospital. She stayed a week at home before resuming school. Uddin, Niesha and Mustafa put up a little welcome p@rty for her. She was happy. She told mustafa to forget about her and move on with his life as she can’t love him. He was hurt, but Uddin was happy.
It’s Uddin’s birthday this weekend. He’s throwing a p@rty. He invited Aqila, Niesha and Mustafa over. He wants to confess his feelings to Aqila. Aqila nee-ds to get permission from Asad, but will Asad permit her. That evening she made some snacks and prepared some jui-ce which she took to his room. She tries to figure out how to tell him.
‘Asad, some jui-ce and snacks.
‘Leave at the table. You can leave. Thank you ‘
‘Asad… Have you been to a birthday p@rty before?
‘Yes, why?
‘Uhmmm…. My friend invited me over for a birthday p@rty
‘Is that a he or a she?
‘A he ‘
‘Which of them? Mustafa or the Uddin?
‘Uddin. You know them?
‘Yes, they brou-ght you to the hospital ‘
‘So am I allowed to..
‘Sure. Have fun and be safe’
‘Thank you so much. I love you
‘Say what?
‘Nothing. Good night ‘
‘Of course, have fun. You should be having fun if you didn’t marry me. Whatever. Does she even have an outfit or those traditional outfits with hijab? Lame. Aqila! Don’t wear those. I should do some shopping for her tomorrow. ”
AQILA 💞💞🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💞
CHAPTER 39💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹
Asad took Aqila shopping. He asked her to try out the go-wns he selected. Aqila tried them out but kept on complaining that she doesn’t like them. She tried out the last go-wn. Asad loved the yellow go-wn. It was a handlrss, short and flare yellow go-wn. Aqila was very uncomfortable.
Asad selected a nice heel and purse, and earrings, n£¢klace and br@celet. He got an anklet too and paid for them. Aqila tried to complain but he ignored her. Aqila dropped the stuffs in her wardrobe and made lunch. She can’t bring herself to wear the outfit Asad bought her.
The next day, Asad took her to a beauty parlor and got her make over. New look. Aqila was looking so pretty. Aqila dressed up and went down stairs. Asad loved what he saw. She asked him to drop him off. Asad dropped her off at Uddin’s house.
He saw how uncomfortable she was and gave her his jacket to wear. Aqila hvgged him and Asad asked her to leave. Aqila waved at him and went in. She was amazed, lots of guests, she was surprised when she walked into the ball room.
‘Is this a p@rty or a club? She said to herself.
Uddin was talking with his friends when he saw Aqila. He rushed over to her and hvgged her. He took a very good look at her. She’s very beautiful.
‘Wow Aqila I must confess you are looking so beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl here’
‘St©p pu-lling my legs. Well.. Happy birthday Uddin. Nice p@rty I must say.
‘Thank you. Let me introduce you to everyone. ”
Uddin took her hand and they left to meet his parents. He introduced Aqila to his parents and his siblings and also to his friend. He gave her some drink. Uddin’s cake was pres£nted before him. He asked Aqila to join him in cutting the cake.
He asked her to sing the birthday song for him. Aqila was pretty shy and tried to object, but Uddin insisted. Aqila gave in and sang the birthday song. Uddin blew off the candles. Aqila joined him to cut the cake. Uddin asked her to dance with him. Aqila agreed but after his insistance. They went to the dance floor.
‘Thanks for coming Aqila. I appreciate. This is the greatest gift ever’
‘Speaking of gifts… Where did I leave your gift?
‘It’s ok. This is the best gift ever. Aqila I want to tell you something important ‘
‘What is it?
‘I love you. I’m madly in love with you. My heart longs for you
Aqila froze for a while. She broke off from his arms
‘What? You love me? How long?
‘The day we met. I fell for you. plea-s accept my heart ‘
AQILA 🌹🌹💞💞💞💞💞❤❤💖
CHAPTER 40 🌹🌹💞💞💞💞
‘You love me?
‘Accept me and be my girlfriend ‘
‘No, I can’t d@t£ you ‘
‘Why? plea-se don’t do this to me. Just say yes’
‘No, I can’t.
‘Come with me ‘
Uddin dragged her along to the pool side. Asad noticed that Aqila had forgotten the gift in his car. He turned back and drove towards Uddin’s house. Uddin tries to make Aqila see reasons to d@t£ him, but Aqila refused. He held her hands and k!$$£d them. He tried to k!ssAqila but Aqila pushed him and tried to hit him but st©pped.
She told him she’ll try to forget that the incident ever took place. She rushed back to the hall and picked up her purse and jacket and left. Uddin followed her and tried to talk to her. Aqila in a rush bu-mped into someone who st©pped her from falling. Asad had c@m£ to give her the gift. Aqila hvgged him. She dragged him along. Uddin recognized him and he was more confused. He followed them up.
Asad and Aqila hurriedly got into the car and drove off. Asad st©pped along the road ’cause he’s pretty confused with the situation.
‘Aqila, why are we running? Why did you run away like that from Uddin’s p@rty?
‘Nothing. Just tired’
‘Why are you lying to me?
‘Uddin… Uhmmm… Confessed his feelings. I rejected him’
‘You what? Why?
‘I’m married to you ‘
‘You call this marriage? C’mon he loves you. Well… I know he and Mustafa loves you too. I was angry when I found out. Ah geez. I can’t believe I was jealous, that’s why I’ve been kinda angry. But I have no right
‘What? You knew all these while and still let me hang out with them?
‘No. You always hung out with them without letting me know. If I had any idea I wouldn’t let you go. Well… I’m an adult, that’s why I controlled my anger when I saw you and Uddin at that restro. Ah whatever. Let’s forget this. It’s weird’
‘I’m glad you got jealous, but don’t ask me to accept them. Never. Got it? Let’s go ‘
‘What will you tell Uddin if he asks you who I am to you?
‘Simple, my b©yfri£nd’
‘Don’t drag me into this. ”
Asad drove home. Gamila was surprised to see them together. Seeing Aqila hold Asad’s jacket and dressed up, she thought they went on a d@t£. Aqila and Asad retired to their rooms. Aqila couldn’t sleep.
She kept remembering how Asad caught her from falling and the remaining event. She took the jacket and hvgged it. Asad seems like he can’t sleep. He felt some joy that Aqila rejected Uddin for him and the hvg he got from her. He felt weird.