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Allison’s dairy Episode 25 & 26

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
The klzz slowly ended without us knowing who broke off, Allison turned away shyly. I grinned, my palm finding hers and caressing it.
“Um..I should go make dinner,” she said, giving me a look, her face totally flushed. She stood up.
“Er..okay. I’ll join you then” I added and stood up with her.
I felt the urge to just spill everything to her but the consequences didn’t seem like something I could damn. I’d be endangering myself too and Allison’s reaction; I dreaded it even without seeing it.
I should probably take things slowly, when she maybe gets over this one, I’ll tell her the other.
I don’t think rushing things is okay and besides, I just confessed my feelings to her even without thinking properly about it. Well, it wouldn’t make a difference whenever I’d have decided to do it.
She seem to understand my reason for killing the old man but would she when I tell her about others? including my mission to kill her as well and that I worked for Gavin? Her most hateful person in the world? I shuddered the thoughts aside and walked to meet Allison in the kitchen.
That night we had a m@ssive dinner, it was like we were celebrating the klzz or something but Allison insisted we made lots of food and I’d say that was the best dinner preparation time I’ve ever had.
After dinner, we watched a movie. Since I had no player, I searched up movies on the internet and used the projector to watch it with the lights turned off. I could tell Allison was trying to brighten me up, probably because I told her that sad tale of my life and she might’ve thought I was sulking over the revelation. It worked, mostly because she was right there.
I wasn’t a movie person and most especially not a fan of one filled with love and those lovey-dovey stuffs but Allison seemed to like it a lot and even though I was right there, she didn’t miss to skip giving spoilers about some scenes and to me, it felt really refreshing watching her laugh as she spoiled the movie for me and I just kept grinning as I watched her.
She was already sleepy by the time the movie ended and as we both started to retire to our rooms, she tiptoed and gave me a peck before smiling mischievously.
“Goodnight” she waved tiredly and walked away. I stared until she was out of sight and retired to my bed after the very long lovely night.
The next morning after waking up and doing the usual bathroom stuff, I changed from my night wear and walked out to begin breakfast preparation.
“Good morning” Allison walked in as I began taking out the bacon.
“Morning,” I paused, studying her. “You have bags under your eyes, did you not sleep?”
“I did but just not well enough,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep, I was doing a lot of thinking and making up theories last night and it kept me awake” she said, pushing her hair aside and w€tting her dry l!ps with her tongue.
“Thinking about what?” I asked, turning the cooker off and looking at her.
“About what you told me yesterday, I mean about how you lost your parent, some part didn’t seem to rhyme up to the whole story to me” she said. “I wanted to tell you early this morning but I figured you might be asleep so I didn’t”
“Okay.. what’s wrong?”
“That part about you shooting your dad. You said it was a pistol but it made no sound when you pulled the trigger, right?”
“But when I think about it and with the brief research I made, pistols are supposed to make that loud bang sound when being fired,” she said. “Well, except it had a silencer, of course”
“No, it didn’t have a silencer. It couldn’t have; I’m very sure about it” I said, crossing my hand.
“Well, that settles it then”
“What’re you trying to say, Allison?” I asked.
She w€t her l!ps again and walked closer to me.
“I don’t think you killed your father, Jonas” she said and my face suddenly went blank and expressionless.
“What?” I frowned.
“Someone else might’ve shot him before you could,” she said. “Probably you weren’t looking or something but I think whoever it was that did it used a silencer, which explains why it made no sound!” She said.
“B-but how?”
“Look I know it kind of makes no s£nse but think about it and that guy that suddenly showed up? Doesn’t it seem kind of odd and suspicious?” She persisted.
“I-it does” I stammered, realisation hitting me h@rd.
“You see? You think someone else might’ve done it, too, right?” She asked and I nodded slightly, “you have anyone in mind?” She asked, staring at me. I gave her a brief look and dart it aside.
“Would you watch the bacons for me? I need to go check something in my room” I said
“What is it, Jonas?”
“Watch the bacons, I’ll be back” I said and without waiting for a response, I walked out of the kitchen.
Taking off the apron as I walked, I threw it aside and walked to my room. I grabbed my phone on the nightstand and went through my call list, I clicked on the one I wanted and placed the phone on my ear and in no time it connected and it began ringing.
He answered.
His happy giggle came first then his voice.
“Oohhhhh..look who remembered me finally-
“Text me your address, I’m coming over in about two hours” I said stiffly.
“Um okay.. but you sound kind of unusual and cold. Is something wrong, son?” He asked.
“You’ll find out soon” I said and hung up.
(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
“Ohh..look who we’ve got here!” Gavin exclaimed, inching me forward and giving me a tight hug. “Thought it was some sort of prank when you said you were coming but you’re here. Thought you forgot your little old guy!” He released me from the hug, opening the door wider.. from my spot I could view the large living room and the sight of girls almost unclad, arranging drugs into different briefcase with some holding lit up tobacco’s.
“Come-on in!” Gavin invited and I dart my gaze away fr the ladies.
“Actually, I’d prefer we talk out here. I won’t be staying for long, anyways” I said.
“Oh, you sure will. it feels like years since I saw you last, you won’t leave In a hurry,” he said, giving my shoulder a light squeeze. “Tasha, get us some strong refreshments” he said to one of the ladies before closing the door. He tied his robe and we walked to the outside shade, sitting under the shady umbrella.
“So, what’s been going on with you?” He asked.
“Nothing really much-
“You know, I’d love to visit you sometime. It’s about time you give me an invite” he said.
“We’d see about that but that’s not why I’m here, I have something to ask you,” I said. “And I need you to answer honestly, no lies at all” I said and his brows narrowed.
A lady walked to us with a tray, clad in a pair of underwear. She left the tray and left. Gavin dart his gaze to the table and opened the bottle of tequila, pouring some quantity of it into the small gl@sses, he handed me a gl@ss and I took it; taking a very light sip before dropping the gl@ss.
“Okay, ask whatever you wanna” he said, giving me a curious look.
“That night when my parents died, the night you found me first. What actually happened?” I asked.
“How do you mean? You killed your Dad and I saved your @ss. That’s what happened. Did you suddenly have a partial amnesia or what?” He teased.
“I didn’t pull the trigger on my father, Gavin. I doubt that the gun was even loaded cos even if it was and I fired, how come there was no shot sound?” I asked.
“Oh really?” Gavin scrunched his nose at me, taking another drink from his gl@ss. “And what suddenly made you think back on what happened years ago? Sympathy or guilt?”
“I believe someone else pulled the trigger on my dad and used a silencer when doing it and it’s definitely someone that was around while I held that gun” I said, not shaking my gaze off him.
“So? What are you insinuating? That I killed your dad?”
“Did you?” I asked “you were the only one with me that night, you suddenly appeared after I my dad died” I said.
“Well..what is it to you, right now?”
“Just answer me, Gavin? It was you, wasn’t it? You killed my dad, made it look like I did and lied and then picked me up from that orphanage, like my savior?”
“I am your savior, Jonas. You think anyone would’ve believed you if you had mentioned my name?” He asked, scoffing. “You should be grateful to me up till this time and even in your death. You would’ve been gone if I had left you”
“I’m not concerned about my dad’s death but if you hadn’t killed him then he’d be suffering for what he did to my mom right now. It would’ve been a forever terror-
“Which he’s facing already, Jonas. He’s suffering all he should in hell” Gavin said.
“You should’ve told me it was you, anyways. Why hide it?”
“Nothing, Okay?”
“All this while I’ve always lived in the dark thinking I ended my family-
“You did, Jonas. Don’t ever doubt that. If you had been a stupid kid like your dad wanted, then maybe you’d still be with your family, living the most miserable life ever. But you became wise at a young age and was ready to choose your own life, that was the best decision anyone could ever make and that dark side of you, you should never let it go. It’s what tells you who you are and what you are; it completes you and it’s the real you” he said.
“The real me?” I repeated with a scoff. “You gave me a gun”
“And you took it cos you needed it. You were this kind of person right from the scratch, it has always been in you. You just something to bring it out more, something to complete you” he said. “Jonas look, your dad is suffering just enough punishment as he deserves-
“He isn’t! He killed my mother, I wanted something everlasting. I wanted to see him suffer to the core and painfully die slowly. Everything I am, today is because of him. He pushed me! I would’ve been just fine without him!” I finally let it out, my palm curling to tight fist as I gave the table a punch that almost crashed it.
“Jonas, calm down. Trust me, your dad is suffering. You should stop thinking about this, it’s eating you up”
“She was pregnant, we would’ve been two happy fatherless children but he didn’t make that happen. He-
I shut the rest of my words, taking in a rough breath.
“Here,” Gavin gave me my gl@ss and abs£ntly, I took in the entire content.. Enduring the itch, I stood up.
“It’s best that I go now” I said.
Gavin nodded. “Okay, try to get in touch and you’re always welcome to return anytime you want, you know that right?” He asked and I nodded gruffly and walked out to my car. Getting In, I hung at the drivers and for the first time in a very long time; cried.
I started the journey home after staying on that spot for as long as I can remember, it was a long ride and I was still faraway when my phone rang, I took it up and saw Zoe was the caller. I connected it to my airpod and answered.
“Hey baby, where are you?” She asked.
“I’m driving, why?”
“I know but where exactly are you?”
“Why are you asking me that?”
“Because I’m coming over to your house and before you ask or get all no- no about telling me where it is, I know where it is” she said, giggling lightly.
“What’re you talking about?” I asked.
“Ohh.. remember that night we went clubbing to celebrate boss for winning that CEO election? Well, you got drunk so I tracked your phone. I just had to go through where you’re most frequent at and boom! I found your place. It’s quite disappointing for your kind though considering how rich you are” she added. “So you see, all those boasts and talks wasn’t for nothing cos I’m driving to your place right now” she said.
“W-what.. Zoe, you can’t come over!” I said.
“Yeah, I expected you to say that but I’m not only coming over, I’m spending a long time at your place-
“Zoe, listen to me, I have-
“I’ll be there in about a minute or two. You might want to get the bed ready and an extra sheet” she said, giggling again.
“Ok..ay. but how about we just meet somewhere first and talk-
*Click* she disconnected the call.
“Dang it!” I cussed, threw the airpod off and sped up.
I’m still hours away, how do I catch up with her? I tried her line again but she didn’t pick, I threw the phone to the p@ss£nger side in anger.
I quickly picked up my phone and called Allison, trying to focus on the road at the same time.
It rang and ended without an answer, I repeated it but got the same response.
“Shit!” I gritted my teeth disappointedly, dropped the phone and swerved sharply past an oncoming vehicle.


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