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September 19, 2021


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Allison’s dairy Episode 27 & 28

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Allison's dairy



(Secrets ❎❎)




✏Allison’s POV✏


I glanced at the wall clock, it has been three hours already since Jonas left and I was just getting up from a nap. He left few minutes after we finished having breakfast and with only plain words that he’ll be back.

I sat up on the chair and felt a slight weight under my elbow that I had set out after dosing off. I looked under and found my phone resting under, I recollected how I was busy operating it before I fell asleep. I picked it up and tried turning it on but I realised it was switched off, my weight must’ve made it go off. I turned it on and while it loaded, I let out a slight yawn and a brief stretch before picking up the phone again.

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I stared at the screen, contemplating on calling Jonas or not; not wanting to sound too worried or bothersome, I let it slide. I went to the second and last ID on my contact list, it was Anthony’s. I clicked on it and placed it on my ear; it began ringing.

“Hello?” He answered. “Who’s this and how did you get this number?” He asked, sounding alarmed.

“It’s Allison. I just called to give you my number-

“Your number? Did you get a phone?”

“Yes. This is my number, you can save it” I said.

“Of course. I’ve been wanting to talk to you alone, I just didn’t want to call that Jonas guy. Did you buy that phone yourself?”

“No, Jonas. We went to the mall together and I picked it” I said.

“I see. But how often does it take it from you? I mean is the phone always with you?”

“Yes. He doesn’t take it from me. Why?”

“I want to be sure he didn’t tap it. You’re positive Jonas doesn’t take your phone?”

“Yes! It’s always with me and besides, why will Jonas want to tap my phone? It’s not like I’m hiding anything”

“It’s not you, Allison. It’s him. He’s hiding a lot of things from you and he doesn’t want you to about any of it, he’s making sure you don’t find out” he said.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Anthony” I said, my brows furrowing deeply.

“I know. Is Jonas there with you?”

“No. He’s not home. I’m alone” I said. “Why?”

“Look, what I want to tell you isn’t something I should talk about on the phone. Remember when I told you not to trust him? Well, that’s because Jonas isn’t who you think he is. He’s way far from being a good guy”

“How do you know that? Is this still about your suspicions?”

“No, this is nothing about it. I Know what I’m saying and I have proofs. Jonas is a hypocrite, Allie. I don’t know whose side he’s on now but I doubt that he’s on ours. I’ve been looking for ways to tell you ever since we saw each other last but I just needed an opportunity where it’d be just you and I”

“Then tell me now. What are you talking about?”

“Jonas is one of Gavin’s members, he’s among those people that killed your parents. He works for Gavin too” he said and my face suddenly went blank.

“What?!” I asked. “I- I don’t understand, Anthony. How can you be so sure about that?”

“Allison, before Jonas gets home, I want you to come over to that abandoned house. There’s a green car waiting right there for you, just get into it and you’ll be driven straight to where I am, now and I’ll answer every of your question” he said, sounding so honest.

“Are you sure of what you’re saying? I mean what of you’re wrong or it’s some sort of mistake or coincidence?”

“It’s not, trust me. Look, I know you trust Jonas a lot and maybe more than me cos you met him first but I’m very sure of what I’m saying and I’m ready to not only tell you but show you, but first I’ll send you a small proof of what I’m talking about and when you get it, I want you to leave that house ASAP. Do you understand?”

“Um..yes. okay!” I said and the call got disconnected.

I slowly put the phone down and tried thinking about what I just heard.

Even though it was pretty clear, I still couldn’t understand. It was too complicated to me and I just can’t bring myself to believe it.

Jonas works for Gavin??

Absently, my mind wandered back to the night, the night he was drunk. He had mentioned Gavin, though the words weren’t clear or I just couldn’t believe it but I knew he mentioned Gavin and I had waved it off because he was drunk..

My phone beeped and I checked to see a picture message from Anthony and then a text almost immediately. As I made to click on the video, I found my finger trembling as they moved to the screen, I steadied it and touched the video, it played and there was Gavin addressing some people that I recognized as his goons, as he talked, I heard him mention Jonas name and suddenly the camera revealed another guy on mask; the features were no doubt familiar and the person took off his mask in one swift move, revealing Jonas face, I could feel myself freezing as my Palm went to my lips to suppress my loud gasp.

He began interacting with Gavin, not being able to continue, I ended the video and saw the message.

**Please leave now, there’s no time and we have no idea of Jonas next move!**

The message read and the phone slipped from my hand as tears blurred my sight.

He’s a traitor after all, how could he act so nice, sympathetic and encouraging when he’s actually involved in it? How could I not have noticed anything??

I sniffed and in a swift move, wiped my tears. I quickly grabbed the phone and stood up, I went to my room, took some money and hurried out of the eyes, running all the way to the bus station.


💖Jonas POV💖


My drive home went from smooth and long to reckless and less-long. I arrived home in an hour and without parking properly, I jumped out of the car. I sight Zoe’s Jeep few metres from the house. Just one glance and I knew it was hers.

My heart gave an uneasy leap as I stride into the house, readying myself for whatever was going to hit me. I got to the door and pushed it open, it gave way immediately and landed me at the living room. I sight Zoe on a couch, sipping vodka from a wine cup and a huge smile curled up on her lips when she saw me. My gaze moved around the room to be sure nothing was amiss and nothing seemed to be. I took another step into the house and Zoe at once flung into me, giving me a hug and pressing all her skin into mine. I gently pushed her off.

“You have to leave,” I said, grabbing her wrist and leading her to the door.

“I don’t want to, baby. I brought my bags, I’m here to live with you”

“What? Are you crazy? How can you make such a decision without my permission?”

“Come-on, we both know you’d get all grumpy at first and give in at the end-

“You’re leaving, Zoe. You can’t stay here-

“Why? Are you living with a girl here?”


“I went to the other room and found some girl stuffs in it. Did you replace me already?”

“Replace you?- call it whatever you want but you’re leaving-

“I’m not! And that bitch is so lucky I didn’t meet here-

The rest of her words died down as I looked around, searching for Allison.

If I can’t stop Zoe now, I need to at least stop her, until I can.

I grabbed my phone and called her but got no response.

Where could she be?




✏️ Allison’s POV✏️


“Don’t!” I shook my head “please, don’t do it” my body trembled as my fingers fumbled on each other’s.

Earlier, after leaving Jonas house with the uneasiness and curiosity hitting me from every corner, I took a taxi to Anthony’s and truly, a car was waiting right there for me. I introduced myself and got into it and the driver drove me to a big house. With my mind preoccupied, I made no move to admire the house and checkout just how big it was, I only marked out that it was big. Without hesitation, the driver ushered me in and when I entered the large sitting room, Anthony was right there waiting for me, he still had an overall on but it was a different one and I didn’t bother checking anything else out. I couldn’t help pouring my fears to him and I could feel the tears building in my eyes as I spoke cos my voice shook, my mind still doubting the honesty in what he said even though it was very clear.

He took me to a room, a small room with different technical appliances. He opened a laptop, scrolled through different files with the mouse and asked me to sit, I sat in a restrained manner, my mind hoping greatly that everything turns out to be a like or a prank. He clicked on a file and played one out of the two videos in it.

He told me to watch it and left to get something or whatever he said, I couldn’t properly listen to him, my gaze was focused on the video and my mind raced.

The video started and I saw Jonas face in full view dressed in an all black outfit. The other guys were there and I quickly recognized a few of them from my parents murder.

My hope was dashed at that spot but then I still prayed for a miracle or something else of that sort. There was a guy on the other spot, beside him was a lady with bullet holes in her chest and blood gushing out of every one of it. It didn’t made me cringe like I expected, I had watched my parent die in pools of their own blood when I least expected.

The man beside her was begging, pleading violently for his life to be spared with tears filling his eyes and offering to give them whatever they want. Later he stood up and took out a briefcase, a female whose face seemed strangely familiar took the case from him and whispered something into Jonas ear before leaving. Jonas reached for his gun and even with my mental pleadings, steadied it in front of the man and planted three bullets into the man’s face, right into his eyes and other places..


I didn’t know when I yelled a horrid scream, I didn’t realise until then what I did and tears poured out from my eyes. A sharp pain dug right into my chest, positioning into my heart and my palm gripped my chest as I cried loudly.

Subconsciously, Jonas words rang in my ear. *I love you, Allison* and it broke my heart more and started to irritate me.

“Liar!” I yelled loudly, as my palm swayed and slapped the laptop with the bloody video away. “BLOODY LIAR!” I screamed, picking up the laptop and smashing it again.


I’ve been fooled! All these while I’ve lived with a murderer and a liar! I’ve insanely loved and admired a man that had no feeling nor sympathy. I picked up the laptop again and smashed it a third time, seeing it get completely damaged and broken, I crouch to the floor and cried, heart broken.


🖌️Jonas POV🖌️


There was no response once again and for the umpteenth time, I redialed the number and called. It rang and stopped with no response again. I couldn’t contained my worries as different thoughts rang into my head. I wondered where she could be that didn’t allow her to take my calls or at least leave a message in response. I had checked and rechecked the house to be sure she didn’t leave her phone at home before going out but I didn’t find it and even though she did, it was late enough for her to return home. What could she be doing out there around seven in the evening, she doesn’t even know anyone out there. I couldn’t help the uneasiness and fear that I had.

Could she have been kidnapped?

I shook the thought aside after a while and walked to the kitchen with the intention to drink some water, I got there and met Zoe doing whatever. waving her words aside; I went to the refrigerator but stopped when a thought hit me, I faced Zoe.

“Zoe, did you meet anyone when you came in here?” I asked.

“Nope. Why?” She asked.

“Tell me the truth, Zoe. What did you do to her?” I asked.

“Her? The female that you kept in your house?” She asked but I gave her a straight all-serious look and I could see how much effect it had on her. “Nothing. I swear I met no one when I came here, I just saw an unlocked door and I walked in” she said, gesturing with her palms but I still gave her a skeptical look. “What? You think I killed and buried her?” She inquired. “Well, I wish. But the bitchy whore was smart enough to leave before I could even see her” she said.

“If there’s any bitchy whore around here then it’s you, so you better watch your words” I said with an angry expression.

“Geez..sorry!” She said apologetically.

“I’m serious this time, Zoe. Do whatever you’re doing and get out of my house. I want you gone before I return”

“Return? Where are you going? Dinner’s almost ready and-

I blocked out the rest of her words as I grabbed my car keys and hurried out of the house, getting into my car, I drove out of the compound and hit the road.

I was going to find Allison.


I drove from street to street, going to nowhere in particular and hoping greatly that I would just see Allison, at least to be assured that she’s okay. As I made it to another turn, I kept dialing and redialing Allison’s number and it kept giving me the same response. I knew it was a loose end but I also knew I wasn’t going to stop until I find her. I was still driving when another thought hit me, what if she’s with Anthony?

I thought about calling him and was about ending the call when it suddenly got answered.

“Allison, where-

“LIAR!” it was her voice and it was meant to be loud but it came out low and it was filled with so much anger. My brows furrowed.

“Allison, it’s Jonas-

“You’re a murderer!,” my heart skipped and I could sense she has been crying or was crying. “You lied to me! How much, how much was all those lies worth?! How much did he pay you for it? How much did you get for all those lives you took?! How much?!!”

I suddenly became numb and speechless.

“Was it worth it? Was it fuckin’ worth it, you murderer!” She said and from the line, I heard her sob.

I’ve never been so speechless and dumb my entire life.

“I hate you” she said repeatedly as she cried.


I was talking when I heard a loud sound hit the phone, it was as if it was smashed to something, like a wall and Immediately the call ended.





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