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Allison’s dairy Episode 23 & 24

(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV
I stared into Gavin’s face, trying to read more into his expression but I couldn’t. There was something very obvious in his looks, his eyes in particular but I couldn’t explain it. He looked like every normal human but his aura didn’t seem like one, I felt like I should trust him and at the same time be afraid of him.
There was something I felt was in him that was more than what any normal person carry around, it was thick, foggy and unexplainable.
I stared at Mom’s lifeless body and my gaze moved to her bulgy stomach, I couldn’t help the tears from falling and my body from shuddering in fear and sadness.
“You don’t have to be scared, son,” Gavin placed both palm on my shoulder after moving behind me, he released soft squeeze on my shoulder before releasing them. He walked to my side and picked up the gun from the ground, he kept them in his inner pocket and walked away. He returned with a cellphone, I recognized it dad’s cellphone and he began dialing some numbers in it, I heard a ring after it and he stretched the phone to me, I sniffed, giving him a questioning look.
“Tell them it was an attack, and the attackers,” he looked at my parent, indicating at them. “Did this” he completed and I dart my gaze from him to the phone. “Come-on son, they won’t suspect a thing, trust me. You’ll be fine” he @ssured. I collected the phone from him and he walked away, as it kept ringing In my ear, I felt a thick cold shiver run up and down my spine.
“911 operator, what is your emergency?” The answer s£nt me jerking real h@rd.
“M-my mom..I-I think she’s dead”
“Calm down, mister and tell me what happened”
“W-we attacked a-and m-my dad was shot. My is h-here and they’re bleeding a lot” I stuttered.
“Where are they now? We’re coming over immediately!”
And just like that, my parents were taken away and buried after being confirmed dead and like Gavin had @ssured, no one suspected a thing. I was taken to the orphanage after the inability of anyone to get through any of my relatives, it was tough there. I had a tough life and couldn’t make any friends. Everytime I tried living like my mates, I see a dark cloud appear before me, it blocks out my happiness. It was as if I had no right to be happy, like I did a wrong that could never be forgiven. I got along with no one and fought with almost everyone that I came across, I beared different scars from punishments that I received for being a ‘bad boy’ and had to spend some months in a correctional home.
After I turned fourteen, Gavin showed up at the orphanage home with an interest to adopt me, I could see the surprise on everyone’s face as I was being readied to leave with him. No one would’ve believed I’d ever leave here, I’m pretty sure he must’ve been told awful things about me but he still decided to take me and when I asked him on our journey home; he simply said it was because he liked me.
And well, that was the moment I began staying and working for Gavin, he trained me a lot and added more dark colours to my life.. I caught up easily, I mean I killed my dad when I was twelve, what couldn’t I do?
He showed me how fun and interesting living in the dark and blocking all the love and light, could be and right there, I found a habitat in it. And you might be a little disappointed when I say, I don’t regret getting rid of that man; My Father.
Allison walked away, I could tell she wasn’t angry, maybe shocked. It must’ve taken her by surprise and left her speechless. I didn’t know how I could lose my guard so easily, I was perfectly okay with klzzing her and I mean I could’ve stopped but she reciprocated. I could only sign it off as an approval to go on. I didn’t know why she did it but with her reaction, her reciprocation definitely meant something more than what I had read into. I was too caught away in the enticement of her l!ps to think about anything else and definitely not about stopping. I gave my forehead a mental slap and bit my l!p h@rd; that was one careless move.
It was just a klzz but it felt like so much more and different, I could’ve klzzed her all night without getting tired. I shut my eyes and drew in a long breath at my wild thoughts.
I picked the cups and walked into the house, Allison wasn’t in the living room; not that I expected her to be there anyways. I dropped the cups and walked to my room. I stripped, washed-up and changed to my nightwear. I laid on my bed, turned off the lights and tried getting some sleep but I couldn’t; Allison’s face kept flashing in my mind, the klzz and her reaction. I stood up from the bed after tossing and turning for close to an hour. I turned the lights on and put my flops on before walking out of the room, I arrived at Allison’s door and knocked briefly on it, I heard an almost inaudible noise then silence.
I knocked again, “Allison? Are you sleeping?” I asked and almost immediately the I heard the door click open and she came into view. She had her nightwear on and her hair was packed in a ponytail, the dimmed light shone on her face and she didn’t look like she had fallen asleep.
“Um..did I wake you up or something?” I asked, a bit nervously.
“No, not at all. You want to come in?” She asked and I nodded, she stepped aside and I walked in. She shut the door and gave me a questioning look.
“Um.. I came so we could talk” I said, rather awkwardly.
“Okay. Talk about what?” She inquired but with how fluently she spoke, I lost my own voice.
“Um.. I was thinking, I mean what happened back then and-
“The klzz?” She asked.
Damn.. I would never have believed I would be this nervous and because of a klzz?
“Yeah that. Look, I’m really sorry if it got you angry or something. I just lost control and did it” I shrugged the last part, lost for words.
“It’s okay, I wasn’t angry and it definitely wasn’t about the klzz,” she said.
“Really? You’re not?” I asked and she nodded. “But you acted like you were”
“I guess I did. It wasn’t about the klzz, I guess you apologizing and calling it a mistake kinda made me a little sad and all” she said.
“But why?”
“I-I don’t know, it’s kinda funny but I really don’t know” she laughed hysterically. “I guess, I kinda wanted the klzz at that moment too and you calling it a mistake just hit me off even though it was, kinda” she said.
“Oh..well. I’m glad you’re not mad, I couldn’t sleep cos of it” I said and she nodded, letting out a small smile. My gaze dart to her l!ps but I looked away immediately. “Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?”
“An outing? Sure!” She said.
“Okay then. I should head back to my room now. Goodnight” I said.
“Yeah, goodnight” she replied and I walked to the door and out of it, heading to my room.
I got there and sat on my bed l, a huge sigh escaping my l!ps. I reached for my phone on the nightstand and turned it on, I went to the internet and typed **signs that you have feelings for a girl**
❤️Allison’s POV❤️
“Sorry,” I told Jonas as I climbed onto the p@ss£nger side of the car. He replied me with a smile, gave me a weird harmless stare all over and started the car.
“Where are we going?” I asked as the journey extended.
“First, to a phone store. Sorry I’m just realizing this but It’s about time you own another one for yourself” he said.
“Really? Th-
“Don’t thank me, it’s fine. You don’t have to thank me for everything, okay?” he grinned and I nodded, he focused more on driving while I quietly jubilated to myself.
He parked in front of a large store, the exterior look and building design, made me realize it was a mobile store; ultra mobile. We got down and went into the store and got attended to, Jonas took me to a side of the store where we were led to by a lady after he spoke to her.
“Here, pick anyone you like” he said and my jaw dropped as I stared at the amazing- expensive phone before me.
“They..look so expensive” I said honestly.
“Forget about that, just pick anyone you like, anyone at all” he said.
“Um okay,” I went through the phones again and settled for a Samsung product that I liked.
“I like this one,” I told him.
“Okay. We’ll have that one” he collected the phone from me and handed it to the lady for packaging.
We left the store with me holding the bag that had my phone, Jonas also got me a phone pouch and other things that the phone needed. We head back to the car.
“Are you hungry? Let’s have lunch at that restaurant we visited the other day” he said.
“Okay” I nodded, my gaze on my phone as I took it out to admire. He began driving again, taking a different route this time.
At the restaurant, we were led to a table that Jonas had reserved online and we were served what we wanted. The meat looked rich and enticing and the smell was more than heavenly, same as the whole food but the meat got my attention most, it personally called me. In no time, I dug into my meal.
After the meal, the plates were cleared and we were left with the juice.. As I took a sip out of it, I couldn’t help but flash back to memory lane, the taste of the drink was very familiar but the familiarity seemed more quality than this one; a tight smile crawled to my l!ps at the thought.
“This used to be my family favorite drink,” I said and Jonas stared at me. “Mom always took extra time to blend the berries so they make a very smooth paste.
She made it during her free time, which was Fridays cos she gets off early from work. I @ssist her and we leave it to cool and drink it together on Saturdays, we never miss it and my dad, specially looks forward to it” I said, taking another sip from the juice. “Mom’s was of more quality than this” I added and Jonas gave a slight nod.
“I’m curious, Jonas, what is your family like?” I asked, suddenly getting curious and interested.
“My family is dead” he answered just as soon as I asked..
“Oops.. I’m so sorry! I had no-
“I know, it’s fine” he said, giving me a lopsided smile. I nodded and felt awkward as my palm rounded the cup.
“I could tell you how they died” he said, “do you want to know?”
✏Allison’s POV✏
“Um..can I?” I stuttered.
“Of course, it’s kinda horrible but I can tell you” he said and I nodded. “I’ll tell you when we get home” he said, “for now, let’s finish this up and go do some other stuff” he added.
“Okay” I replied and picked up my gl@ss again.
After doing other things, we put all the shopping bags in the boot and Jonas started the car.
“Is there anywhere else you’d like to go or anything you want to do?” He asked.
“Actually, I think I’ve had enough fun for one day. Let’s just go home now” I said and he gave me a skeptical look, I nodded in @ssurance and he began driving.
Getting home, we brought all the bags out of the boot and took them inside. Jonas helped me set up my new phone while I left to arrange the rest of the shopping items. I took the remaining bags to my room and began stuffing the clothes into my closet and the shoes went to the rack. Jonas got me lots of expensive shoes and clothes even though I don’t really need or wear them and they were things I’ve never worn all my life cos my parent couldn’t afford them but he made sure I got everything I had my eyes on and even more.
I changed my clothes and freed my hair , I walked out of the room and drank some water in the kitchen before heading to the living room.
Jonas was just putting the phone pouch on the phone when I got there and I sat beside him.
He turned the phone on, “here, it’s done” he said and I took it.
The feeling it brought when it met my hand definitely felt like deja Vu.
“It’s pretty,” I clicked on the camera. “Let’s take a pic, l” I said, steadying the phone for a snap but Jonas put it aside with a wave of his palm.
“Before that, Allison. I have something to tell you. It’s about my parent. Remember?”
“Oh yeah. Now?” I asked and he nodded. “Um okay, I’m listening” I said.
“Well..before that. I don’t know how you’d feel when I tell you this but it’d mean a lot if you look at it from my point of view before judging” he said and I furrowed my brows, confused. “And I’m still the same person you know, Allison, you should know that first and please just listen to me, don’t say a word until I’m done, okay?” he added.
“Um..okay” I said.
“Well.. I am an only child, my mom was pregnant for another baby before she died. My dad was very abusive to me, for every mistake or wrong I did, he punishes me by forcing me to step on sharp objects, cutting myself with them, he glues tape on my face and forcefully pull them off continuously until I bleed, burn a part of my body with fire or just starve me for days. He buys stuffs for me too but personally, I didn’t think it changed anything. He loved my mom a lot on the other hand but I had my doubts, I suspected that he’d be a cheat” he started. “So well, I kinda started smoking when I was eleven, learnt it from a friend and then went deep when I turned twelve. For each time, I get caught by my dad, I get m@ssive punishments but it was kind of not freaking me out as it used to. I had to promise to stop for mom’s sake but I couldn’t and then one day dad caught me again, I pushed him off and ran out of the house. I ran far, very far and stopped when I couldn’t go on and then this man came,” he said and paused briefly. “He figured out I was being abused and gave me a pistol, he said it helped him get people he doesn’t like off and told me how it’s used,” I gave out a slight g@sp as I tried fixing the rest of the story on my own.
“So, I took it and went home. Seeing me, dad got all furious and asked me to leave and mom tried to stop him but in the process, dad pushed her down the steps and she fell and..died on the spot,” he said, sadness enveloping him. He looked down, took a slight inhale and stared back up at me. “And then I pointed the gun at dad, I wanted to kill him, everything in me wanted to pull the trigger, only a small stupid part didn’t. I guess I wasn’t thinking but I pulled the trigger, I was surprised it didn’t make any sound and at the same time scared that dad might’ve probably jerked the gun from my grip or something but when I opened my eyes dad was lying on the floor, surrounded in his blood and dead. I shot him.” he said and I let out a very loud g@sp. “The guy showed up and took the pistol from me, commending me. He made me call the hospital and lie to them that we were attacked and I was taken to a orphanage home after it, I went through a lot of trauma and shitty things there and I’m sorry to say but, even at this point I don’t regret pulling that trigger on the old man. That’s it”
“Oh my God!” I g@sped again, covering my l!ps with my palm.
I glanced at him and I could see the mist in his eyes. He was fighting the tears, I could tell and it kind of wasn’t working. It was first time seeing him like that.
“So..won’t you say anything else?” He asked. “Like I said, Allie. It’s still me. I just felt like telling you my dark past cos..well, I need to be strong to open up to you more and-
I shut the rest of his words as I engulfed him in a hug, I could feel a tear drop on my shoulder and his palm quickly moving to wipe it.
“I can’t imagine myself going through what you went to. You rough childhood and your dad’s abuses pushed you. It wasn’t exactly your fault, Jonas. I’m sure most abused children would’ve done same” I said as I tightened the hug. I felt him hug me back and sniff.
We slowly dis£ngaged and I stared at his face. “To me, you didn’t change, you’re still that nice guy that saved my life and I’m glad you trusted me enough to tell me this. Honestly, you only did what anyone would’ve done, if anyone is to be blamed for it should be your dad and that crazy guy that gave you the gun. Damn! I wish he gets caught and rots in jail” I said, smiling slightly.
“Really? It doesn’t change how you see me?”
“It doesn’t. You’re still the Jonas-Jonsey I know”
“Jonas-Jonsey?” He repeated with his brows narrowed and I grinned.
“Ahh..I just made that up” I said giggling and he joined.
Strands of my hair fell to my face in the process and Jonas beat me to brushing it off, his palm moved to my cheek and hos f!ng£rs caressed it. A weird dance move began in my belly.
“Allison, I love you,” he said and I stared into his eyes, seeing it’s sincerity and my whole being longing for something else. “And I want you to know that I’ll never hurt you, no matter what” he added and I nodded, placing my palm on top his that rested on my cheek. I began the move and he completed it and in no time, our l!ps found each other’s and we were klzzing..
So fiercely..
So hungrily and;
So p@ssionately.


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