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affair of the heart Episode 51




(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

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Not Edited

Chapter 51

“Nooo, why’s this happening. Jasmine first and now Dan. I am doom” I hit the table angrily and rushed to my car.

Khalid was driving recklessly. He remembered what Emma said. He picked up his phone and dial Steve number. Fortunately he picked it up at the first ring.

“Don’t dare [email protected] hands on her, I am warning you Steve. If anything happen to Jasmine then I vow you will hate me more than you hate me now. Don’t think I am a joker”Khalid threatened.

“Are you being serious right now? How dare you call me for such foolish thing? Well for your information I don’t have Jasmine yet but I will have her soon. She’s mine don’t forget”Steve said.

“Do you think I am joking right now, where’s is Jasmine, Steve Conor “Khalid shouted furiously.

“Hey call my name with respect, and why are you asking about Jasmine while I should be the one asking that question “Steve thun-dered from the other end.

“You think I call you for a joke, I promise If I don’t see her in the next thirty minutes you will regret it”Khalid threatened.

“I will love to have her, but right now I don’t have her. So take back your threat. Either you like it or not she’s still mine and only mine forever. I will be there very soon to take what belong to me. I will only let you rest till she’s mine. I will use her as a consolation for Emily “He said in the most dangerous voice ever.

“Get your damn $h!t out of my phone” Khalid yelled and hang the call.

“Oh my goodness! Is he saying the truth, where on earth could she be. And why will I even trust Steve? oh my God I am going crazy right now. I should call Emma, right?”He muttered feeling impatient. He dial Emma number.

“Khalid is she okay?”She asked.

“She’s isn’t home and I can’t even get throu-gh her, and Steve insisted he doesn’t have her hostile. Are you sure of this”He asked impatient.

“Of course I do, tell me where you are I will show up and we would find her together. If you think you can’t trust me then bring your friend along”She said.

“It’s good you know I don’t trust you so much, if not for the situation right now I wouldn’t have been speaking with you. Well meet me at the Dan school hospital, He’s being hospitalized”He hanged up.

Clara call [email protected]£ in, he picks it up immediately.

“Sir have you get throu-gh to Jasmine, we are home now and we couldn’t find her. What’s going on right now “She asked worriedly.

“I don’t know but come to Dan school hospital. I need to go and get Jasmine from Steve, you should be there with Dan”Khalid explained.

“What! Dan is sick, oh my God this is too my much to bear”Clara exclaimed aloud from the other end.

“Can you hang up for me? Leo is calling?”Khalid said.

“Bro the secretary told me you run out of the company, what’s going on”He asked from the other end. Khalid explained everything.

“Wait for me, I will be there and this time I would not spare him”Leo said and hang up.


Champions college

“Dason what happened you look uneasy, is everything okay”Evelyn asked.

“I don’t know if everything is okay, I just know my instinct is trying to tell me something. I felt like everything isn’t Right, like something bad is about to happen”Dason said.

“Maybe is because you feel uneasy, just focus we will soon have the last [email protected] for today then you can go home and check for yourself”Evelyn placed her hand on his shoulder.

“I guest you are right, I must be worried. Jasmine are you okay? something keep telling me you are in great danger” Dason hold his che-st and breath him and out.

“Common! will you have my lunch with me?”Evelyn asked. Dason looks at her and laughed.

“What! Why are you laughing?”She asked feeling so [email protected]

“I was just surprised you still bring lunch, since when does it start because I have not seen you come to school with lunch. College not basic school?”Dason whispered silently.

“You are so mean, I am not even the type that like to take lunch around, but the food was specifically made. My dad cook for us for the first time and I wanted to share it with you, but you are mocking me instead”Evelyn pouted and stood to leave.

“I am sorry for my ignorant and ins-en-sitive, I was just wondering why you will bring food to school. Don’t be mad”Dason pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I can finish it up by myself. You don’t deserve my food”Evelyn yelled

“You are just too unpredictable, atleast I apologized why are you taking it personal right now. If I hurt you I am sorry. Miss”Dason apologised.

“I will forgive you un-der one condition” Evelyn said.

“Why not two or three, I can see you always like to condition someone but I am not in today” He glare at Evelyn who fumes.

“Oh sorry I mean what’s the condition but plea-se don’t talk about coming to my house frequently”Dason begged.

“Can you come to my friends [email protected] tomorrow with Khalid”She said and Dason smiled.

“You are so funny, that can’t be possible, I can try to come but bringing Khalid along is not going to be possible that’s that”He explained.

“I really wish Khalid could come it will have been the best gift I will give her. But is cool you should come she will be happy knowing someone closed to Khalid”Evelyn smiled.

“Oh my God, is good to be famous, I am now a superstar who girl flaunt around. Khalid thanks for being popular”Dason adjust his cloth.

“Are you feeling big right now”Evelyn pouted.


Steve Mansion

Steve POV
Could what Khalid said he truth?Is he serious about Jasmine missing. How? We planned on kidnapping her tomorrow then who could have do that? I think I can’t trust the Evan, she’s desperate and anxious. If she’s the one behind this I will kill her. I picked up my phone and dial her number. She didn’t picked up at the first ringing, I tried calling her again but she still doesn’t picked. I smell something fishy.

“Evan If you don’t picked up I will kill you if I get hold of you”I Thun-dered angrily glaring at my phone with a heated heart.

My phone beep, I pick it up instantly.

“Hey Evan where are you? And what did you do to Jasmine?”I roared.

“Which one am I to answer first. I think I should take it for the first one. Well, I am in a place you can’t know. And secondly Jasmine, did I know where she’s? Hmmm! I think so”She replied in a mocking manner which I could imagine.

“I am not joking right this minute, bring her to me, and why will you even go ahead with the plan without informing me first?”I Thun-dered.

“Hey Mr, who are you? And why will I bring her to you. Listen very carefully, the game has changed now, and I am ruling the game now”She laughed wickedly.

“Why would you betrayed me like this”I asked furiously.

“I was taught how to do that, and now that’s my best friend. Betrayal”She bawled.

“And what are you planning to do with her”I asked trying to get hold of myself.

“I think I will kill her so the journey can end easily”She replied.

“Are you m*d?”I Thun-dered, if she was right Infront of me I vow I would have killed her immediately.

“Do you just know I am mad? And right now I am obviously going crazy. I can’t have Khalid neither you, so I think the game should end. Khalid have eye’s for her and you also.

I have you child but you only want her. I love Khalid but he loves her. So, why shouldn’t I kill her”She shouted.

“If you do anything with her, I promise you with the last blood running throu-gh my vein that I will tear you [email protected]”I growled with myl-ips quivering.

“Keep those threat to yourself bloody fool”She hanged up on me.

“Nooooo Evan I will kill you”I angrily throw my phone away.


A big old Mansion

Jasmine was tied to a wooden chair.

“Hmmm, why did it scent so bad here? everywhere smells dusty. But I am thirsty I need water”Jasmine said out of her unconsciousness.

“Welcome back, soon you will still be saying farewell to the world” One of the thvgs said in and husky voice.

Jasmine sneeze and come back to reality. She steadily open her eyes and look around.

“I must be dreaming”She murmured and close her eyes back.

“Don’t bother to close it back. Just open it”The other guy said in an husky voice.

That’s when is dawned on her that she’s being kidnapped.

“Am I still Alive”She asked with an imaginary tears.

“Yes but soon you will say goodbye to the world”A sm-irks pla-yed at the corner of hisl-ips.

“plea-se I don’t want to die, I haven’t enjoy anything. I haven’t even had s*x before”Jasmine cried out her imaginary tears.

She realized she just mentioned s*x to this horrible guys.

“Oh my God! As beautiful as you are, I think your b©yfri£ndmust be an impotent”They both laughed.

The both of them whispered something to each other ears.

“We can help you out, since you want to have s*x before you die, we are going to help you do that. Don’t he scared it will be ro-mantic”One of the laughed.

“Are you mad? You dare not do anything nas-ty with me. I am sure Khalid will kill you the both of you may you [email protected] your fr*aking hands on me”Jasmine threatened.

“You mean Khalid Walter, are you for real. So Khalid is your b©yfri£nd. Wow you are so lucky but why would anyone want to kill you?”One of them asked.

“Yes I am Khalid Walter girlfriend that’s why you shouldn’t killed me” Jasmine pretended to be crying.

“We can’t help you, we’ve been paid for your life”The second of them said.

“Do you mean someone pay you for my life? My own life, is it not my life, is it their life. Why would someone pay for my own life”Jasmine shouted.

The kidnapper bur-st out laughing.

“Is it funny, imagine someone pay for my own life. plea-se tell me who paid for my life, I also need to pay for his/her life”She bawled.

The kidnapper try to get hold of themselves.

“Shut up you little one, our job is to kill you and we are going to do that. But before then, let’s enjoy”He said [email protected]£ss!ngJasmine. Why the other one was pu-lling his belt.


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