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Affair of the heart Episode 50


(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 50

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“You are the betrayal here, you took him away from me”Emma roared energetically.

“How?”Evan cried.

“Why would you not forget? when you never created time for me. You keep bringing your own problem and never for one’s asked if I am worried.

I always solved all of your problems but the first time I told you I am in love with someone you never say anything.

Before you and Khalid started [email protected]!ngI told you that I am in love with someone but you never asked who. Yet you will bring your problem and I solved it for you.

You took him away from me. He loves you instead of me. I decided to let go as a friend, but one day you [email protected]£ saying.

‘Emma, there’s a guy in my [email protected], we’ve been in [email protected] since our first year, although I like him but he never asked me out. And now he asked me out when I alre-ady started [email protected]!ngKhalid. You know I always tell you Khalid is so boring but this guy is a vibe. You will laugh to everything about him’

Is that not all you [email protected]£ to tell me. You like someone but still you are [email protected]!ngKhalid. fv¢k!” Emma shouted.

“But I asked you if I should [email protected]£ him and you replied yes” She felt betrayed.

“I never said Yes, I only said if is cool by you. I think that was a chance to get to khalid. I even rejected Leo all because I feel for only Khalid.

Do you think I don’t know that those guys are nice, but I only wanted Khalid. I was even the one who s£nt letter to Khalid about you [email protected]!ngSteve.

You wanna have two man to yourself when your friend is starving for one, is that friendsh!p.

You never even asked me why I rejected Leo, you felt is normal, right? Do you know why I asked you to go back and lied to Khalid that Dan is his son.

That’s because an trying to find a way to get closer. I wanted to use you then get rid of you. But Jasmine [email protected]£ in the picture. Aish”She shouted and sit on the sofa.

“Ha ha ha ha”Evan laughed. WOW, I love you for that. So you are planning to get rid of me, right? I promised you if you move and inch closer to him I will cut off your ribs. You betrayed me and now I have learn your tactics. I now no the reason you want me to kill Jasmine. So that the can s£nd me to jail then Marry Khalid right. You are shameless fool”Evan yelled angrily.

“I agreed that I am shameless, but I realized something this [email protected] few days, that’s letting go. I will rather let Khalid be with Jasmine and remains happy forever” Emma said confidently.

“Then you won’t live to see this, I will make sure I get rid of anything that stand as a wave between me and Khalid” Evan threatened.

“Less watch out, I have been pla-ying the game perfectly. You are just a learner. You shouldn’t be surprised at my next trial”Emma said and sit on the couch with beg legs crossed on each other. Evan rushed out of her house angrily.


Khalid Mansion

“Aish my back hurt,I am getting older everyday by day”Mrs Walter said stretching her shoulder.

“Mum, did you need a [email protected]” Jasmine asked with a looking at the floor.

“Raise you head, why don’t you avoid me. I scolded you and show you hatred but yet you still don’t want to leave Khalid alone.

I am his mum but I don’t un-derstand him since he was 12years old, why do you think he will benefit you in anyway?”Mrs Walter asked.

Jasmine took a de-ep breath.

“Khalid Walter the son of Theresa Walter. Sorry ma if I am rude”Jasmine said.

“You even know my name, Khalid must have told you this?”She asked.

“No ma, Khalid never told me your name. I have been a big fan of Khalid Walter, I never Skip any of modeling show. My first and last love.

Ma I Know Khalid a long time ago. I follow all his blog. I never know who Khalid is him person but when we meet in the pool. Then I feel the real Khalid”Jasmine smiled.

“You seems to know him well, so tell me more I want to know”She said.

“Ma it’s seems like you need [email protected],” She said.

“Okay then you can you give me a [email protected], but you must complete your story” Mrs Walter said.

Jasmine smiles and move closer to her to [email protected] her.

“Khalid is the most sweetest man every lady will ever dream of, he’s cheerful pla-yful and caring.

He’s always [email protected]ûghty most time. And he will make sure you did what he asked of you in a more plea-sing way. He’s not as dre-adry as appears sometimes. He’s the kind of person that always want everyone happiness, and respect his mother alot.

He hate lies because that what leads to his inti-mate friend broken friendsh!p” Jasmine explained.

“Do you know about Steve, that’s the most inti-mate person I know with him before Leo. But he still likes Steve more than Leo if I could recall back then, but I don’t know now” Mrs Walter said looking at Jasmine.

“Yes, I Knew Steve even before I met Khalid in person. Steve is the most dangerous person I ever know. But aunt you did wrong”Jasmine paused.

“So because I gave you permission now you are scolding me. And tell me what did I do wrong? Just continue”Mrs Walter asked.

“Do you think Khalid will do that,I mean trying to [email protected]£ someone. Do you believe he’s a ra-pist. Have you ever sit him down to asked what exactly happened.

It’s a big misun-derstand which can’t be cleared easily. You should have atleast trust him a bit “Jasmine said.

“I tried to trust him but I couldn’t. You don’t know Khalid back then, he’s a big flir-t, I caught him with many girls. I was even surprised as a mother how a boy of his age could be expo-se to such kind of life”Mrs Walter explained.

“He told me everything, he’s a flir-t but will never [email protected]£ someone. He was a plot against him by that girl, but it was a pity she lost her life”Jasmine explained.

“Tell me what happened exactly seems like you know alot”Mrs Walter said.

“Okay ma”Jasmine explained everything.

“Oh my goodness, I have committed a big sin by not trusting him. I don’t want to make the same mistake. What do you think about Evan?”Mrs Walter asked.

Jasmine sm-irks glaring at her. Evan barged in just that moment.

“What will she think about me if not bad, she didn’t like me so why would she tell you any good thing about me.

Is this how you talk bad about people behind their back Jasmine or whatever you are called. I am done here, I will leave take my things and head to Dan school right away to take him. I can’t trust anyone around me again”Evan said and headed to her room. She wait at the center of the stairs and smile.

“You won’t take Dan with you Evan”Jasmine shouted.

“I will go and speak to her”Mrs Walter follow her.

“I think I should get throu-gh Khalid, no he must be very busy. I don’t have to disturb him I will take care of this”Jasmine said and rushed out of the house.

Jasmine POV

I board a taxi and head straight to Dan school. When I arrives at the school gate I saw two man glaring at her. I decided to ignore them and moves my way in.

One of them try to attack me. But I give him a kick in his stomach. Before I could know the other guy alre-ady point a gun at my head.

Oh my God! this is cold I smelled real Death.

“Are you going to be stubborn now or you will cooperate and follow us”He said in an husky voice.

I dare not do anything funny.

“Try to be stubborn if you make a dead wish”He said and brou-ght out and handkerchief to cover my nose.


Khalid company

Why did I feel so uneasy. I don’t know why but I think I feel uneasy. My phone beep. Unknown number!

“Hello is this Khalid?”The person asked.

“Yes, how may I help you?”I asked.

“This is Emma speaking, I wanted to tell you to be careful. Evan is up to nothing good with Steve, they are planning to kidnapped Jasmine so Steve can f0rç£fully marry her before she wakes up. plea-se be extra vigilant”She advise from the other end.

Is this the same Emma I Know.

“How sure are you?”I asked.

“100percent. Are you both together right now?”She asked.

“No”I replied.

“Call her to check if she’s ok. I figured out their plan late”She informed.

“Okay, I will hang up”I said and hang the call.

It’s strange, ever since I broke up with Evan we haven’t talk but why did she inform me about their plan. Did the fight? Why should I even he worried if they fought?

I dial Jasmine phone number immediately but she wasn’t reachable.

“No this is not going to happen, I need to call Maddy or Clara”I said, and Maddy number.

“Hey baby boy, how are you doing?”Maddy asked jokingly.

“Maddy plea-se are you with Jasmine?”I asked.

“No, don’t tell me you missed her, and if you do why don’t you call her instead? Do you want me to be jealous. No I won’t be”She said from the other end.

“Oh my God, just keep quiet. Where are you now, I have tried her number but not reachable”I asked impatiently.

“We left her home with mother, me and Clara [email protected]£ to get something in the mall, we asked her to come with us but she insisted she would stay with mum.

Hope things are fine or did mum do anything to her”Maddy asked. I could feel she’s worried due to the way she sounds.

“Hold on I need to call mum”I hang up and dial her number.

“Khalid I can’t find Jasmine, we are both in the livingroom before Evan arrives and said she will be leaving with Dan, I went inside to talk to her but before I [email protected]£ back I couldn’t find Jasmine. And Evan left alre-ady”She announced.

“Oh my goodness, I think Jasmine is in great danger” I will call you back.

I wanted to call Dan school when their call [email protected]£ in.

“Sir is this Mr Walter. Dan has been rushed to the hospital. He has an attack when Mrs Evan f0rç£fully wanna take him away” The headmaster announced.

“Nooo, why’s this happening. Jasmine first and now Dan. I am doom”


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