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Affair of the heart Episode 52


(Letters to his celebrity crush✉️, searching for her)

Genre: [email protected]ç£

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Setting: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 52

“Shut up you little one, our job is to kill you and we are going to do that. But before then, let’s enjoy”He said [email protected]£ss!ngJasmine.

Why the other one was pu-lling his belt. “Are you really going to do this, plea-se I beg of you. plea-se”Jasmine pleaded with a teary eyes.

“You’re really look serious right now. Don’t worry you just enjoy and die, stupid “A wicked grin pla-yed at the corner of hisl-ips.

They other thvg untied the rope. One of them phone beep right that very moment.

“Aish! “He muttered angrily and checked is phone ID. if was their boss Evan. It turn his Back.

“Hello boss we are about to do it now”He said. He st©pped talking which could be figure that Evan is the one doing the talk.

Jasmine who has been untied glance at the other one while the other thvg was on phone. She thought of what to do. Just then the other thvg went close to the other one.

Jasmine slowly stand up, she bent and took some sand, in her two palm. She ti-ptoed to their back. And intention kick one of them in the bu-tt.

She pour the sand on their face as their try to look back. She tries to get hold of one of their guns but see the are regaining their sight, she took to her heel.

“Get her”One of them shouted as the run after her.

Jasmine POV

“Where am I going to hid right now”I asked no one in [email protected] breathing heavily. I feel like my life is gonna pound out of me. I shuddees where I was hiding, and look around.

This is a abandon mansion. Which means houses would he nearby. But how do I get out of here?

I will he caught If I still hid here. I peel and see them coming towards my direction. I am doom, Khalid where are you? I think I should call him, no they will figure me out. I think a message will do, I checked my jean pocket. “Aish!” I couldn’t find my phone, seems they have it.

What will I do right now? I hold unto my heart.

“You’ve been caught, come out gently or it won’t be good for you”One of them shouted.

is it truth? Have they really found me out. Oh my Goodness this is not good. Am I really going to die? No I can’t die, I am still useful for Khalid, Dason, Dan, Mrs Walter, Maddy. Clara and Leo, why will I just die when he hasn’t even confesses his love for her. Is he going to do that in my abs£nt?
“Nooo” I mumbled, and cleaned the tears in my eyes.

Was I really crying? No, I am strong right. I can handle them, I should go out right now. It won’t be good if they dragged me out.

“Are you crazy, did you really want to go out for real. Don’t you have any s-en-se at all, what is they didn’t figure you out and are just doing that knowing you will want to come out. Be wise for oncs, if you die then Khalid would be very sad, everyone will miss you. So better don’t die”My subconscious mind said, which makes me emotional.

How can I be so dumb not to have thought that. Did I thought that? I will remain here if they have really figure me out then they should come for me themselves.

“I don’t think she’s around here, why don’t we check outside maybe we are going to see her” One of them said. I heard they footstep, I think they went outside.

“My mind was right”I mumbled.

Khalid and everyone must really be looking for me. I should get out of this place. God plea-se help your daughter. I breath heavily.

Just calm down down Jasmine, every little thing is gonna be alright, right? I pouted.

I slowly get out of where I hid and to my greatest surprised I [email protected]£ across Evan.

“Evan so you are the one who wanted me dead, you are evil. I feel like I should kill you right now”I roared angrily forgetting those guy’s will hear me.

I need to go. I pushed her and her heel shoe str!p her off. She fell on the ground and sprain her ankle.

“I am sorry”I rushed to her and help get off her shoes.

“Why do you care so much when you intentionally pushes me. You have to die, you will be kill right here. Hey you fools where are you both, come and kill her. I don’t have anything to say to her again “She shouted.

I look at her with a rage if anger. Why on earth did I even care about this inhuman. I took one of her shoe angrily.

“You are a big fool, idiot”I hit the shoe on her head.

“Ouch, How dare you”She shouted scratching her head.

“I will get back to you idiot” I hit her in her stomach angrily and ran out of there.


In the car

Khalid POV
“Are you sure we are heading to the right direction”I asked anxiously.

“Yes, I s£nt someone after her, and his location is on. Just turn left and then take a U-turn”Emma other.

“Are you sure of this, I thought you said she and Steve are together in this. So how come she’s in around here”I asked.

“Khalid is ma-king some s-en-se, you can’t trusted”Leo added.

“I think you call the police and your location is on, so if I try anything then I will be arrested in a minute”Emma said.

“Hmmmmmnm, still can’t believe you”Leo said.

“Is not a time to trust me, I think you both should just corporate just for Jasmine sake. And about Steve, he’s not aware of this turn around game.

Evan betrayed him. I found out his only intention is to make Jasmine his wife even if is by using f0rç£.

But Evan change the game and want her dead now”Emma explained.

“What! how do you know all this? You are the one that called me hours ago that Jasmine is in trouble and you even let me know Steve was involved but why are you changing everything now?”I asked. I think I am getting confused. How can’t Steve be unaware. Is he really saying the truth when I called him?

“Because that’s that. I mean that’s how the game was supposed to go, but it changed. I have informate there with Steve. He was even the one that let me know Evan was there and they both had $ex some days ago”Emma said and cover’s her mouth immediately. But the word is alre-ady out.

I felt disappointed, why would someone like her had my son. She’s shameless. And she has caused the reason the boy is fighting for his life in the hospital.

“I am not surprised, she’s worthless. And shameless, I will take Dan legally from her. And make sure she didn’t go scoff free with this “I said and drive the car angrily.

“Do you really need to do that?”She asked looking at me strangely.

“What! Can’t you tell me where I am to go, st©p eyeing me like that. I may go crazy”I fumes.

“I don’t think you need to take him legally. Well! Turn right”Emma said.

“You are so cute behaving nicely. Are you trying to make a point saying he don’t need to take Dan legally? What surprises do you have for us again”Leo asked.

“,You still haven’t changed, trying to pucknose in other affairs. I wonder which type of girl will want to be with you “Emma blasted. I shook my head knowing Leo will give her back to back.

“Are you serious, so you think that’s called to pucknose in someone affairs. The person in mention is my bo-ttomfriend if you don’t remember.

And for what you just said I have someone I love and that’s more better than you in everything. Homely, beauty, loyalty and happiness she has it all. Not like you”Leo said angrily.

“Can we settle that later, you guys aren’t helping me right not. Do you know how uneasy this is for me right now”I yelled angrily.

“We would soon be there”Emma announced and I breath in.

I can’t wait to see her.

“plea-se Jasmine be strong for my sake, if anything happens to you then I won’t be able to forgive myself. This is my mess and I should pay for it not you. plea-se be okay “I mumbled and pray silently. My heart worries right now.


Steve POV

I got down from my car. I can see she’s still here. This is a van and this is her car. I am sure Jasmine is here.

Evan I will kill you today. Is better if you haven’t [email protected] handa on her. I brou-ght out my gun and rushed into the building.


Authoress POV

“So this fool could come here to safe you. You make us go throu-gh stress and now you will have to die. I will kill you with my own hands”Evan took the gun from one of the thvg.

“So you think you can kill me, no you can’t. I will escape this. You know if I didn’t hurt my legs then you wouldn’t have caught me”Jasmine shouted.

“I know you are stubborn, but it will over now. Go and prove your stubbornness with your creator”Evan move closer to her and point the gun at her. She cracks the gun.

“Khalid I love you plea-se save me?”Jasmine shouted crying.

Steve jumped in from nowhere and sh0t the thvgs deas even before the could fire.

“Don’t dare do that. Just drop that gun, if not I will kill you cold blooded”Steve threatened not smiling.

“Let’s see how it goes, there’s no way out of this. I will sure kill her. Jasmine will die now”Evan said with a evil grin.

“Then I will kill you and your son”Steve threatened.

“That son is yours, do whatever you like to him. I hate him too”Evan growled.

“We can sort this out Evan, drop that gun”Steve shouted when Evan was about to shoot the gun.

“Look at this face well, do you remember someone”Evan asked without looking at Jasmine and pu-ll out the trigger.

“Jasmine…….”Steve shouted and also fired his bullet.


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