A step into love episode 14

A step into love
Episode 14
“that’s all for today” Charles said and opened the car’s door about to step out
“what? Not even thirty minutes practice especially at initial stage” Cindy scowled
“do you want to sleep here before you know how to drive?” Charles said stepping one leg out of the car
“well, I think it’s time to call mum to inform dad about it” Cindy said and brou-ght out her phone trying to dial number
“st©p it!” Charles shouted and held her hand to prevent her from ma-king the call
“should I?” Cindy asked smiling while Charles sighed and asked “OK, what do you want me to do now?”
“it’s simple, teach me the basic things you supposed to”
“the name of the p@rts of the car”
“what?” Charles arched his brow “do I look like a kindergarten tutor or are you a baby not to know these small things?”
“are you going to teach me or abuse me?” Cindy asked bringing out her cellphone
“you should st©p freaking me out with that” Charles snorted trying to gr-ab the cellphone from her but she evaded it
“it’s okay, if that’s what you want but listen carefully cause I’m not going to repeat myself” he paused, glanced at Cindy and continued pointing at the p@rt as he mentioned them “this is the accelerator, the break, the clutch, the gearshift, the steering……”
“it’s too fast” Cindy ch!pped in
“what? ”
“you have to slow down a bit at least giving me time to say it after you”
“I said slow down a little and allow me to say it after ”
“are you joking right now?”
“maybe I am, maybe I’m not” Cindy replied raising up her cellphone and smiling
“I said st©p freaking me out with that again ” he g@sped
“then abide by the rules and regulations and st©p being an arrogant…. ”
“and st©p calling me that again” he cut in
“hmm I will, but that depends on your character” Cindy said smiling at him
Charles stared at Cindy for a moment and snorted “you are so annoying and troublesome” instead of replying she smiled while Charles shook his head and continued teaching her
If there’s anyone that Charles fear most in his life and family, it’s his Dad,not that his father is that strict or scary but his father have his way of dealing with him, he loves his father most, he also fear his father most that’s the case,
Realizing this Mrs Anderson have used the opportunity to write rules and regulations guiding Charles and Cindy in the house to st©p them from fighting, failure to abide by any of this rules? The case is going to Mr Anderson, she’d also instructed Charles to teach Cindy how to drive a car cause she’ll be having hers soon
“oh! you guys are back,how’s the lesson”
“splendid “Cindy replied as she flung herself on the sofa
“well, let me use this medium to tell you guys that Austin and I are traveling tomorrow
“tomorrow? To where?” Cindy asked
“to Nigeria and to spend the Christmas with my love” she replied smiling
“so why are we not going together?” Charles asked
“because you still have many things to do, first of all, your school is organizing a Christmas p@rty, secondly we may be back before or after New Year and before we’re back, Cindy must have known how to drive independently”
“so, what you are saying is that both of us alone should hold and live in the house till you come back?” Charles asked again
“yeah and make sure you follow the rules and regulations, violation of the any of the rules by anyone of you, the other should call me, and remember I’m gonna be with Barry, your Dad” Mrs Anderson said staring at Charles
“but Mrs Kate…..”
“Mrs what?” Cindy asked standing up from the sofa as if a pin had pricked her “I said Mrs what Charles, isn’t she your mum?” she st©pped to catch her breath “you’re just showing how narcissistic you are, more than I have thought, seriously beyond my expectations”
“it’s alright, okay?” Charles paused and continued “okay, she’s my mum”
“then you should call her your mum” Cindy said softly
“alright” he paused “my mum” he said and Mrs Kate smiled and said “now it’s time for dinner”
They all trooped into the dining room including Austin, Charles’ brother
After the dinner Cindy took the dishes to kitchen to wash while Mrs Anderson followed her, she didn’t like to see Cindy working in the house but Cindy had f0rç£d herself saying she can’t be eating and slee-ping in the house without doing anything, so Mrs Anderson joined her in watching the dishes even after so much dissuasion from Cindy,
After washing the dishes they c@m£ back to the living room and could see neither Charles nor Austin in the living room anymore, they sat down on the sofa as usual and started their chatting and gisting as they laughed.
Charles’ POV
I was so surprised with what just happened to me, not about me calling Mrs Kate My Mum, even though she’s My Mum I’ve been used to calling her by her name but not in the pres£nce of my Dad (I don’t dare do that) but what surprise me is me acting towards Cindy’s commandments, I can’t just believe a whole me could do that, I mean I have never do that, not even to my mum, I would only do what I feel like doing, I don’t know why I used to behave like that but I think that character is gradually going down in me since Cindy had come into my life “who the hell is this Cindy?” I asked myself…….
To be continued…………..