A step into love episode 13

🌹 🌹 A step into love 🌹 🌹
Episode 13
Cindy’s POV
I was by the road waiting for a cab to pas-s by when someone driving a power bike st©pped before me, I was confused cause I didn’t see the person’s face due to the helmet he was putting on, “who are you?” I asked and instead of replying he re-moved his helmet smiling at me, I was surprised to see that he was John “Wow John, how did you know I’m here” “my heart” he laughed as he t©uçhed her heart, I also bur-sted into laughter
“come on, we nee-d to go” he said as he handed the helmet to me which I quic-kly put on my head and hop on the bike,
After the exam, Cindy decided to visit Angelina as promised, but she met John and Angelina on her way “Wow, this is what we should call ‘excellent coincidence’ I’m just on my way to your room” Cindy said as she approached Angelina and John
“really?, glad to hear that, so how’s your exam?” Angelina asked as Cindy joined them in the walk
“splendid, John thanks so much for the ride, you saved me from rewriting my paper”
“and what was that?” Angelina scowled
“actually he said his heart located me this morning and he gave me a ride to school, which saved me from getting late” Cindy chuckled
“Well, Angelina told me about your relocation yesterday but I was just coming from home, I didn’t know I’ll meet you on the way but a fate said that” John sm-irked
“so, where are you guys going?” Cindy asked and Angelina answered “to work of course”
“why didn’t you call me, are we not doing this together again?”
“actually I thought you wouldn’t nee-d it anymore” Angelina replied
“come on, it’s just relocation of geogra-phical area, doesn’t have anything to do with work and you all, my friends,you should know I can’t dump you for such thing, you are more precious to me”
“Hmmm,really?” John asked stuffing his hand into his pocket
“Cindy, hope you remember the Christmas p@rty” Angelina ch!pped in
“sure, the school p@rty”
“you know it’s coming up in two weeks time?”
“Oh! So fast?, Christmas is hurriedly approaching”
“yeah and we are going to enjoy ourselves and skate as usual, the p@rty will be soo great and I think I’m gonna invite my neighbor” Angelina beamed
“talking of neighbor and invitation reminds me of something”
“what’s it?” John asked
“do you remember Charles, The Genius?”
“of course, who wouldn’t remember The Arrogant Genius of the school” Angelina said rolling her pen
“you can’t believe we’re leaving together now”
“Really!” Angelina exclaimed
“sure, I can’t believe it initially also, he’s Mrs Anderson’s child”
“you mean the woman that c@m£ to pick you yesterday?”
“I heard he’s so famous in this school” John said, trying not to be left out in the discussion
“of course he is, wait, didn’t you know Charles Anderson?” Angelina asked staring at John
“well” he coughed “humm, I used to hear the name but I’ve never see him before”
“Tsh, I guessed he’s becoming more popular because of his look” Angelina commented
“look my foot, having good character is more better than being handsome and arrogant” Cindy replied
“I support” Angelina nodded
“yeah, time to work!” Cindy shouted as they got to the restaurant
“yeah the most boring and lovely moment” John remarked and they all laughed….