A step into love episode 15

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 15
Mrs Anderson and Cindy continued chatting, giggling and sometimes laughing for about an hour,suddenly Mrs Anderson changed the t©pic, she first of all ti-ptoe around the room to check if no one is eavesdropping, she then went to sit besides Cindy and began
“you know what Cindy, I’ve noticed many things since you’ve started living here, you’ve influenced Charles behavior a lot” she paused as she gazed at Cindy then held her hand “I know you can do it, not that I can’t scold my children, I just don’t want to be a bad mother and I think now is the right time so I’m leaving Charles to you, plea-se promise you’re gonna change him”
“I’m not a God” Cindy giggled “I mean how can I change someone especially someone so obstinate like Charles”
“I trust in God Cindy and I believe he’s using you, so I believed in you too, I know you can do it Cindy”
Mrs Anderson replied still fixing her gaze at Cindy and shaking her hand
“okay, I’m gonna try my best” Cindy nodded
“thank you so much Cindy, you are such an angel” she said as she hvgged her ti-ghtly “words can’t express my appreciation to you”
“it’s alright mum” Cindy replied as they dis£ngaged
“I nee-d to go to be-d now, I must not wake up late so as not to miss my flight” Mrs Kate said as she stood up smiling “good night dear” she pe-cked Cindy’s forehead
“goodnight mum, have a sweet dream” she waved as Mrs Anderson paced upstairs
Cindy stood up from the sitting room as she’s alre-ady feeling sleepy, she walked to the dinning room to drink a glas-s of water, after doing that she walked back to the sitting room only to find Austin sitting on the sofa and looking worried
“hey Austin what’s wrong with you?” she asked as she sat beside him but Austin didn’t answer “come on, talk to me, what’s wrong with you? Remember two heads are better than one, we could solve the situation together so tell me what’s wrong with you Austin? you didn’t look well, you look worried”
“really?,I guessed you’re good since you can re-ad it on my face”
“so are you going to tell me?” Cindy asked staring at him
“well, since you said two heads are better than one” he shrugged and continued “it’s my as-signment”
“what as-signment?”
“holiday as-signment” Austin answered
“oh really?, is it too ha-rd ?” Cindy asked and Austin nodded, “oh I thought you are the best in your clas-s” Cindy laughed
“you shouldn’t make jest of me, I thought you said you are going to help me, but I’m not that good at maths and my maths teacher is extremely spiteful, so scary and nas-ty” Austin commented nervously and furiously as he stood up and made to leave
“I’m sorry dear, I’m just joking” Cindy pleaded as she held his hand back “bring your note and come and sit down here” she collected the note from him as she gestured at the seat beside her, she pu-ll-ed a stool towards her and placed the note on it, she then opened it and gaped at the sight of it “oh my God! It’s too much”
“that’s exactly what I’m saying, not only is it too much but too ha-rd , the teacher is a murderer, he’s so callous”
“it’s alright, we’re going to do it”
“can you finish it now? I want to finish all my as-signments before going for the holidays and I’m alre-ady throu-gh with other as-signments”
“that’s good of you” Cindy commented raising up her thumb “don’t worry about the rest, I’ll finish it tonight but excuse me I nee-d to wash off the sleep from my eyes first” Austin nodded and she left
After some minutes she c@m£ back, Austin also have alre-ady left to bring all the equipment nee-ded for the solution and he’s now back, Cindy sat down,opened the note again and started working on it. After fifteen minutes of working she sat back and yawned in a way that frightened Austin who’s sitting beside her but she quic-kly turned her head towards him, smiled and went back to work again. After another seven minutes she sat up again but this time she didn’t yawn instead she closed the note and smiled at Austin again
“we’re throu-gh now” she said as she extend the book to him
“thank you so much Didi” he replied beaming and quic-kly ran throu-gh the note “Wow, you are excellent!” he exclaimed and hvgged her then sat back on his seat slothfully
“what’s wrong?” Cindy quic-kly asked as she noticed his expression changed
“I’m sorry” he replied b!tt!g hisl-ip
“for what?” Cindy asked looking confused
“I entered your room without your cons£nt and also took something from there” he replied looking down
“what?,you entered my room and took something without my cons£nt?” Cindy asked looking surprised
“yes I’m sorry i’ll return it, I know you’re mad…”
“I’m not mad” Cindy cut in smiling, hearing this Austin head tilted up as he asked with surprise
“yes and no, you know going to my room is not the problem but stealing something”
“I’m really sorry Didi” he pleaded looking pathetic
“it’s alright, so what did you take in my room?” Cindy asked
“this” Austin replied as he brou-ght out a picture and extended it to Cindy who collected it and looked at Austin with surprise
“you mean my family picture?”
“I guessed so” Austin replied
“so why did you take it?”
“because I love it” Austin replied and Cindy bur-sted into laughter “you mean you love my family picture?”
“No, I love them, can you plea-se introduce them to me? Since I’ll be meeting them during the Christmas holiday”
“you mean introduce them on picture?” Cindy asked and Austin nodded “well, this is my father, my mother, I, my brother Jason and my sister Sally ”
“Wow, perfect!” he exclaimed as he cl@pped his palm together but not loudly “your sister look exactly like you and I pray she should also resemble you with heart”
“you mean?” Cindy asked looking confused but Austin skipped the question and asked if he could have the picture
“hmm sure, since that’s your way of skipping question but make sure you keep it well…….just like your eyeball” Cindy said as she handed the pic to Austin
“sure I will” he replied as he collected the picture and started staring at it but his gaze is on Sally
“goodnight” Cindy greeted as she stood up and left the room
“yeah, night night and sweet dreams” Austin replied smiling……