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September 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

A gumiho’s love episode 2

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💕💕💕💕(Will this love be possible???)💕💕💕💕

🔮 Chapter Two 🔮




💗 Arthur 💗

I managed to sit down with my wounded body, those stupid gumihos really did it big!, Even my black magic is no match for June?

Then I must look for her weakness… But let’s first tend to this pain

I did all the necessities and dressed the wound after taking a cold shower

Then I set out to meet Aladdin the sorcerer


“Arthur the bastard?” He scoffed as I entered his always calm abode

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” Don’t call me that again” I replied as I genuflected on a chair opposite him

” You’re here because of June?” He asked, rubbing his beard with a smug little smile on his wrinkled face

“How did you know?”

“I’m a sorcerer, you can’t expect less… And it’s because she beat you despite your black magic powers, how pathetic! ” He scoffed

” Just tell me what to do, I really want to capture that wench and her sisters”

” You can’t capture Mulan the old witch but you’re dreaming of capturing June?”

” Are you telling me June is hard to capture than Mulan? ”

” No time for chit chatting, you need to know her weakness”

” That’s why I’m here” I replied impatiently

” She’s the only gumiho born in June and in June, there’s frequent rain, when it rains so much ice falls from the sky, on the night she was born, it was rainy so much and ice fell” Aladdin said craftily

” You mean….Ice is her weakness? ”


😋 Mulan 😋

” Dan, I’m going into retreat in the underground for three months and no one must disturb me, not even when I have visitors, and take care of my son, Don’t offer him anything except livers from my liver hunters and if he doesn’t take it, just ignore him, you can only disturb me if Arthur comes, that bastard is capable of anything”

” Yes mother”. Dan replied and bowed at my feet as I vanished into retreat

🌻 June 🌻

A week later

I sat by the fire playing with a flower swept in by the wind and thought about our fate and everything, it rained early this morning and ice fell, we had to stay indoors throughout but now it has stopped and the weather is so cool, I’m so sick right now but I’m pretending to be strong, I always go sick anytime it rains and ice fall….

I looked at the flower again and marvelled at it’s beauty, in case you dunno…I love flowers so much!, I attached it to my hair and smiled but it disappeared when I remembered Arthur

Why is Arthur frustrating our lives?, We don’t kill humans, we only feed on animal meat but yet he’s being a bastard

Then the old witch, shame on her for locking up her son though I dunno why

And her son, I feel pity for him and I always smile when I think about him…..

I suddenly started becoming weak and I started shaking too

What’s happening???

I stood but I fell again, then tears started coming out of my eyes as my eyes widened, ice! It’s just by the doorstep, how did it get here

I started loosing balance and I know I’ll faint soon

“April, May!” I shouted faintly

“June are you ok?” April asked, coming out with May

I pointed at the ice and that’s all I can remember

💗 May 💗

June fainted!

“How did this get here?* April asked, pointing at the door where a big ice cube is sitting

My eyes widened

I ran to the doorstep to remove the ice bit I suddenly felt chains round my wrist and ankle

“What’s happening?_

” Now i gat you, the strongest is down, to get you both is just a piece of cake” Arthur said, appearing before us

“May!, May!” April called as I struggled to break free

As she tried to help, she was tied up too with that stupid chain

“You bastard!!!* I screamed in anger

“fool!” He spat and gave a crooked laugh

I and April transformed immediately and the chains broke

“You’re really monsters” Arthur said and brought out a powdery substance from his bag

We tried to avoid it but it landed on our face after he blew it… blackout

😍 Arthur 😍

I vanished together with them to the emotionless cave where I’ve kept the two cups of bondage

I kept May and April in one cup and sealed it

Those brats!

I’ll come kill the three of them first when I get the sword of death but they should stay here till that time

I’m gonna lock June inside the other cup, that strong monster

I kept her In the cup but on trying to lock it, it became impossible, that’s when I saw a part of my robe is hanging by its tip, I’m done for!, This can’t be happening!

Before I know it, I’m already inside the cup with June and the cup locked automatically

I chant different incantations but it’s not working

Dang it!, I’m locked here with this wench and no one knows about this, how to get out???

Well I should make June regret wounding me

I tore a part of my robe and tied her face with it

I chant the bonding incantations and the tie up rope tied her up, even as a gumiho, she can’t loosen it

🤗 June 🤗

My eyes fluttered open but I met darkness, it’s like my face is tied, wait…my hands and legs even my body is tied and I can’t move though I’m ok by now, this must be the tie up rope, why is Arthur doing this???, Where am I???

“Arthur!, You bastard!, Let me go!!!”

“Oh I was expecting that ranting as usual, well you can’t go and I won’t ever let you go!, You have to pay for what you did to me!, You’re in the cup of bondage” he said

” Boragu!’


“Why are you doing this to me?, And why would you lock up yourself with me here?, Where are my sisters?”

” You asked three questions but I’ll be kind enough to answer them all…. first, I’m doing this to you cos you’re a filthy strong gumiho and I hate all gumihos especially you, secondly, it’s a mistake locking myself here with you but I don’t regret it cos I really want to torture you, then thirdly, your sisters?, They’re in the second cup” he said emotionlessly…

I wish I could just see his face now and tear it into pieces but not when I’m tied with this evil rope and my face is gagged

“I’ll be the one to kill you, I’ll kill you if I ever get out of this place!”

” And you think I’ll let you out?, No one knows I brought you girls here”

“bastard!” I ranted as I struggled fruitlessly

” Save your energy monster!”

“I’m not a monster!”

“Then what are you?”

“my name is June, I’m not a monster”

” To me, all gumihos are monsters”

” So far I don’t eat human livers, I’m pure, I’m not a monster”

“let’s wait and see, I’ll make you see hell!” He barked

” Bastard!”

💚 April 💚

I woke up to find myself in a strange place with May beside me, where’s June???

I nudged May and she jumped up

“Where are we?” She asked

“I have no idea” I replied, looking around

“Wait… isn’t that the cup boundary?” She asked, staring at the sign on the ground

I looked at it and my eyes widened

I looked back at her

“Cup of boundary!!!” We both screamed

“This bastard Arthur!, Bastard!”

“where’s June?, How can we get locked up here!!!” I ranted as we both wandered round the woods aimlessly

After several hours of walking,we both sat on the bare ground

When I don’t know what to do again, I broke down in tears

“You know I hate crying girls” May said ridiculously

“Does it matter now?, Crying seems to be the only thing available” I replied dryly, wiping my tears as new round fell down my cheeks

“I don’t feel like crying cos there’s nothing to cry about”

” What about June?” I asked

” She’s not dead, so far that bastard has not found the sword of death, he locked us here for a reason and I’m sure she has locked up June somewhere too”

” What do we do?” I asked frustratedly

” Peggupayo (I’m hungry)” she wishpered

“Go to hell!!!” I screamed and she started laughing hysterically

💧 Arthur 💧

A week later

“Arthur please…. stop doing this… to me” I begged weakly as tears Started escaping my eyes despite the fact that it’s gagged, it rained and I was in the rain althrough, ice fell and some even fell on me, I’m terribly sick and weak right now

“That’s the torture I’m talking about, I’ll always leave you out there in the rain and let ice fall on you, when you grow weak and can’t do anything, I’ll become your master, that’s your punishment”

” I need a fireplace, I’m so cold, and…..my body is weak, …Arthur… I’ll kill you … if I ever get out of this mess….I … Swear….” I stammered as the cold is making my teeth clash with each other

“You think this place is an inn?, How funny, enjoy the pain” he said wickedly and slapped me countless times before giving me a kick on my belly… normally it’s not supposed to mean anything but in my weak state, I vomited blood and became weaker…

🖤 May 🖤

The rain has stopped, I wonder how June is doing, she’ll be very sick” April wondered

” Where do you think Arthur can hide her?” I asked as we walked side by side in the woods

That’s what we’ve been doing since the past one week we’ve been here, walking and wondering around the woods without nothing to eat, we found no animal to eat and surprisingly, we aren’t hungry

“I miss June” April said again

“Whatever” I snapped

Seriously I’m getting sick and tired of this place

“I know you’re not as powerful as June but do you have a weakness?” I asked

“Of course”

” Tell me” I probed

” No, you’re too cunning to know my weakness, I won’t tell, find out yourself but I doubt if you can find out but I know yours”

” Chincha?” I asked surprisingly and she nodded

💕 Mona Lee 💕

Journeying as usual to search for new treasures for my museum

I’m Mona Lee, eighteen years old but people address me as Mr Lee cos I’m very sophisticated, full of experience, I can detect if someone is in danger by just hearing their voice or studying the scent of the environment

I can trace scents and I have the powers you can’t imagine, I won’t tell you what I am right now though

My museum is not popular cos people think it’s outdated and too uncivilized but I really don’t care, all I want is to do what I like

Well enough of the self introduction

Passing by the old witch house, I heard the sound by the window again, anytime I pass by the window, I hear the sound but I ignore it, it’s obvious it’s the voice of someone who needs help … Seems today is the day

I vanished and appeared in the house where I met liver hunters that are up to ten and a lady who looks like a maid, one look at her, I know she’s a liver eater gumiho

The hunters charged at me Immediately I got there but at a wave of my hand, they all went down

The maid charged towards me and we engaged in an hot combat that lasted for what looks like forever, she’s strong, a strong gumiho at that but I overpowered her and tied her with the tie up rope

“You just messed with Dan, Mulan’s maid!” She ranted on her spot

” Shut your trap!” I snapped before tracing the scent of the one who needs help to the room, I opened it with a bang on the door and shockingly, I found him, a handsome!, Cute young pure gumiho, if he isn’t a gumiho, he’ll be my age but looking at him now, he should be around two hundred years old but he looks young like me!

He opened his eyes stealthily and looked at me weakly, his lips dried up and his body weak, why does he look powerless as a gumiho?

“Please… help ..me” he mumbled weakly and stretched his hand towards me

I’m just full of pity for him

I quickly helped him up and guided him as we walked out

He’s too handsome! If I were a girl, I’ll drool

I got to where i tied up the witch maid and found her struggling

“Where are you taking young master Jordan to?” She asked, trying to stand

“So he’s Jordan?, the rumoured son of the witch?, I now understand, so he was locked up cos he wants to be pure… Well he’ll remain pure cos I’m taking him, do your worse!” I ranted as I took him out of the place

I ran with him as much as I can, carrying him on my shoulders,

I ran through the woods and the forests just to get outta town and I keep clearing up our scent so they won’t be able to trace it

But passing through the emotionless cave, I smelled the scent again, something is definitely inside

I carefully placed him on top of the rock and made sure he’s balanced before entering the cave hurriedly and I found them!

Cups of bondage!

I hurriedly took them and checked them out, it’s obvious it has a content but I can’t seem to be able to open it, I heard it’s only extraordinary people who can open it but why can’t I? I’m not ordinary person

Nevertheless I took them out and Immediately Jordan saw them, a bright light shone from them directly at him

He stood up, held his head and screamed

I placed down the cups and ran to him

“Why are you screaming Jordan?, Is everything ok?”

“Who are you?, Who am I?, Is my name Jordan?”

” What!”

” I just asked who am i?” He asked again


I didn’t finish the statement before his eyes closed and he fell again




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