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A gumiho’s love episode 3

💕💕💕💕(Can this love be possible???)💕💕💕💕
🔮 Chapter three 🔮
🌻 Mulan 🌻
“What happened here?” I asked suspiciously as I came out of retreat and saw Dan tied up with the evil rope and my liver hunters all dead, sprawled on the ground
“Ma’am, it’s a guy, I don’t know who he is, I just felt a powerful aura with him, I can’t control him and that’s why he tied me like this, and…
“And what?” I asked impatiently
“He Left with master Jordan” she quivered
“I’m sorry ma’am but he’s too strong”
“You eat a liver per day, how can you be so powerless so much that you aren’t able to capture one stupid guy, now I want you to describe him” I demanded angrily
” He’s tall, fair skin, he has a mole on his chin…
“Did you just say he has a mole on his chin?” I interrupted
“That must be Mona Lee, that stupid museum owner, I’m sure he would have flee by now, he’s also good at clearing scents so I won’t know the exact direction they went,…. Darn it!!!, Then you don’t deserve to live!” I ranted as I grabbed her by The neck and twisted it… Oh, I forgot she’s also a gumiho, damn it! ”
” I’m sorry ma’am, really sorry” she pleaded amidst heavy breaths as I released my grip on her
“Shut up and get outta my sight?!!!” I yelled and she sauntered in
My son, Jordan is gone, but anytime I see Mona Lee, he’ll pay for this!
Jordan must be a liver eater, it’s a must
😍 April 😍
Six months later
“May I’m really unhappy” I complained as we lay down on the tent we made with dried leaves and sticks
“And who told you I’m happy?, Well we have to endure it, who knows how many years we’re using here?, Just calm down” she replied
” First time I’ll hear you talk with sense” I replied and quickly stood up before she’ll get a hold of me
“Brat!” She spat and threw a handful of leaves at me
“I miss June”
“I do too, but small” she replied and I hugged her
“First time you’ll hug me in ages” she said as we hugged
“if June is here, I’d have hugged her but you represent her right now” I replied and she pushed me away
” Brat! ” She snapped with a funny face and I smiled broadly
💗 June 💗
“Devil!, Let go of me!, Arthur you’re so dead if I get out of here, just know that it’s your death day, I’ll kill you! ” I shouted as I struggled fruitlessly to untie myself as usual
” I’ve told you several times young gumiho monster, save your strength and stop wasting it, you’re a gumiho and you know the strength of the evil rope, you can’t possibly loosen it”
“Lucifer!!! ” I shouted
” Bastard, devil, Lucifer and all, I’m used to them cos they’re all my names so…
“Fool!” I said
“That’s a new name” he replied and gave a crooked smile
“We’re in the cup of bondage, can you at least untie this gag on my face and untie the evil rope?, I can’t go anywhere you know”
” You can’t go anywhere but you’re still the strong gumiho I know, who knows what you might do to me, just shut your trap if you don’t want me to tie your mouth too” he threatened and I kept quiet
” And you know what? The evil rope I tied you with is not without effects, anytime I untie you and you get out of this cup, you’ll lose your sense of maturity” he said wickedly, grinning from ear to ear
” By saying I’ll lose my sense of maturity, do you mean I’ll behave like a kid?”
“heck yeah” he replied
“Satan!, Devil!, Bastard!” I ranted bitterly as he laughed crookedly
💛 Mona Lee 💛
Six months ago since I got to a place far away from my previous home and settled down, Jordan has been in coma, he’s breathing but he’s not waking up since he fainted, and I think he lost his memory before he fainted… Pathetic!
How can that old witch do that to her son, well she can’t find me for now
I kept the two cups safe and hoped for a day they’ll make me rich and popular since I can’t open them despite my powers
I mounted them on a cupboard and admire them frequently
But Jordan, I think i need to change his name when he wakes up, he lost him memory?, Well it’s for the best, he should forget anything about that witch, I’ll give him a new name when he wakes up though I dunno when that’ll be
I’m setting up another museum already and this time , the cups will be the most exquisite treasure in the museum, I know I’ll make it big one day, it was rumoured that the cups of bondage attracts good luck and I hope it’s true
😘 Mulan 😘
“So what do you suggest I do?” I asked Aladdin the sorcerer
I actually came to ask him for ways to find Jordan and Mona Lee.
“I honestly don’t know of a way, And besides, if I know I wouldn’t tell you” he said sternly
” Bo!”
” You heard me right, I might be a sorcerer but I don’t like you a bit”
” Are you out of your mind?” I asked authoritatively
” Will anyone still be in his right senses after meeting you?” He scoffed and vanished
” Why don’t you wait so I can give you a horrible death” I spat angrily
Jordan, my son, where are you, Mona Lee, I swear it I’ll skin you alive the day I meet you!!!!
💧Mona Lee 💧
“Good morning grandpa” Jesse greeted as he descended the stairs this morning
He gave me a hug as usual
“You watched the Olympics yesterday before going to sleep again, why are you so addicted with race?” I asked, smiling at him though I know why….
” Well, let’s just say all handsome guys must have a talent” he replied and winked before we both settled down at the dinning table to eat breakfast
I just stared at him as he ate happily, he makes me happy and I’m happy I rescued him fifty years ago, he’s a bundle of joy
Now let’s tell you how it all happened, he woke up from coma three years ago after being in it for forty seven years and I’ve been taking care of him wholeheartedly
He still has not regained his memory and I’m happy about that, I told him his name is Jesse Lee and I’m his grandpa since I’m now old but he’s still young you know, as a gumiho….I’m currently sixty eight, I told him he’s twenty four years old and that January is his birth month, I also told him his parents died in a plane crash four years ago…I just pray he doesn’t regain his sad memory….he’s claustrophobic, meaning he’s scared of dark or closed places maybe because of how he was locked up by the witch, he’s handsome!
His powers are still sealed but I know they’ll soon come out, he doesn’t know he’s a gumiho, how will he know when he lost his memory??? Only God knows where the old witch is right now, I just know she’s somewhere in Korea
He’s a medical student in Taesung university and he’s pretty good
Korea has really changed from ancient to modern, the houses, clothes, dressings and adornments, instead of robes, it’s now suits, shirts trousers joggers jackets, blouses and all others and I really love it!
About my museum, Lee museum is currently the biggest and most popular in South Korea right now cos of what???, The cups!!!, travellers and tourists from far and wide come to my museum just to take pictures of it or draw it just to make the type and I get a huge amount for that..I’m super rich!!!
But Jesse is always curious about the cups which is of a great worry, it’s like he’s attracted to them but I always warn him to stay away from them
Well, I think that’s enough for now
“Araboji (grandpa), why aren’t you eating?” He asked as he noticed me
” Oh, I’m not hungry, seeing you eat is enough to make me full”
“Who says he’s not hungry in the morning, araboji, hope everything is ok?” He asked, concerned as he checked my temperature
He loves me so much!, And I do too
“I’m ok son, just eat, I’ll eat later, you told me you have an 8 o’clock class today so hurry, you can’t miss your class” I said
” That’s quiet right, I’ll go prepare” he said and pecked my cheeks before running upstairs
I smiled broadly
He came back minutes later, all dressed up
“Don’t work too much at the museum, overworking ain’t good for you” he said
” You always say that and it’s my daily watch word” I replied
” I’ll come see you at the museum after my classes” he said before going out
I can hear the car honk as it zoomed out of the compound
He drives himself, he refused my offer to get him a driver
I ate some fruits and got ready for work
🏵️ June 🏵️
“If I’m still good at counting, we’ve spent fifty years here and I’m surprised, your face changed, all the work of this cup” Arthur said as he tortured me as usual
I’ve not seen daylight since the last fifty years cos my face is still tied and the evil chain is still on my body, I’ve seen hell from him, sufferings everyday and tortures in the rain…he’s the devil!
“And now I’m wondering if my face changed too, so I’ll untie your face, you’ll tell me if I look different” he said and untied my face
I stealthily opened my eyes let it get acquainted with the light for a while before staring at Arthur, he has really changed!, His face Changed to another face!, And surprisingly, he didn’t get older
“What are you?, You’re supposed to be old by now, why did your face Change but you didn’t get older, are you also a gumiho?, Vampire?, Goblin???
“I’ll be kind enough to answer, I used a recipe from black magic to keep me from growing old and luckily it worked” he said and laughed wickedly
I smirked and he slapped me
It has become part of me, cos slaps don’t mean anything again but I promise myself that I’ll kill this beast!
But is it true that my face also Changed to another face?, There’s no mirror to check
😍 April 😍
“Who are you?” I asked the girl sitting beside me and she has a look of disbelief on her face too
” I’m May…what about you?, How come you’re wearing April’s clothes but you don’t have her face?”
” I’m April, did our faces change?”
” Chincha??, It really changed?”
” I think it’s because we’re spending too much time in this cup”
“fifty years is not a child’s play” she replied
” I miss June”
” Same here, I miss her nagging and acting miss perfect” she replied and I hit her playfully
” We’ll get outta here pretty soon, I can feel it” I said.
” So now you represent June, prophetess!” She scoffed and we both laughed
💗 Jesse 💗
“The class was the best in this semester” I commented as Dr Osaka left the class
” Absolutely!” Nicole and Rachel, my two best friends chorused
Don’t be surprised I have ladies as best friends, I just feel it’s right, they’re brilliant, though not as me, they’re both twenty three…
And I am not as brilliant as the school star, Kim Yung
He’s also a medical student but he’s pretty too brilliant even more than the lecturers
I see no reason why he should come to school cos he knows it all but Maybe he wants to for fun
Girls drool on me but not as much as they drool on him, he also plays the guitar and violin very well, he’s perfect!, And also handsome!
😍 It’s Jesse!, He’s so handsome!”
😍 Just look at that cute face!😍
😍 Lots of love!😍
Ladies commented as i walked through the hallway with Nicole and Rachel
Nicole and Rachel are actually models despite the fact that they’re medical students like me, they’re into modelling and they’re the hottest models in Taesung…they call themselves Fancy girls!, They’re daughters of rich bussiness tycoons
“Have you seen Kim Yung today?” Nicole asked Rachel
” No, he didn’t come to class” she replied
” Don’t tell me you’re also crushing on him?” I asked Nicole
“The last time I checked, it wasn’t a sin to crush on him, so yes, I’m crushing on him” she replied
😍 OMG it’s Kim Yung!😍
😍 They say he has a violin performance today!😍
😍 So cute!😍
“I’m going to watch him!” Nicole exclaimed and left us
” Never knew she had a crush on him” I said surprisingly cos Nicole behaves like an evil spirit…. sorry about that 🤣
“Well, it’s her Choice, aren’t you going home?” Rachel asked
“I’m going home, I’ll branch at the museum” I replied
Rachel came closer and held my hand
“why?” I asked
“Can’t I just hold it as your friend for a minute?” She asked, looking at me intently
” No, my hands are expensive, you have to pay before holding them, goodbye Rachel, see ya tomorrow!” I replied hurriedly and gently took my hand from her before rushing to the parking lot where I parked my car
Rachel has always been like that and I dunno what it means


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