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a bride for the ceo Episode 56

Awesome 🌟

Episode Fifty Six


Ruth, David and ra-phael got down from the car in the front of the hospital, they walked into the hospital.

“plea-se where is the VIP ward??” Ruth asked a nurse who pointed her to ask another nurse, who later took them to the ward, they entered the ward, ra-phael rushed to the be-d, Stella was slee-ping with medical equipment connected to her b©dy.

“Oh my!! Was the accident that bad??” ra-phael asked quietly as tear formed in his eyes, Ruth and David were beside him.

“Relax, it was a little but the doctor said she is out of danger now” Ruth said. ra-phael had called her (Stella) a day ago but it was Ruth who picked it, she told ra-phael that Stella was involved in an accident with hoodlums that wanted to attack the agency, she had told him this because Ruth was told to keep the real details to herself, she was told this by the official of the agency.

“Thank God” ra-phael said as he hvgged the slee-ping Stella slightly “Thanks alot” He said as he dis£ngaged from Stella slowly and bowed to Ruth and David who patted him. Ruth pe-cked Stella on her forehead while David patted Stella gently. A nurse [email protected]£ in to check Stella.

“We would leave now, so this place won’t be crowded but we will check on her soon again and I will tell you anything the doctor tell me Ok??” Ruth said to ra-phael who nodded.

“OK, thank you so much ma” ra-phael answered gratefully. Ruth and David left the ward.

“Ma, I can sit here right??” ra-phael asked the smiling nurse.

“Yes ofcourse, but plea-se be quiet as possible” The nurse said.

“I will be, thanks” ra-phael answered, the nurse walked out, ra-phael looked around the ward, which was big, beautiful and furnished with furniture, Tv and other equipment, he layed down on the couch “Babe get out of this soon” He prayed silently.


“Is he awake??” Michael could hear his Mom asked the doctor who was about leaving his ward. He is in a more beautiful and furnished ward, a VIP’s.

“Not yet, plea-se don’t disturb him” The doctor said and she left, Veronica, Jimi and George walked to his be-d, he opened his eyes.

“Buddy??” George called as he saw Michael opened his eyes slowly.

“Ademi??” Veronica called.

“Hey” He said and smiled sadly “TJ told you about it right???” He asked,They all nodded.

“plea-se be strong for her and everyone else” Jimi said slowly looking at Michael with a small smile.

“Hi, Mom’s b©yfri£nd” Michael said and extended his hand for an handshake which Jimi took.

“Call me Jimi plea-se” Jimi said smiling.

“Jii… Pronounce that again” Michael said smiling.

“Buddy, it’s G-me”George pronounced, Michael repeated after him “I was taught over ten times by Mom” George said, Michael chuckled.

“Jemima called me and kept asking for her sister.. I told her about Becca getting into a fatal accident and [email protected] on with no remains, she cried so much, she is trying to be strong too” Veronica said.

“Hmm…. I wished to see her though” Michael said as he tried to sit up with George and Veronica’s help.

“Am also grateful she finished her exams alre-ady, she just waiting for the result and her admission” Veronica said holding Michael’s hand.

“That’s good” Michael said giving a small smile “What about the kids??” He asked.

“They are fine, we told them you had an encounter with bad guys, that Becca was involved in a fatal accident and [email protected] on, that Gabe was also encountered with bad guys, they kept asking and wearied everyone out even G-me too, they know him now” George explained.

“They were so sad and cried so much but we told them to be strong for you and everyone, they wanted to see you but we told them not now” Veronica said, Michael nodded.

“Thanks alot guys” Michael said.

“You welcomed” George said, they all hvgged him.


want to be left alone” Michael said as he layed down, with George helping him.
“We un-derstand, we would be on our way now” Veronica said sadly, they left the ward sad.

“Mom, G-me, I will go to the office now bye” George said as he hvgged Veronica, and waving at Jimi. He walked ahead of them.

“Nica, he will be fine OK??” Jimi said patting Veronica as they walked out of the hospital, she nodded.


A Fili-pino woman walked in to a building, she sat down, facing a bar with metal, she could see the person sitting on the other side. Gabe walked into the other side, she is a complete shadow of herself, she looked at her visitor for a while, and when she finally recognized her she was surprised and scared.

“Mrs Rutchel Mahusay??” She said with surprise and fear.

“Gaberialle, how are you doing?” Rutchel asked with a small smile.

“Am fine” Gabe said simply

“No, don’t be scared, it’s fine, I know all about it, it’s painfull that Kunle is gone but I know he is still with us and he will never leave us alone just that he is not with us physically” Rutchel said as she wiped her face with an handkerchief.

“Am so sorry, plea-se forgive me and I hope Barrister will forgive me too” Gabe said crying.

“Cherry st©p crying OK” Rutchel said, Gabe was surprised to hear her nickname from Barr. Kunle’s wife “He talk alot about you, he loved you as is own child, am sure he will forgive you and I have too” She said.

“Thanks alot” Gabe said.

“Your are welcomed, plea-se when you do get out of here live a good, careful and cautious life, let your loved ones into your life Ok??”

“Ok” Gabe nodded.

“His funeral will be here in Nigeria, in a month time, for all preparations and everything” She said, Gabe nodded “Take care of yourself, have met with some other people too, you do have lovely friends and family Gaberialle dear, bye for now” Rutchel said as she waved at Gabe who waved back. Rutchel left the building, Gabe was taken back, she cried so much before she sle-pt off.



everyone, this is Jemima” Veronica introduced the Jemima who looked around nervously “She will be staying with us” She said. They were all in Veronica’s house, Ashley is sitting beside Michae, her head on his che-st, Jimi was sitting with Adrian beside him, While Alexa was sitting on her father’s [email protected]
“Queen Becca’s sister??” Ashley asked.

“Yes princess” Michael answered.

“Don’t be nervous J, it gonna be fine” Alexa said smiling at Jemima who smiled back, she had tears in her eyes.

“Come here” Michael said opening his hands wi-de, Ashley had adjusted, Jemima ran to it, she hvgged him crying “Shhh, it’s alright, I miss her greatly too” He said with pain as he comfort the teen, Jemima st©pped crying after someminutes. She dis£ngaged from Michael.

“So J, this is…” Adrian said and introduced everyone.

“Kids why don’t you show her to her room” Veronica said smiling, the kids nodded and took Jemima happily to her room, they all talked, laughed and drew Jemima out of her sad world.

“Mom, we will be going home today, we have told the kids, they said they would come later, so they will come later with Jemima” George said.

“OK no problem” Veronica said “Let me make something for us to eat” She said and went into the kitchen with Jimi following her.


The Darlingtons’ house was renovated with different expensive items, equipment and furnished. They also have fleet of cars in the big compound, domestic helpers too were @ssigned to the house. A car drove in, Michael and George [email protected]£ down, two female domestic helpers rushed to them, they helped in carrying their bags and briefcases. They went ahead of them.

“I have missed the house” Michael said smiling sadly as he tried to contain his sadness which George noticed.

“Same here, I ordered the renovation and other things, everyone’s room is as they requested” George said as they walked inside the beautiful house.

“Thanks buddy” Michael said.

“You are welcomed” George said, they both walked to Michael’s room which had the portrait and posters of Becca around the walls of the room, her pictures were also on tables, nightstand and on stools. The pictures they took together was not left out “According to what you said” He paused looking at his friend “I hope you will be fine” He said with concern.


don’t really know but I will be strong for us” Michael said as he sat down on the edge of the be-d.
“That will do” George said “Just take your rest, I will see to lunch” He said, Michael nodded, as George walked out of the room, Michael stood up and began to look at the portrait, posters of Becca, and that of the both of them remembering the memories attached to them, he sighed as tears fell of his eyes, he went into the bathroom to take his bath.


ra-phael woke up to someone [email protected]£ss!nghis face, he opened his eyes slowly and jumped when he saw Stella kneeling beside him on the couch.

“Oh babe!!!” He exclaimed happily as he hvgged her gently, he took her back to her be-d with her notepad with him, she took it from him.

*I am famished* Stella wrote, ra-phael smiled when he re-ad it, Stella just woke up for the first time in weeks, he rushed outside and [email protected]£ in almost immediately with bags of food, Stella smiled.

“Goodness babe you scared me so much” ra-phael said as he began to feed Stella who smiled.

*I am sorry* She wrote, he re-ads.

“It’s fine, am more than happy you are awake now and never to leave me alone again” ra-phael said, Stella nodded. ra-phael kept feeding her with smiles and she ate slowly.


Nicholas and Roland were seen watching a movie when Ruth [email protected]£ in. She had told the boys about Gabe been deceived by Gerry and she was s£nt to prison, they boys had received the news in sadness.

“Guys!!! I have good news!!” She screamed as she remembered something.

“Momma seriously!” Nicholas said rolling his eyes and smiling.

“Mom, you just [email protected]£ back from school you know that” Roland said smiling looking at his happy Mom.

“Yeah, that too, I should do some shopping for you guys for your end of the session [email protected]” Ruth said thinking “Well guys, come I want you to say hello to someone who hopefully is a girl” She said smiling, they boys stood up walking up to her and looking around.

“I don’t see anyone here” Roland said, the boys stood beside Ruth, who took their hands and placed it on her stomach, they boys looked confused first but later glad.

“No way!!!!” Nicholas exclaimed.

“Yes way darling” Ruth said as they both dropped their hands.

“You are pregnant Mom!!!” Roland said and jumped on his mom happy, Nicholas too hvgged her.

“Yes!!! And guys you are choking me” Ruth said laughing, they dis£ngaged quic-kly.

“Sorry” They chorused.

“Yeah hopefully a girl, we need a sister” Nicholas said smiling.

“True, am so happy mom, does Dad know about this?” Roland asked.

“Yes, he does, he was so happy too” Ruth answered, walking to the kitchen.

“Awwwnnn” Nicholas said smiling, Roland hits him pla-yfully on his shoulder.

“What do you think you are doing???” Roland asked as they followed her into the kitchen.

“To cook” Ruth answered as she switched on the electric [email protected] cooker.

“No way, we will cook” Nicholas answered.

“Very funny, you guys don’t know how to cook” Ruth said laughing.

“Yeah we don’t but where is madam Jane??” Roland asked.

“Guys c’mon” Ruth said hitting her head pla-yfully in frustration.

“Fine we will cook following your directives” Nicholas suggested.

“Yeah you are right Nicholas” Roland agreed nodding his head.

“Ok guys, fine, let’s do this” Ruth said

“Yep!!!” The boys yelled happily.


Stella was laying down on her be-d about to sleep, She had insisted on staying at her house and not at Ruth’s place. She has just finish chatting with Ruth, as she layed down, she thought about everything and smiled but later sadness feel her up as she remembered Barr. Kunle was dead, she sighed and turned to the other side of the be-d. She opened her WhatsApp, ra-phael was online, as she was about chatting ra-phael up, he beat her to it.


ra-phael: Babe?!! Why are you online this late, you should be resting.

Stella: Nothing really, just finished talking to Sis. Ruth and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to talk to you.

ra-phael: Ooh, Should I come over, have you eaten??

Stella: No, don’t and yes I have eaten.

ra-phael:OK, that’s great, Babe I wanna ask you something but you opinion matters alot.

Stella: Yeah, am all ears.

ra-phael: Actually my convocation and birthday is on the same day, will you come to my school and [email protected] with me and my friends??? It is in three days time.

Stella: Awwnnnn, So sweet, Happy birthday in advance and happy graduation, but I can’t come, I am sorry.

ra-phael: OK but babe?? Why do you always refuse to come whenever is always more than us… Like if people are there, you always refuse to come.

Stella : Am sorry, I don’t want your friends to laugh at you for been with a mute girl like me

ra-phael: Babe c’mon!!!! To hell with what anyone says, all I know is that you are the best, I think you need self awareness, babe you are awesome.

Stella : Thanks alot ra-phael.

ra-phael : No , it’s the truth dear.

Stella: Am kinda feeling sleepy now.

ra-phael : OK, good night babe, I will still be online for a while.

Stella: Why?? Do you wanna talk to a girl??

ra-phael: Babe??!!! Seriously!!!! Just wanna do some things on my school work, st©p teasing me alre-ady.

Stella: Fine, just joking, take care OK

ra-phael: Yeah, I will and you too, Good night

Stella: Good night Ralph.

Stella smiled as she placed her phone on a stool and sle-pt off.

Good night

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