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A bride for the ceo Episode 55


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Episode Fifty Five
“Who???” Ruth asked from where she was sitting down, the doctor hesitated ” Doc, plea-se say whatever it is, plea-se” She pleaded.

“The lady but she is in a very critical condition, actually she or let me say her [email protected] is actually fighting a psychological trauma, am thinking she [email protected] throu-gh these things, I mean trauma when she was more young, so coupled with the pains and everything, she is really having a [email protected] time but we lost the other patient” She paused “I will urge you to pray to whatever you believe in and have faith in it, she needs it seriously, we will continue trying” The doctor said looking at the sad and depressed people in front of her, she moved away.

“George??? Ademi????” Someone called with surprise, it was Veronica, Michael’s Mom. She entered with three more men, Jimi is one of these men. They all looked in the direction of the voice to see the people that has walked in. They hasten their steps to them.

“What’s going on??” Jimi asked with his gentle voice, his smile has disappeared from his ever smiling face.

“Uncle Jimi!?? Gabe!!” Ruth said crying, Veronica went to sit with Michael and George, looking Michael over and over, she was afraid and confused “This is what happened…..” Ruth explained with tears, when she was throu-gh with explaining, everyone [email protected]£ speechless, they all looked at the figure of Gabe crawl up against herself, as she nodded her head affirmatively.

“Oh my goodness!” Jimi said as he bent his head, closing his eyes, Veronica was by his side comforting him “Gerry got arrested, I got free few minutes ago, this lawyer here as been walking with Barr. Kunle inorder to hasten my re-lease” Jimi said patting the man by his side.

“Mr Andrew???” Gabe said as she saw the man.

“Yeah, I am Andrew… Actually I have had my suspicious about Gerry but then I had no bases for my claims, then recently, Barr. Kunle who is a very good person to me and we have been close for years now, told me the plan to find Gerry out and that Stella the mute lady was helping him, I was happy that finally my suspicious will either be confirmed or disapproved, so I helped them in ways I can, by providing information for them, even information on Darlingtons…. Then when we began to discover so things, Stella decided to place a device in you favourite [email protected], not the ‘SCAR’ one but the one you got…” As he was talking George cut in.

“Scar one???…. Wait!! You were the lady that bu-mped into me and unknowingly left her [email protected] or did you purposely leave it???” George asked with distain describing the [email protected]

“Was it the [email protected], I asked you of the owner sometimes ago???” Michael asked.

“Yeah” George answered.

“Yes, I was the one but it wasn’t on purpose and I was on a mission” Gabe answered still crying and praying silently for Stella who was in the ward and also asking for Barr. Kunle forgiveness right there in her mind.

“Oh” George stated simply.

“Ride on” David said.

“But after placing the device in her [email protected] the day she went to pack her clothes, the signals were blocked, so she was unable to get where she was but Stella often chatted with Gabe to know if she was still OK and not in danger.. So just today, Stella noticed that the signals were back but then Gabe was headed towards some strange place, so she alerted Barr. Kunle who in turn told me, we all got prepared but unfortunately for us, as they got to the building, everything on them was re-moved so I could trace or get in contact with them anymore, I [email protected]£ worried, I texted them but none was replied, I decided against calling them because I don’t know what’s going on, I was in this dilemma when I finally reached a point that I should trace them to the last place they went to before they got disconnected, so I arranged few men to go with me but as we were about to venture out, I got an argent call from a t©p official in the agency telling me that ‘SSA’ called and Gerry was in their custody and they had news on both Stella and Barr. We hasten there and there we go the shocking news of our lives that both Barrister and Stella were injured badly… We took charge of Gerry and then dirty secrets were lecked, Jimi got re-lease after few investigations and confirmations and some other people got arrested too… Gaberialle was used, deceived and pla-yed, the enemies of the Darlington actually got in t©uçh with Gerry, although some had back off because they got arrested but these people, I mean the criminal looking lady and young man [email protected]£ after Darlingtons again using Gaberialle being the best person in the agency.. Gerry collected hvge amount of money on this, this is a really sad day” Andrew sighed “Am sorry but Gabe you are un-der arrest for the crimes you committed which are best know to you and which is against our laws in the agency, do you object???” He said gravely, Gabe stood up, shaking her head with tears in her eyes.

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“No I don’t, I am very well aware if the laws of the agency, I am sorry everyone for all I have done throu-gh my carelessly, plea-se forgive me” Gabe said crying, her eyes were swollen alre-ady, she pu-ll-ed out her hands after handling her badge to Andrew who took them and ordered a young man dressed in black to handcuff her which he did, she was led outside.


will be back” Andrew said and walked out of the hospital drove the car Gabe was put in.The lawyer also went with them in his own car, leaving behind Veronica, Jimi, Ruth, David, Michael and George. Ruth cried so much, David was patting her, Veronica was also sobbing as she placed her head on Jimi’s shoulders, they were both sitted. Just then a phone began to ring, it was Michael’s phone, he had picked up all the phones back in the storey building, it was a video call, as he picked it, he was so terrified that he felt a sharp pain in his heart.
“Buddy what is it???” George asked seeing his friend’s reaction, he peered into the phone and screamed “Is this not queen??!!” His scream alerted everyone,everyone turned to them.

“George what’s going on???” Veronica asked, soon the call ended.

“Get yourself and the more men here, this freaking minute!!!!” Michael yelled to his phone, he had called TJ, just few minutes TJ arrived, he ran into the hospital with three men. Everyone kept watching “Veronica you have to go home now, TJ heavy guard my Mom and the kids, nothing must happen to them, nothing I repeat” Michael said “Now!” He commanded, the three men rused to Veronica and stood beside her and Jimi who looked confused ,Veronica was so scared and surprised to see her son in this way and manner, he was so scared and pained.

“Ademi????” She called.

“Mom, not now plea-se, George you are going with them too” Michael said.

“But???….” George wanted to insist when the stare that Michael threw at him scared the hell out of him.

“If you refuse, you will be shove into the car by f0rç£, just fvckING OBEY OKAY??!!!” Michael yelled angrily, George nodded. Veronica went to hvg her son, and they (Veronica, Jimi and George) were lead out by the two men, TJ stood beside Michael.

“What’s wrong??” Veronica asked as they were being led out.

“Something difficult Mom but Michael will overcome I pray ” George answered quietly, they all entered the car and drove off.

“Sir what’s the problem??” TJ asked, Michael showed him a picture that was s£nt to his phone, a lady was tied down, she looked scared and was balantly beaten “Wait for my call and orders” He re-ad out from the phone Michael was showing him, he was confused “Who is she???” He asked.


girlfriend” Michael answered and TJ eyes wi-den in shocked and horror.

Tasha cried, she was inside her car, her head on the steering wheel, she didn’t even notice that had and is soaking her clothes, as she continue to cry, she felt a sharp pain by her side, she placed her hand where she felt the pain only to be greeted with blood, she was shocked, she looked down to it, she rolled up her clothes and to her surprise and horror, her stitches were f0rç£d open and blood was gushing out of there.

“$h!t!!!” She exclaimed as she remembered that she was told not to stress herself until the stitches she got were fully healed. She looked inside her car, she found nothing but a cloth, she tied the wounded area with the cloth very ti-ghtly, closing her eyes as the pain washed her.

“I will make you suffer Darlingtons, everyone I have loved are gone including Xavier, I will make you suffer so much you wished you did be dead” Tasha said throu-gh gritted teeth. She smiled and said “Now for plan B” She sm-irked as she took her phone and called a number.


“Sir, you…. have a girlfriend?” TJ asked looking surprised.

“Well obviously I do and the only person that would have leaked that is Gaberialle” Michael said as he sighed, they were still in the hospital but they were outside inside the car.

“Hmm” TJ sighed “We have to wait for her call” TJ said. Minutes of silence [email protected], then Michael’s phone rang again, he picked it immediately.

“OK” Michael said and dropped the call “She is the one, she will s£nd the address soon and she said I should come alone, we will follow her orders and rules” He said slowly.

“OK, but we won’t stay far either” TJ said, he [email protected]£ down from the car and Michael drove off.


“Who the hell really are you???” Becca asked, she was tied to a chair with her hands tied to the back of the chair, she has been beaten, then her blindfold got re-moved “Ahhh…. Omo Yankee?!! (Ahhh….. Foreigner?!!)” She exclaimed as she saw Tasha “What did I do to warrant this??” She asked confused.

“Am sorry but no sorry, am after your b©yfri£nd, that stupid b©yfri£ndof yours, I will make him pay” Tasha said angrily, she was sitting on the floor close to Becca, she held two empty bottles, she was still growing weak and lossing blood. Michael [email protected]£ in “Here comes the murderer, the smart bit-ch!!” She exclaimed.

“Mike, what’s going on??? And why is she saying she will make you pay???” Becca asked.

“Don’t listen to anything she says OK??” Michael said while Becca nodded.

“Awwwnnn….. She is my best revenge but I must say you got a really powerful and strong bit-ch as a girlfriend” Tasha said smiling.

“The last time I checked I have a name, Rebecca that’s it, am not a bit-ch” Becca said eyeing Tasha who now on her feet walking around Becca.

Tasha chuckled “Who cares?! You gonna be dead anyways along with your b©yfri£nd”

“Wait, we can talk about this, plea-se don’t harm her plea-se” Michael pleaded bowing his head.

“Talk you say, you never talk to any of my loved ones before killing them, you never did, you BASTARD!!??? I WILL MAKE YOU MISERABLE!!” Tasha screamed, Becca flin-ched on her chair. Suddenly Becca rope loss£n from her hands, she win-ked to Michael who got the message and nodded, Tasha didn’t notice.

“Now!!!” Michael screamed and immediately Becca ran out.

“I will take the car!!!” Becca screamed back as she ran outside with Tasha on her heels, She ran and drove off before Tasha could get her, Michael was behind Tasha re-ady to bounce on her, she was quic-k to see him at the corner of her eye, she moved away from him.

“You think you outwited me again, am sorry love because you walked right into my tra-p” Tasha said smiling, as blood was still oozing from her side.

“What???” Michael said confused, they were turning in circle, Tasha di-pped her hand into her alre-ady blood soa-ked clothes, she brou-ght out a remote which has a big red blinking botton, she pressed it and smashed the bu-tton.

“That’s a bomb bu-tton and I have just pressed it and smashed it, and you little girlfriend will explode soon enough, alot of it are inside the car” Tasha said laughing, Michael could not scream, he was [email protected] and sweating heavily, he reached for his pocket as he wanted to call, Tasha jumped on him and smashed a bottle on his head, still Michael held his phone, Tasha was on Michael, He struggled to get free fro Tasha but to no avail, the broken bottle in Tasha’s hand, aimed for his n£¢k but with much struggling she stapped him twice in the che-st, he screamed with pains as he used his last strength to push her off him, she went flying when she finally hit the wall, she giggled “Live a miserable life Wheels” She said and breathed her last. Michael struggled to get his phone and called TJ immediately.

“Becca is in trouble, go after her plea-se” Michael said with tears rolling down his cheek, describing the place and car Becca took, he hung up the call. He rushed to his car and drove off.


“Oh my goodness!!! We are late” TJ said painfully as they got to the scene, the bombs had exploded alre-ady, the car was in ruins, it was almost in ashes, the shook his head painfully, the other men with him looks so sad, a car drove toward them in killer speed, he packed and rushed down, TJ rushed to him and st©pped him, he looked over TJ’s shoulder, he saw the terrible scene, tears kept falling, he screamed and sat down on the ground, TJ comforted him.

“She gone, Everything is gone right??? No remains right??” Michael asked with a cracked voice. TJ nodded.

“Am so sorry”

“No, don’t say that”

“We have to take you to the hospital” TJ saw as he noticed Michael’s b©dy.

“plea-se at least take some ashes of her” Michael said to TJ who nodded and went to give the orders, Michael walked to the scene looked at it, unspeakable pain increased in his che-st, TJ [email protected]£ and took him to the car, TJ drove to the hospital.


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