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A bride for the ceo Episode 54


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Episode Fifty Four

“That’s who exactly we are waiting for” Tasha said smiling, she walked to Gabe and pu-ll-ed off the clothes covering her face.

“George!!! You [email protected]£, I am so sorry about this” Gabe said crying.

“It’s alright, be calm” He said looking at Gabe “What do you want from us??? You can’t just hold us down here without telling us what you fvcking need” George yelled.

“George Darlington….. Stubborn as ever” Tasha said k!ss!ngher gun, George had a look of surprise on his face.

“bit-ch is surprised” Xavier said laughing as he sits on the floor.

“fvck me!! You are surprised I know you… Well you have to be, cause I know you more than you actually know yourself” Tasha answered.

“You are what???” Gabe said pretending to be surprised looking from George to Tasha.

“Babe, am sorry I didn’t tell you.. I have my reasons for not telling you… Am sorry.. When we get out of here, I will explain everything to you.. Am really sorry” George said remorsefully and pleadingly.

“And you think you will leave here alive???” Xavier asked hissing loudly “Someone’s approaching the building” He said as he looked into a [email protected]©p by his side on the ground, there where technological gadgets where he was sitting.

“Our most wanted guest” Tasha said laughing as she looked to the screen to see Michael coming alone. Just as Michael walked into the room, three more people entered, they were all surprised to see themselves.

“Stella!!!! Barr. Kunle!!!!” Gabe exclaimed shocked and confused “Uncle Gerry!!!” She said again looking at the people that entered.

“Michael!!!” George called.

“Stay where you are one more move and you are all dead” Tasha said, every one stood at ease. She went to everyone of them and searched them taking away every gadget, guns and instruments she found on them “All clear” She said as she dropped everything on the ground including their phones “You three come here” She order Stella, Barr. Kunle and Michael who obeyed her, Xavier stood up, tied Michael with George and both Stella and Barr. Kunle together, Gabe looked confused.

“What’s going on??” Gabe asked.

“Nothing that we can’t handle” Xavier said and went to untie Gabe, she stood up and looked at both George and Michael angrily.

“Finally we caught the bastards and what the freaking hell are you” pointing to Barr. Kunle “doing here??? And why do you have Stella??” Gabe asked angrily, looking at Stella who smiled at Gabe.

“Now is the show” Tasha whispered to Xavier who was beside her, the two of them sm-irked.

“Bastards???? Who???” Michael asked more confused.

“You two of course” Gabe said and this threw the captives in shock.

“Good job dear” Gerry said as he sat down.

“Oh my goodness!!!, Stella was right! You were used Cherry” Barr. Kunle said and that earned him a punch from Gerry.

“Don’t you ever call me that, you ingrate, you fool” Gabe said angrily as Barr. Kunle gro-an ed in pain, Stella looked at him with concern.

“I freaking can’t get my head wra-pped around this…. What’s going on????” Michael asked very confused, George was also very confused.

“Before any words, sign this George Darlington” Gabe said as she went to a bag and brou-ght a pen and a docvment, she walked up to both Michael and George, as they both saw the paper they [email protected]

“@sset Transfer!!!!???” They both screamed.

“You fvcking gotta be kidding me!!!!” Michael yelled painfully “You are one of them too???” He said angry with himself for trusting her and letting his guards down.

“Gabe!!!???” George said confused, angry, annoyed and with tears in his eyes “You betrayed me, you deceived me” He said.

“Sign it you hypocrite!!!!” She yelled at them.

“Well it’s obviously obvious that I am handcuffed” George answered with anger.

“Tasha???” Gabe called, Tasha [email protected]£ and she uncuffed George but his legs were tied down.

“Sign” Tasha said, George looked at Michael who had shut his eyes, Gerry, Tasha and Xavier were busy smiling and exchanging glances.


won’t” George said suddenly, struggling to be free and then Xavier sh0t Michael twice in the leg and shoulder, Stelle skrie-ked with fear.
“Ahhhhh!!!” Michael screamed.

“Hell!!” George yelled as he saw blood gushing out of Michael leg and arm, he immediately regretted what he said earlier.

“You would have done the signing without being stubborn, you are lucky, next time I’d shoot his heart you fool” Xavier said and immediately George signed the papers with tears falling out his eyes, he was tied back.

“I was s£nt to your midst, I was s£nd to destroy you, I was s£nt to put an end to ra-pists and wicked men, you wanna know who the hell I am…. I am Gaberialle Ifeanyi Martins.. I AM RED, I FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!!!! MY job is to bring down evil men which you both are one and you guys are doomed!!!” Gabe yelled, Michael couldn’t believe his ears, both George and Michael looked at themselves “I was s£nt to you because……” Gabe narrated everything from the beginning to where they are.

“Oh my goodness!!!, Gabe got it all wrong, she is being used” Stella thought as she now figured out all the puzzles she couldn’t, Barr. Kunle watched with horror has his late friend’s daughter has succeed in destroying the lives of innocent men.

“What!!????” Both Michael and George yelled.

“You drugged me… You!!!!! Jeez!!! We trusted and loved you Gabe!!!! Gabe!!!!!!” Michael yelled hurt, angry and bittered.

“Oh!!!!! Gawd!!!!” George yelled painfully with ti-ght£ñed fists as the revelation of what has being happening hit him.

“The allegations against them are all lies.. Everyone knows the Darlingtons are good and [email protected] folks and their lives are pri-vate.. Gerry you won’t get away with this you fool” Barr. Kunle said angrily both George and Michael looked at themselves and also Barr. Kunle.


up!!!” Gabe yelled angrily “Now that we are done, I want the world to know and see wicked men, ra-pists!!!” Gabe said angrily, took her phone and as she was about to do whatever with her phone, Tasha spoke.
“Sweet little Gabe… Gerry now!!” Tasha said and immediately Gerry pu-ll-ed a gun out pointing to Gabe.

“Uncle!!!” Gabe said confused.

“Shut your mouth, who the fvck is your Uncle fool!!!, I am not your Uncle….. I should kill you now because you are no longer useful to me, we have what we want!” Gerry said as he and Gabe circled around “let me tell you the whole truth because you won’t live to tell it anyways, I kill you father and your family… I ordered men to [email protected]£ you, I took your father’s wealth including that of Jimi… I implicated Jimi, these men are innocent, I collided with them to fool and use you.. I……” Gerry narrated all his misdeed and Gabe stared very shocked, she didn’t want to believe but videos and audios were pla-yed to her by Gerry, She [email protected] on her kneels and wept bitterly, Gerry laughed as he put the flash drive into his pocket.

“You lied to me!!!” Gabe said crying falling on her kneels.

“You were so be clouded with anger, hate, range and revenge that you couldn’t see straight, think straight nor know what to do or know what your instincts were telling you and that was to our advantage” Tasha said pointing her gun at Gabe who cried.

“Wait!!??? Natasha Allen and Xavier Beret!!!!” Michael yelled as he saw a tattoo on Tasha’s wrist, he has seen it on Allen’s minions.

“It’s [email protected]!!! Fool!!!” Xavier said rolling his eyes.

“I knew you will figure that out” Tasha said laughing.

“Jeez!!! This is fvcked up!!!” Michael said.

“Very very!!!!” Xavier said laughing “Nick must be having a nice time in jail” Xavier said laughing again.

“You were the one that s£nt Nick to jail??!!” George asked surprised, Tasha hissed. Stella was busy cutting her ropes and that of Barr. Kunle unknown to anyone, Michael was also sitting on the floor resting his back on the pole being tied to but he was actually trying to uncuffed his handcuffs with a string .

“You know nothing loser” Tasha said “Enough of chit chatting, Gerry now is your time.. re-move your obstacle and you will enjoy all the money in the world” Tasha said, Gerry grinned and as he pu-ll-ed the triggered, Gabe was shaking her head, a tiny unfamiliar voice shouted.


The voice shouted, then Stella who shouted was in front of Gabe, Stella was sh0t and she staggered back, fell down and [email protected]£ quiet, Gabe stayed transfixed were she was, Gerry was distracted, immediately Barr. Kunle took the gun from Gerry pointing it to Gerry, Tasha and Xavier.
“Drop you guns fools!!!” Barr. Kunle yelled but they didn’t answer him “Now!!!” He yelled and sh0t upwards, Michael and George were free alre-ady as they wanted to take the guns both Xavier and Tasha dropped, Tasha [email protected]£d George in the throat.

“One last move I will kill him” She said holding a knife to his n£¢k.

“No, don’t plea-se” Michael pleaded standing where he was.

“Awwwnnn……” Tasha was saying when Xavier got sh0t, she [email protected]£ distracted, Michael hijacked George away from her and held guns.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Xavier shouted as he fell, his two legs were sh0t, Tasha knelt beside him.

“TJ, you [email protected]£ in time” Michael said looking at the entrance to see TJ and two more men, armed to teeth. TJ threw guns at Michael who caught them.

“We have to go” TJ said, Gabe carried Stella and rushed out as Barr. Kunle held Gerry and was leading him out with two men following them behind, Gerry hit Barr. Kunle on his stomach and stapped him straight in the heart.

“Gerry!!!!!” Barr. Kunle screamed holding his wounded area which was oozing blood, Gabe was was coming up running to the scene with full speed, Gerry was napped by the two men, they handcuffed him.

“You got to help me, Uncle stay with me plea-se” Gabe begged as she held Barr. Kunle, one of the men carried him with Gabe holding his wounded area and trying to make him stay alive and st©pping the blood. Getting outside, alot of men were outside with black uniforms which had ‘SSA’ on them. Barr. Kunle was put in an ambulance and it drove off in great speed “plea-se God help me” Gabe said crying as she entered into another car following the ambulances taking both Stella and Barr. Kunle to the hospital.


“Where is the docvment???” Michael asked for the thousandth time looking at the bags, gadgets and things on the floor. He had ordered both TJ and George to leave, they had obeyed him when he shouted on them because they wouldn’t want to go. Tasha and Xavier were proving difficult to handle, they won’t answer him. Just then Xavier signaled to Tasha, Xavier stood up suddenly ran to Michael with blood all over him, staggering with his wounded legs and started fighting him, Tasha took a bag and ran off, Michael overpowered Xavier but looked around and saw Tasha was gone, he ran out and before getting out Tasha was gone, he saw her car zoom off.

“Oh Jeez!!!” He spat, TJ walked up to him, they all didn’t see her driving off.

“How was it???” TJ asked.

“She escaped and he just be dead by now” Michael said and just then a bomb went off and the building [email protected] Both Michael and TJ scurried away for safety along side other men there “What the hell!!!!” He screamed angrily, TJ helped Michael in walking, the both of them entered the car and zoomed off giving orders to the men.


“Nurse?” Gabe called out but the lady walked away hurriedly.She was sitting down in the hospital waiting anxiously for the anyone to tell her what is going on, her clothes is stained with blood, her hair scattered, her face is full of lines of dried tears and also tears crawling down her cheeks. At another section of the hospital sat George on the floor, Michael was been treated, the doctor has said that Michael should immediately be treated before anything bad happens.

A car drove in in haste, both Ruth and David [email protected]£ down of the car in a hurry and rushed to the hospital, they saw Gabe sitting down crying.

“Gabe???” Ruth called as she and David walked to Gabe who looked at them with pain and anguish evident in her eyes. She had earlier called Ruth, immediately she got to the hospital “What happened?” She asked again as both her and her husband sat on both sides of Gabe. Gabe just increased her cries.

“Calm down and tell us what’s up, we didint really get what you were saying” David explained.

“Relax and tell us” Ruth said as she hvgged Gabe who nodded slowly, she stood up, as she wanted to speak, a female doctor [email protected]£ out, Gabe rushed to her with Ruth and David behind her.

“Doctor, how are they???” Gabe asked, the doctor sighed.

“You have to take heart, be strong and……” The doctor was saying when Gabe cut in.

“Tell me!!!!” Gabe yelled with sadness.

“Am sorry we lost them” The doctor dropped the bombshell which exploded right in Gabe heart.

“Doctor! You attention is needed now” A said running towards the doctor [email protected], the doctor nodded and follow the nurse running away to the ward.

“Wait?? You talked about Uncle Barrister and Stella… I don’t get what happened???” Ruth asked confused looking at Gabe who just sat on the ground crying and saying “I killed them”

“Let me explain to you what happened” A voice said and both Ruth and David tilted their head towards where the sound [email protected]£ from only to see George and Michael.

“Darlingtons???” Ruth and David said at once looking surprised. George was helping Micheal in walking.

“She did all this” George said pointing at Gabe, he explained everything to Ruth and David who were surprised and shocked.

“Is that true??? Tell me, he is just putting this up??” Ruth said quietly looking at Gabe who was crying and didn’t answer her “SPEAK UP NOW!!” Ruth yelled angrily at Gabe who shooked, standing up with fear.

“Babe calm down” David said holding Ruth.

“Then tell her to TALK!!!!” Ruth yelled again, Gabe nodded.

“Yes…. He… Is telling the tr….uth.. the truth” Gabe confessed.

“What!???” Both David and Ruth screamed.

“Explain again ,I want to hear your own explanation” Ruth said tears gathering in her eyes, the tears fall from her eyes and kept falling as Gabe explained all that had happened up till when they were in the hospital.

“Unfortunately, You guys failed, the companies, his @ssets are still secured and very much his” Michael said with anger, Ruth went to Gabe.

“So they are gone???, My baby who you said talked for the first time is gone???…… Uncle Barrister too is gone???….” Ruth asked slowly, Gabe nodded, immediately Ruth gave her best friend two resounding [email protected], David went to hold his wife, Gabe held her face and cried more. Ruth’s legs couldn’t hold her any more, she fell on her husband crying, he held her. Both Michael and George went to sit down.

“Hmm…..” They all looked at the female doctor who had walked up to them and cleared her throat to gain their attention “We have a survivor in a very critical condition” She announced.

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