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A bride for the ceo Episode 52 & 53


Awesome 🌟

Episode Fifty Two
Both Tasha and Xavier are in Gabe’s house watching the TVs.

“When do you think we can be done with this? cause I am tired of this place, I wanna leave soon” Xavier said rocking his chair.

“Babe you gatto calm down, we will be done with this, just few more days then we will be in Paris with a lot of freaking fvcking money” Tasha said, standing up from her chair and sitting on Xavier’s [email protected]

“OK, just can’t wait to leave this country” Xavier said as he k!$$£d Tasha’s n£¢k.

“We will soon” Tasha answered.

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“Seriously who prepared this meal???” Gabe said as she ate the food placed before her. The three were both sitting in the dinning room, each had a plate of food in front of them.

“I did” Michael answered.

“What??? Are you serious??” She said surprised looking from George to Michael.

“Yeah, He actually did, he cooks alot” George answered laughing.

“Wow!!!, you are amazing” Gabe said smiling.

“Captain Cutie???, Cherry???” George said looking at her [email protected], Gabe was sitting on a chair besides George while Michael is sitting opposite them.

“Oh those are my nicknames” Gabe answered.

“Really, it suit you alot” George said.

“Yeah, it sure suit you” Michael said smiling. George looks at Gabe, he ca-ress her face, they both looked at each other smiling, Michael rolled his eyes “Seriously guys, am sitting here and you are ma-king me miss my queen” He said rolling his eyes, Gabe and George laughed.

“Mr Michael has a…..” Gabe was interrupted by Michael.

“Am good with Michael, call me Michael, Captain Cutie” Michael said and they all laughed.

“OK” Gabe said smiling, Michael went to the kitchen to take something then his phone rang.

“Buddy!!! Queen is calling!!!” George yelled, Gabe blocked her ears with her hands.

“Coming!!!” Michael answered.

“Sorry sweetie” George said smiling at Gabe, who was also smiling. Michael [email protected]£ out [email protected]£d his phone, answered it and went to his room.

“Is that his girlfriend???” Gabe asked.

“Yep” George answered, Gabe continued to eat but he was staring at her, she looked at him.

“Is something on my face??” She asked tou-ching her face.

“No, nothing is on your face, I was just staring and taking in your beautiful features” He answered with de-ep emotions laced in his voice, that made her shiver, she lean towards him, their faces inches [email protected]

“I know you might want us to be more than this, but you have to un-derstand me and give me sometimes, there are somethings am dealing with now in my life, that I want to finalize, and I want to do it on my own” Gabe said staring de-ep into George’s face, she forgets that she has a mission in the house for that moment.

“Hmmm… OK, I un-derstand and respect your decisions but I want you to know this, that no matter what, you will be mine” He said smiling and pu-lling her into a hvg.

“un-derstood” She answered putting her hands around him.

“I have never heard you say you love me, or you like me, or are you saving it for a special day???” George asked after they dis£ngaged, Gabe nodded shyly, turning her head sideways, George laughed “You won’t seize to amaze me, st©p been shy” He said ca-ress her on her shoulder, she smiled.

“Where are your kids??” She asked.

“Oh, they aren’t around for the time being but I promise you will see them soon enough” He replied as he continued to eat.

“OK” She answered.

“Yeah, I am back” Tasha voice said throu-gh the earrings, Gabe gro-an ed mentally but she had a blank expression “Have you found anything yet to separate them??” Tasha asked, Gabe shook her hand in the front of her [email protected]£ra n£¢klace signifying a negative answer, George wasn’t looking “Oh… You have to act fast, Michael is a s-en-sitive, alert and a cautious man, you have to find something fast, you have to because if Michael finds you out, it will be a bad story” Tasha said sternly.


George I wanna get to the bathroom, plea-se give me a moment” Gabe said, George nodded, she stood up and walked up stairs to her room, entered the big bathroom, put on the tap, which was running into the bathtub slowly.
“I know but I don’t wanna look suspicious at all” Gabe answered.

“I un-derstand but Michael can be a bastard a lot of times” Tasha said.

“But these guys are so close and inseparable but don’t worry I will separate them soon” Gabe said with determination.

“Yeah I can count on you”

“Just doing my job, thanks”

“How are your wounds??”

“Fine, am healing up”

“OK, you should get going, bye”

“Yeah, bye” Gabe said to Tasha, she put off the tap and [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and went downstairs, but George was throu-gh with eating, he was in the sitting room operating his [email protected]©p and his phone is by his side on the couch, Gabe’s food was covered, she took it, went to the sitting room and sat down beside George, who looked at her briefly with a smile on his face, she smiled back at him.

“Still hungry??” Goerge asked without looking up.

“Yeah” She answered laughing, then they were quiet for someminutes, then suddenly Gabe noticed something “You guys are the first people who I’ve seen, that is, you know that as money and yet you don’t have a cabinet of drinks” Gabe said as she noticed that the men don’t have cabinet of drinks but only that their fridges are stored with soft drinks and jui-ces of various kind.

“But we do have drinks in the refrigerators” George answered looking at Gabe with a smiling face.

“Yeah, I can see that, you guys don’t drink alcohol??” Gabe asked, George looked at her and laughed.


we don’t” George said and that caught Gabe’s attention.
“Alcohol is my worst enemy” They heard Michael said, as he walked down the stairs, Goerge laughed.

“Buddy hates Alcohol, because if he take it then, it won’t be good” George said, Michael nodded.

“Oh, sorry for asking” Gabe said with a remorseful look.

“No biggie” Michael said smiling “Who wants more???” He asked.

“Me!!!!” George and Gabe yelled happily, Michael laughed and went to get them more food.

** **

“How is the plan going???” Gerry asked, Tasha and Xavier are sitting in front of him, they are in a restaurant with snacks in front of them.

“Very well, she should strike soon” Tasha said smiling.

“OK that good, plea-se do keep me informed” Gerry said.

“We will” Xavier said.

“I will be on my way now, thanks” Gerry said, both Tasha and Xavier nodded, Gerry stood up and left.

“What do you think can do to him??” Xavier asked.

“Why should we do anything to him???” Tasha asked after sipping her drink.

“The man is a very greedy man, he might want to outsmart us, I don’t trust him” Xavier said, Tasha laughed.

“Just leave him for now, I have alot of things in stock for him” Tasha said smiling, Xavier nodded and they continued to eat their snacks.

*** ***

“Take care of yourselves loves” Veronica said as she k!$$£d the foreheads of the kids, who smiled happily, hvgged and also pe-cked her on the cheeks.

“Yes will we” Adrian answered after dis£ngaging from Veronica.

“We love you!!!” Ashley screamed, Veronica smiled.

“You know, you shouldn’t always be screaming, grandmom is beside you” Adrian said with a eyes roll “Girls!” He exclaimed.

“Rules the world” Alexa said laughing.

“With screams and shouts” Adrian said rolling his eyes, which made Veronica to laugh.

“You’re jealous you not a girl that rule the world” Ashley said giggling.

“Yep!” Alexa said holding Ashley hand.

“Am happy am not, cause I did have to shout and scream at every single thing” Adrian said and they all laughed.

“C’mon now, don’t be late” Veronica said.

“Bye!!!” They are said and walked away from Veronica who was waving at them, she turned around and entered into her black, portable and tinted windows car.

“Take me to Barr. Kunle’s office, follow this direction” She said to the young man at the steering wheel, she handed him a map on her phone, he placed it on the phone hold which was firmly in the dash board, he started the car and drove off.



day sir” Veronica greeted Barr. Kunle who had his head bent over a book, he was obviously re-ading and engrossed in, he raised his head and smiled. The office is beautified with different expensive items, equipment and furniture.
“Good morning ma, how are you doing???” He asked as he motioned for her to sit down, which she did.

“Am fine sir” She answered.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the office, hope all is well” Barr. Kunle asked.

“All is well, just that there’s the famous company we wanna sign deals with and these deals will surely help Jimi’s companies in a very good way but I don’t know if they will agree with us, you know because of the rumours” She explained.

“Oh, I very well un-derstand you, let’s be on our way now” He said, she nodded and stood up. They both exited the office, they both entered into their different cars and they drove off.


“She will be with you shortly” A young lady in a pink go-wn said and walked out of the office, they were both sitted in a very big and beautiful office, Veronica couldn’t st©p admiring the office, then a lady walked in, her heals were k!ss!ngthe floor ma-king a patterned sound, she is putting on red fitted beautiful go-wn with st©pped above her kneels, she has on some [email protected], her heels were bright silver. She sat down.

“How may I help you-” She st©pped when she noticed Barr. Kunle who also stared at her, trying to remember where he had know her “Uncle barrister, Barr. Kunle!!!” She screamed as she stood up from her chair and ran to Kunle, who was standing alre-ady, she hvgged him.

“Ruthie!!” He exclaimed, they both dis£ngaged, Veronica looked at them smiling “Jeez girl! What have you been eating, you look beautiful, big and comfortable” Ruth chuckled.

“I’m married Uncle!”

“Oh, yes, yes”

“I have really missed you, I thought you were in the Phili-ppines”

“Yeah, I was but I [email protected]£ to do something here in Nigeria”

“Oh OK, how is Uncle Jimi, it’s been a while I went visiting,that’s very bad of me” Ruth said sadly.

“Ohhh, no worries, I can @ssure you, he is fine and he even enjoys more than a free person”

“Really!!!, that’s great, one of these days, I will go visiting”

“Ok, that’s great” Barr. Kunle said. Ruth went back to her seat and they both sat down.

“Her face looks familiar but I can’t get where I have met her” Ruth said looking from Veronica to Kunle.

“Actually she is the one handling Jimi’s companies for now and she is Veronica Olayemi Phili-p” He said, Ruth had an amazed look on her face.

“Oh my goodness!!! So happy to see you ma” Ruth said with a happy face, they shook hands.

“The plea-sure is mine” Veronica said, after someminutes they told Ruth why they [email protected]£ to her. Immediately the deal was signed and sealed.

“Thanks alot” Barr. Kunle and Veronica said.

“You are super welcomed” Ruth answered smiling.

“We would like to take our leave” Veronica said.

“Alright” Ruth answered “We should hang around sometimes and I will be very happy if that happens” She said, Barrister just nodded his head smiling.

“Ofcourse, thanks alot” Veronica said, they all stood up, Ruth shook Veronica’s hand, she hvgged Barr. Kunle. They both left the office, Ruth sat down, took her [email protected]©p out and started to work.


Some days later……

“What???!!!!” George shouted angrily as he looked at his [email protected]©p, he left the office in great speed, he entered into his car and drove home in a killer speed, he got home, opened the door and ran up the stairs to Gabe’s room, because he could hear her shouting for help, he opened the door, to see Michael trying to have his way with Gabe, George walked over to them, [email protected]£d Michael, dealt him b!ows, Michael just stood staring at him, Gabe was crying, Goerge was too clouded with anger to notice Gabe smiling.



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Awesome 🌟

Episode Fifty Three
“Rialle, are you Ok, I hope he didn’t do anything to you???” Goerge asked as he sat beside her, her clothes were torn, He covered her with a duvet.

“Am fine, thanks alot” Gabe said wiping her tears, George went to Michael again and dealt him some b!ows.

“George…. what happened???” Michael asked confused as he looked around.

“Fool, how dare you ask me that stupid question, how dare you!!!!” George screamed at Michael who looked confused as ever “You tried to [email protected]£d her, you betrayed me and Queen” George said with sad, hurt and sorrow laced in his voice.

“What…. What are you saying???? I don’t….” Michael was saying when he has flash back of what he did to Gabe, he was shocked and terrified “Oh my goodness!!!, Am so sorry, I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me…. I am sorry” He apologize looking terrified.

“Leave!!!!!” Goerge screamed with anger at Michael who sighed “I don’t want to see you again here, leave” He said looking at Michael. Michael walked out of the room to his room, while George to his. Gabe stood up, locked her door and went to the bathroom with her phone, she called Tasha who picked it immediately.

“Second step is accomplished” Gabe said.

“Really, I wasn’t watching, how did you do it??” Tasha asked, smiling at the other end of the phone.

“After they told me about alcohol been Michael’s enemy, I was curious, I wanted to know more, so I drugged George when Michael went to the market, I f0rç£d him to tell me more, which he did, I got to know about Michael’s terrible past and how he can be when he takes alcohol, so when the both of them went to office, I went to buy what I needed for me to carry out my plans, and before then I have told George that I will feel safe only if he puts [email protected]£ras in my room which could enable him watch me from anywhere, which he did.. This morning they were going to the office, Michael dropped his file on the table, so I took it and hid it, they went without knowing after few minutes he [email protected]£ back looking for the file, we looked for it together, I found it and gave it to him, he wanted to go immediately but I insisted he drinks the jui-ce I prepared for him, without suspecting anything, he drank it, at first he was controlling himself but trust me, I broke his resistance that how he ended up in my room trying to sleep with me, he was not himself, George saw it and ran home, he was so be clouded with anger, rage and disappointment that he could not see that his friend wasn’t himself anymore, the effect of the drugged alcoholic drink mixed with jui-ce began to fade off, you should see Michael’s face, he was so confused” Gabe said and the two ladies chuckled “Out of anger and rage, George s£nt him away, so we can go to the next step now… And yeah, Michael won’t remember I drugged him, I took care of that including George” She concluded.

“Gosh!!! You [email protected] is awesome, you are the best, let’s get this started with” Tasha said smiling.

“Yeah, once and for all” Gabe said smiling, they both ended the call, both smiling at themselves, Gabe wore another clothes, opened her door, a paper fell off, she took it and re-ad it.

“I am really sorry”


She began to go downstairs only to see George sitting in the dinning room, looking sad and very weak, she sat down beside him, she pu-ll-ed him into a hvg.

“I am really sorry, I…” Gabe was saying crying, he pu-ll-ed her into him, her head was on his che-st.

“It’s fine, just calm down, but he has never done this before.. I don’t know what [email protected]£ over him” George said sadly.

“I know but he has been looking at me strangely and I wanted to tell you but I was scared you will not believe me or you guys might fight.. I never wanted any of this to happen.. Am so sorry” She said crying.

“It’s fine, thanks goodness, I [email protected]£ in time” George said “I noticed you guys clos£ness and the way, he smiles at you but I don’t know it will come up to this… Am really sorry.. I will go to see him soon.. And we will sought things out but for now let things be this way” He said, Gabe nodded.


“Am so happy, am now in a pri-vate school, all thanks to Miss Veronica!!!” Jemima spoke with excitement, Becca smiled. They were both in another different, beautiful and modest room, Jemima was sitting in the sitting room, still putting on her uniform, it shows she just [email protected]£ back from school, Becca is sitted watching TV.

“Am happy for you too, when she asked about you because I told her I had a sister, she ask which school you were when I told her, she wasn’t impressed, so that was why I took you along to see her in the office yesterday” Becca said reducing the volume of the TV.

“Am so happy, she’s indeed a good woman, so kind, caring and freaking down to earth” Jemima said smiling “And yeah, thanks to also the man behind your smile” She said wi-nking, Becca turned her face sideways smiling shyly.

“Shy Becca!!!!” Jemima yelled teasing Becca “If someone will tell me one day that you will be like this, I will deny it, but Sis, am really happy, for you” She said hvgging Becca.

“I cooked, so go freshen up then come down to eat, and then we can gist about your school and those rich kids” Becca said, Jemima yelled happily and made her way to the bathroom quic-kly. Becca picked up her phone and called Michael who picked immediately.

“Hey love!” Becca said with excitement.

“Hey” Michael said faking happiness, Becca frowned and immediately she knew something was up. She immediately started to video call Michael, who picked it.

“What the!!!! Which bastard did this to your face???” Becca said angrily as she saw Michael’s wounded face.

“You look adorable when angry” Michael said smiling “Ouch!!” He gro-an ed in pain as his wounded l!pcracked opened.

“Seriously hon, is this the time to say that??” Becca said smiling and rolling her eyes “You need to get treated soon” She added looking at him with concern.

“I will, thanks” Michael said smiling “So how are-”

“Come to my place now, I wanna treat you by myself, I don’t trust you, you might not get yourself treated at all” Becca cut in, Michael looked at her.

“Babe, I’m fine, seriously” Michael insisted.

“Nope you are coming over, I will s£nd my address to you” Becca said.

“Babe…” Michael was saying when Becca cut the call. Becca smiled to herself, went to the kitchen to prepare food for Michael.


Michael is in an [email protected] in a h0tel, after Becca called he put his clothes in order, arrange the room to his taste and left, soon his phone beeped, he took it out and saw it was Becca’s, he st©pped a cab, showed the man the address and the driver nodded, he hopped in and the car zoomed off. He got down from the cab, after telling the driver to keep the change, the driver thanked him happily and drove off. He looked around, walked to the big beautiful compound, he searched for Becca’s room number, when he saw it, he knocked.

“Just a minute” A voice which was not Becca’s answered, the door opened to reveal Jemima “Who are….. Wait! Mr Michael, Oh my gosh!!” Jemima yelled happily and jumped on Michael who was clearly not expecting a hvg, she dis£ngaged “Oops, am sorry” She apologized, Michael smiled.

“No need to, it’s fine” Michael answered smiling.

“Oh, plea-se do come in” Jemima said and ushered Michael in and motioned for him to sit down which he did, She ran into a room and immediately Becca [email protected]£ out, seeing Michael brou-ght great joy to her, she ran and hvgged him, they were both standing still lost in their own little world “Mmm.. Sis” Jemima said, they both dis£ngaged and looked at her “I will step out for a bit, Mr. Michael plea-se do enjoy your stay and thanks alot”

“Your are welcomed” Michael answered.

“OK, don’t stay out late and don’t get into trouble” Becca yelled after Jemima who rolled her eyes.

“Yes Mom!!” Jemima yelled back and left both Michael and Becca laughed at the remark.

“I really love this place, it’s good” Michael commented.

“Thanks alot” She said as Michael sat down, she went inside and [email protected]£ back shortly with first aid box, she sat down next to him and began treating him “So what happened???” Becca asked.

“I don’t really want to talk about it but I got into a fight with a friend, very heartbreaking” Michael said with a broken voice, Becca noticed it.

“Am so sorry about that, you guys are adults, so you should try settling it” Becca said putting back the items she used in treating him.

“Yeah we will” Michael said smiling, Becca went to return the box and [email protected]£ back.

“I prepare food for you, wanna taste my delicious delicacy” Becca said with pride, Michael laughed.

“OK, alright” Michael answered, Within few minutes Becca has set before him the food she made, he took a spoon and wowed “Wow!!! Babe you got that in you, it really good” He said and she blu-shed “Cmon join me, let’s eat and don’t insist”

“OK” She answered and joined him, they both ate feeding each other and pla-ying while eating. When they were throu-gh, Becca packed the place and after much pla-yfully argument on who to do the dishes, Michael prevailed over her and did the dishes. They gisted, talked, laughed and pla-yed that Michael for a while forgot his problems.

“It’s getting dark, let me take my leave” Michael said getting up from the couch, Becca nodded sadly “Cmon babe, we will see each other often and besides you don’t have to miss me much because we call and chat almost all day, awwwnnn come here” He said and hvgged Becca, he pe-ck Becca on the cheeks and she smiled shyly turning her face sideways, he laughed.

“Thanks for coming, you made my day” Becca said as they both walked out of the house to the gate.

“No you made mine, thanks alot” Michael said, Becca smiled, they soon got outside the gate hand in hand, they walked for a while to the road, she flagged down a cab and they hvgged before he boarded the cab. Becca waved at the moving cab until it was out of sight, she walked to her [email protected], Jemima was in alre-ady.

“Look who is grinning like a little child given candy!!!” Jemima yelled excitedly immediately Becca locked the door, she laughed.

“Shut up Mima” Becca said pla-yfully.

“So????” Jemima asked looking at Becca suspiciously.

“So what??” Becca asked confused looking at Jemima who was standing behind the couch.

“Was there k!ssing, cudd-ling, smo….”

“Jeez!!!! Mima!!!!” Becca screamed and began to chase Mima around the [email protected], they both [email protected] in the couch, when they were tired of running around. They both looked at themselves and laughed, they hvgged each other.

“Am happy you are with me, l love you” Jemima said sobbing.

“Shh, same here, don’t cry and don’t ruin your beautiful face with tears, I love you too” Becca said and she began to pat Jemima, soon the teenager fell asleep, Becca carried her into the room and layed her on the be-d after removing her clothes and putting on the girl her own nightie, she did the same to herself and layed down besides Jemima and soon she sle-pt off smiling.


George was on his way to his office, when a video popped up his screen, he took his phone from the holder, packed his car and li-cked the [email protected]

Gabe was tied to a chair, beaten and wounded.

“Oh my goodness!!!” He said with shock, immediately his phone rang, he picked it up.

“If you want her alive, come to the address I will s£nd to you and come alone or else she is dead” A husky voice told him.

“You bastard, if you t©uçh her I will rip you [email protected] fool!!” George yelled into his phone.

“If I were you, I would really mind the fvcking way I talk” The voice said angrily.

“George plea-se you gotta hurry, they will kill me, plea-se George, I don’t wanna die, plea-se!!!” Gabe said crying.

“Calm down I will be there” George answered.

“Don’t try anything stupid or funny cause you won’t like it” The voice said and hung up, immediately a text entered George’s phone giving him detailed description of where he was to go, he started his car and drove on high speed to the place.


“Sir, I think there is something wrong, because the tracker I placed in Gabe’s [email protected] got activated few minutes ago that was why I called for you, I guess she is away from whatever has been tampering the waves and had hindered me from seeing the signals, and now it shows she is in a very strange and suspicious place, we have to check what is going on and I think Gabe is been used” Stella wrote while Barr. Kunle re-ad with a frown.

“This is serious, let’s move now” Barr. Kunle said and they both stood up and walked out of the restaurant they were.


Michael got to the office, he was very nervous at first but summon up courage and went to George’s office but he didn’t meet him, he was surprised, he began to ask around but people told him George hasn’t been to work, he was about going home when his phone rang, he picked it after checking the caller to be TJ.

“There is something suspicious going on, am currently looking at George’s tracker moving to a very strange place and I think I should alert you very fast” TJ said immediately Michael picked up.

“Oh my goodness!!! He is not also at the office, you know what, TJ, go to the house and check if anyone is at home” Michael said with haste because he had told TJ before to give them sometimes alone and he should take a leave, which he did.

“OK, I will, I hope all is well” TJ said and the call ended. Michael went to George’s office, opened his [email protected]©p and check the house from the [email protected]©p, looking at the CCTV footage but he found no one at home only TJ who was searching if anyone was home. Michael’s phone rang again, he picked it.

“No one’s home” TJ said very alarmed.

“Get your fastest car, bike anything fast, get everything we will need because we are going to save George, he is clearly in trouble, keep the agency informed and alerted and be here in the next thirty minutes” Michael said in a hurry.

“Noted” TJ said and the call ended.


George entered into the building, it’s a abadoned five storey building, he had to walk and walk until he [email protected]£ to an area in the building, which was very dark, suddenly the light were put on and he saw Gabe tied to a chair, he wanted to ran to her but was st©pped by a gun sh0t, two masked people [email protected]£ out all dressed in black and had guns with them.

“Not so fast lover boy” The lady said laughing “By the way, I am Tasha and he is Xavier” She introduced the both of them.

“OK, so what has she done to deserve been tied and beaten, are you rivals from the office???” George asked looking at Gabe who was crying.

“Tied him!!!” Tasha screamed, Xavier walked up to George and handcuffed him behind a pole.

“Done” Xavier answered and walked back to Tasha.

“Aren’t you gonna answer my question???” George asked.

“Nope, the [email protected] ain’t complete… But am sure we will soon, just relax” Tasha said smiling and wi-nking at George who looked confused.

“What….. Oh no Michael!” George exclaimed.

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