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younger episode 17 & 18

(Baby Face & Her Coffee Prince)

By; Sommy Pearl F.



“What’s wrong with you?” Maya asked. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

Sunny sighed, loudly.

“This is the f*cking 19th time, you’re sighing. What’s wrong?? Talk to me. I don’t like how sad you look”

“Goodness. I think I made Coffee Farmer really upset. He won’t reply me”

Maya scoffed.
“If its about him, exuse me please” She said, and went to the bed, leaving Sunny to continue sighing.

Sunny looked at her phone.

*I saw my heels. Thanks. Did you see me then when I wore red, cause I did’nt*


Sandy kept screaming and jumping in her room. She was happy.

Happy that Prince Langford had asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend.

It was all pretense, she knew. But it was a big privilege.

“Who ever knew it would turn around like this! Yippee!! Glad the lie was worth it” She smiled.


Prince checked out his deluxe suit and smiled.

“I look good, huh? It’s a bother” He smirked, praising his reflection on the mirror.

“I’ll take this” He told the sales attendant.

She nodded.

“Huh…Wait,,, Can I get a small stilleto heel? I want the prettiest one here”

“Sure” She nodded.
“But sir,,, what size?”

Prince recollected the size number he saw on the stiletto heel but what he could not phantom was, why Sandy’s legs looked bigger than expected.

“Hmm…33” He said.

She nodded with a smile and left.


“Where are you guys now?” Granny chuckled, as she instructed the maids, who were arranging the big table and food.

“We’re on our way” Prince said.

“Where exactly? Cause I’m just so excited to meet her”

Prince chuckled.
“She’s right beside me. We are in the car now”

“Okay. Can’t wait!” She gushed, and ended the call.

“Your Granny seems nice?” Sandy smiled.

Prince looked at her.
“Yeah. I’m certain you would love her”

“Okay” She chuckled.

Prince looked at her, briefly and threw his face to the car’s front [email protected]

“Why am I not feeling the vibes I feel when chatting with her?” He thought, arching his brows.


“We are here” Prince muttered and opened the door.

Sandy smiled and walked out.

Prince took the bag and also came down.

“Baby Sunshine? Baby Sunshine??” He kept calling she didn’t even turn to him, since she never knew he was referring to her.

“Sandy? I was calling you” He tapped her.

“Oh…really? Sorry,,, my mind was elsewhere”

“Don’t worry about it” He forced a smile and looked down at her feet, which was wearing flat shoes.

“Do you mind?” He whispered and bent down.

With widened eyes, she watched him take out beautiful pair of expensive heels.

“Can that fit me though?” She asked, as he slowly took her shoes off.

“It should…” He replied.

“right?” He added, as he saw the shoes were quite small.

“You didn’t get the right size. Its 41” She said.

Prince quickly got on his feet.
“What?” He asked.

“41” She said, again.

Prince blinked his eyes, and her arm. then, slammed her back on the wall.

“Ouch” She m-oaned. written by sommy pearl f.

“Who are you?!” He glared at her.

Sandy swallowed [email protected]
“I don’t understand”

“You aren’t Baby Sunshine, right???” He asked with rage, pressing his arm against her neck and chest.

“Wait…Wait…” She hit his arm, closing her eyes tightly.

“Answer!!” He barked.

“I’m not! I’m not Baby Sunshine. I don’t even know who she is. Pardon me. please” She sobbed.

He noticed granny was almost at that area so he quickly left her.

“I don’t wanna talk too much. Now, leave. I said run!!”

She shivered and quickly ran out.

“I could have sued her for impersonation” He hissed.

Just then, Granny came into view.

“Son!” She exclaimed happily, and ran to him, then, hugged him affectionately.

He sighed deeply and hugged her.

“I’m glad you’re here. Where’s she?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, grandma. I picked the wrong person” He whispered.

She broke the hug and looked at him.
“Huh? meaning?”

“Sorry grandma” He could only say.

She sighed and hugged him again.
“Nah…Its fine. Things happen” She tapped his back, and he hugged her tighter.


“Sunny?” Mrs Anna called.

“Yes, Ma’am?” Sunny replied and took away the transparent food mask.

“Boss wants you in his office now”

Sunny eyes widened in fear.
“Bu…bu…but why?” She stammered.

“How would I know?” She shrugged her shoulders.

Sunny bit her lower l!p, anxiously.


“Sir? You called for me?” Sunny whispered and entered the office slowly.

Prince looked up and nodded.

“What’s it, if I may ask?” She asked, cooly.

“What’s your shoe size?”

“Why are you asking?” She asked, in surprise.

“Can you just answer without hurling questionys back at me??”

“Sorry. Its 33”

Prince nodded.
“Then, I suppose it’ll fit you”


“This…There’s a pretty heel which would fit you well” He handed her a bag.

She peeped into it.
“I don’t know if I should take-

“A minute” He said and ran to the bathroom. written by sommy pearl f.

Sunny sighed, and her eyes fell on the table.
“Wait. Maya’s promise!” She thought, aloud.

She looked around, and took his phone. She just wanted to s£nd few pictures of Prince to her phone so that Maya wouldn’t disturb her.

“Ouch. It locked. Let try random numbers” She thought and eventually unlocked it, after typing, 1234.

“Wow” She smiled, and went to his photos.

“Aiishh! He has only few pictures. I guess he [email protected] takes pict- She paused seeing a familiar picture.

She saw Coffee Farmer’s profile picture.

“Why’s this here?” She whispered. She checked more and saw he had few pictures of that same clothes and location but this time, he had no mask and hat on.

“Wait…Prince is….” Her voice trailed off as her memories came running back.

Those coincidence meetings she had with Prince and all she could ever think of came running back into her mind.

Prince walked in from behind, without her notice. He studied her back, and he couldn’t lie. It was exactly like Baby Sunshine,,, the lady on red.

“What are you doing?” He asked, and she quickly dropped the phone down.

She looked at him and forced a nervous smile.
“I was checking the time”

Prince looked at her and just then, his eyes fell on her feet.

She was wearing the exact stiletto heels he helped her with, that day.

Memories came flooding to his mind.

They looked at each other faces, deeply.

“Found you” Prince muttered, with a big eye blink.

“Found…you” Sunny muttered, holding the bag of new shoes tightly.



Prince slowly pocketed his hands.
“Can…you [email protected] me my phone?” He asked.

“Huh? Yeah…Yeah…Here” She took it from the table and gave it to him.

“You…with your phone, right?” He asked.

She nodded.

He went to the number baby sunshine gave him and called it but it didn’t go through.

“Do you think I might be wrong?” He asked, inwardly.

“Can I see your phone?” He asked.

“Huh…Sure” She gave it to him.

He typed his number into her phone and called it but the result was service unavailable.

He had no choice but to go through her black listed number. He saw that his number was among the numbers there.

“Sunny?” He called.

“Yes?” She answered.

“Why did you blo-
“Humph! Forget about it” He said, and unblocked his number.

Then, gave it to her.

“What did you do with my phone?” She asked.

“Nothing” He lied.

“Okay. I guess I can take my leave now?” She asked.

“Sure” He nodded. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

She bowed and then looked at him.
“Thanks,,, for the shoes” She whispered and left.

Prince watched her leave and a smile crawled on his l!ps.

Sunny ran to a corner and held her chest.
“Gosh. my heart was about to burst. I’m sure he doesn’t recognize me as baby sunshine, right?”


“What is that you wanted to tell me?” Clement asked, Prince.

They were in Prince’s car, heading to their various destinations.

“Can you believe it? After all this days!” Prince gushed and Clement laughed.

“Talk,, bro” Clement smiled.

“I finally found who my online female friend is!”


“Yup! Who would have ever known she was my employee. She has been close to me all this while and I never realize it. Though, she doesn’t know I’m Coffee Prince”

“Whoa. By the way, what’s her username? Your online friend…” Clement asked.

“Baby Sunshine” Prince replied.

Clement blinked his eyes in a rush.
“What? Babe…Babe…Baby sunshine?” He stammered.

Prince nodded.

“It can’t be her, right?” Clement swallowed [email protected]

“So,, this baby sunshine works at your company?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?” He asked.

“This baby sunshine who happens to be your employee…What’s her real name?” Clement asked.

“Hmm…Sunny Davis. What’s wrong?”

“Can you stop me here” Clement quickly said.

Prince looked around.
“Here? Why?”

“Just stop me!!” Clement shouted.

“What’s your problem, seriously? You mad at me or something?” Prince stopped the car.

Clement sighed and came down.
“You can go”

“Clement. You okay?”

“Yup. you can go”

“Uhm…Okay. I’ll check up on you later” Prince said, and drove off.

Clement watched the car and bit his l!p angrily.

He walked fast to Sunny’s place and luck fell on him. He saw Maya coming back from work.

“What are you doing here?” Maya frowned, folding her arms.

“As if,,, asking your friend to call Sunny wasn’t enough” She added.

Clement sighed.
“Is Sunny around? There’s something I need to tell her”

“And what’s that?” She asked.
“You would have s£nt your mess£nger friend to come and speak on your behalf” She mocked, with a loud hiss.

“Guess who that friend is!” Clement shouted.


“Prince!! Prince Langford is my friend and the person who called that day. You surprised?” Clement scoffed.

Maya swallowed [email protected]
“That means your ex fiancé is working under your best friend”

“Yup. There’s more I wanna tell her but I’ll do so, next time I see her. As for now,,, can you ask and beg her to stop working there ” He said and walked away from a numb Maya.

“The h*ll is this?” She thought. written by sommy pearl f.
“Wait,,, It means I blocked Coffee Prince’s number in Sunny’s phone?”


“Maya. You won’t believe it. There’s something I found out today” Sunny said.

Maya looked at her.

They were laying on the bed.

“I’ve something to tell you too. You won’t believe it either. But, say yours first. Afterwards, I’ll tell you what I found out” Maya said.

Sunny nodded.
“Its Prince Langford…I found out he’s Coffee Farmer. Everything makes s£nse now”

Maya eyes blinked.

“You shocked too, right? Trust me,,, I was shocked too when I found out. Prince doesn’t know I’m baby sunshine though” Sunny smiled.

Maya swallowed [email protected]
“Should I still tell her, Prince and Clement are best friends??” She thought.

“So,,, what was that you wanted to tell me?” Sunny asked.

Maya blinked fast.
“Huh…Nothing actually”

“Hmm…Alright” Sunny shrugged her shoulders.

*Beep!!* Her phone sounded and she checked it.

It was a message from Coffee Farmer.

Sunny swallowed [email protected] nervously and cli-cked the message.

*I’m sorry I’m replying now. I’m glad you got the heels*

Sunny smiled, and slowly typed. Then, s£nt it.


Prince smiled widely, seeing her reply.

*I’m more glad, you finally replied*


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