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June 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Who loves me most episode 14

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Maxwell, Mr and Mrs uche arrived at the big black gate of Jonathan’s mansion, they knocked at the gate and one of the security opened the gate.

Security :yes good morning who are you looking for

Mr uche :good morning,please we are looking for some one by name chidi

Security :are you on appointment

Mr uche :no but you can get him inform that amara parents want to see him

The security close the gate,in not less than five minutes he came back and ushered them in,he directed them to the entrance door,they were fill with amazement, the compound was full with armies who were guarding the place,they did a security check up on them before another amry took them to the house, on getting there one of the maid welcome them to the sitting room,they all sat down while ,the maids offered them some drinks and left,after about 30 minutes they were already getting tired of waiting for just one person, they wondered how long it will take him to answer them,the maids came back that moment.

Maid :please you all should come with me.

Mrs uche :but where is he ne

Maid :he will meet you up where you are going now . please come with me.

They had no choice but to follow the maid who lead them to

another sitting room,they met Mrs Jonathan waiting for them,they exchange a pleasant greetings,they were two soldiers with her.

Mrs Jonathan :please sit down

Mr Jonathan :thank you.

They all sat down.

Mrs Jonathan :i was informed that so people were looking for my son chidi and i wonder what connection he have with elderly people like you so i decided to speak to you first, please kindly introduce yourself and the business with my son.

Mr uche :first of all thank you very much for allowing us to your house and accepting to speak with us,my name is Mr uche and this is my wife and he is my son inlaw, we came to see chidi your son because of an issue, Amara my daughter is nowhere to be found and we know that chidi knows her whereabouts because they are really close, so that is why we decided to ask him if he will give us the information we seek, or better still if she has called him to tell him where she is,that’s all.

Mrs Jonathan :you do think my son will know her where about

Mrs uche :please you are a mother like me,you should understand what I am passing through, please why don’t

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you help us to ask him just for confirmation, i beg you.

Mrs Jonathan :it’s okey i will send for him,you

Pointing at one of the soldier

Mrs Jonathan :go call chidi

The soldier obey and left

Mrs uche :thank you very much

Mrs Jonathan smiled

Mrs Jonathan :no problem

Just then the soldier return with chidi,chidi was

surprise to see them,he didn’t recognises Mr and Mrs uche but he does know maxwell and that was the last person he wanted to see.

Chidi:mum you sent for me

Chidi sat down

Mrs Jonathan :do you know these people

Chidi :just one of them

Mrs Jonathan :they came to look for you consigning their daughter, what’s her name again

Maxwell :amara

Mrs Jonathan :amara, do you know where she is

chidi was surprise to saw Mrs and Mrs uche that was his first time he was meeting them.

Chidi :amara is your daughter

Mr uche :yes

Mrs uche :chidi ,can I call you that


Mrs uche :please if you know where amara is tell us so that we can see how she is fairing

Chidi :well am sorry I can’t help you,i don’t know where she is .

Maxwell got angry because he knows chidi was lying.

Maxwell :you liar,you know where she is and you are hiding her

Chidi :maxwell mind the way you speak to me,have you forgotten you are in my house.

Mrs Jonathan :chidi tell me,do you have any idea of what they are talking about.

Chidi looked at his mother,he can’t lie to her.

Chidi :yes mum i do

Mrs Jonathan :where is she

Chidi :am sorry mum i just can’t tell you,she is safe

Mrs uche :so you know where she is

Chidi :yes I do,so what makes you think i will tell you the location after all you made her go through

Mrs Jonathan :chidi,let all this stop now, if you know where the girl is kindly tell them

Chidi:mum i can’t do that

This got mr uche angry,he then raise his voice on chidi

Mr uche :you are holding my daughter and you are still proving right over it,and you dare say it to my face that you can’t hand over my daughter to me

Chidi shouted back at him

Chidi :well it was the same daughter you neglected for months, why do you need her now,or i know because of this devil who hurt your own daughter and you still choose him over her,what kind of a parent are you.

Mr uche :what i do with my daughter is none of your business, and i think you are the devil here,you are the one poisoning my daughter mind to turn her back on us her parents

Chidi got up in anger,he hate being accused over something he never did.

Chidi :how dare you,i don’t care if you are amara parents but I won’t take that from you,amara speak for herself and she knows what best for her,you are the one trying to destroy her life,you call yourself her parents but yet don’t know the value of her happiness

Maxwell :i really don’t know why you are killing yourself over this,she is already carring my child.

Mrs Jonathan was shocked to hear this.

Maxwell :and there is nothing you can do about that

Chidih… there is so much i can do,i can get married to her and take responsibility for that child,what if she declined you as the father you know they say it only the mother that knows the real father of her child

Maxwell :you are dead

Maxwell angrily stood up to hit chidi,the soldiers immediately pointed the gun at him and he immediately stop,chidi smiled

Chidi : put down your guns

And they both lower their guns

Chidi :maxwell like i said,this is my house so try to behave yourself.

Mrs Jonathan who was sitting down watching what was going on got angry.

Mrs Jonathan :that’s enough, i have been here watching you people fight over something i don’t understand, i really don’t know what to say in this now,Mr uche take your people, go home and come back tomorrow, let me first talk with my son.

Mr uche :no problem with that but try and talk to him,he really need to be talked to.

Mrs Jonathan :like i said come back tomorrow, and as for you young man,learn how to behave in other people’s house, i might not be this kind next time,you may leave now.

Mrs uche :thank you very much for your time we will surely be here.

They got up and walked away, maxwell gave chidi a deadly look while chidi return it with a smile, they were escorted by one of the soldier’s out of the sitting room.

Mrs Jonathan :i know it about that girl,chidi i am not stopping you in what ever you are having with that girl,i know everything that is going on

Chidi looked at his mother

Mrs Jonathan :yes I do and i don’t see what’s wrong in what you are trying to do but try and do it peacefully

Chidi :how could you know anything

Mrs Jonathan :dora told me a lot about maxwell and this amara.

Chidi was confused

Chidi :how could she knows maxwell, have she met him before

Mrs Jonathan :that i don’t know,try and do the right thing chidi,

She got up

Mrs Jonathan :you can never marry her without the concept of her parents always remember that,so try and bring her back

She say this and left chidi,chidi fall back to the couch,his mother words really got to him, could it be that maxwell and dora has been working together or dora just did a background check up on him,there were lots of things in his head.

Later that evening maxwell drove to an uncompleted building in a remote area,he parked and got down from the car,he entered the building,there were other three guys waiting for him there, they were all smoking,they were all looking deadly.

Boy 1 :you are late

Maxwell :sorry about that

Boy 2 :so what’s up

Maxwell :i have a business for you guys,here

Handing them a brown evalop, one of the boys took it and opened it,he looked inside and close it back.

Boy 2:everything is complete

Maxwell :yes, i want a clean job

Boy 2:no problem

Maxwell :you will get your balance when the deal is done

Boy 2:no wahala

maxwell :good.

Maxwell left,

Boy 2:boys let’s bounce

They too left.

Maxwell drive back home smiling to himself,this is what he has been waiting for.

It was the next day evening, chidi was seen at his compound near the swimming pool,Mr and Mrs uche came in the morning as they promised the previous day,after a lot of talking chidi promised to call Amara,which he did after they left,he told amara everything that happened, amara didn’t buy the idea of her coming back but she gave it another thought when chidi told her Sandra will be very grateful if she witness her delivering which is just two weeks from now,amara promise to think about it,chidi will have her answer the next day.

Chidi has been thinking about a lot of things if only he knows what next to do,he knows whatever makes amara step her foot in nigeria again he has to get ready for another war,his phone began to ring that brought him back to reality, he look at the caller it was Emma.

Emma :chidi what’s up

Chidi:not bad,just trying to know how to handle the little problem i have now

Emmanh….maxwell and amara parents came back again

Chidi:yes they did this morning but maxwell didn’t come with them

Emman :so what was the conclusion

Chidi:none for now

Emman:chidi come on,why don’t you just allow amara come and sort things out with her parents, no matter what they are still her family and you know she is carring maxwell chidi,yes I know what maxwell did was wrong but you can’t deny him of his right,you can marry amara but you can never be the father of her child,try to think about it.

Chidi:am not trying to deprived him of his child am only protecting amara.

Emman:for how long will this fight last,now that your mother is behind you,you can fit all this,hold a meeting with them so that all this will end and you can get married to amara.

Chidi :that’s a good idea but when it comes to maxwell, believe me he will want it to fall in his favour and that’s not what will happen

Emman :don’t think about that for now,just do it first and then see the outcome.

Chidi :i will give it a try

Emman :but that will be after amara returns,she have to be there,so please let her come.

Chidi:she will,i have already talk to her,she haven’t given me any reply for now but i know she will listen to me.

Emman:good,now you are talking,i was kind of busy before you called but I will call you back when am done

Chidi okey no problem talk later

They ended the call,chidi thought about what Emman said,it would work out well he thought.

Two days later amara was in nigeria, chidi went to pick her up from the airport, they were so happy to see eachother again, they have missed eachother so much,after ward chidi took amara to her house, chidi did like the idea of her going back to that house but amara insisted reason best known to her and he didn’t bother to ask why because he felt amara know what she was doing,chidi pass the night at her place, they both have a wonderful night together watching movies, chatting over things,playing round the house,they both enjoyed themselves that night.

Morning came,chidi has to go home so he can get ready for work, Amara try to make him stay because she was sacred because of the bad dream she had in the night,but chidi told her he couldn’t because he has an important meeting to attend to that morning and he can’t afford to miss it,Amara gave up when she saw that she wouldn’t convince him,they both came out,the gate was open for him,chidi kissed amara and drove off,Amara went in,she try to settle her mind but she was still having the same feeling that feeling of danger, she prayed in her heart nothing bad should happen to anyone close to her,not up to five minutes of driving chidi then realise he has forgotten his phone at amara place, he quickly turned and head back to her house, on getting there he parked outside the gate,he knock at the gate and it was open for him,he reached down to the sitting room door,amara was in the kitchen when she heard the door bell ring ,she was scared,she slowly walk down to the sitting room,she wasn’t expecting anyone cause she hasn’t inform anyone of her arrival.

Chidi:baby open up its me

Amara felt relieved, she quickly open the door

Amara :you came back

Chidi entered

Chidi:i forgot my phone,

Chidi went inside the bedroom and found his phone at the head side of the bed,he came back to the sitting room where amara was waiting for him.

Amara :have you found it

Chidi:yes,need to run along now

Amara okey i will see you off,

Chidi took amara hand and they both went outside,amara was surprise not to see chidi car.

Amara :where is your car

Chidi:i parked it outside the gate

Amara okey

They went outside the gate to where chidi has parked the car,chidi opened the car door,they both huged themselves, they were still hugging when a car drove pass them,chidi quickly saw one of the boys bringing out a gun,amara back the car which means if they shoot it will get to amara first before him but that he won’t let happen,he quickly turned amara to his first position using his body to cover her the boy shoot at chidi driving pass them,the bullet landed on his back twice,

Amara :ah….ah….

she scream out loud

Amara oh my God

Chidi fall to the ground grieving in pain,that when it occurs to amara that chidi was shoot, she reached down to chidi and held him crying.

Amara :chidi Chidi, somebody please help,no chidi stay with me.

Chidi was trying his best not to close his eyes,but the pain was too much for him,just then chidi sighted the car revealing,he was in pain but he thought they were coming to kill amara.

Chidi: the…y a..re com…ing back

Pointing at the direction the car is,that was when amara saw who shoot chidi and truly they were coming back to finish him off.

Chidi:yo…u ha…ve to…. go

Amara :no way am not leaving you here,let’s get you to the hospital, you have to stay with me if you don’t want me dead

Chidi gave out a weak smile, amara tried and carry chidi,chidi also help with the little strength he has,amara put him inside the car,she quickly did the same.

Amara :where is the car key

Chidi tryed to speak but just couldn’t, he was really loosing alot of blood, amara didn’t wait for him to speak she began to search for the key in his pocket and she found it,the boys car got to the car screen when amara is sitted as soon as amara saw them she started up the engine and took off,the boys drove after them,the boys were very angry

Boy 2: drive faster we need to finish him off

He was talking to the number three boys who was driving, he immediately fire on

Boy 1:how could I have missed that shot,i was actually aiding for his head before he twist position.

Boy 3 :not to worry we will get him

He was driving as fast as he can but still their car was no match for an SUV range Rover shot,Amara in the other hand was scared and her hands was shaking at the wheel but she try to maintain balance, she needed to save chidi and nothing can stop that, she was driving really fast,she has never been on an high speed before that she fear she shouldn’t get them killed, she looked at chidi who was seriously bleeding badly, chidi turned to amara and smiled at her.

Chidi:i…love…. you….

Amara :please don’t say that now just hold on please.

She cried bitterly, she looked back and still found the boys car driving after them with full speed,

Amara :God please help us

She prayed to God because she really need a miracle not for herself but to save chidi life, TO BE CONTINUED…





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