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Who loves me most episode 13

It was the next day,Amara was seen in the restaurant where sandra told chidi to meet her,she has been waiting for about two hours but no sign of chidi,she felt disappointed she really wanted him to come,she got up to leave,she got outside to where her car was parked,she saw chidi walking towards her,chidi walked up to Amara he wasn’t looking happy to be there but he just didn’t know why he [email protected]£.
Chidi:you wanted to see me,be fast about whatever you want to say cause I have a lot of things to do.
Amara :can we go inside
Chidi:no,let’s talk here
Amara felt the anger in his voice,she couldn’t hold back the tears in her
eyes,chidi was moved with her tears but he tried not to show it.
Amara :chidi,plea-se forgive me
Chidi:is that why you want to see me
Amara :i think so,chidi i know you are angry with me but I was confused
This got chidi angry
Chidi:confused, i see amara,you want me to forgive you why should I, i did all what I know how to,i fought for you and i tried but what did you do,you turn around to hurt me and you stand here to tell me to forgive you.
Amara :chidi you have to listen to me
Chidi:so you can tell me more lies
Amara :i have nevered lied to you ,why should I start now
Chidi:st©p it,only God know how many times you have lied to me,do you know why I [email protected]£,because I want to look into your eyes one more time and tell you how much I hate you even more than the devil himself and to warn you for the last time if you ever s£nd for me again,you will regret it
Amara :chidi….
Chidi:st©p calling my name this is your last warning
Chidi turned to leave,Amara didn’t know what next to do.
Amara :i was [email protected]£d
She was shocked at herself she didn’t know when that [email protected]£ out from her mouth chidi st©ped immediately his temper went down, he turned and face amara
Chidi:what did you just say
Amara :he [email protected]£d me
Chidi oh God,how do you expect me to believe that
Amara :i am not lying
Amara cried bitterly, that was something she never wanted to remember.
Amara :he [email protected]£ to meet me at home,i didn’t know how he found out where I live,he f0rç£d himself on me,i tried chidi but I couldn’t fight back he was too strong for me,he hit me and hit me again and again,i was weak,i wouldn’t chidi….
Chidi:shhhhhh. ….
He quic-kly hvgged her,he couldn’t listen any more it was too much for him to bear,
Chidi:am so sorry,i was a fool,i over reacted,am so sorry,he will regret this,i promise,
He tried and comforted her,they both later went inside the restaurant,which he later took her home,he couldn’t sleep that night the thought of maxwell tou-ching amara made him so angry, earlier on in the restaurant amara had plea-sed with him not to do anything harsh to maxwell he had promised but he knew he will break a little of it because he so want to [email protected] hand on maxwell.
He got up very early in the morning, he didn’t go to work he head straight to maxwell house,he angryly knock on the gate,the gateman opened the gate and chidi push him,the gateman fall on the floor,he went inside the compound.the gateman got up from the floor
Gateman : sir. …..
Chidi:shhhhhh. ….go in there and call you boss,and don’t you lie that he is not around because I know this is morning and he hasn’t gone out
The gateman look afraid
Gateman :but who are you
Immediately chidi [email protected] him
Chidi:will you stup up and go call me your boss now
Chidi began to push him
Chidi :go tell me to come out
Maxwell was in his room,he heard noise from outside, he was worried he quic-kly ran out to see what was the problem, he was so shocked and at the same time angry to see chidi.
Maxwell :ah…ah…
Chidi saw maxwell and he st©p pushing the gateman
Maxwell :what are you doing in my house
Maxwell move close to chidi,immediately maxwell [email protected]£ closer to chidi,chidi rush on him and gave him a b!ow on his face, maxwell fall to the ground alre-ady bleeding for his nose.
Chidi:how dare you [email protected] hands on her,you son of a B***h.
Maxwell try to get up but chidi rush on him again landing b!ows on him
Chidi :i have warn you to stay away from her,she is now mine.
The gateman tryed to st©p chidi but chidi also landed a b!ow on his eye.
Gateman :ahhhh…..
The gateman screaming in pain covering his eye with his hand,chidi then st©p hitting maxwell,
Chidi :now listen to me ,this is a warning next time you won’t be lucky, if i see you anywhere close to her again,i will do more then this,i don’t care if she is carring your child,i don’t care just stay away
Chidi Pouch him one last time and walked out of the compound, he wasn’t satisfied but he knows that will do for now,maxwell was badly bleeding all over his face,he was till on the ground weak,maxwell managed to get up and he help himself into the house. …he was angry but he needed to get himself treated first,then he will know what to do to chidi…
Dora hasn’t try to get close to chidi since the last incident she encounter with him,she knew she was trying to fight something she couldn’t win,she felt [email protected] over what chidi did to her but she didn’t blame him but herself,maybe chidi was right, maybe she put herself too low for him,she then decided to go back to the state’s but not without fitting up things with chidi because she felt she wronged him,chidi was nice to her until she tryed to s£duce him in his room and even went afar as to comfort amara,she felt quilty for all what she did,she got up very early in the morning to meet up with chidi before he leaves for work,she had done a lot of thinking all throu-gh the night and decided to give it a try today,she has made up her mind and she is re-ady for it,chidi was about entering his car when she approach him.
Dora:good morning chidi
Chidi was surprise to see her that morning,she doesn’t usually wake up that early but he never bothered to ask or answered her greeting, instead he gave a a frown.
Chidi :what
Dora:can i have little of your time,plea-se just some minutes
Chidi hesitated but because of the polite manner in which she asked he decided to hear her out,he close the door of his car and rested on it.
Chidi:go on am listening and make it quic-k.
Dora gave in a de-ep breath
Dora :i know you feel nothing for me and i know you think am a bad person but I don’t blame you for thinking this way because I know i caused it,i know i can never be [email protected] of you no matter how [email protected] i tried, and no matter what I do but till that can’t change the way i feel about you.
Just then tear rolled down her cheek
Dora:i really do love you chidi,right from childhood, i have had a crush on you since i was seven when I first saw you at your dad birthday [email protected] in UK so many years ago,i have always wanted to be with you for the rest of my life and that feelings hasn’t changed, and nothing can change that,even if i leave you today you will always be in my heart because I have never feel the way i feel for you for anyone,i really do like it that way.
Chidi was t©uçhed by her words but he just can’t help her,he decided to stay clam with her.
Chidi:is that all
Dora :no
Chidi: go on
Dora :am leaving
Chidi was surprise to hear that
Chidi:for real
Dora:yes Chidi.
Dora went a bit close to chidi and held his hand,chidi let her
Dora:i don’t know what more to say but plea-se i don’t want you to fight with your mum anymore,i want you to strengthen out things with her because she really do love you and you mean the world to her.
Chidi couldn’t believe it was really Dora talking, he try to think he was dreaming but it was so real to him.
Dora :and one more thing,i want you to forgive me for whatever i have done to you,i want to make peace with you before i go because I don’t want to create enemity between us,plea-se forgive me am very sorry.
Chidi felt pity for her
Chidi:why are you leaving, i want you to tell me the truth
Dora :if i stay back i might do something stupid because of my jealousy,i really don’t want to break whatever you and amara share, i know you love her so much and she love you too,chidi both of you should try and stand by each0ther no matter what,people might come against you both but I believe with love you can overcome.
Chidi tried to get where she was getting out but just couldn’t un-derstand her language, but he love what he was hearing, he wouldn’t believe it was dora that was really saying this,he smiled at her.
Chidi:i am amazed, i could never have thought you will have wisdom like this, am happy for that you have finally come to reality, you are a nice person no doubt and i have forgiven you,you should also forgive me too for the way i treated you
Dora laughed
Dora :you shouldn’t, thank you so much
Chidi:give me a hvg
Dora hvgged him,
Chidi:hope you are okey now
Dora:yeah I feel more better
Chidi:i have to go now but I promise when I come back we will have alot of things to talk about.
Dora okey.
Chidi open the car and drove off,dora was plea-sed, she has now fullfill what she wanted.
Chidi was happy throu-gh out that day,he didn’t un-derstand the joy he was having and the caused of it but he was just happy,maybe it was dora words that made him so lighten up,as soon as he closed from work he went straight to amara house,on getting there he knocked at the door
Chidi :amara it’s me open the door
Amara opened the door and he went in,Amara lock the door,she has always lock her door since she [email protected]£ back to the house and have added another gateman ma-king them two.they were happy to see each0ther
Amara :you didn’t inform me you were coming
Chidi:how are you
Amara :am okey
Chidi:you look beautiful every [email protected] day
Amara laughed
Amara :are you serious
Chidi:yeah and you know that,so what about our little baby there
Immediately the smile on amara face fled away
Amara :chidi plea-se
Amara went and sat down, chidi sat with her
Chidi:what,am not complaining am i,so you should think about nothing, i love you just the way you are okey
Amara :thanks for being here for me,i really appreciate, but I am always scared
Chidi:about maxwell
Amara :yes,what if he comes back to hurt me or do worse
Chidi:i have been doing thinking about that and i [email protected]£ to the conclusion that you might have to leave here
Amara :to another place
Chidi:you will have to leave the country for a while
Amara was surprise
Chidi:look you really have to be far away from here for the time until all this is over,at least maxwell can’t find you there
Amara :but …..
Chidi took her hands
Chidi:i know what you are afraid of but I will come and visit you i promise and i will be fine.
Amara :so where so you subject i go
Chidi: Canada
Amara didn’t love the idea
Amara :but….
Chidi: amara plea-se you have to go,all the preparation has been done,you don’t have to worry
Amara was confused
Amara :i don’t get you
Chidi :i have been ma-king arrangements for your travelling visa and you are set to leave,you have to go
Amara :as far as it’s you,i will go
Chidi smile at her
Chidi:you will be leaving in two days time then
Amara was shocked
Amara :two days,sandra will soon give birth and i want to be here when that happens
Chidi :yes you will be,you will come back when she deliver,i have alre-ady discussed it to emma and sandra they love the idea,she want you to leave for now.
Amara :alright
Chidi:don’t worry you will be fine.
Amara rested herself on chidi who warmly took her into his arms,he could miss her but he has to let her go for her safety, he just hope all this ends soon..
Amara was alre-ady in Canada, she was living in chidi’s house in Canada, chidi and amara didn’t st©p to communicate with each0ther, they so much miss themselves. Meanwhile amara parents are very worried about amara, maxwell took them to her [email protected] and was told she traveled but to where was now the question,maxwell was so angry, he needed to find amara, he hasn’t find time to comfort chidi since he [email protected]£ to his house to mess him up,maxwell convinced Mr and Mrs uche to go to chidi house to ask him about the where about of their daughter which they agreed to, TO BE CONTINUED…

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