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When love just happens 2 Episode 54



“Babe are you sure you want us to tell them now?”

“Yes, besides very soon I will soon start to show and they will all know anyway”

“You are right, just that once my mom finds out you are pregnant, she is going to be all over you, watching you like a mother hen, though it’s nice and all, but it can sometimes be overwhelming”

“Yeah, I know, I guess I would just have to br@ce myself up for it, besides I think she alre-ady suspect’s I’m pregnant”

“How so?”

“She asked me something in that direction when Dele was at the hospital, and I also noticed the way she was looking me over, the last time we met at Dele’s place”

“We will announce it to her then”

Jeffery was preparing plantain for her to eat, while Jane sat on the kitchen island sipping on some water melon jui-ce, which he had earlier made for her.

So far, fruits and ripe plantain are the only things she has been able to keep down in her stomach without throwing up. And Jeffery has made sure she has variety of them, and always trying to find out ways to help her eat other types of food without throwing them up.

“I’m thinking of going to see Vivian”

“Really when?” Jeffery suspended what he was doing to give her his full attention.

“Maybe tomorrow, I just feel the need to talk her to her, I don’t know why, but I’m beginning to see things from her point of view”

“Do you think it has something to do with the pregnancy?”

“Yeah sort of”

“I’m really proud of you babe, this is a bold step you are taking, and makes me feel so proud”

“Thank you, well let’s hope I don’t change my mind by tomorrow”

“Even if you do change your mind, I would still be proud of you, though I think you should call her now to avoid you changing your mind”

“I really don’t think…”

Jeffery’s phone rang, and it was his mother calling to let him know she was at their door.

“Were you expecting her?” Jane asked

“No I wasn’t”
Jeffery went to open the door for his mom.

“Oh Jeffery thank God you are home” she looked worried.

“Mom what is it?”

“Your sister is getting back with her husband”

Jeffery stood staring at his mom, like he didn’t just hear what she said.

“Jeffery did you hear what I said?” His mom asked him.

“Mom, I don’t think I un-derstand what you just said”

“Me neither, I don’t un-derstand it myself. I’m even tired” she walked past him and went to seat on one of the sofas.

“But how can Erica go back to her husband? Aren’t they supposed to be finalizing their divorce?”

“Exactly what I asked her when she told me they are getting back together, but she said they have both worked things out, and have decided to call off the divorce. Erica wants to go back to that woman beater, that hooligan who almost took her child away from her, and abadoned her when she needed him the most!”

Mrs Ademola was furious, she rarely gets angry but when does, it never goes well.

“Mom plea-se calm down, I’m sure there’s a mix up somewhere, Erica can’t go back to Desmond, not after all he did to her”

“There is no mix up o, none at all. I suspected this was going to happen, the moment I wanted to have that idiot dealt with, for what he did to my daughter, but Erica refused, ma-king me promise I was not going to do anything to him. Now she is telling me he is a changed person, what sort change is that? Changed person my foot!”

Jeffery balled his fist in anger, as he paced his living room, thinking of the best way possible to knock some s-en-se into his sister’s head.

“I need to speak with her”

“plea-se do, talk to her because it seems she has forgotten the type of mother she has, there is no way I’m going to sit back and watch my daughter get hurt for the second time”

Jane who heard raised voices, decided to come out from the kitchen, and check what was going on.

“Oh Jane my darling, how are you?” Mrs Ademola smiled the moment she saw Jane.

Jeffery could tell she alre-ady knew Jane is pregnant, with the knowing smile she had on her face. He knows his mother too well, she will continue to fool them like she knows nothing, until they come out and say it themselves.

“I’m fine, good afternoon mummy”

Mrs Ademola kept quiet for a while, looking intently at Jane, it was as if she was trying to figure something out.

Jane noticed the way her mother in-law was staring at her, and she bec@m£ self conscious, placing her hands un-der her blouse trying to expand the blouse, so she doesn’t notice anything about her tummy.

“You look a bit pale, have you been eating enough iron in your meals?”

“Yes ma”

“Mom, we need to tell you something” Jeffery said, putting his arms around his wife.

“Ehn? What is it?” She asked with all curiosity.

“We are expecting a baby”

“Oh thank God, what took you so long from telling me? It took the grace of God for me to have been quite about it since I noticed”

“You alre-ady knew about it?” Jeffery asked surprised.

“Oh plea-se, I alre-ady knew you were pregnant long time ago” she dismissed their questioning look.

“I’m a mother, I know these things I was just waiting for you both to tell me yourself”

She stretched out her hands to Jane,

“come my dear, come sit with me”.

She looked genuinely happy as she looked at Jane over.
“Have you been eating well?”

“I really can’t keep anything I eat in my stomach, I throw up almost immediately after eating, except for plantain and some fruits”

“It happens sometimes, especially for first pregnancies, but not to worry I will tell you what to do to help you with your nausea”


“Yes of course”

“All right I will leave you two to it, I need to finish up what I was cooking, so I can go see Erica”

“I didn’t know my son knows how to do anything in the kitchen, talk of cooking?” Mrs Ademola asked Jane after Jeffery was out of earsh0t.

“He doesn’t, the only thing he is good at ma-king is eggs, and pancakes”

“So is that what he is ma-king?”

“No, plantain porridge”

“Jeffery is ma-king what?”

“Ever since we discovered plantain as the only food, that doesn’t make me vomit, he has been learning different ways of preparing plantain on YouTube”

“I never knew there was this p@rt of my son” she said laughing really h@rd, because the Jeffery she knew would never go into the kitchen to prepare anything for himself, not to talk of someone else. Then she realized her son was truly in love with Jane.

When Jeffery got to his sister’s place, he wasn’t surprised to find Desmond driving out of the compound, Jeffery suspected he was back to living there.

Desmond gave him a very disdainful look before he drove off.

“Son of a bit-ch” Jeffery muttered un-der his breath, as he c@m£ down from his car.

When he got inside, his sister was sitting in the living room, watching TV with her sleeping son on her l@ps.

“Hey sis, good afternoon” he greeted Erica.

“Good afternoon, why do I have a feeling mom s£nt you here?” Erica looked at Jeffery suspiciously.

“Can’t I come say hi to my sister anymore?” Jeffery took a seat across her.

“If you say so”

“Ehmm sis?”


“Is anything the matter? Are you doing okay?”

“Jeffery I know Mom has alre-ady talked to you about Desmond, no need to beat around the bush”

“Well you are right, and I didn’t want to believe what I heard, until I hear it from you”

“You heard right, I’m no longer filing for a divorce, and we are getting back together”

She avoided Jeffery’s eyes as she spoke, her eyes not leaving the television.

“Was that why I saw him driving out, does he now live here?”

“The last time I checked, we own this house together”

“Erica what do you think you are doing? Have you st©pped to actually think about this?”

“There is nothing to think about, I once had issues in my marriage, which happens in every marriage, and I have decided to settle it and I’m getting back with my husband, instead of getting a divorce like everyone wants me to!”

“It’s not like everyone wants you to get a divorce, we all want what’s best for you and you know it”

“And getting back with my husband is what’s best for me, and I would really appreciate it, if you all stay out of my business”

“You know that’s not possible, you are my sister and anything that concerns you, is my concern too. Have you st©pped to think about Jonathan? Do you want him to grow up in an abusive home?”

“Desmond is changed, he no longer hits me, he promised to never hit me again”

“Of course he promised to never do it again, how about if he is lying? What happens then? I can’t believe you are falling for his cheap lies”

“You would never un-derstand”

“un-derstand what? Is it about the money? Because you know very well I have got you covered if that’s ever a problem”

“What about at night when I’m lonely and need someone to hold me, and talk to? Do you have that covered as well?”

“Erica you are a beautiful woman, and you can always get another man, one who would respect and treat you right, and not that punk”

“Which man would want to be with a woman who has had her two brea-sts taken out?! Which man wants to be with a woman who has no brea-sts? Huh? Tell me?”

“I uhmmm, I didn’t..”

“You didn’t what? You didn’t remember I had a double mastectomy done? Or you didn’t think it would be difficult to ever be accepted by any man because of my situation?”

“Erica I am sorry but__”

“You would never un-derstand Jeffery, you would never un-derstand what it feels like trying to love yourself after a major p@rt of you has been taken away, you would never un-derstand the struggle of trying look at yourself in the mirror and not cringe at your own reflection because you look like a total stranger to own yourself”

Tears flowed down Erica’s cheeks.

“Erica I’m sorry I never knew you were struggling with your self esteem after the surgery”

“I am struggling Jeffery, every single day I struggle to come to terms with my reality that my life has changed and is never going to be same again. Every night I cry myself to sleep, wondering when I will wake up from this nightmare. And I know you didn’t realize any of these because you have been busy with your new life as a married man, which is expected. That’s why I need to create my own happiness too, I deserve to be happy”

“And you think getting back with Desmond would make you happy?”

“Yes, he is willing to accept me the way I am, he is re-ady to look past the fact that my brea-sts are gone, and still be married to me”

“How can you know no one will agree to be with you because of your condition, when you haven’t even tried?”

“And then get heartbroken? No thanks, I’m sticking with Desmond, and that’s it. The devil you know, they say; is better than the angel you don’t”

“Someone is in a good mood” Dele said to Amaka as she c@m£ back all smiles and planted a k!sson hisl-ips.

“Yes I am” she sat happily beside him on the couch.

“I take it your meeting went well then?”

“Yes it did, and if everything goes well, I might get my job back soon”

“Is that so? That’s great” he smiled at her.

“Yes, I have been able to find the person who framed me up, and I even have evidence”

“Wow, I’m happy for you baby”

“Are you really happy, or you are just saying it because you think it’s what I want to hear?”

He framed her face in his hands.”Why would you ask that? Of course I’m truly happy for you. I know your job means a lot to you, and seeing you happy, makes me happy”

“But, I know one of the reasons we broke up is because I refused to quit my job, and__”

“Shhhh.. baby let’s not talk about the past, it’s gone and we ought to leave it there, the most important thing is that you are getting your job back”

“No Dele we can’t just sweep the past un-der the carpet, if we are to move forward, then we need to talk about what happened between us”

“Actually I can’t remember anything that happened in the past” Dele looked all serious. Amaka’s heart skipped a beat, and she panicked.

“Baby you really can’t remember anything?”

“No I can’t, everything just seems so foggy” he placed his hands on his forehead.

“Oh my God I need to call the doctor, we need to get you to the hospital” Amaka started looking for her phone to call the doctor.

“But I do have an idea on how my memory can be jogged back” he suggested smiling.

“Really what is it?” Amaka was looking all serious she didn’t even take note, that Dele was only pu-lling her legs.

“Well.. we could start from you k!ss!ngme, and taking off those extra clothing you have on, they are getting in the way of things” he said with a sly smile on his face.

“Dele!” Amaka shifted away from him. “Are you messing with me?”

“Uhmm… Babe I can’t remember anything, I need your help to regain my memory” he made a baby face, getting close to her.

“But you can remember how to do abi?”

“Not really, but I’m willing to learn un-der your tutelage” he brou-ght hisl-ips close to hers, Amaka used her palm to push him away.

“Why do you like to joke with everything?”

“I’m serious baby, just give me some sugar, and I will remember everything you are talking about”

Amaka smiled, and k!$$£d him. “Patience my love” she said against hisl-ips, and k!$$£d him again, “soon all of these will be yours” she k!$$£d him again, “but before then, we need to talk”

“No let’s just continue k!ssing” he k!$$£d her again.

“Dele plea-se let’s talk”

“Why are you so bent on rehashing the past?” Dele asked out of frustration.

“Because I know you were hurt by some of the things that happened in the past, and I need you to talk to me about it”

“Has it ever occurred to you, that I don’t want to talk about it?”

“But we need to talk about it, I need you to tell me how you feel, baby I know you are hurt, and it hurts to see you act like nothing happened, when I know de-ep down that you have been hurt”

“I don’t want to talk about it, because I don’t like thinking about it, I just want us to move on”

“How about you tell me how you felt by my actions”

“How else am I supposed to feel? I felt hurt, I felt betrayed, I was angry, and wanted nothing more to do with you”

“Then why did you come for me? Why did you choose to risk your life for me? How did you even know I was there?”

“I discovered I haven’t been blameless myself”

“Did you cheat on me too?”

“No I didn’t, but I once cheated in my last relationsh!pwith you”

“Well I didn’t..”

“My point is, I have hurt you several times Amaka, several times I have hurt you and brou-ght tears to your eyes. I realized you are not perfect and neither am I, so what was the point of holding grudge against you over a silly mistake you made, and are truly about it?”

Amaka was alre-ady teary as she listened to Dele talking.

“I decided to forget everything that happened between us, and not allow it to prevent us from experiencing the joy and love we both bring into each other’s lives”

“I’m sorry I did what I did, it was really stupid of me”

“It’s okay babe, I have forgiven you” he used his thumb to clean her tears.

“How did you know where I was on that night I was attacked?”

“So after I left your place that morning, I couldn’t get myself to st©p thinking about you, and felt bad for the way I left your place. After trying to drown my memories of you with alcohol to no avail, I knew there was no way out, I knew I love you, and needed to tell you”

“Oh my God Dele, I love you”

Dele smiled, and continued. “I decided to go over to your office, and talk to you, but was told that you were on suspension. I tried reaching you on phone but you weren’t taking my calls, t. That evening I was coming out from a bar where I went to drink, that was when I saw you walking, I thought probably I was hallucinating because of the alcohol, but I followed you and realized you were real”

Dele tried calling Amaka’s name but she didn’t seem to hear him because of the earpiece she had on her ears. He called her phone, and she wasn’t picking up either. Because of his drun!ken situation, he couldn’t walk fast enough to catch up with her. And then he saw those guys that wanted to attack her.

“So you knew you were drun!kand still stood up against those guys? What were you thinking?”

“There was no way I could watch them hurt you”

“So you put your life on the line for me, even when you knew you could have gotten killed?” Amaka who couldn’t hold her tears any longer, was alre-ady crying. “Dele you could have gotten yourself killed”

“At that point, it didn’t really matter”

Amaka threw her arms around him in a hvg, “Don’t ever risk your life like that again”


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