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when love just happens 2 Episode 53



It’s been two weeks since Dele got discharged from the hospital, and he has been getting better with his leg almost completely healed, the doctor asked that he use the crutches for one more week before he comes back to the hospital for a final check up. Amaka could swear Dele was almost running mad from using those crutches.

His family hasn’t relented in their constant visits, and pampering. One would have thought that after two weeks, they were going to tune down a bit on their visits, but they didn’t. Dele and Anita quarrel almost everytime she comes visiting, because of her constant way of always nagging him to eat, asking him not to walk around too much so he doesn’t hurt his injured leg, while all Dele wants is to get better so by his next doctor’s appointment, he would be fit so he can drop the crutches.

Mrs Ademola the queen of affection, has made it a point of duty to always bring food to them at least once a day, and she always stays and makes sure she sees Dele eating from it. The day he trys to be stubborn she would f0rç£ him to eat. Amaka always marvel at the level of strength she possessed in bullying everyone to do what she wants, at least that’s what her husband calls her, a bully.

As for her relationsh!pwith Dele, it has been blossoming, they are closer now than they used to be before their breakup, anytime Amaka brings up the issue of their breakup, Dele would always dismiss it with a wave of his hands, neither does he like to talk about the night of her attack.

“If that doctor asks me to use this crutches any longer than a week, then I’m going to take them to the third mainland bridge, and throw them into the sea, because there is no way I’m going to be tortured into using these blasted things any longer than a week”

“I think you need to calm, I think you are overreacting” Amaka dropped an orange jui-ce in front of him and took a sit from across him.

“Overreacting you say, I don’t think you know what it feels like walking around in these things” he pointed at the crutches with a disgusted look on his face. “Or for you to have something that you so much de-sire but can’t have or even feel because of…..” Dele’s voice trailed off as he stared at Amaka’s che-st.

“Dele you can’t do anything until the doctor has confirmed that you are fit to do so”

“Oh God…” Dele covered his face with his hands out of frustration. “Can’t I have just a little?” He begged.

“A little what? Is it biscuit that you bite a little to come back and finish later?”

“Yes for me it is bi..” he st©pped talking when he noticed Amaka’s looks were not nice.

“Aham” he coughed nervously “baby you know that’s not what I meant, I..”

“How exactly did you mean it then?” Amaka folded her arms.

“I actually meant, I wouldn’t mind being given some sugar plea-se…”

Amaka couldn’t help but smile at his expression, he looked so adorable like a little kid who is being denied from eating chocolate.

“No you can’t have any of these until the doctor certifies you to”

“Oh my God, I’m going to die” He hung his head low in frustration.

“No you are not going to die” she stood up from her seat and walked over to where he was seated, and bent over to k!sshim.

She slightly grazed herl-ips over his, then slowly tea-sed his lowerl-ip, de-epened the k!ssa little before pu-lling out.

“Huh….” Dele protested.

“That’s as much as you can get for now”

“Until when?”

“Until further notice, at least until when the doctor clears you”

Dele looked like he was going to cry. “I don’t need some stupid doctor to tell me when I can do anything”

“I’m sorry but in this case you do, you can’t have any of these” Amaka used her hands to refer to her b©dy, “until the doctor clears you”

“Ahah…..” He grunted out in frustration.

The next morning, as they both laid in be-d, Amaka could feel Dele’s hands on her b©dy. She pretended to be sleeping for she enjoyed what he was doing.

“Baby I know you are awake” he whispered in her ears, ni-bbling on it a little, ma-king Amaka smile.

“Do you like it when I do this?” He placed his hands un-der her camisole and cu-mpped one of her brea-sts, and tea-sed her n!ppl!s. “You like that don’t you?”

He smiled to himself as Amaka let out a soft m0@n , he knew all he needed was to s£dûç£her, and she would give in.

He c@m£ closer and slowly k!$$£d her on thel-ips, teasing her with his ton-gue, at the same time using his hands to fondle her brea-sts.

Amaka took possession of the k!ssand without any warning she climbe-d on him, ma-king Dele grunt in pains.

“Just what I thought” she got off him and climbe-d off the be-d.

“You aren’t playing fair, things were going on fine, and you just had to ruin it with that?” He asked out of frustration.

“I just needed to remind you what it would look like if we engaged in what you are suggesting”

“No, no, that’s not true and you know it, there are position and styles that doesn’t involve you being on t©p, you don’t even like being on t©p for crying out loud” Dele was almost dying out of frustration.

“Well it is what it is”

Amaka walked out of the room ma-king sure to sahshay her @ss in the process.

“Just kill me” Dele slumped on the be-d.

After Jane discovered she was pregnant, Jeffery drove her to the hospital and a test was carried out, and the doctor confirmed she was four weeks pregnant.

Ever since then, there has been a great deal of tension between Jeffery and Jane. They ba-rely said beyond a few words to each other.

Jeffery tried to get her to talk to him, but she was always getting upset at the slightest issue, before he knows it she was alre-ady crying for no reason at all. It was as if he was walking on eggshells around her.

They haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy because Jane didn’t want any of that yet. He knew they can’t keep it away for too long, because sooner or later, she would start to show.

He tried working from home just so he could be around to help her if she needed anything but that didn’t seem to work, as she made sure to avoid him all together whenever he was around.

It’s a weekend, and they were both at home, but it seemed like he was alone because she has herself hid away somewhere around the house.

Jeffery got up from where he was sitting, and decided he was going to deal with this issue once and all, he had given her enough time to brood, and two weeks is more than enough to do so.

He checked their be-droom and she wasn’t there, so he went to the guest room and found her, sitting on the be-d looking at nothing.

“Hey babe, can we talk?”

“Not now plea-se, maybe later”

“I would really love to talk to you now, plea-se?”

“Let’s talk later plea-se” she laid down and turned away from him.

“This is what you have been saying for the past two weeks”

“I don’t feel like talking Jeff”

Jeffery took a few breaths before saying in a stern voice; “Mrs Jane Ademola, I need to talk to you, and I mean now!”

The harshness on Jeffery’s voice made Jane sit up almost immediately. Since they’ve been married, never has he spoken to her in that tone.

“Why are you now shouting?” She started crying.

“Oh God plea-se not the tears again” Jeffery gro-an ed out in frustration.

“I’m sorry I raised my voice at you”

“You want to talk right? Fine let’s talk” Jane said dramatically as she cleaned her tears, angry at herself for crying at the slightest issue.

“Babes I know you don’t want to have a child right now, and finding out that you are pregnant is really not something you wanted, but it has happened and no matter how we run away from it, we will still have to face it; you are pregnant, babes you are carrying our child inside of you. I know that scares you, but it doesn’t have to because you have me, I’m here with you every step of the way”

“I’m so scared Jeff” she whispered.

“I know baby, I know” he went and sat beside her on the be-d. “Babes I know you are scared, and it’s totally normal. That’s why you have me here, we are in this together remember?”

“Oh Jeff, I’m scared I might not be a good mother, what if I end up res£nting this child?”

The fear in her eyes tore Jeffery’s heart, he drew her closer to himself and hvgged her. “you are going to be a terrific mother, that I’m very sure of”

“I’m sorry for the way I have been behaving lately, I just don’t know how to come to terms with this”

“It’s okay babe, plea-se whatever you are going throu-gh don’t shut me out, let’s go throu-gh it together”

“I will try”

“I love you”

“I love you too Jeff”

They both remained quiet for a while.


“Yes baby?”

“Would it be weird if I told you I’m really hor-ny?”

“Are you now?” He asked smiling.

“How long will you be gone for?” Dele asked Amaka as she got dressed to leave the house.

“Just for a few hours, maybe one or two” she combe-d her hair as she spoke.

“Huh… That’s long, can’t you make it shorter? Being alone in this house for that long, doing nothing is going to drive me insane”

“It’s not that bad, you can catch up on soccer or something on TV”

“Yeah right tell me about it, you know I don’t want to watch soccer, I want to do something else” Dele made a baby face.

“I will see you when I get back” she bent and k!$$£d him. “And we are going to talk about our relationsh!p, when I do return” She didn’t wait for Dele to reply before leaving the room, because she knew what his response would be. If they are to continue d@t!ng, then they would have to talk about the issues that earlier led to their breakup.

She was meeting with Katherine, they had spoken last night, and she told Amaka she has upd@t£ on who helped Pius in setting her up.

Amaka was nervous to find out who it is, she hopes they can get the person to confess so they can expo-se Pius for who he really is, and she can get her job back.

Due to Dele’s health, she hasn’t been able to keep up with what Katherine was doing to expo-se Pius, but now that Dele was getting better, she was re-ady to deal with Pius.

They had chos£n to meet at a restaurant not too far from where Dele lives. Amaka is glad Katherine was un-derstanding enough and agreed to come all the way to meet with her.

By the time she got there, Katherine was alre-ady there waiting for her.

“Sorry I’m late” Amaka said to Katherine as she took a seat.

“No you are not, I just c@m£ here an hour earlier, I left my house quite early to avoid traffic”

“Thank you so much for meeting with me Katherine, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping in t©uçh like I’m supposed to, considering you are the one helping me”

“It’s okay Amaka, you alre-ady told me the situation of things with you, and I totally un-derstand, beside I told you I love doing things like this”

“Okay” Amaka smiled as she signaled a waiter to come take their orders. “What would you like to have? I’m buying”

“Well if you are buying,” Katherine gr@bb£d the menu all smiles, “then I will have rice, chicken, coleslaw, prawns, gizzards__”

“Bia, bia, this girl did elephant step on your stomach or something?” Amaka cut her short as she continued to order.

“How do you mean?” Katherine asked confused.

“Which one is how do I mean? Why are you ordering for so much food? Didn’t you eat at home before coming? Abi there’s no food in your house?”

Katherine laughed at Amaka’s facial expression as she talked looking all serious.

“Amaka you are the one paying, besides you should have known by now that I love food”

“Hmmm you should be lucky that you are helping me, if not__”

“You would have said something mean, I know that’s the reason I’m leveraging on this opportunity, because I know you can’t say anything mean to me” Katherine went back to placing her order and even added more to it.

“So what do you have for me?” Amaka asked impatiently after the waiter had left.

“I have finally been able to get the person who took that video of you and Pius k!ssing”

“Who is it” Amaka asked almost trying to get the words out of Katherine.

“Calm down, it is his new replacement for you”

“The intern?”

“Yes, that’s correct” Katherine paused to sip and drink, ma-king Amaka to almost snatch the drink away from her hands.

Katherine who was enjoying keeping Amaka in suspense, slowly took her time in sipping her drink.

“Oh God, this drink tastes so nice, aren’t you going to drink yours?” She said to Amaka who was really trying h@rd to refrain from saying something mean to her.

“I will drink mine later, so what else_”

“It’s best taken when it’s cold, maybe I should help you to drink it?”

“Katherine you can have my drink, you can even have my food, but plea-se st©p keeping me in suspense and tell me what I want to hear if you don’t want me to swear for you”

“Hehehehehe, I like this p@rt of you”

“Do you really? No seriously?”

“Oya nor vex, so I was able to take a picture of them ma-king out in the office, and I later approached the girl with it, and threatened to show it to Vivian if she doesn’t tell me what she knows about your frame up”

Katherine paused as the waiter c@m£ back with her order.

“Hmmmm this smells so nice” she took a spoonful of the rice and savoured it’s taste.

Amaka almost knocked the spoon off her hands, how could she be talking about the taste of rice when they were in the middle of an important discussion? It’s either she is mad, or she has not eaten good food since the last time they saw each other.

“So did she say anything?”

“Yes she did” Katherine continued to eat her food.

“So what did she say?”

“One minute plea-se” she took another spoon of rice.

“Hmmm Katherine, Katherine…” Amaka warned.

“Has anyone ever told you, you are aggressive?” Katherine asked smiling.

“This child doesn’t know anything” Amaka said un-der her breath.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, plea-se go with what you were saying”

“Okay, so I got the girl to talk. Apparently Pius has been having a thing with her, since the week he started working at High Waters, and he promised her he was going to elevate her from the position of an intern”

“I still don’t un-derstand this”

“Me neither, but he told her he wanted to give her your position, and for that to be possible, you need to be framed and gotten out of the way”

“So he used me to achieve his aim of elevating his stupid girlfriend?”

“Yeah something like that, and I also suspect he is sleeping with the HR too, because he has her wra-pped around his f!ngers, allowing him to get away with so many things at the office”

“But how do we prove any of these? It’s going to be their words against ours”

“Nope, not if we have a recording of the intern’s confession” Katherine waved her phone at Amaka.

“You recorded her confession?”

“Here listen to it yourself” she played the recording for Amaka.

Amaka smiled as she listened to the girl confessing to Pius asking her to take the videos of them k!ssing, and also manipulating it so it would look like Amaka was the one forcing herself on Pius.

“Well done Katherine, with this I can go to Vivian and prove my innocence, thank so much Katherine”

“So, does that mean I can have another plate of this rice, and maybe some goat meat?”

“Do I look like I’m on some hunger alleviation mission?” Amaka asked her.

“Oya give me back my phone”

“Oya nor vex, abeg order for another plate”


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