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What couples do finale

what couples do 💝💘💝💞
Love, sex, plays…
💚Grand finale 💚
❤Chapter Thirty ❤
Lisa’s pov.
The Private bus I hired stopped us infront of the Hotel where they were hosting the Endorsement campaign.
The Hotel was huge and colorful.
I came with only one luggage including Zac’s few clothes and mine.
I put zac on the ground to stand on his own as I carried the (🍫) chocolate sponge cake which was in a portable box.
I pulled the luggage along as we walked into the hotel. We went to the counter to make inquiries.
I promised myself I would wish Josh a happy birthday when I see him face to face so I switched off my phone and left it deep inside my purse.
I told the receptionist and she directed me to the hall. I left my luggage and the cake with her, then I carried zac in my arms. I peeped my head inside the hall and some people and surprisingly, there was a big pool at the middle of the hall where some hung around.
I used my eyes to look for Josh. I saw him applying something like cream on a girl’s naked body.
The girl laid on a lounge chair while Josh squated and was rubbing her skin.
What’s the meaning of this?…
I didn’t know what to think at all. I was upset.
I walked to Josh with zac in my arms.
“Having fun??! “I asked him and he looked up at me startled.
The girl was completely naked ; she just had a bikini thong on. Ugh.. Irritating.
“Lisa?? What… What are you doing here?? “Josh asked trying to hold my hand.
“Let go off me you cheat! You could have just told me you wanted to cheat and celebrate your birthday elsewhere instead of lying to me!!! “I said as I sniffed hard.
My tears were streaming down like a river. I couldn’t control myself.
“Stop crying Lisa. “He said.
“Why? Huh? I never imagined this Josh. You said you quit you man whore!!! “I yelled in frustration.
“Sir… Are you done testing the cream on my model? I want to use her for another brand. “A man said as he stood before us.
“Am busy now George, you can have her. “Josh said to the man.
He took the naked girl’s hand pulling her up and they both left.
Ow ow… I think my mind goes too far every second.
“Lisa, why did you stop crying?? Continue.. “Josh said sternly.
“What are you both doing here anyway?? “He asked as he took my hand roughly and began pulling me to the exit of the hall.
He was hurting me as his grip was tight.
When we got outside, he left me.
“Just cause I made a mistake doesn’t mean you should strangle me to death. “I said.
“What are you doing here?? “He asked again.
“Aren’t you happy to see us?? “I asked expectantly.
He sighed.
“You both will stay in my suite till am done with work. “He said.
“But… ”
“No buts Lisa. Just do as I say. “He said and I nodded.
💚…… <~•~>….. 💚
Josh opened the door in anger and forced my luggage in. Zac walked in on his own while I carried the cake.
We worked into the suite fully.
“You’re so annoying Lisa. You just show up in the middle of my work and you already think am cheating. Who even gave you the thought of coming here? Who gave you the address?? “He asked with his hands in his pocket.
“No one… “I muttered not audibly.
He rolled his eyes.
“I’ll be back. “He said coldly and left shutting the door.
Why is he so angry I came to CIA do. Isn’t it enough suprise for him?
I was mutually upset now.
I dropped the cake on the table and and carried zac along with our luggage, I left the hotel entirely and went to another hotel and lodged in.
I ordered food and fed Zac bit then I was extremely stressed out and wanted to take a nap.
I didn’t bring any of Zac’s toy cause I thought we would be too busy to play.
I had to switch on my phone and put a game for him.
I laid down going into a deep sleep. I hate Josh for making me go through so much stress for nothing.
I bid him goodluck on finding me cause if he doesn’t, I won’t go back to him…
Josh’s pov
I was curious and same time anxious.
Why on earth did Lisa come here? Leaving the house without informing me.
She’s super annoying and doesn’t think before acting.. Cause if she did, she would bear in mind that leaving the house is not an option.
I opened the door and walked in, then I turned on the lights in the suite.
There was no sign of Lisa and zac.
I looked around for their luggage but it wasn’t anywhere in the room. My eyes darted to the table and that’s when I saw the cake Lisa had brought.
This only means one thing, she left.
I rushed out of the suit and hopped into my car. I started the engines and reversed taking the route that led to my house.
I got to our house after an hour cause I was drove fast.
I ravaged the house and their was no sign of Lisa and zac.
I was helpless.. Then I called my worker and gave him Lisa’s number to track down.
“Sir, they’re in a hotel not too close to CIA do. “He said.
Geez! Now I gotta go back again? I copied the name of the hotel and drove off again in high speed.
Lisa must be really aw angry cause she wasn’t answering her calls.
I called her with two different numbers bit she didn’t answer.. I just hope she’s not crying.
I halt my car infront of the hotel and ran in. I went to the receptionist to inquire about Lisa.
“Lisa? No.. We don’t have any Lisa here. “She said.
Lisa doesn’t want me to find her so she must have used another name.
I thought hard.. What name can this crazy wife of mine use??
“Barbie zac! “I blurted out and she checked.
“Yes… She checked in with her baby four hours ago. “She said.
“What’s the room number? “I asked.
She shook her head.
“Sorry sir, this is where your adventure comes to a pause. She doesn’t want me to disclose her room number. “The lady said
I brought out my wallet and emptied the whole cash on the counter.
“Will that do? “I asked.
“She already bribed me sir and she also said its for security reasons. She said an evil man is looking for her and her baby that he wasn’ts to kill her baby… “The lady said.
Lisa is calling me ‘evil’?
She thinks am a monster??
I didn’t know what to do again cause the lady was bent on keeping her room number from me.
“Where’s your manager’s office? “I asked her.
She scoffed.
“He’s not going to listen to you, you brute! “She yelled.
I smiled.
“Very well then. “I left the money there and met with a staff that showed me his office. I met the manager and we talked then we both returned back to the counter.
The receptionist was stunned.
“Give him the room details right now before I make you chew that dollar bill on your table! “The manager said with authority.
She quickly typed on her laptop and looked up.
“R… Room 104..third floor. “She muttered.
I gave the manager a fist bump.
“Go get your love Josh. “He said.
I rushed into the elevator and began my search.
The elevator chimed and I got out. I finally found the door with the number.
I knocked softly on it. I pressed my ear close to the door to know what was going on… It was zac, he was laughing but I didn’t hear Lisa’s voice.
Before I could say ‘jack’, the door opened taken me unawares and I fell down forward. I turned my head to see Lisa’s leg still standing still.
“Help me… “I said.
She rolled her eyes and walked back into the room.
I was forced to stand up with my broken arm and enter the room fully.
“What do you want you mother-f**cker? “She asked sitting on the bed.
She uses bad words when she’s angry to the highest order.
I knelt down cause I had little hope of her forgiveness.
” am sorry Lisa from the bottom of my heart. Please for give me sweetheart. I swear it won’t happen again… I was just angry cause we had an endorsement challenge and our team was loosing… Am sorry. “I said almost crying.
She scoffed.
“Its always sorry… Anyway, your apology is useless cause that not what I want from you. “She said emotionlessly.
“Then what? ”
“Just two slaps… “She said and smirked.
Oh God.
She stood up and approached me.
Before I could say a word a hot ear splitting slap landed on my left cheek and all I could do was man up and gold the pain.
She smiled but tears were falling from her eyes.
“Should I slap you again? “She asked.
“No thank you. “I said and got to my feet. I kissed her and pulled her close. I just wanted to kiss her all day but then she carried zac bringing him inbetween us.
I smirked, no worries, I still have tonight.
“Happy birthday Josh. “She said.
“Thanks Lisa… “I said and bit hard.
“Josh, our story is about to end today.. Do you think we’re going to live happily ever after? “Lisa asked me.
I thought for a while.
“No… But one things for sure, we’ll always be happy in our forever though we fight always. “I said raising my brows.
Lisa looked at me confused and laughed.
“One things for sure, we are not going to have another baby. “Lisa said.
“Who said so? “i fired.
We began arguing about it again.



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