What couples do Episode 28 & 29

💚💜what couples do 💜💚
Love, S-x, pla-ys…
Chapter Twenty Eight 💔
Lisa’s pov
With my hands trembling, I sat on a bench along side with Josh.
Zac was taken to the doctor and all I could think of was.. Will he be Alright??
I was worried sick and didn’t know how else to react.
Josh just sat quietly with his face expressionless.
I couldn’t tell if he was worried, sad or just normal…
We haven’t said a word to each other of recent. Nothing at all.
We were close to the lobby where the reception was.
A nurse walked in and stood before the counter facing another nurse who stood behind the counter.
She had a bunch of files in her hand. I was admiring her f!nger nails. They were short and had a white color.
I wish we could swap nails, I would work as a model of cutex in a big company and I would be famous for my nails.
“plea-se give this files to doctor Antonio. “I heard the nurse behind the counter say to her and my eyes fli-ckered.
Doctor Antonio was the one that called Josh that night about his dad.
if he’s here that means Josh’s dad would be here as well.
The nurse collected the files and began walking away.
I have to follow her.
Maybe I can work something up so Josh can meet his dad.
I stood up and followed the path the nurse followed. I looked back at Josh, he didn’t even move after I left.
He doesn’t care.
I kept following the nurses trail until she st©pped infront of a door and knocked.
I approached her.
“Excuse me, is this doctor Antonio’s office? “I asked.
“Yea… Why do you ask… ”
She didn’t complete her statement and a masculine voice spoke out from the office.
“Come in. “It said.
The nurse and I exchanged glances.
“I really have to see the doctor plea-se. “I pleaded.
She sighed.
“This is on you miss. “She said and turned to walk away.
“Am married! “I murmured after her.
People refer to me as ‘miss’ this days and I don’t like it. Am married and got a kid… Oh right! Am still 23 and I haven’t added weight to show am now a family woman.
I opened the door and popped my head in first.
I saw a man in glas-ses sitting before a big desk.
“Do come in. I have a surgery to carry out in half an hour. “He said.
I smiled sheepishly and walked in shutting the door behind me.
He motioned for me to sit and I did.
“Am mrs Lisa Gillies. The wife of mr Josh Gillies and daughter inlaw to br@ndy Gillies and I believe you’re doctor Antonio? “I said.
Hopefully… He nodded.
“Yes I am. “He said.
“Good… My husband is too stubborn to come and see his father so I nee-d your help in many ways… We nee-d a plan… “I said drumming my f!ngers.
“Um… Mrs Lisa… “He said but I ignored him.
“We nee-d a perfect lie. “I said. “Before that… How’s mr br@ndy? is he too sick to receive the suprise of seeing Josh in his ward? “I asked.
I turned to look at mr Antonio, the expression on his face was just sadness.
“Am sorry miss, Mr br@ndy died two hours after I called Josh that night. “He said.
I was shocked to the bone as I j£rked up from my seat. Tears were alre-ady in my eyes.
“How doctor…? How the fv¢k did he die?! ” I half yelled.
“We did everything we could but he wasn’t responding to treatment. “He said.
My tears dropped though I didn’t want them to.
I tried my best to pu-ll myself together.
I wiped my tears slowly.
“What killed him doctor? “I asked.
He swallowed a lump that was visible.
“That information is highly confidential. ” he said.
I really wasn’t suspecting anything. I just asked cause i was curious but his reaction and reply proves there’s more to it.
He’s hiding the truth from me… But why?
“Am his family, doctor. I deserve to know. Even if you don’t trust me, trust that I was there that night when you called Josh at exactly 1 in the morning.
“What else do you want to hear before you tell me doctor?? “I asked staring into his face and he exhaled.
He was quiet for a while like he was battling with his mind.
“Tell me… “I pressured him.
“He died of AIDS. “He finally said.
Whoa… I didn’t see that coming. Mr br@ndy had AIDS..
I left the office and returned to where Josh sat.
I sat beside him.
“Zac’s alright. They’re running a test to be sure. “He said not looking at me.
I nodded.
I wonder how he’ll react when I tell him about his father. But not now… Till we get home.
💚💜What couples do 💜❤️💚💜🖤💚
Love, S-x, pla-ys…
Chapter Twenty Nine 💔
Lisa’s pov
“To avoid br@in freeze or damages, whenever zac acts restless or cries.. presumably, Just know its a headache and give him the syrup. But don’t worry, it’ll st©p in a space of a week. “The doctor said as Josh and I listened attentively.
Zac had a bandage round his little head but it will be re-moved permanently this evening.
Just to cover up the wound and let it heal.
Josh took the medicines and we stood up at once.
“Thanks doctor. “I said as we left the office.
We got into our car and Josh drove off with high speed.
……………… Evening
Josh’s pov
I sat on a lounge chair outside the verender with a bottle of alcohol.
I really tried to sleep but I was wi-de awake.
Its just like they say : Money can buy be-d but not sleep.
I chuckled at myself as I drank another gulp.
The door to my room opened and shut. After a while, Lisa c@m£ into view with Zac in her arms. She dropped him on the be-d and pat his back. Zac was asleep.
She looked at me and cli-cked her ton-gue with a sigh.
She c@m£ to me and took the bottle and dropped it on the floor but not within my reach.
“St©p drinking Josh, this is unlike you. “She said and kicked my legs down from the chair and sat beside me.
“Are you done packing? “I asked and she hit my arm.
“You must be drun!k. “She said.
“Look at the bottle Lisa, I just started drinking. Am not drun!k. “I said.
I wasn’t drun!k. I don’t get drun!k.
“Okay… Um.. Back at the hospital… “She said but I cut her short.
“Am sorry. I was just angry with myself . “I said.
“Josh… That’s not it. “She muttered.
“Then what…? “I asked.
She sniffed.
“I met doctor Antonio. Josh, your father is dead. “She said.
So the great Lucifer finally died.
My father was extremely wealthy… Who ever thought he would die??
Nob©dy knew his secret.. But I did. When I found out, I left.
The whole story -dad got AIDS. He gave it to mom whom he despised so much. Mom didn’t know till later on. She confronted dad and dad to maintain his reputation, locked mom up away from the world so she doesn’t disclose his secret.
I was just a year old then. I grew up with the mindset that my mom was dead. I just lived among maids who only thought me How to cook and i loved it.
I met friends… Bad friends and I bec@m£ a pla-yboy which I regret till today.
One day, I found mom cause I was always snooping around. She was sick and could ba-rely speak.
She told me alot and I used that short time to get to know her. I ran out when I heard the maids coming.
I wanted to take her away from there- Away from dad. I made a plan with my friends. That night, I c@m£ to see mom, she was dead.
Dad of course has been taking drugs and treating himself.
At just 18 I left home… Living alone and striving ha-rd for myself. I also hated the fact that I was able to get rich due to people that knew dad and wanted to help badly. “I explained.
Lisa leaned on me with her head on my che-st as I narrated the whole story.
“Lisa… Am done. “I said patting her hair.
“So sad. Your dad is… I mean was horrible. But am curious Josh. Were you a v!rg!nwhen we got married? “She asked.
“Why are you asking? ”
She stuttered.
“Am just curious. I mean you were… Am expert. “She whispered.
I chuckled.
“Am not answering that question Lisa. Its in the past now. ”
She squee-zed her face.
She held onto to me ti-ghtly. She looked at me and I gave her a big k!ssthat made her m0@n .
I lifted her up with her legs wra-pped around me. I dropped her on the lounge chair and leaned in claiming herl-ips in mine again.
“St©p Josh, we can’t do this out here and zac is on our be-d. “She said.
I st©pped and sat beside her.
“Should we go to the guest room babe? “I asked.
She shook her head.
“Am no longer in the mood. “She said.
I frowned.
“Okay then let’s go to be-d. “I said and carried her up. We arrived at the be-d and I dropped her beside zac and Slumped at Zac’s right hand side.
Lisa sighed and looked up.
“I don’t feel so good Josh. “Lisa murmured.
A smile crept on my face.
“I thought you said you weren’t in the mood. “I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“Infact forget it. “She said and turned.
“Good night. ”
“Sleep ti-ght. “I mumbled.
…… …… A Week Later
Lisa’s pov
Tomorrow is Josh’s birthday. Am extremely excited. Zac was on the kitchen table with his favourite toy, while I brou-ght out the stuff for the birthday cake.
I wanna suprise Josh.
After a while, Josh c@m£ downstairs with a to face cap on his head.
“Josh baby, why are you wearing that? “I asked.
“Its been long since I bought it and I haven’t used it one bit so today seems to be a better day. “Josh said and approached zac.
Zac took Josh’s cap from his head and tried to chew on it. Josh took the cap back and zac began struggling for it.
“What are you ma-king? “Josh asked me.
“Your birthday cake of course. We’re going to have a family p@rty tomorrow. “I said.
“Don’t waste your strength Babe, Am traveling tomorrow for an endorsement campaign at CIA do. “He said and my face dropped.
“You’re traveling on your birthday?? “I asked.
“No big deal Lisa. Just celebr@te it without me. “He said and carried zac.
I was upset.
Why is he always traveling like he’s a traveling agent?
Here’s an idea, Am going to go to CIA do too and meet him there, suprising him. Just zac and I…