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voice for the poor 2 Episode 7 & 8


Justice! Justice! Justice!
How many times did I call you?
Show me where to go from here. I soliloquised.

I walked to the house sadly in thoughts.

I tossed on my be-d throu-ghout the night, thinking about the possible means of achieving justice for those who deserve it.

Early the following morning, I had a call from Abr@m.
Hello Brenda, how are you?
My brother Ezekiel called to tell me how he messed you up yesterday. He also asked me to apologise to you on his behalf. He explained.

Abr@m, didn’t Ezekiel ask you how we got to know each other? I asked.

He did, and I told him you are the reason why I am alive today. He responded.

I wish you never told him because, your brother is blinded by money.
Anyway, it’s all good. I’ve lost the job for what is right. I wish I hadn’t been sacked because, I had lots of people to save from those hands.
Kindly tell Ezekiel that, I need his help to save the poor and vulnerable. Give my number to him to call me when he is available. I responded.

I will do that Brenda, but plea-se, stay safe. The lives of others are in your hands. He stated and hanged up.

Days p@ssed, and I didn’t just know how to handle my life.
I had calls from loved ones, asking me why I was sacked, but I refused to give details.

I was in my room one h0t afternoon when I had a distress call from Damfo.

Hello Brenda, plea-se, I need your help. He said in a trembling voice.

What is it Damfo? Talk to me. I inquired.

Brenda, my wife’s life is in danger, I overheard Richlove talking to @ss@ssins to get rid of her within this week. I seriously need you to take her out of this city. He responded.

Damfo, you and I know that I can’t just go to your wife and tell her to leave this City. You owe me details of everything that is happening. I said.

Brenda, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. You know how much I love my wife. You as well know how faithful I was to her. He narrated.

Spare me all these questions and talk to me. What has happened? I asked desperately.

Brenda, the whole truth is that, I never wanted to hurt my wife.
Since the time I got married to her, I’ve always maintained her happiness as my foremost priority. He continued.

Jeeeezzzz Damfo! I don’t need all these for anything.
Why at all are you beating about the bush? I asked unhappily.

Brenda, Richlove f0rç£d me to cheat with her on my wife.
She fv¢ked me day and night. He responded shamefully.

Damfo, I hate people who fail to take responsibility for their actions.
Richlove never run blood throu-gh your pe-nisto get it £r£¢ted.
Richlove never slid your pe-nisinto her v@g!n@ at your security post.
In a nutshell, Richlove never R@p£d you, the two of you mutually agreed to make love.

You agreed to make love with Richlove to save your job, and Richlove in turn offered her cheap self to satisfy her illiterate libi-do. I lamented angrily.

It’s true Brenda, I’m very sorry. I am the cause of all these problems. Damfo responded remorsefully.

But Damfo, if you are satisfying Richlove’s needs, why would she want to kill your wife? I asked.

Brenda, my wife has been coming here almost every day to create a scene. She feels someone is taking me away, so, she is sad, and has been frequenting here in tears.
Due to that, I’ve not been able to satisfy Richlove properly as I used to do, and because of that, she wants my wife dead, so that she can have me all to herself to fv¢k her properly. He explained.

Damfo, may I know why you don’t want your wife to die? I asked.

Eeeeiiii Brenda! What kind of question is that! I so much love my wife, and I don’t want her to die. Besides, who is going to take care of my kids? He asked rhetorically.

Damfo, get this straight. Any man who cheats on his wife, has alre-ady murdered her soul.
You murdered your wife emotionally and Richlove wants to kill her physically. I tell you Damfo, there is no difference between you and Richlove.

And like you rightly said, there wouldn’t be any one to take care of your kids.
I will take your wife out of this city to prevent your children from being orphans.

As for you, be prepared to face your Karma.
For the promises you betrayed, for the vows you couldn’t keep, and for ma-king your wife and children vulnerable to death. I cursed in pain.

Brenda plea-se don’t curse me. plea-se help me out of this problem. Damfo pleaded.

Damfo, you can help yourself by quitting that job. I responded.

But Brenda, how do I cater for my children? He asked.

I can see you are bent on sinning to make money.
The only reason why you called me is because, you don’t want your wife’s demise to cause any problems for your children. Anyway, the choice is yours, I can’t f0rç£ you, but where do you suggest I take them to? I asked.

I will s£nd you money tomorrow for you to take them to her parents in the village. He responded and hanged up.

I quic-kly dressed up and headed to Akua’s place.

Hello Brenda it’s been a while. I learnt you quitted the job, what happened? She asked.

Nothing really my sister, the place is just not convenient for me. I responded dismissively.

Akua, there is an upcoming problem, and we can’t stay here to talk about it.
I want you to organize yourself right now, we will be moving to your hometown to stay with your mum for a while. I narrated.

What is that supposed to mean? And what problem are you talking about? She asked unhappily.

Akua, your husband asked me to tell you this. plea-se, there is no time to waste. Let’s get to your hometown first. I pleaded.

Brenda or whatever you call yourself, if you think I will stoop weak for you and your sister to take away my husband, then you must be kidding!
When women at your age are busy marrying their own husbands, you are busy buying other people’s husbands with state money.

You lie bad Brenda! I swear to match you and your sister boot for boot!
You slut! The daughters of an incompetent president! Akua insulted angrily.

Calm down Akua! It’s not what you think, plea-se!!!!! I screamed in pain.


Calm down Akua! It’s not what you think, plea-se!!!!! I screamed in pain.

Then what is it! What?
Brenda, are you the one who brou-ght me into this city? How dare you pl@ysmart on me? She responded angrily.

Akua, your life is at stake! Someone is after your life. plea-se un-derstand me and let’s move out of here. I pleaded.

Brenda, that is a cheap lie! You’ve connived with your sister to take me out of this city so that you can marry my husband peacefully.
Leave my house this minute, or I pour h0t water on you! She threatened.

Akua plea-se, it’s not what you think. I pleaded.

I say leave! You cheap lying prostitute! She insulted and pushed me out of the house.

I walked home whiles trying to reach Damfo on phone.
I called him several times but to no avail.

I couldn’t sleep that night.
Why do women fail to reason when it comes to marriage?
Cherishing a man who doesn’t cherish you at the expense of your life? Wow!

Why has society made marriage a second heaven?
What is love without common s-en-se? I thought sadly throu-ghout the night.

Early in the morning, I had a call from Damfo.
Hello Brenda, plea-se check on your phone, I have s£nt the money to you. Kindly don’t delay, just take them out of this city immediately. He said hastily.

Damfo, why haven’t you called your wife? Just so you know, your wife is not re-ady to leave this City. She feels, my sister and I are planning to take you away from her.
plea-se call and explain things to her yourself and get back to me. I responded.

I will do that Brenda, there is no time to waste.
Just last night, when I was going to Richlove’s room, I overheard her talking to the @ss@ssins, Akua only have two days to live. Damfo narrated.

Damfo, that means, you have still been sleeping with Richlove. What at all has your wife done to deserve this hostile treatment? What?
Now listen to me, if anything bad happens to your wife, her blood will be on your head. I cautioned angrily.

Brenda, it isn’t my fault, plea-se bear with me and save my wife. He responded and hanged up.

Minutes later, I heard someone ban-ging on my door.
I quic-kly checked on the person and it was Akua.

Brenda, I am here to tell you that you have failed.
Because you failed to convince me, you have asked Damfo to call and convince me as well.

I will never leave this City today nor tomorrow. You can go to hell.
And if you are a woman like me, come to my house again, I promise to pour acid on you. She threatened and walked out on me.

I quic-kly called Damfo.
Hello Damfo, this whole thing has become too tough for me to handle.
Your wife is not re-ady to leave this City. plea-se, go to her and convince her personally. I pleaded.

Brenda, I have done my p@rt. I can’t leave my job and go to her. If she stays, it is at her own risk.
Talk to you later. He stated and hanged up.

Eeeeiii human beings! Look at how Akua is fighting for her husband’s love, and how her husband is downplaying with her emotions.

How do I handle this? How? I thought sadly.
Alright, I will seek Kojo’s advice in the prison tomorrow as to how to save Akua. I planned.

Early the next morning, news broke up that, Akua has been murdered in cold blood.

Aaahhh How? Why? Damfo told me that, the @ss@ssins will attack her in two days. Why the change in d@t£? I thought in tears and pain.

I couldn’t just forgive myself for staying aloof. What a life! Richlove must pay for this. I thought.

I rushed to Akua’s house and met Damfo weeping like a woman.
I stared at his cheating face in anger and got closer to him.

This is what you wanted Damfo. To kill your wife and have your way with my sister. Justice will chase you to your doom. I cursed and walked away.

Days p@ssed and I had a call from Damfo.
Brenda, I know you are mad at me, but plea-se find a place in your heart to forgive me. He pleaded.

Damfo, if you have any apology, render it to God.
After cheating on your wife, you watched her die a painful death whiles trying to fight for your love. I responded.

I know I have sinned Brenda, but there is nothing I can do.
As it stands now, Richlove has proposed marriage to me. We will tie the knot after my wife’s burial.

Congratulations Damfo! Welcome to reality!
A marriage to a murderer , I wish you well. I responded sarcastically and hanged up on him.

To be continued…

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