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voice for the poor 2 episode 5 & 6


Brenda, if you get into trouble, who will be the voice for the poor? I thought in fear.

Come in here Brenda or whatever you call yourself! The doctor screamed.

I quic-kly entered the place.
You called me doctor. I stated humbly.

Cut the pretence and tell me who the fv¢k recorded this video. He responded angrily.

Which video are you talking about doctor? I asked.

The video of the laboratory technicians, taking blood from the patients. He responded.

Doctor, since when did it become a crime for patients in this hospital to donate blood? This your extreme attitude is surprising me. Or is there something more serious about it than I think? I asked.

Hey look here! Don’t ever think you are smart. If you dare me, I will call the police on you right now! He threatened angrily.

The police on me? Well, I guess they will all have a look at your evidence against me, because without it, I can never be prosecuted.
If you say, the laboratory technicians were only taking blood donation from the critically ill patients, then, I’m ever re-ady to be your guest in court. I responded sarcastically.

Brenda, you are daring me! I swear, you have t©uçhed the lion’s tail, and you must face the consequences. The doctor threatened and walked away with the c@m£ra.

And you, why did you give the c@m£ra to him? Are you that stupid? I asked the security guard.

I ain’t stupid, but this doctor you just argued with, is more dangerous than you think. He replied.

And what is that supposed to mean? I inquired.

The last time he had an argument with a staff in this hospital, the guy died mysteriously. In fact, the guy was murdered in cold blood.
This doctor was arrested as the prime suspect but he was able to buy justice with his money. The security man explained.

Brenda, now listen to me, the so called justice you seek, shouldn’t cost your life, justice is cheaper than anything in this 21st century. He continued.

A brother of mine called Abr@m, had to flee this City because, the son of a supposed politician was interested in his fiancee at the expense of my brother’s life, and a good Samaritan hinted him to flee.
And guess what, that very night, @ss@ssins stormed his room. So you see, justice is no more expensive. He narrated.

My brother, everything we see on this planet earth is a ph0tocopy of what is in heaven. And don’t forget that, a ph0tocopy can either be clear or blare.
If justice on this earth is distorted, I tell you on authority that, justice from above is still pure and undiluted.

If you have a chance to flee from earthly justice today, remember, heavenly justice which I call Karma, will pursue you to your fall. I explained with all seriousness.

I’ve heard your witty words my sister, but plea-se, in case you are called before the management members, do well not to provoke them, because if you do, doctor Boadi will hunt you down. He cautioned.

I’ve heard you my brother, thanks a lot for your advice. Anyway, can I get your brother’s number, I mean, the Abr@m you just talked about. I requested.

No I can’t give it to you, he is in a hideout, and I don’t want to trade his safety with anything. He responded.

Alright then, kindly call him on your phone for me, I want to talk to him. There is an information I want to convey to him. I pleaded.

The security man called Abr@m for me, and we began talking.
Hello Abr@m, this is Brenda, how are you and your fiancee? I asked.

Wow Brenda, where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you several times, but to no avail, so I gave up. He exclaimed happily.

I’ve been very ti-ght Abr@m, you can call me on my number. I have the sim card now, but unfortunately, I’ve lost all my contacts. I responded.

That’s alright my dear sister, I will call you as soon as possible. He stated and we hanged up.

Immediately I finished the call, a mess£nger c@m£ to the scene.

Brenda, management members request your pres£nce and that of Ezekiel, immediately. He said.

Who is Ezekiel? I asked.

The security man standing next to you. He responded and walked away.

God, I’m dead! My job and my life is at stake. Ezekiel began to cry.

Calm down Ezekiel, I promise to trade my happiness to buy your sorrows.
Just do me a favor, don’t talk much when we get there, allow me to handle everything. I requested.

God, take the wheel, and be my mouthpiece. I prayed.


God, take the wheel, and be my mouthpiece. I prayed silently.

When we got to the office, all the members were comfortably seated.
Ezekiel and I greeted, and we were offered seats to sit right in front of them.

We welcome you to this meeting, Brenda and Ezekiel.
In the first place, may we know, who owns this c@m£ra? The medical superintendent asked.

Sir, the c@m£ra is not mine. Ezekiel answered in a trembling voice.

Brenda, if the c@m£ra doesn’t belong to Ezekiel, then it’s automatically yours, because, the report says that, the c@m£ra was in the possession of the two of you. He said.

The c@m£ra was in our possession boss, but it belong to neither of us. I responded.

You are such a pathetic liar! Who even employed a nosy person like you? Doctor Boadi cut in, in anger.

Calm down Doctor, it’s obvious you don’t like me, but the moment you allow hatred to override your conscience, you become a chronic failure. I responded calmly.

How dare you try to insult me? How dare you? What in God’s name is your qualification? A common s£nior High School certificate? I spit on you. He responded angrily.

I have no qualification doctor Boadi, but your doctorate certificate couldn’t permit you to perform both the functions of a doctor and a cleaner. This hospital needs you to help treat patients of their illness, so does it need me to clean here to prevent infection.
In a nutshell, if you are the source of cure, I am the source of prevention. I bantered unhappily.

Cease fire, the two of you! We are here to solve a serious issue, and not to witness unnecessary arguments. The medical superintendent cut in.

Now tell me Brenda, if the c@m£ra doesn’t belong to neither of you, then whom does it belong to? He asked.

Boss, I am a cleaner at the said unit, and Ezekiel is the security guard.
I went there this morning to clean and when I got there, I saw the c@m£ra hanging on the ceiling. With the help of a table, I climbe-d up and took the c@m£ra, I didn’t even watch what it entailed, and I quic-kly called Ezekiel to come and have a look at it.
When he c@m£, he suggested we wait for the unit incharge and hand it over to him.

After finalizing on that, I walked out of the place, that was when I saw doctor Boadi walking in.

When he got to the blood donor center and saw the c@m£ra, he flared up, and began ranting and roaring. As I speak to you, I don’t even know what is on that c@m£ra. I explained.

Wow! This is quite un-derstandable, but whom do you think could have sneaked into the place to hide the c@m£ra there? He asked.

I’m even surprised boss. I don’t know why someone would place a c@m£ra at such an innocent place. It’s not as if the place is meant for something bad, people only go there willingly to donate blood, so why would someone hide a c@m£ra there? I acted innocently.

Boss, I don’t trust this girl, she is hiding behind pretence. Doctor Boadi cut in.

Come on Boadi, I don’t think the two of them has anything to do with this c@m£ra, we must focus our attention on the head of the unit and the technicians. The medical superintendent explained.

I’ve heard you Boss, but the truth is that, if this lady continuously work in this hospital, I will resign. Doctor Boadi threatened in anger.

On this note, Ezekiel is discharged, but Brenda, we are sorry to inform you that, you are fired with immediate effect. The medical superintendent announced.

Thank you each and every one of you for this meeting.
Doctor Boadi, I’m glad you’ve gained your wish, but I’m sorry to tell you that, you are a doctor of failure.
Anyone who is afraid of failure is a failure himself. You failed to work with a common cleaner like me as you claim, and you think you can ever work with a bigger person?

Running away from your fear doesn’t guarantee your safety, it only determines your everlasting insecurity.
I pity each and every one of you here for respecting a doctor more than a cleaner.

Wisdom is not based on books, it is based on the purity of heart.
If you are guilty, you are not wise, you will leave life, rather than living life.

Thank you all once again for giving me the opportunity to work with callous hearts, our paths will definitely cross again. I stated and began walking away.

How dare you insult us, come back here, you vagabond! Doctor Boadi yelled.

I ignored him and walked out on them.

I met Ezekiel at the gate, looking so sad.
Brenda, I am very sorry for being the cause of your dismissal. He said.

Come on Ezekiel, you are not the cause of anything.
Justice is not ma-king me a permanent citizen of any place, it is ma-king me tour around the places of wickedness, and I promise to bounce back at them fully someday.

I will take your number from your brother Abr@m, I will need your help to complete this task.
Stay safe and stay out of trouble. I responded and walked away.

Justice! Justice! Justice!
How many times did I call you?
Show me where to go from here. I soliloquised.

To be continued..

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