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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Vamp blood Episode 1 to 3

10 min read


Written ✍ by Summer Gold

Episode One 💗💗



Jong Hyun 🌹🌹


I watched as different human walk from one place to another from the top of the 100 storey building I was sitting, I sigh.

Why can’t I be a normal human?, I can’t even live with them, am a one thousand years Vampire, but am not a bad one anyway,, I don’t suck blood, I am a white vampire, of course, white vampires are rear and am one of the rear ones.

I am a cute vampire,really really hot one, but what is the essence of the cuteness, when I can’t even fall in love,,

So, that makes me different from others, my only weakness is whenever am angry, my eye turn to red and my fingers will grow longer, that’s why it’s not safe for me to live with humans.

But I have a healing power in my blood,

” Jong Hyun,, what are you doing here, what if someone finds you here ” I looked back and saw Hong Ki, my only human friend, he know everything about me but will never run from me, and besides he know about my generation so there is no reason to run from him

” Hong Ki, you are here, ” I said and smiled
” of course, I’ve checked you in your dorm ” he said and I smirked
” I just wanted to check on

these humans, it’s been long since I came out, ” I said and continue watching.

Suddenly a saw a young lady who is about to be knocked down by a car,

” Hong Ki,, can you see that?, she will die if I don’t save her ” I said hurriedly
” Jong, you can’t save her, it will only get you into trouble ” he shouted
” don’t worry Hong,, I will just save her and come back immediately ” I said
” promise ” he said
” I promise, ” I said and disappeared to where the lady is,,, the car almost knocked her down, but thank God I save her anyway

” Kansamita ( thank you, in Korea) she bowed her head
” it’s okay, raise up your head ” I said

She raised up her head and I could not believe what I saw, this is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.

Her skin colour shines brightly, her hair is black all through, her lips look red asking for attention,,, is she a mermaid or something?

I came back to reality, I asked what her name was

” Tae Yeon ” she replied
” Am Jong Hyun ” I said and smiled, she nodded shyly
” where do you live? ” I asked

She told me and I insisted in following her home,,, her house is just like a palace, her father must be a rich man.

” come in, I have to introduce you to Appa ( Father in Korea.) ” she said and

dragged me inside

I met with her father and she told him that I saved her life, but why was she walking all alone in the first place, there are many cars and body guards here, I guess she’s not a proud type.

” I have to go ” I said
” so soon” her father said
” I will come visit some other time ” I said and shook hands with him

Tae Yeon followed me outside, she insisted on seeing me board a taxi but I refused,,,

” you don’t have to worry about me, go in ” I said
” okay, make sure you visit again ” she said
” I will ” I replied and she went inside

I disappeared and met Hong Ki pacing around looking worried

” am back ” I said and and smiled
” you promised me that you will only save her and come back, why did you follow her home ” he sound angrily and worriedly
” I just couldn’t help but to notice her beauty ” I said looking lost
” beauty? Jong Hyun, I told you, you can’t fall in love with humans,,, it’s dangerous! ” he shouted

” chill, am not in love with her ” I said and smirk
” Jong, please, I don’t want anything to happen to you, human are more dangerous than you think, once they find out your identity, they will feel you are different from them, even the ones who claim to love you will leave you, so don’t fall in love ” he said and I sigh

” okay, I won’t, but I can still make friends ” I asked
” why can’t you just get what am saying, don’t make friends with them ” he shouted
” okay, I promise not to see her again ‘” I said and smiled


Episode Two 💗💗


Tae Yeon 🌹🌹

It been two weeks after I met Jong Hyun, he promised to come back but he did not, I was taking a nap when I heard some noise in the sitting room, I went downstairs to check.

I stopped when I saw that they are actually killers.

” is there any other person inside this house? ” one of them asked
” no one, we are the only one here ” my mom said weeping
” if you want money, please we are going to give you please don’t hurt us ” my dad said

The men laughed, I was already crying silently, my phone is in the sitting room, I should have called the police.

” they’ve paid for your lives ” one of them said
” who? ” my father asked
” Bea Man Dok ” they replied
” what? How can he do that to me ” my father shouted

Bea Man Dok?,, how can he do that, he’s a friend but the ongoing election, my father and Bea Man want this position, but he don’t have to kill my father

” please, don’t kill us, he will step down for him ” my mom cried
” dont worry about that, we will kill you, and we are going to take everything that belongs to you ” they said
” you can’t do that please ” my parents begged

They shot them down,,, and they left

After some minutes, I came out to meet them.
” mom, dad please wake up ” I cried, dad opened his eyes
” honey, please run away from here,, you are not safe, am sorry, we’ve lost everything, please run, they may come back here ” he said and died

I ran out of the house and keep on walking on the road carelessly,, I am helpless, where can I go

Jong Hyun 🌹🌹
I sat down on the storey building as usual with Hong Ki, since two weeks now, I’ve been thinking about Tae Yeon, but I can’t meet her, Hong Ki won’t forgive me, I sigh.

I looked down and saw Tae Yeon, gosh she’s walking so carelessly, I think something is wrong.

” Hong Ki, if I don’t save her, she will die ” I said pointing at Tae Yeon as a car is about to knock her down
” dont tell me you are going down there ” he asked but I already disappeared

I grab her hands and took her to one side of the road, I looked at her eyes, she has been crying.

” Tae Yeon, what’s wrong with you ” I asked looking concerned

She keep on crying bitterly, I hugged her as she weep on my shoulder.

After she’s satisfied, she explained everything to me,,, she have nowhere to go right now

” Jong,,, please can I stay with you for some time please, I promise to leave soon ” she cried

I really feel for her, but Hong Ki said it’s dangerous,,, what do I do right now? Gosh am confused.


Episode Three 💗💗


Jong Hyun 🌹🌹

” Hmm,,,, yea, you can stay with me for now ” I said and she hugged me immediately, I almost fainted.
” thank you so much ” she said

I took her home, I just wish Hong Ki doesn’t come to check on me today, I have to find something to tell him first.

It’s evening now, I know she will be hungry by now, what do I do, what if she finds out that I don’t even eat food.

” you must be hungry, right? ” I asked.
” yea, guess you read my mind, but I don’t have any money with me ” she said
” what will you like to eay? ” I asked
” anything ” she said
” I will be back ” I said and ran out

I quickly disappeared and went straight into the market store, I turned invisible and pack enough food, you might be wondering how I got so much power to disappear and also turn invisible.

Like I said, I am a white vampire, we don’t suck human blood, we protect them, but dont get us angry.

I got back home and she was shocked to see what I bought

” how did you get the money ” she exclaimed
” doesn’t matter, just make sure you eat ” I said and she smiled
” are you not going to eat? ” she asked
” I will do that later ” I replied and watch as she eat everything

Next day I went to Hong Ki house, am really curious about something

” are you Kidding me?!!! ” he screamed after I told him what I want
” am serious Hong, I want to become human ” I said again
” because of her? ” he asked referring to Tae Yeon
” Am sorry Hong, but I’m in love with her, I am really in love with her ” I said
” am not going to help you, this is dangerous, please listen to me ” he said but I already made up my mind

” just help me, I know you know some secrets about this, help me ” I pleaded looking innocent

I can’t afford to loose Tae Yeon, I will become a human

” Okay,, but there are some things you have to go through ” he said
” okay ” I said
” Jong Hyun, can you do this? ” he asked
” of course, I will do anything for love ” I replied

He explained everything to me, to become a complete human, it’s going to last for 30 days,, during these 30 days, I have to eat what human eats,

” And most importantly, you can’t use your powers ” he said
” what? ” I shouted
” yes, you have to be weak like humans ” he said

After everything, I went home, I wanted to just disappear home but I could not, this is freaking hard but I have to do this.

I started eating what ever Tae Yeon eats, it look weird at first, but later I got used to it. The most difficult one is not being able to use my power.

” Jong Hyun,,,, I have to tell you something ” Tae Yeon said one night
” what is it? ” I asked
” I love you ” she said and I was shocked
” I really love you ” she said again and kissed me,,,, gosh I’ve been longing to do this, I quickly follow what is going on and the kiss got tensed.

I feel her hand on my chest, she unbottoned my shirt still kissing me, I also did the same.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ what do you wanna know again 😏 ]

Tae Yeon 🌹🌹
I woke up the next day and found myself naked, gosh I can’t believe we had sex,,, am no more a virgin.

” hey you are awake ” he said coming into the room, I suddenly felt shy,
” yea ” I replied

He sat down beside me and held my hand

” I love you ” he said and I smiled
” really? ” I asked
” Yes, and you can’t know how much I love you ” he said
” of course I can ” I said
” trust me, you won’t wanna know ” he said and kissed me before going out again

_______________________________________________________________________AFTER ONE WEEK

” Tae Yeon, I have to go somewhere right now, I will be back, please don’t leave the house ” Jong Hyun said
” okay, but come back quickly ” I said and he kissed me before going out

I waited for some minutes, but I suddenly became bored, I decided to go out, it’s almost one month since I’ve came house, I will just stroll out and come back again.

I left the house and was walking on the road when I discovered that some men are following me, i recognize them to be the ones who murdered my parents, I started walking faster but they keep on following me.

I suddenly started running, they ran after me, I started screaming Jong Hyun name as I held home.

” Jong Hyun!! ” I screamed in tears.

Jong Hyun 🌹🌹
” It’s just one week left, am glad you actually made it ” Hong Ki said
” I’ve not made it yet, still have another week ” I said and smiled

Suddenly, I heard Tae Yeon voice in my head, she’s in trouble

” I have to go right now, Tae Yeon is in trouble ” I said
” make sure you don’t use your power ” he said and I screamed, now I will have to run home,,,

I started running and finally I got home, I was shocked to see Up to Five men trying to hurt Tae Yeon

” let her go ” I said
” who the fuck are you ” one of them asked
” u guess he’s her boyfriend ” the second one said
” too bad we are going to kill her ” they said and laughed

One of the men slapped her, I became angry even though I tried to calm down,,,

” don’t you dare lay another hand on her ” I warned, but he hit her again

I suddenly discovered my fingers growing longer, my hair became longer, gosh Tae Yeon is going to see this.

“What the fuck happened to your eyes ” one of them said
” even his hair and finger ” they said looking scared

They all ran away,,, I moved to Tae Yeon, and she said the most heart breaking word

” get away from me you monster ” she said and threw a rock at me and fainted



TBC 💗💗💗

Awwwn, so bad Tae Yeon called him a monster 😭😭

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