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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Vamp blood Episode 4 to 6

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Episode Four 🔐🔐



Jong Hyun 🌹🌹
Tae Yeon opened her eye and immediately move away from me,

” Tae Yeon, ” I called and tried to move closer to her
” don’t come any closer ” she said and I stopped on my track
” Am sorry you have to see my other side, but trust me, I love you ” I said
” love?, excuse me but I can’t love a vampire like you ” she said looking at me with hatred

Just then we heard some noise outside, the men are back again this time with a group of soldiers.

” here he is, he’s a vampire, we saw him with our eyes ” one of the men said

They moved closer to me and chained me all over, I faced Tae Yeon and she looked away. I feel my hair becoming longer even though I tried to control my anger and tears.

” Please, let me go, I promise to move away from here ” I pleaded, even in this situation I don’t wanna use my power, I think am stuck in love.

” the monster is begging ” they said and laughed

They started shooting me with different guns,,, I faced Tae Yeon the second time but she was not concerned


remembered Hong Ki words

” don’t fall in love with a human, its dangerous, even the people who prove to love you will leave you ”

” Tae Yeon!!!!!!!! ” I screamed.

Tae Yeon 🌹🌹
He screamed out my name and I watched him died,,, he disappeared after that,

The men left me and I bent down, thinking of how Jong Hyun made a fool of me, am never going to forgive him

” Jong Hyun!!!!! ” I heard someone shouted and I looked up and saw a man, he was crying bitterly
” what did you do to my Jong, you devil ” he shouted at me
” He’s the devil ” I said
” you don’t know how much he loved you,, I told him this is dangerous but he never believed me ” he cried
” what do you mean? ” I asked

” He wanted to,,,, to become a human after falling in love with you,,,, he tried his best to make you happy, but now, I know he regret this ” he said and I became helpless

” how could you do that to him,,, it’s just seven more days until he become a full human, but now he’s gone ” he shouted

I quickly remembered Jong word

” you don’t know how much I love you, and trust me, you won’t wanna know ” so this was what he meant?

I screamed bitterly, do I even have any reason to live?, i lost the man who truly love me

Hong Ki 🌹🌹

She suddenly took a

knife and killed her, well I dont care about her,,, and I think my days are also over since Jong is gone.

Have I told you who I an to jong? Am his guardian,, every White Vampire always have a guardian because white Vampires are rare and are very important unlike the other Vampires

Suddernly a wind blew on me and Kung appeared, he’s the leader of the white vampires

” Hong,,,,you have another mission, we just discovered another rare One here in the middle of Seoul, he’s a 17 year old boy, so you have to guard him well this time ” he said and I bow

” I will” I said
” no falling in love with human ” he said
” okay ” I said

” don’t worry, everything you need will be provided ” he said and I nodded

He turned me into my real self,,, actually I am a young girl of 16, am an angel, but I have to change into an old man to guard Jong

Now Luna,,, you have a mission, I smiled


Episode Five 💘💘



Guys, do you remember who Luna is?, she’s the angel who always guard the white vampires, now enjoy 😋😍

Luna 🌹🌹🌹

I entered the class, I wowed, the class is amazing. I heard some whispers.

💋 Wow 😮, she’s so pretty
💋 Look at her eye balls, they are pretty
💋 Her hair is so long
💋 Is she an angel?

I smiled, of course, am an angel, I said in my mind. I sat down on a locker that have the number that the school chancellor gave me.

A girl was sitting beside me, she was looking at me so weirdly like she wanna swallow me with her eye.

A teacher came in immediately, the class became silent

” we have a new student among us today, girl come out and introduce yourself ” he said and smiled

I walked to the front of the class and they all begin to murmur

” Hi everyone, my name is Luna park, I’m 16 years old,” I said and smiled
” you are welcome to our class ” they said and I went back to my locker.

Class started and it was really interesting, I know everything the teacher taught, why won’t I know everything, am an angel remember?


Everyone went out with their friends, since I don’t have any friend yet, I walked out of the class alone, someone tapped my back, I looked back and it was a beautiful girl, I think I saw her in class earlier.

She have a golden hair and a brown eyes, she’s pretty though

” Hi angel ” what? Angel?, did she find out about me?
” Angel? ” I asked
” of course, you look so beautiful ” she said and I blushed a little
” thank you ” I said and smiled
” My name is Solji, what about you ” she asked
” Luna ” I replied
” nice name, can we become friends? ” she asked
” of course ” I said and she jumped on me

We walk to the cafeteria together, I saw students whispering and pointing at me, I wonder why.

” you are so beautiful, that is why they are pointing at you, but,,,, ”
” but what ” I asked
” I think you might have a problem with Wendy ” she said
” who is Wendy? ” I asked
” hottest girl in school, she hate people who is more pretty than her ” Solji said
” that’s childish ” I said
” let’s enjoy our food ” she said and we finished up our food

After Lunch, Solji went to the bathroom and I have to walk to the class alone.

I was about to enter the class when someone ran pass me and almost make me fall.

” am really sorry, my bad ” the person said and grab my hand to carry me up. I looked at his face, wow, he look really handsome, with His curly hair, his lips are pink, he’s really cute.

” its okay ” I said and stood up.

Anthony 🌹🌹
She look like an angel, I can’t believe what am seeing right now, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

” it’s okay ” she said and stood up

Just then Rush came in and all the girls started blushing as usual, Rush is the son of the President who owns this school, he’s rich, brilliant and handsome.

Most girls want to be with him, he doesnt even have a friend here in school, He sat down without looking at anyone. It’s unusual for Rush to come to class, so why is he here?

I saw the new girl starring at him, I sigh. I hope she’s not crushing on him already.


Episode Six 🎩🎩


Guys meet Joshua Rush, the only son of President Joshua, he’s 16 years old Most popular guy in school, so handsome and brilliant, even though he doesn’t talk to anyone in school. The only person who took his heart is Yuju, his elder sister who is 18.she also attend the same school with him.

And do you know Rush’s weakness? It’s his father, he will always obey his father, no matter how hard.

Now ENJOY 😊💖💖

Rush 🌹🌹
I got to the class and the girls started blushing as usual, I don’t have their time though. Dad actually forced me to attend this class, am not even interested in the class.

I sat down and all eyes were on me, I saw a girl I believe is new, coz this is the first time am seeing her. She was starring at me weirdly that I became nervous, why is she starring at me that way.

I started operating my phone and soon the teacher came in,

” morning class ” he said
” morning sir ” the class echoed

Lecture started and everywhere became silent, I’m not interested in the class, i hate maths, it boring so I was busy operating my phone

” Rush, can you take the phone away for now?, this is a class ” the teacher said but I continue what I was doing
” am talking to you ” he said again
” am not interested in the lecture, it’s boring ” I said and the students gasped
” What?, You don’t even have any idea about this problem am solving on the board and it’s boring to you? ” he asked
” I don’t care ” I said
” now, come out and solve this ” he said but I kept quiet, this teacher is getting on my nerves already.
” rush, am speaking with you, do you want me to report you to your dad ” he said, everyone know that, my dad is my weakness.

I stood up and collect the marker from him, I solved everything and gave him back, he look surprised

” Next time, don’t you dare try to annoy me ” I said and walked out of the class.

He’s so annoying, so annoying. I walked to my sister’s class and met her laughing with her friends, she look pretty as ever.

” Yuju ” I called and wave my hand to her, her friends smiled at me but I ignored them.
” little brother ” she teased, she know I hate it when she call me little
” stop it ” I said and she came to me
” why are you not in class ” she asked
” it’s boring, I have to go home right now ” I said
” home? , come on, you know Mr President will kill you for that ” she said and I sigh.
” I will tell him am sick, I can’t stay here any longer ” I said and pecked her
” Okay ” she said and left.

Luna 🌹🌹
How can someone be as disrespectful as This guy, how will I guard him when he won’t even care about any body.

After school, I walked out of the class with Solji, she keep on talking the whole time.

” I guess you are thinking about something ” She said
” of course not ” I said
” okay, see you tomorrow ” she said and entered her car

I went straight into the president’s office, I hope he’s there, lucky for me he’s there.

” Luna right? ” he asked
” yes sir ” I replied
” so, your uncle told me that he will be out of the country for a while, and he won’t want you to stay at home alone ” he said

This is master’s plan, I smiled. I don’t even have a home

” yes sir ” I replied
” Do you mind staying in my place? Don’t think about Rush’s attitude, his sister will be there to keep your company,. You will love her ” he said

” I don’t mind sir ” I said and he smiled
” That’s good, we can go home together after am done, you can wait ” he said and I smiled and went to wait for him at the corridor.

” you are still here, what are you doing ” someone asked from the back, I faced the person and it’s Anthony
” Anthony, ” I called
” glad you remember my name ” he said and I chuckles
” of course I will ” I said
” why are you waiting? ” he asked

I can’t tell him I will be staying in the president’s house,

” Am waiting for my friend ” I said
” okay, see you tomorrow ” he said and left

I started hiccuping, this happen because I just lied,. Angels are supposed to be holy, but I just lied.

Forgive me lord, I guess this is why humans are fragile, some times they have to lie to protect themselves.

” am done ” the president said and we walk to the car together.

Three guards were standing beside the car, one of them opened the car and we got in.

I saw other three cars following us, life of a president.



TBC 💖💖💖

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